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  1. LOL nope, it's not tactics. Tactics don't make my wingers shoot from stupid angles even with the 'looks for pass rather than score trait' Tactics don't make me score loads of goals from set pieces, or concede from them, in fact literally my tactics put people places that they don't go on the pitch. Tactics don't make my strikers miss chance after chance after chance that its a complete lottery basically or make GKs pull off wonder saves game after game like every GK is Banks vs Pele. (as people have noted the keepers actually dive before the shot so they can reach right across t
  2. Just felt the need to post this on steam: As someone who has owned every version of Football Manager since i was 14 (I am now 35) this is the first time I have felt the need to review it. Every other version I would have given 8-10 out off 10. If you have never played Football Manager before this version is probably still impressive. However, for those of you who have the match engine is the most frustrating they have come up with. It has a lot of potential, in terms of graphics and animations but it has various major issues which Sigames have acknowledged are major problems
  3. An alternate version of the TCS Skin! Inspired from previous skins such as Steklo, Scorpio and CFM and Evo! This version of the skin is still extremely experimental however I'm happy with it. The skin is designed to be more of a throwback to other skins. For example, the main layout (titlebar/sidebar/action bar) has been rebuilt from Helveticalite, a favorite from FM15, as well as the manager home panel being a throwback to the days of FM15. More updates may potentially follow but don't expect anything either. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/995vlcc28uqtslg/TCS-Glass_v0.2.0.
  4. You'd think in the midst of a global pandemic, there'd be more compassion and patience with each other... but apparently not. Enough of the bickering, and honestly if you can't leave each other alone we'll be forced to give people timeouts from the thread
  5. XaW - Folkestone Invicta - 2025/26 Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances After the great promotion last season, the goal were already set this season; avoid relegation. And things started out good, we won a couple of matches and got well clear of the relegation zone early on. And we pretty much stayed mid-table for the entire season, never looking probable for promotion, but also never in danger of relegation. It became a lot better after we had the youth intake, but still a great season all around. We finished in a very decent 13th place, 14 points of playoffs and 17 point ahead
  6. Ok so its been a while, but i am stil slowly plodding away at this. There is work to do on the system i think, but firstly a post on squad building. It goes without saying, or at least it should, that in order to have success with any given system, you need the right players to suit the way of playing. Clearly at the very top level, there is more wiggle room, in terms of the fact that your upper echelon players can perform well in most roles / duties / tactical systems but when you move down a little, and when you are trying to overachieve with a squad, then it becomes more vital to have
  7. despite home isolation i have had to uninstall the game and this is when i have more time than ever before to play. Have bought some other games and wont be buying a future version again until I see ME working (everything else for me works great) but with matches being such an important piece i cant do it. I considered playing more as a football director and just holidaying the actual matches themselves so i dont have to watch the ME but its not the same. How Sigames are happy with this i do not know. Yes player numbers are probably up due to the virus but expect them to crash ne
  8. This game has become unbearable, it is unbelievably frustrating. Every big game my players are always motivated, yet they totally forget how to shoot, let alone score. The wingers/fullbacks take on the whole team, get into the box, and DECIDE TO SHOOT from a terrible angle when there is a FREE MAN unmarked in the box. This is even after I have trained them to "look for pass rather than shot" and instructed them to "shoot less" and "cross more". This happens every single game, I'm surprised I have not broken my laptop. To add to this, every big game the opposition keeper suddenly becomes a hybr
  9. Announcing that my 1.000 agents personal target is actually met after all these years Also added 2 new packs, one for new Player Partnerships (new feature that isn't used much in the default db) and another one for a big Reputations upgrade to Competitions, Clubs, Nations and youth setups.
  10. I don't believe that the names of players is trivial. Isn't this game all about immersement and about being realistic? Regardless, what the original poster said definitely didn't warrant the attacks that followed. Just because something isn't deemed as important to you doesn't mean that everyone shares your views. Perhaps you two are the ones who need to take a closer look at yourselves.
  11. Like watching an ex-girlfriend you're still in love with switch Facebook Status to "in a relationship".
  12. Oh thanks, next time when I pay for a football game I will try to score less, sadly I had to uninstall this one. I wish I knew that earlier
  13. My central defender scored 4 goals after set-pieces in one game, he ended up having 18 goals in the league. Central defender. Please sir, let me know which tactics should I use to fix this?
  14. I've been playing this game for the best part of 25 years. I only just started playing FM20 over this Easter weekend and I have to say it's the first time i've been disapointed by how little had changed in the match engine. There were a lot of issues in the last iteration of the game and I'm saddened to see that the same issues are still present in this year's game (and after the final patch!). Half of the fun of previous updates to the match engine from release to release was figuring out what worked and what didnt, what had been tweaked, op'ed or nerfed. I am failing to see an
  15. After my laptop went and died, my bari Save is lost...So decided to start a different type of career... Starting in the Caribbean Nation of Curacao... First Job in management will be Jong Holland(Cur), a side who last won the Sekshon Pagá in 2018 after a 20 year drought... Hoping to guide them to a league title within 2 years of management...
  16. Hi! I started a career during this Covid lockdown, experimenting with tactics in Italy. Since the beginning in Viterbese, I’ve had an idea to start some tactical threads, but only now did I have the time to actually write a piece. The tactics won’t be published chronologically, but from now on, I’ll probably start a thread for each of the clubs I’m managing. I’ll recreate a historical tactic from an Italian squad (not necessarily the team I’m managing). Moving on with my Italian adventure, I was approached by Juventus after Roma. Looking at the squad, it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss
  17. Ever so slightly more successful than my time in Holland, but to say the last 4 games are going to be nerve wracking is an understatement.
  18. Oborishte Panagyurishte 2023/2024 Vtora Liga – 3rd Playoff loss League Table -- Fixtures (1) -- Fixtures (2) -- Stats -- Awards -- Season Review -- Transfer -- Overall Best XI -- Key Player -- Hot Prospect -- Squad -- Finances I said I wanted to get to at least the playoffs this season and we did manage to finish 3rd to secure the last playoff spot, however, that only scratches the surface on what was a very weird season. We started out the season pretty well before October saw the start of a plummet down the table, 6 losses out of 7 with me trying to change formation
  19. Well theres the end of my 2nd season at Napoli. We managed to secure a second Scudetto but struggled to match our heroics of last season. Real Madrid got revenge for there defeat in the Champions League final last season and dumped us out at the semi final stage. We were knocked out of the Italian Cup in the Quarter Final after losing at home to Ac Milan 1-0 which was extremely dissapointing. (Lazio went on to win it) We also struggled in the Italian Supercup thankfully a late goal in extra time gave us the victory over Bologna. And we did manage to win the European Supercup with a 1-0 victory
  20. Absolutely huge result beating 8th place Norwich One more win should be enough
  21. This Version of FM is very frustrating. And when i see SI People bragging on Twitter about the Amount of Players on Steam, i just feel like There is o much wrong with the Match Engine... but i do wanna leave a Novel. There are moments where you think "Wow , well played , nice goal" ... but then u wait a minute , u see a striker just taking the ball of a Defenders feet, 1v1 and Goal . Things like this DON'T happen in Football. I have never seen a defender just standing there waiting for someone who takes the ball away from him. And then world class strikers having 1v1s and chipping
  22. So with the club having a mediocre season in the league, I am quite enjoying my cup run. F. A. Cup second round, away to League Two Doncaster. Am I pleased we didn't lose, pleased we scored a last minute equaliser or gutted because we blew a two nil lead with five minutes to go? I will say all three.
  23. Season 2 with PSV. I have brought a lot of quality players which best matches the role of the 4411 Black Echo P108: Alphonso Davies, Achraf Hakimi, Raul Salcedo and Benar Omeragic for defense, Lee Kang-Jin in left winger and Eduardo Camavinga. First game, 9-0 away to a promoted team (FC Volendam) with 6 goals from Donyell Malen. Second match, for '' De Topper '', the fans were anxious to see the team's debut at home. It gave this: The supporters made a statue for Knap in front of the stadium entrance. PS : You had to go to the bathroom at half-time, not before (goals in 41, 42
  24. Paying tribute to the defence that conceded just nine goals over a 34 game Bundesliga season, with 28 clean sheets Bruno Batata Matteo Pittalis Antonio Jesus Acebo Jose Robles Marcao
  25. Got a great squad but I can't see a way of fitting your best players in with your requirements of Pogba, Haaland and Greenwood. Luis, Bruno and Pogba are 3 of your best players and really Bruno and Pogba don't fit a midfield 2. To play a front 2 with a midfield 3 really means a narrow formation which then means hard to accommodate Sancho and Dembele who are also 2 of your best players. You'll be best off putting a tactic together with the starting 11 you want to play so we know who your willing to drop. Plus then we can suggest tweaks to the tactic if something obvious but might want t
  26. 2020/21 End of Season Review Starting off with Brexit, I'm pretty sure this is the hardest of Brexits, even the Irish are foreigners! Considering just how few players we had, the fact that we managed to finish in 14th was amazing! Tommy Byrne Daniel Akinwunmi - Ollie Robinson - Jeremy Arthur - Jarkko Hörkkö Nick Blake (ResB) Luke Robertson - Tom Hickey Stuart Wilkin Kenny Hooper Jack Mazzone
  27. 5 broken legs in 2 seasons for first team players. I thought I was alone
  28. It wasn't pretty, but we did it . Champions of Europe!!!
  29. if a name makes it unplayable, then ya need to have a quiet word with yourself.. IF you think there is a data issue, then use the appropriate forum..
  31. Yes for the first time I managed to stay up in the Championship in the second season Spent all season in the bottom 4 Took me another 8 years to get back and four playoff failures
  32. In my opinion you are wrong. In this thread I previously posted that I won the Premier League and Champion's League with my strikers refusing to score and key players injured more than often because I often won through random Long Shots and Set Pieces. My tactics are not the problem. SI got it right outside the ME but got it wrong inside the ME. I create a lot more clear cut chances and end up winning through set pieces.
  33. Something's seriously wrong with the ME when you get more excited when your crappy left back gets the ball in space 30 yards out and lines one up rather than having your star striker go 1v1 with the keeper, because only one of those is ending up in the back of the net...
  34. Seems like I should follow these rules to ensure I don't waste my money anymore: 1. No pre-ordering. 2. Play the demo AND read the forums to see whether issues are being fixed or just outright abandoned because this is the second/third year in a row I'm going through this. Playing the demo isn't a decider on it's own anymore sadly. Major issues are just being pushed to the next version year after year after year.
  35. Well i have to agree with you. I already said some issues are solved so that is oke. But there is still much to improve for sure. I Forgot about the set pieces and yeah that is a major issue too which is totally not balanced in the game. Even small players heads in goals like they are Sergio Ramos. Im trying to find the joy in the game but i have to admit its hard. Everything is very nice for me, but the in game, ME and especially the away games can be so frustrating. And im just trying to get there but its hard. If this continues like this im sure i wont buy fm21, and if so for sure not direc
  36. Morale probably. The effect of poor morale in FM is too OP imo. One defeat can send you in a death spiral.
  37. Haha yeah I don't get much massive results watching, BUT also get a lot of silly results on IR, I get a lot of 2-2 matches where I was 2-0 up but clearly my team never controlled that result. Also silly substitutions, taaking players off at 45mins, that costs me sometimes with IR
  38. This ain't the Georgian Regional League, baby! Followed shortly by this one, as I'm strung up by my innards on the walls of the Kvareli Fortress.
  39. As in previous versions after every international tournament almost every single team sacks their manager as soon as they are eliminated from the tournament.... very unrealistic 😞
  40. I don't think Pogba can play in a midfield two, off the top of my head his attributes are too low for it: Work Rate 13, Tackling 12, Marking 10 and Positioning 10. It would leave that central area wide open, especially with both FBs getting forward to. He would need a lot of help around him and that front 4 to be very active to stop attacks or rush defenders into mistake but this system isn't designed to do and increasing the defensive aggressiveness would hurt its attacking style.
  41. The second comment on that one made me spit my coffee out laughing
  42. Agreed. The OP has a perfectly legitimate issue with the game, ridiculing him for it is out of line.
  43. 4 in 15 months for me too. Luckily, all fringe players.
  44. Usually, I let my technical director handle that. I don't consider those roles too important. As long as I have control over the training and the tactics, then it doesn't matter who's he picks as a coach
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