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  1. To coin a word you used, you have a completely arbitrary way of playing the game so it comes as no surprise to me that you have become disillusioned. Lose a game...reload until you win it. See your players doing something you don't like in the ME...ME must be broken. If tactics were meaningless as you suggest in FM20 then I wouldn't have been able to make tactical changes and come back from 3-0 down to draw a game 4-4 to take my team through to the Champions League group stage. If tactical changes made no difference then I wouldn't have been able to beat vastly superior oppositi
  2. I don't think it is, due to the problem I highlighted about defensive teams somehow retaining huge amounts of possession and very high pass success rates against high press teams, that should be good at it. If I look real life, as a Southampton fan, I know what a good pressing system can do and it creates chances, a lot of our goals this year have been from a high press, we create chances from the press and transitions high up the pitch. In game, this barely happens, I see the odd turnover, but most of the time I watch teams that are average at best at passing just pinging the ball a
  3. Harrow Borough F.C. Sign-Up This is my sign-up post for Harrow Borough F.C. - my first attempt at the challenge. I've lurked on this thread for years and decided to finally give it a go. I wanted to do a club I hadn't seen on the thread before, and when I saw Harrow pop up on June 24 I couldn't believe it - I've never seen them promoted before. Sure enough, 16 squad members total. If I can keep them up in the VNS it will be a miracle. Prediction (24th): Manager Profile: Squad: Wish me luck!
  4. Hi all, Im a Fm player for years and this time it's hard to find the right balance of enjoyment in the game. Everyone can play the game on his way but i see that the focus on the game (matches and tactics) itself is increased a lot, the difficulty went up where it's hard to win games as it was before. I'd like to manage my team, the selection, transfers and stuff but not wanting to put all the focus on the games itself and strategy all the time. It felt now that the balance is lost in the game between all this parts. Losing games easily and finding a good tactic but where you n
  5. I think I'm finally tapping out..... I can't do it any more. I can't watch another game on this ME. I can't watch my FB hit the most unlikely of passes to my inside CM on the other side of the pitch which either gets intercepted to start a counter attack or my CM takes a touch and shoots into top corner from 40 yards out. This is just one example of the countless completely unlikely scenarios that I have to sit through each game. And they're so repetitive and so like nothing I have ever seen happening on a football pitch. And that's before we get to the fact that tact
  6. Personally I prefer the fact that they don’t give too much detail. There have been times I wanted to know the weighting of different tactical tweaks in the ME but I feel a certain level of opaqueness and a lack of total control is needed or else the game loses any sense of realism. The fact that there are lots of different variables than can have an impact on shape and positioning makes sense and it’s good to know that all of the tweaks make a tangible difference and can cancel out each others effects. As you say, it makes sense really that all of it would.
  7. I had one once years back but had terrible stats so didn't even give him a youth contract. I guess that's what he got for taking after his mother....
  8. 8th season, first senior cap ! and he scored And only for 150 euro / month
  9. Season 2037 / 2038 2nd in Serie A League Table Squad Transfer History My best season so far in the leauge but its still not enough to beat Inter and Pep Guardiola, but I'm still optimistic it can be done. Got knocked out in the group stage in CL by Dortmund and Liverpool. Played good against them but they just ha
  10. I think I replied to you on a different thread (or someone else with the same question). Would it not just be a matter of creating a file which contained two rule sets. The first, valid for 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 would be with Man city banned. The second, which is valid for 2022 onwards, would have them not banned? This is how the editor deals with competitions that will change their rules on a given date. Have you tried this?
  11. This was him at the end of last season: I can probably post a new one when I get home later on, if I remember it.
  12. If you want to receive sensible and effective advise you should really post your full tactic together with some idea of the style of football that you would like to play
  13. No, it's not a feature as such- if you are the manager and want to use a specific formation or tactic, then that will be what the squad will get used to and you would expect that your coaching team will adapt to what you want and this will take preference over their preferred formation or tactic. You are the boss, they do what you want- that what I meant by them adapting.
  14. The why the major frustration? The game is clearly showing you are doing well, and with even better players (because the long term AI squad management is still lacking somewhat, so you will most likely have a better squad than the AI in the long run) you will most likely steamroll after a few seasons. I think this is a too narrow of a view. Goals changes matches, and it _could_ (because I have no idea how your tactic is set up) be that your tactic is better against teams that attack you. So when you get the first goal, they have to open up and attack more, and then you laugh all the wa
  15. Superb league and cup double!! RBS knocked of the perch rapidly see what I done there 😎
  16. 2022 End of Season Review We did it! We're spending a 2nd season in the top flight of Faroese football!! Overall Best XI 2022 Best XI Ólavur Ludvig Samuel Atubrah (YP0a) - Páll Sveinsson - Benjamin Midjord - Kristian Hádal Ólavur Olsen (YP2d) Ari Johannesen (YP1f) - Jónar Holm Signar Hermansson Olsen Tórður Thomsen Hans Müller
  17. Squad numbers Keeping the Argentine style of numbering from 1-11 with Marlon Lucas replacing Angel but with some added nostalgic numbers - Lyndson in the Real Madrid Beckham shirt and Neyveson in the Aston Villa Yorke shirt (at least, until he hopefully takes over from Pena). My strongest first XI for the start of the season would probably look like this: Benjamin, Alberto and Ropero all have 3.5* current ability so can be rotated at will. We open up with a home tie against Elche so will need creativity a bit deeper and these to fulfil that. Pena can slot in on the win
  18. The elusive forward My quest to bring in a forward is over, for now. He's not the proven top flight scorer with bags of experience that I may be wanted, but I am still really happy with the deal. Firstly, I had a list of non-negotiable things as well as a list of desired things, here they are: Non-negotiable Complies with EU nationality as I wouldn't have been able to register him. This takes out a huge chunk of players as, with our reputation as it is, we are very much a stepping stone for young, hungry players form South America rather than already established players in Euro
  19. It's so frustrating how useless AMC's are in this game, even against extremely weak team they don't perform good at all.
  20. This is what puzzles me in FM/SI. Why this sort of information, and changes in the game, not explicit explain in the game? Why we come to know them in a random post inside a thread?
  21. this is one of the biggest problems with the ME/TC. You are basically saying that the player practically has no idea what his defensive shape will look like until he sees it play out. And even then you can't be sure why things happen since there are million variables. One would need to make FM full time job to understand how it works.
  22. Palermo Season 2029/30 Season Review Serie B League - well that was an upturn in form to say the least. I made some tweaks to my tactics over the summer to try and get more out of my forwards. We went from a 433 with a DM to 451 and it worked, we had the ebst defence and 6th best attack. Being hard to beat meant we won many games by a single goal but every now and again we'd click and hammer sides. We went on a 17 game unbeaten run lasting nearly 5 months that put us into 2nd spot where we stayed. Going into the final game of the season we were away to 3rd place Parma. We were 3 po
  23. Still loads and loads of observable problems that just grate on you. Loads of set piece goals, often with zero marking, even if you tell your team to mark they won't. Long balls from front to back are still there, still far too common and defenders of the highest level STILL get bamboozled by them, cos you know when a centre-back hoofs a ball 70 yards forward first time, of course my defender is going to keep walking forward whilst the ball is in the air. As shown above, defensive teams seem to be able keep hold of the ball miraculously. AI generally is too defensive, too o
  24. Tested: 20.2.4 ParisWalkways. My favourite formation 4231. Modified 2 roles (S - AF, CM - DLP) and mentality - positive. 3x UCL, 2x LL, 2x SC. 61 games unbeaten in league. Great tactic.
  25. Had a bit of Chris Williams 31e accepted above my head by the board! I kind of understand why they accepted. It's just a massive offer. However, he is a legend! And I'm offering him a new contract as I write this. Proper legend, this lad! A new 5 year deal done!
  26. OP, if you are annoyed with playing games, there are skins you can download which have an instant result button. Your AM manages the side, but you get the credit for the results. It might be what you are looking for, since I guess the AI will handle changes during the match for you. It is definitely your tactics. If you keep conceding late goals you are not reacting to the AI being more attacking to, well, look to score a late goal. Since you know this is happening and expect it, you should probably do something to stop it. Shot count means nothing if all your shots are long ra
  27. If you always look for the negative, you'll always find the negative to be honest. That and a healthy dose of confirmation bias. Oh and the AI doesn't break or figure out your tactics, but that topic has been discussed to death by now. No point in beating that horse again.
  28. @Maldini's Heir I sincerely suggest that you take a break from playing the game for a bit mate.
  29. Any else think this was going to be about Son Hueng-min?
  30. You have to stop thinking of mentality being the way of making a tactic defensively sound or give it the basis of being counter attacking. The ONLY factor that determines whether a tactic is defensive or not is line of engagement/defensive line. When you want to be defensive you are essentially trying to draw teams in and hit them on the break. To draw teams in you use line of engagement. The deeper your line the deeper your team drops. This is why people get everything wrong about playing defensive football. Note when playing on a much lower defensive line with a lower line of
  31. I really hope the next patch will make the game better, its really broken and I am not sure how anyone can defend how incredible dull and unrealistic the match engine is. I played a full season Betis reaching 3rd place so my tactic is obviously working but I scored exactly 1 goal after a passing move, even though my team is setup to play combination football. I scored by penalties and set pieces or random shots despite having one of the smallest teams in the league. I also press high and didnt concede a single goal by a counter attack, only by set pieces or crosses.
  32. So...1st Half of the Season finished. Unbeaten so far! Used only Raptor V4 tactic with Hertha BSC (1. Season), very good results, a few unlucky draws vs Freiburg, Gladbach. Super 1-1 vs Bayern and 3-2 vs Dortmund. Best Defence and 3rd best Offense so far. My 2 Strikers 1st and 3rd place, 17 Matches, 14/10 Goals, which is awesome. Looking forward for the 2nd Half of the Season.
  33. SEASON 2026/2027 BOARD EXPECTATIONS DEALS RULES CHANGES JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2026 PRE SEASON TRANSFERS OUT These f@@ing b@@rds Scots robbed us! IN JACK LLOYD MANCHESTER CITY->VIKINGUR GOTA (150,000 €) He will be his replacement.I was between him and Basseti of Roma.He was younger and wanted from many other teams so i choosed him. OLI POULSEN FREE AGENT(EX-KI KLAKSVIK) -> VIKINGUR GOTA And a rotation player. ON LOAN STAFF SQUAD FIRST TE
  34. Not sure if it's been mentioned (probably has), but my main wish for the next version of FMT is to mirror, or at least give the option to mirror the full FM club vision feature. Adding more objectives doesn't hamper the speed in gameplay for me in the slightest. It gives me that extra motivation when starting a save with different clubs that I don't currently have as they are currently a bit samey and dull.
  35. Yes exactly... that is what I think I am going to do Salzburg have sacked their manager so it will be interesting to see how much upheaval they have
  36. yes, in this case it's a negative PPM For Bloodlust / Executioner you need a winger at the flank so if he "Cuts Inside" then it's a negative thing and "weak" foot rating makes it even worse
  37. I mean congrats its amazing having been a Glasgow Rangers fan for 28 years I meant in comparison to real life ! Its crazy to see ST. Mirren in Champions league etc ! enjoying it ! rather neat
  38. Cheers, I'll have a look as despite only conceding 22 goals all season another 8 where from indirect freekicks - so we're getting better at them at least
  39. Fulham Premier League February 2031 Maybe on reflection January wasn't too bad. The transfer window came and went without anymore activity. I think I made the right choice there. Big month really, if we can beat Newcastle and keep 7th place in reach I'll be delighted, if we lose that then I think it will be Instant Result until the end of the season with nothing else left to play for. We start with a tricky but winnable tie at home to Watford. If we have any hopes of making Top 7 these are the games we need to be winning. Wow what a final 20 minutes
  40. Gegen Press is largely OP in this ME, that's why you are winning, therefore enjoying, but that's not how everyone wants to play, and that's why there are a lot of complaints, that don't get solved by "sticking" to a tactic.
  41. XaW - Caersws - 2033/34 Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances TNS didn't manage to follow up their unbeaten season last time, but they had a good start. However, around Christmas they started to struggle, and in January they sold a few of their best players, and after that they lost quite a few matches. We went unbeaten again, only drew a single game all season in the league, away to TNS. We are now 90 games unbeaten in the league, and things are looking good in Wales. In the Welsh League Cup we beat Llandudno Junction, Porthmadog, Bangor City and Llanrhaeadr (that's quite t
  42. Move the Emperor's Cup final back from Jan 1st to Dec 31st. This isn't realistic as the final is always on New Year's Day, but it'll work. The AFC Champions League schedules its new season (and allocates teams) on January 1st, which takes place BEFORE the Emperor's Cup Final is played later that day. Therefore the Emperor's Cup winner never qualifies.
  43. Holy **** guys what a comeback! I thought we had no chance! We're in the CL semi-finals! The thing that worked was this strikerless monstruosity with several players out of position, such as Sykes as IW and Redmayne/Acheson as RWB. I'm gonna insist on this now. The semi-final is against Guangzhou.
  44. @Dreambuilder FM Base are creating a new DB and intend having 5 Categories. Not sure what happened at MR L as Gigglux did say they were starting testing. I would either use the Norwich results or the 20.2.3 ranking as a guide.
  45. When I first started playing this game I did all the normal things: 1. Smashed the monitor 2. Rage Quit 3. Wife sued me for divorce citing FM addiction 4. Download tactics 5. Download them again 6. Restart the game 7. Edit the game 8. Buy a new computer 9. Smash the new computer 10. Blame SI Then I decided to actually sit down and understand the game in parts. I found someone here on the forums, many years ago, and followed his thread. It was a logical simple way of approaching the game. I decided to do the same thing, now I take great pride in smashing the AI.
  46. The ridiculous complaints in this thread are honestly why I avoid message boards. It comes down to this: if you truly believe there is something wrong with the game provide me with proof. Not your feeling or beliefs but cold hard data that shows you aren't just complaining out of frustration. Because for all the complaints you lack that data. Your whole belief that reloading proves anything is why I ignore complaints without some data backing. It doesn't. I would expect two games to differentiate and would be more worried if two entirely separate instances of something worked out largely the s
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