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  1. Well thanks for the in depth analysis, Judging player data 1 Judging team data 1 Presenting data 1 If the game has improved for a lot of posters in this section that clearly means there are positive changes to the ME, I have scored and conceded goals and there is no real trend to how they happen, a good variety so far, maybe, just maybe its your.........
  2. The best feedback I can give you is: make it even remotly close to what you see below and then I will be a very happy player / customer. That is what central play means. That is what intricate passing means. That is what variety in goals mean. That is what exploiting the middle means. That is how your creative players damage the oppositions. You can find that in one single match in FM18, yet you need to play 20+ games in FM20 to spot half of these things. Pour yourselves a glass boys and enjoy the video. Cheers
  3. Awful defence in every moment tbh. Very interesting to watch, very hockey scores. Dont really like FM18. ME2039 more realistic imo
  4. Now this is a post that provides actual information relevant to the discussion and not "I played a game, we scored two free kicks, game sucks". More of that would be helpful
  5. Well, not really a question - more of a joy sharing , After 30+ seasons with one team from Czech league I managed to get to the CL final and I am just... pretty excited. Have to wait until the evening when I will have time to play the match. Thinking of playing it on 90 minutes with 3d match. End of report. Just wanted to let other people know that if you find the right tactic, it is possible to get from 0 to hero. Hopefully.
  6. Come on now... if a 17 finisher is missing loads on one-on-ones, that’s not right. Making some unrelated tactical tweak, like changing mentality or setting throw-ins to mixed, would change how frequently you create good chances, but once you get through on the keeper, it’s about the game’s competence in modelling finishing.
  7. My assists after 10 matches so far with the new ME. Not entirely sure if the game is counting them correctly, as I've definitely scored some long throws, maybe they get placed as something else, need to pay attention next time I score one. Also out of 41 goals only 5 came from outside the box, with one from very far range which I can't even remember (But assuming the distance I guess it was an open goal), so long shots aren't quite as lethal as they were in the beta patch. Not sure whether that's due to lower accuracy or generally less shots attempted. CCC conversion rate of 20 out of 27 so far, so that's not bad at all. Although there are still some situations that count as CCC that don't look clear cut to me at all (headers while being challenged by defenders and the goalie being in a good position for example). All in all there are some lovely attacking movements from time to time, so central play by no means is completely dead, although I can see that the game goes wide a lot. Which, considering the frequency of narrow defending and me playing a 4-1-2-3 is no surprise that the ball goes out wide quite a lot. I haven't tested more narrow tactics on this ME, so can't speak for those.
  8. And this is exactly why I take anyones knee jerk reaction to a new update with a pinch of salt.. everyone will be suffering from confirmation bias and small sample sizes and will just see what they want to see.. This thread in a nutshell tbh
  9. Why is it that some people are happy and others disappointed? My guess would be, as unfashionable as it seems, tactics.
  10. Getting some good off the ball movement with quite a few tactics, and this is actually a tactic from FM19, I kept all the same roles and duties and just raised tempo, twas nice to see.
  11. Have been critical of the last couple of FMs for a lack of movement/central play/creative and poor finishing but around 10 games into the latest update, am finding this to be the most enjoyable ME since at least FM18. The reliance on set-pieces for goals seems to have ended (an issue that was completely ruining the game, IMO), my creative central players are racking up 100+ passes per game and the variety of play/build is infinitely better. Still find that my creative midfielders perhaps score more goals from range than they should and perhaps don't deliver quite enough direct assists (though watching my goals, they seem to be playing the 'pre-assist' pass; arguably more realistic?). Feel that a slight tactical tweak will be necessary as I found that a 2 striker system mitigated the poor finishing of the previous ME to an extent but now find whilst both are scoring more regularly, neither is sufficiently involved in build-up - my false 9 especially is making only a dozen passes per game; perhaps an indication that there remains an issue with midfielders playing the ball forwards to central areas? Still, overall am now finding that I enjoy the game and it's certainly a step in the right direction so kudos to SI for acting on feedback and making these changes
  12. I think I said something different. That I would still be purchasing the beta and that others should base their buying decisions on the demo. I don’t think the match engine has regressed, in fact its a lot easier to play. There are noticeable areas it can improve with respect to central play but this will require a complete overhaul of how the coding is done. I also mentioned that the role changes in 20 are coming full circle. The only version I was critical about was FM18 or was it FM17. As far as videos are concerned I out 2 a week, and tactic guides are largely the same from 19. There are only so many different ways you can explain concepts in the game. The guides I did before are still relevant. Even training is nearly the same you only need to incorporate the new sessions. So re-doing videos for the sake of click bait views is not something I do. My output is largely the same, two videos a week and thrice on Twitch. There are also videos that are only accessible through my private discord server. Every release has it’s challenges in fact I enjoyed it more than most because I enjoy the game. If I don’t enjoy it I won’t play it as much. I also currently have 4 separate series that I cover. And I don’t think the game has regressed like you say, there is a video on the match engine coming out today where I describe a series of experiments I ran to discover which formation could possibly be the best one for FM20 in producing a 60 goal striker.
  13. I disagree. Central play was pretty good, but long shots in FM18 were so embarassingly, hopelessly, awfully bad that it made the ME physically painful to watch. Players with 20 Long Shots would regularly take a shot on goal in acres of space and put it nearer to the corner flag than the goal. It blatantly had nothing to do with real football, as opposed to 17 which had its own issues but was generally recognisable as football in all relevant respects.
  14. Played 8 games on the new update using a 4-4-2 diamond narrow and 4 games using 4-3-1-2. My feedback after these games is: - Central play is virtually non-existent (since FM18) - The AMC (no matter how talented) will not do anything else than passes wide or dribbles out wide. He doesn't even attempt through balls to a striker who is in a great position ... enough said on this. - Play has slowed down noticebly since the previous patch, which is a positive. - Players do tend to keep shape and do what they're told (50% of the time) which is a positive compared to previous patches. Final thoughts: this version of the ME is the best so far in FM20, but is sub-standard compared to old editions. No central play, no variety in goals, no central penetration, no through balls, no one-twos in the final third that lead to a goal. It is perfectly playable if you don't expect it to be a tactics simulator or a real-life simulator. If you do want your tactics, players roles and attributes to be reflected on the pitch, then I'm afraid you are out of luck and this simply isn't it. For that you'll have to go to FM17 / FM18 FM13 / FM14 ... but most certainly not this one. Cheers.
  15. July 2038. I didn't think I would be nervous. I hope it doesn't show. Zlatan, Jesse and I are meeting to decide between the various job offers that have been pouring in for our managerial trio...I cannot count how many times I've had to reject Zlatan's demand that we call it a "managerial menage a trois." But that's beside the point. Truth be told, I've all but decided. I know what I want to do. Jesse will go along with whatever Zlatan and I decide. He's not going to rock the boat. Regardless of where we land, though, I need to give him more responsibility. Zlatan is the first to arrive. For once, I told him to remain inconspicuous and he seems to have listened. No flashy car, no flashy clothes. It would stick out like a sore thumb, even here in Amsterdam. Not like Zlatan could ever truly "blend in." Jesse arrives minutes later, easily the least-recognizable of our trio, the one with the lowest public profile. The owner of the restaurant is a close friend. No one makes Italian-Belgian waffles like Horst. Sure, people needed time to warm to the savory-sweet combinations on offer, but once you've tried a true Belgian waffle, slathered with marinara sauce, you won't go back. Trust me. Horst takes our order and heads back to the kitchen. He's no "ITK" snob on social media, and will this one between us. He's closed the restaurant down for us. No staff. No other patrons. No prying eyes. "Jesse, what are your thoughts, brother?" "You know me, Nico. I could go either way. Italy is lovely, but it isn't home. And Germany...it feels too soon. Nagelsmann has really got Gladbach in a groove, and I don't think that we want to undermine the very thing we helped create, you know?" I nod. There's a wisdom in that. I notice, however, that Jesse hasn't mentioned the French connection. It doesn't even seem to have occurred to him that I'm seriously considering it. I have my reasons. I look to Zlatan. "The Zlatan agrees. It would be very much no the Zlatan, going back to the Germany now. Very much Tevez to the City. Not Zlatan. What are you thinking, Boss?" I tell them. I plead my case. Impassioned. An awkward silence ensues. Slowly, Jesse starts to nod. "I can see it, Nico. A clean slate. The chance to build something, to bring a club out of the ashes...a phoenix rising." Zlatan scoffs. "Do not be the silly, Jesse, the phoenix is mythical creature. No exist. And, if we are talking about fake beasts, then the Zlatan wants a penguin." "Zlatan, penguins are real." "That's the spirit, Boss. Penguins are real to the Zlatan, too." I sigh. We aren't getting anywhere. If I try to explain this to Zlatan -- again -- he'll just take us deeper down the rabbit hole. I need to cut to the chase. "Zlatan, think about it. You love champagne. You could have all the champagne you want, if the football on the pitch is good enough. And there's a vibrant supporters' group, lots of energy in the stadium, the local youth are heavily engaged. We would have a free hand to do whatever we want." Zlatan perks up. "Not that, Zlatan." For a moment, Zlatan looks like he's about to argue. But he manages to restrain himself. For now. One final objection, albeit half-hearted. "The Zlatan hates the French, Boss." Now that just isn't true. "Don't be ridiculous. You hate PSG. There's a difference. And if we do this...we could help put the final nails into their coffin, yeah?" Zlatan is beginning to warm to the idea. "It would be a step down, Boss. The Zlatan is not sure." "Everything is a step down from Partizan, Zlatan. That's the point. We could go anywhere. Anywhere at all. But where's the fun in doing the obvious. Why not go somewhere and build a legacy?" "If are the doing this, can the Zlatan get a penguin?" Jesse groans. "Anything you want, Zlatan." Oh, yes. We're going to build something and, in the process, do something we have never done in the Nearly Men saves -- drop into the second tier to take over an eligible side. Stade de Reims are a club with a rich history, but have been stuck in Ligue 2 since suffering relegation in 2028/29. I'm not one to dwell and detail a club's history. In-game, we have no staff. Few players in the first team squad (although 3 halfway decent keepers, for some reason). And a Board with shockingly little ambition. Having hired the managerial menage a trois that is Nicolaj, Zlatan and Jesse, their short term goal is to reach the Ligue 2 promotion playoffs, but they'll also be content if we remain mid-table cannon fodder for the next 5 years. That $18 million transfer budget is far more than I expected. It will go a long, long ways in recruiting young Ivorians who can be molded to suit our tactics. Our new home, the Stade Auguste-Delaune. I think we can aim a little higher, have more ambitious goals. We don't have to tell the Board, though. What are we trying to do with Stade de Reims, you ask? And if we can help sink PS-****ing-G in the process, all the better.
  16. Having played more games, I have some more positive observations: I love how Ball-Playing Defenders play. A good player in that position in the right system can carry it up the flanks. Makes me want to try out a back three at some point. Forwards and wide players make some well-timed runs. In particular, I'm seeing my IWs make some excellent runs whenever one of my midfielders or IWBs get on the ball. While crossing still isn't as varied as I'd like it to be, I'm having more success with them. Headers being more accurate is making those crosses a lot more useful, although a good number still go over the bar. For now, I'm putting that down to my team not having the highest heading attributes it could have. There are through balls. They're very situational; you need the right positioning and timing for them to happen. I actually think this is decently balanced at the moment. Defence-splitting through passes aren't super common in real football, especially outside of the top level. For context, I'm playing with a strong team in 2024, and the majority of games are against very defensive teams. Games like this can be laborious but it is giving me a chance to play weirder formations (currently playing a 2-3-3-2). After a handful of narrow wins, I've just won 7-0, so I'm pretty pleased with things. Away from my own team, I am seeing the AI score more goals than before. I only wish the AI against me was a little more adventurous, because while my team is strong, it's only the third favourites to win the league. As a result, the game can get easy. I'm on a 12-game winning run and have conceded only three times despite playing a crazy formation in most of those games. I leave so much space down the flanks, but teams don't seem willing to exploit that. I'm talking solid mid-table teams just going ultra defensive and narrow from the start, even in their own stadium. So if I could recommend one thing that could be better balanced, it would be that. I think it would make attacking play more dynamic, too, because there'd be more space to use.
  17. Update is live now for PC/Mac - https://community.sigames.com/topic/513470-football-manager-2020-touch-match-engine-update-2024-out-now/ Android/iOS has also been released but will take a little bit of time to populate.
  18. Kolo Toure's managerial curriculum vitae: One club managed. Forty-nine games played. Thirty-nine games won. Two domestic cups won. One league title won. One CAF Champions League Runners-Up medal. This is the CV I'll be handing in to clubs around Africa. I've decided to stay on the continent and try to build something somewhere else. I am sad at how things ended with ASEC. We were in a great place and things quickly fell apart. But the opportunity to manage another of Africa's great clubs will hopefully present itself. Maybe in North Africa, South Africa or somewhere else in the West Coast. Plenty of leagues loaded.
  19. Not sure why no one is pointing out that until the club is actually relegated then you can just add the league below. No need for you to get the sack at all.
  20. @thiagoanjo By all means criticise the game, but please do not pass disrespectful comments against the developers and testers.
  21. All I see is passes to players who have too mutch space and too slow def reacting. But yeah fun to watch and nice goals.
  22. Hey @Rashidi, I want to preface what I’m about to say by reiterating how much I have enjoyed and appreciated your insights into this game that so many of us cherish. That said, I watched a YouTube video of yours on the beta release where you actually said you would not purchase FM20 based on what you’d seen. As the game on release seemed to regress I respectfully ask what changed for you? Also I note that you haven’t put out as many videos on tactics etc, is this due to the ME? many thanks.
  23. Well I do. Watching the AI games shows how flawed the ME is towards open play.
  24. I can't believe the amount of people who feel the need to comment after 1 or 2 games as if that's a sample size of any sort. The most glaring issues withstanding of course..
  25. We’re pleased to announce we’ve released Update 20.2.4 which, alongside some performance optimisation, includes an updated match engine containing a number of tweaks, improvements and changes. As always, this update is save game compatible and the next time you log onto Steam it’ll automatically update. You can see the version number of Football Manager in the bottom left-hand corner of the main menu. If for whatever reason you find the game hasn’t updated, we’d recommend restarting Steam. 20.2.4 Changelist ----------------------- - Performance and optimisation improvements Various Match Engine (version 2039) changes including (but not limited to): - Improved one-on-one finishing - Recalculations regarding clear-cut chances - Tweaks to penalty kick conversion rates - Lowered frequency of players overrunning ball and losing possession - Improved realism of player recoveries from slide tackles - Improved crossing variation and instruction behaviour - Improved defensive tracking from long balls - Improved heading accuracy - Improvements/tweaks to referee behaviour - Throw-in positional adjustments - Various other balancing tweaks/improvements
  26. The ever-popular TCS Skin returns for a fourth iteration. Building on the successful foundations set out last year. v1.0 Features New Player Overview Panel New Club Overview Panel New Tactics panel More "Dark Mode" consistency (Scouting, Inbox, Processing) v1.1 Features New Font Changed Team Selection Assistant Player Icons. Added animations to tactics screen New TCS Titlebar Instant Result More Selectable Widgets on Player Screen Readded player footedness to positions widget Added Transfer Status to TCS header. v1.1.1 Features Fixed bug which prevented In Game Editor and Instant Result from Showing v1.1.2 Features Added the ability to view Japanese team Club Overviews. Please restart your game after installing skin. Credit to @Wannachupbrew. Fixed bug which cause background packs to show through, making text unreadable Fixed bug which prevented the background graphic on the Action Bar from showing Fixed bug which prevented Match Timeline from showing. v1.2 Features Added a new graphic for all dialog popups Added new overview screen on Team Report Increased the border on all boxes Increased height of the fixtures panel on competition pages Complete overhaul to the Inbox Complete overhaul to the Manager home screen Added TheAthletic.com Schedule page overhauled Tweaked graphics of dropdown menus Added "Next Unread" button to inbox Tweaks to various news panel Added green background behind pitch on club overview screen Pros and Cons panel on the player screen has been overhauled Added selector on the League table v1.2.1 Features Fixed bug which prevented the match titlebar from showing. v1.3 Features Fixed various bugs New Club Overview screen Competition screens overhauled New Match IBH and Match review screens New Staff Overview screens v1.3.1 Features Fixed bugs introduced by FM 20.3.0 patch v1.4 Features Bug Fixes v1.5 Features: New IBH Panel New Club Overview New Twitter page Bug fixes --------------------------------------- The skin is built for 1080p resolutions at 100% zoom and 1440p at 125%. Requests and Resolution questions won't be considered so there's no point making them. Links (All versions are AIO. Only install the newest versions) v1.0: https://www.mediafire.com/file/mxvj8sc1e5760vc/TCS_2020_v1.0.7z/file V1.1.1: https://www.mediafire.com/file/jqtr6ct2jcvcc3j/TCS_2020_v1.1.1.7z/file V1.1.2: https://www.mediafire.com/file/b4eh6mg50j0gtr4/TCS_2020_v1.1.2.7z/file v1.2: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ye1ggitc8g5rkcy/TCS_2020_v1.2.7z/file v1.2.1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kg4b7scu3ftelf7/TCS_2020_v1.2.1.7z/file v1.3: http://www.mediafire.com/file/l1od15au0wjhdhh/TCS_2020_v1.3.7z/file v1.3.1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/acom3zrtqt8lwwo/TCS_2020_v1.3.1.7z/file v1.4: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6j9v45xhcqdc0yl/TCS_2020_v1.4.7z/file v1.5: https://www.mediafire.com/file/owccjn6ovn8hoap/TCS_2020_v1.5.7z/file ---------------------- Light: REGULAR v1.2.1 IS ALSO REQUIRED TO BE INSTALLED Links: v1.2.1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s021ivy04pxc53g/TCS_2020_v1.2_Light.7z/file v1.3.1: https://www.mediafire.com/file/502ccdc7j8t1mup/TCS_2020_v1.3.1_Light.7z/file Graphics Used: Logos: TCM Faces: sortitoutsi cutouts Stadiums: https://www.fmscout.com/a-fmt-stadium-superpack-2019.html
  27. Why do you think some people are seeing completely different things to you on this ME? do you think there might be a reason?
  28. actually it's not my opinion at all...my point which you've misunderstood spectacularly is beyond contestation...i haven't expressed an opinion anywhere above...merely how recency bias drives the polls here...everything i said is factual Nowhere did I suggest fm17 was the best rather that fm17 when the dust settles will likely be the non recency bias winner of the poll...it may be fm12 either...we will see Google how recency bias works. Last year fm19 won the polls. the poll here so far has just 4% of the poll...so last year it won then down to 4pc. Each year the winner of these polls is generally it's current or the most recent at that point in time version...then as the years pass by the version settle down and lose appeal. Were Fm19 as good as last year's poll suggested then it couldn't possibly crash so low...it should really be polling second then...especially given your own logic of how you rate them that the game gets better every year. The thing is yeah its a poll and it's subjective and exposed to how people view it and feel about it years after but the trend of the polls is that the most recent one wins it...were the polls to follow your logic of each version is better than the previous one and the voters vote accordingly then that would be reflected in most recent one highest rating, second place previous one, third place one two years prior and so on...thats not happening but that can be influenced by subjectivity of course. However the way the winner of the previous year can tank in the polls the following year suggests recency bias is the primary driver of the poll at the current point in time...any other conclusion given the historic trend of these polls is actually expressing an opinion where bias overrides logic. It can actually happen that on occasion the actual current version IS the best but as said the trend of the polls is that a winner one year can crash the following year so recency bias is the driver. anyway this poll is favourite as i alluded to above...not even the best. just correcting you on not being my opinion and explaining how recency bias drives these polls...the evidence back that up Just on fm20 as it happens everything bar the match engine is in my opinion the best i've seen it...so agree on that. However the match engine as a simulation is so weak it detracts significantly from this year to the point i just won't play it...so it simply isn't the best overall...if you want me to back that up can of course do so lol
  29. OK.... so which one is it then?? useful partnership or a poor one
  30. Tried the new update in 4 matches yesterday. One on ones are clearly improved ,my striker scored 3 in 3 including one with a beautifully placed low shot. ( In the previous ME he would have missed at least 2 out of 3 ). Good impressions so far. Edit: The tactic i use is 4-4-2. I found that strikers are more effective in pairs both in FM 19 and 20. I don;t know how lone strikers are performing yet.
  31. Hasn't been rolled out yet but we're hopeful of being able to do so at some point later today.
  32. Please don't tinker with the engine anymore, I think it's great. Top to bottom, I think this year's version is the best there's been.
  33. New versions available - same like as above. Tidied up some bits and pieces - buttons same colour as backgrounds e.g. on the media question. You could click the text, but wasn't immediately obvious it was a button. I guess the light skins weren't so popular because in some places attributes weren't visible due to white text on white backgrounds. That's fixed as well. Also, if you're into the skins with background support I highly recommend the packs by @stevemc here:
  34. a real manager wouldnt be on here asking for advice lol When i start a save its always with no badges, then pick a random country and then the lowest team in the lowest division. I then stick with that club until i either get sacked (very very rarely happens), or i get offered a job elsewhere. I then do as i mentioned and end up running 2 saves instead of 1. For me its not a case of not doing what a real manager would do or cheating etc. its more a case of `what if i joined/stayed`. It gives me more enjoyment out of the game as im not stuck in 1 save which sometimes can feel stale after awhile. What i would add is that if i was in the same position as you, i wouldnt do what i mentioned as i never do this with clubs in the same country. I would either stay or go.
  35. You've got to do the full 90 on 3D. Its as nerve wrecking as watching your own team in the real CL and I've done both.
  36. This seems like a big issue. Juventus with just 35% possession but 35 shots
  37. ********** A new tactic "PYROMANCER" has been added to the OP At the moment there are 3 tactics for the M.E. V2039 can be found at the OP 1) "Punisher" - this is well rounded balanced tactic which can be used in any situation 2) "Pyromancer" - this is slightly attacking version of Punisher, I suggest using in cases when you think you can be more attacking 3) "Executioner" - this is a very attacking version of Punisher tactic, I suggest using in cases when you want to go full attack
  38. I’m not so sure buddy, I am noticing my creative midfielder is seeing a lot more of the ball and playing passes wide and through balls perfectly straight for my striker to run onto. He has been running the show for me in the middle since the update, and I hadn’t changed a thing.
  39. After struggling to find something that interested me, I've settled for the most successful Italian club not in Serie A.... Founded 128 years ago, F.C Pro Vercelli 1892 are one of Italy's oldest and also most successful clubs. With 7 Italian titles to their name, they were very much the "elite" of early Italian football. However, the club have not tasted major success since their last title, back in 1921-22, making it almost a century! Located smack-bang in the middle of Italy's two major footballing cities, Milan and Turin, the club is certainly now in the shadow of it's illustrious neighbours. Can I change that bad fortune, and bring an end to a barren century? Time will tell....
  40. Could make a video like that for FM17 as well. Two best MEs in recent years those two.
  41. I've played five games on the new patch and, to be honest, it's not much better than the public beta. My observations: Players' first inclination is still to get the ball out wide as soon as possible. Passing into the feet of a striker or attacking midfielder is seldom the first option, even if these players are in better positions for a pass. Players are dribbling through each other like there's no collision detection at all. It's back to pre-public beta levels. Strikers on support roles remain passive once they've released the ball. They rarely attack the penalty area. The majority of crosses still go to the back post and are still flighted despite using "Low Crosses" instruction. My goals so far: rebound tap-in, back post header from a set-piece, back post header from an open play cross, long shot, penalty, penalty, long shot. Loopy headers are no longer a thing. Clearances have more power behind them. My centre backs seem to be getting out-jumped by players smaller than them on an alarmingly regular basis. I can't comment on the quality of finishing yet as I'm still to see a clear, open play chance.
  42. I'm back in the game and at a familiar old haunt......... Oh, no that isn't right. How about this instead? Yes, I am back at Grimsby - and I didn't even need to move house after ending my spell in charge of Hull City My new club are predicted to finish 17th in League 2 this year, and there is no pressure whatsoever from the board At the end of the five year plan, the board have included a line about moving to a new stadium though This has been in the pipeline for around 25 years now, but in the last week the club has announced it will happen within the next 3-5 years The new 14,000 all-seater community stadium at Freeman Street will be a multi-purpose venue and could look something like this Until then, the Blundell Park home will be better than average at this level (itself an all-seater ground) I've shown the door to all those that I didn't want to be managing and assembled my 25-man squad as below Plucked from English clubs were Ben Garratt (Burton), Festus Arthur (Stockport), Jamey Osborne (Solihull Moors), Rumarn Burrell (Middlesbrough) and Chuma Anene (Crewe) Recruited from further afield were Jamie Hamilton (Hamilton, Scotland), Yahya Kalley (Malmo, Sweden) and Alex Marshall (Cavalier, Jamaica) Free agents Sam Habergham, Isaac Buckley-Ricketts, Jordan Cox and Kevin Harletun were also welcomed to the club Inherited injuries prevent Habergham, Vernam and Rose being available from the outset so it was effectively a 22-man squad before pre-season injuries were added The final tactical choice hasn't been nailed down just yet in the attacking areas, but should be something similar to this The back four is there to stay, but two strikers may become a better option (or possibly two wingers) Pre-season was hard to read as some good performances against Hull & Lincoln ended in 1-0 defeats, but the Motherwell game was disappointing The non-league opponents were seen off comfortably, and the best result by far was the 10-man victory over Hibernian The League 2 campaign starts with a glamorous road trip to Morecambe. How exciting is that?
  43. Well whatever the reason at the end of the day central play, open play and through balls very rarely happen, regardless of my tactics or AI tactics. I don't get why people defend it, you must get bored watching the same type of goals being scored over and over again
  44. @Jimmious7 - please don't just post a meme gif as a sole contribution to a thread, at least post a witty comment as well if you want to contribute. Otherwise it just spams up the forum. Cheers.
  45. Looking forward to testing the new ME later today. Must say the work you guys do is very much appreciated. Sure we all have complaints etc about the game we love but that's what pushes the game to better heights imo and it's also worth mentioning that SI don't have to keep working on the game post release afaik so for the devs to keep checking the forums and listening to the feedback and trying to give us the very best game they can even if it takes multiple updates is great. Cheers guys.
  46. It partly depends on feedback to this latest version, so I'm not in a position to confirm whether that's the case or not.
  47. Match Engine Update out now. Details here - https://community.sigames.com/topic/512866-football-manager-2020-match-engine-update-2024-out-now/ Will look to close this feedback thread and start a new one given the majority of posts are related to the ME, however will let people download it and try for themselves for a little bit first. Thanks.
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