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  1. Then how about not merging the threads in the first place? There was some perfectly decent discussion going on in that thread and it has been merged with this, for god knows what reason, and now we are not allowed to discuss it further. These forums are in danger of becoming a dictatorship and just censoring things that certain people don't want to see. I'm out.
  2. So I've fired back the game up for the first time since giving up on the match engine before Christmas. IMO, it's certainly less terrible but I'm still unconvinced it isn't still just really bad. One thing I don't think I see people mention is how teams defend in the match engine. I.e. defensive players only seem to know where an attacking player is if he's on the ball. It makes pressing incredibly unrealistic (at the max press you end up with multiple players crowding the ball carrier not, as should be the case, cutting off the passing lanes). In your final third this is even worse - de
  3. Hold on. Neil merged the 'Is this the worse ME ever' thread into here, which is where all the discussion began. A little unfair to merge a thread and then go and tell us we can't carry on discussing what we were discussing in the original thread.
  4. This is what is terribly wrong with the ME, ever since FM 19. Look how the blue team is defending. Who in the world defends like that, completely ignoring the wider players? And really no need to add one more pkm at the moment, because these are not anomalies, this is not a bug. SI needs to make a fundamental change to the defensive side, and that change is 1 whole year late by now and counting.
  5. The sole purpose of this fie is to expand the US/Canadian experience for Football Manager as close to real life as reasonably possible. And if I do say so myself, I believe this file is the most realistic USA expansion for any version of Football Manager. There are a lot of different ways to enjoy this DB file. Take over your local NPSL or USL2 club (like my Emerald Force SC). Start with at the youth level, including the MLS academy teams. Do a Caleb Porter and build a college powerhouse before taking on the professional game. You can even make like Marc Dos Santos and start in one of the Cana
  6. The competition question is pretty well quashed by Rockstar, who are utterly peerless and continue to be world-beaters on two fronts - GTA and Red Dead - with nothing even remotely worthy of being called competition. Having said that, something is not right with FM and hasn't been for a number of years, and part of it seems to be a loss of perspective on when a change is actually a genuine improvement - especially with regards to UX and ME. That's generally a company culture thing (testers too close to devs, managers railroading things to meet deadlines, suppression of dissenting voices,
  7. This was originally a thread where we were discussing the match engine. It got merged in here, hence the ME discussion. Now we're being told to give it a rest.
  8. 100%, and I mentioned this in my post above. This is the reason why wide players are ignored until they touch the ball, and this also contributes to so many goals from crosses. Defenders never move with the attackers and react ever so slowly to the ball, whereas the attackers can actually track the ball and react much faster. That's also probably why the first time shots (headers, volleys, whatever type doesn't matter) are so much more effective than 1on1's.
  9. You can observe the deficiencies of the ME while watching comprehensive highlights, but really you can even see the biggest deficiency of all by watching goals only. The goals heavily come from crosses and set pieces still, very much like FM 19. Really the only difference is that there is a bit more central play overall, HOWEVER chances created from central play are often missed, even though in reality those are easier to score. And most of the goals from crosses are also those with the cross to the back post or even farther back, because of course nobody is defending the players coming from w
  10. Why can't we discuss the match engine in a thread about the match engine? We weren't harming anyone, it was a perfectly calm and civil discussion. The thread gets merged in here now we're told we can't talk about it? Let us have a thread to talk about it elsewhere then.
  11. If a striker is missing a one on one because I've got 3 CM's rather than 2, would you consider that a working simulation?
  12. I thinks its time to create a new match engine. This engine is too old and now all your fix just make it worst, fix this bug another bug appear, and on and on and on.
  13. I didn't expect this to be so long when I started making it but I love getting lost looking around my saves when I go far into the future and wanted to share this one. TL/DR Henry managed Arsenal four times, manager bio and team info at the bottom. Henry's first spell as manager of the club was taking over from fellow legend Patrick Vieira who was sacked despite previously leading the club to back to back third place finishes as they were looking like missing out on European football for the first time since the early 90s. Thierry came in towards the end of February 2028 and won his first
  14. Life should always come first, no apologies needed. Heard good things about your past work and I am looking forward to having a look at this years edition.
  15. Hahahahaha what? I've read this 3 times to actually believe you just typed this.
  16. You've been talking in absolutes, now you're saying in your opinion. In *my* opinion, if what you're suggesting is true, then that to me is a broken simulation game as it fails to portray things anywhere close to accurate. I however don't think you're correct which is why SI are saying they're improving conversion rates still.
  17. I am winning, but I'm not fine. I'd rather lose a lot more because the AI is just better or because my tactical plan isn't good enough than winning because the AI is either spectacularly incompetent (and I can build up a top team by brute force) or because I'm playing the specific iteration's "Overpowered Tactics". Or, like last year, becuase I've stumbled across an exploit in a very basic formation. FM20 is IMO among the WORST ME ever. Some tactics simply don't work the way they should, if at all. AT DEFAULT SETTINGS! (so it's a problem the AI faces too, and you can't just chalk it
  18. Ok, so this is more of a rant aswell as a bloody feature that should be added to FM. I enjoy playing international football saves. I am currently doing a Mongolia save on FM19, year 2023. I qualified for the Asian Cup, all stoked and excited for it, except now I realize one thing. Mongolia season ended end of october, so surprise surprise, my players are all not fit and severly lacking match sharpness...... Where as in real life, national teams have pre tournament camps and friendlies to not only work on tactics, but GET YOUR OUT OF SEASON PLAYERS UP TO MATCH FITNESS!!!!! It is ridicu
  19. Find me a match where one team has 8 clear 1v1’s ... The game doesn’t represent the reality in this regard.
  20. I don't think there is a tangible benefit to winning the U23 league, it's just a 'nice to have'. The way you get promoted in the English U23 division league is by improving your Youth Category, which is based on several criteria, most importantly your Youth Facilities. You can request the board to improve the Youth Level and your youth setup will be graded by the FA at the end of each season.
  21. With my final update before I hand over to @andychar Made some last minute alterations with a few players coming on the market. Garuccio at Hearts became available. Not a massive improvement on Cauz but getting him allowed us to release Cauz. Releasing Cauz had a minor impact on our salary cap but it allowed us to free up another foreign player slot which I used to bring in a Goalkeeper Huge improvement over our current options. Gwargis meanwhile is a great youth prospect and Australian, so hopefully we can give him some gametime. Link to Continue t
  22. And on this day in history we all learnt how not to manage West Ham. @CapaJr I wouldn't be surprised if you found yourself sacked. I just see a slippery slope. Players wages can not be paid. Players become unhappy. Players fail to perform. Form plummets. Manager sacked. Credit if you get away with it.
  23. Just had a cracking 0-0 draw at home to panderborn. My striker missed 7 one on ones and a penalty. I used to think this ME was a tragedy but now I realise it’s a comedy.
  24. Update All promotion & relegation now done down to Level 11. mid sussex league premier division & league cup now added. (originally missed adding them) All leagues down to Level 11 now have nicknames & year formed set. (where i could find the info) All League boundaries now set. Most Leagues & Cups now have competition history. (where i could find the info) Things still to do I need to redo the FA Vase to include the teams from the mid sussex league. Awards to do for Level 9-11. A few other little tweaks todo before ready to start te
  25. With only one team gaining promotion i was prepared for the long haul but this team performed beyond expectations and we won the League on the final day Youth Intake Season 1 Season 1 Tansfers
  26. TP Mazembe 1-1 ASEC Mimosas ASEC Mimosas kept themselves in the qualification places with a hard-earned point in DR Congo. Despite conceding an early goal from a corner kick, Mimosas stayed head strong and persevered through the early test to emerge with an important point. The result leaves TP Mazembe on the brink of elimination. The Congolese club would require a miracle to progress having failed to win in their first four matches. Mimosas on the other hand could potentially seal a quarter final place with a win over Wydad Casablanca in round five. The Moroccan side man
  27. Defensive width is basically about what your defenders are better at. So if you are confident that your defense can deal with crosses and win the aerial battle (jumping, marking, positioning, heading, strength...), you can go with the narrower def width. If on the other hand they look better at dealing with killer/through balls (anticipation, speed, positioning, concentration, agility...), the wider could be the more logical choice. If they are equally/similarly good (or bad) at both types of defensive play, go with the standard (default) width. When you play in a narrow formation, I wou
  28. Edinburgh City - Pre-Season 2023/24 League expectation Ladbrokes Championship : Board expectation - Mid table : Media expectation - 5th (out of 10) Cup expectations Scottish Cup : Reach the 5th round Betfred Cup : Be competitive Tunnock’s Wafer Cup : Quarter Final Transfer budget : £70k - (last season : £125k) Wage budget : £16.7k p/w - (last season : £15k) Current wage bill : £14.6k p/w - (last season : £14k) Season tickets sold : 124 - (+7 from last season) My views for the season a
  29. I am basically playing (I should say trying to play) two games these days. One is our beloved FM, and the other is Rimworld (I am sure a lot of you know the game, but I have only recently discovered it - my life doesn't allow me to follow the gaming world closely any more). Just noticed that I have an interesting experience with these two, and I wanted to share. Whenever I have some free time, my first choice, my desire, is to play FM. So I start FM, browse around a little bit within my roster, to see who has been doing good, young players developing, etc. Then I check out my next match,
  30. For starters, becuase I've PAID MONEY for it and I'm trying to get as much value/fun out of it as I can. Unfortunately, when a supposedly fun game makes you wanna punch the monitor and throw it out of the window, it's not a good sign. Then because despite the godawful and inconsistent ME, the rest of the game is actually fun and feels more organic than ever. And it makes the ME ****show even more frustrating and annoying...
  31. It's condescending to assume they haven't worked on their tactics in the right way in defence of multiple people over multiple threads saying that there's a noticeable issue with the ME and how it interacts with tactics that make sense to them, that would have made sense in previous versions of the game, and make sense based on how those players play in real life. Might as well just respond to 100% of threads with ME feedback with "It's your tactics"
  32. What's even more telling is that the regen face from a version 7 years ago looks better than the monstrosities we currently have.
  33. Respectfully, I don't think you are understanding my point. His attributes don't mean he will never do it, He's unlikely to be able to repeatedly do it, doesn't mean he can't get it right on the odd occasion. And it's got nothing to do with your tactic going "wrong for a second" How many goals like that has he scored in game? Most people would not have said Vincent Kompany could do this: He's not suddenly turned into KDB in midfield, but it doesn't mean in the right circumstance he can't do it. A one off example of him doing it doesn't mean anything. If hes' doin
  34. Pre Season Competitions V1 I had originaly made this for personal use but thought others may be interested, the pack contains 6 real life pre season competitions along with metalic logos and trophy pictures. to install just extract folders to your Football Manager 2020 folder. Download Audi Cup Host: Bayern Munich Eligible teams: Argentine Primera División, Brasileiro Série A, English Premier League, Italian Serie A, Spanish Liga Santander & Turkish Super Lig Format: Cup (4 teams) Dates: 29th - 31st July Frequency: Every 2 years Prize Money: £500,000 Participation
  35. some results so far with city. 0 signings made (1st window was deactivated)...no set piece takers either. i just uploaded, tweaked a little, put my training regime in and just pressed the continue button Sterling and Sane both have had to play up front. City only has 2 STs, Aguero always gets injured and Gabriel Jesus now away with the Brazilian team
  36. Still to be made Just finishing off the remaining cups and then the first beta should be up for testing sometime tommorow. I will need to know if there are any fixture clashes with the National Team etc during play testing. The growth of the league is pretty steady as far as i can tell, but please let me know if the Money & players go a bit OTT to fast for some. Thee image below is the players that will move in 2022 to the falcons who were in the MLS after 2 promotions and Atlanta United who were reigning champions. (Much thanks to @MWE for helping gage the rate of growth)
  37. Not sure if you cna use somethign like
  38. Yeah it'd be great if it worked a little better and you had a conversation with the first team manager ahead of each fixture or something. I've always longed for the option to start off as an U18 Manager, would love to see that enabled even if it was still a bit broken. The B teams in Spain are loads of fun when you're managing the first team though.
  39. @Sebastian Szlenkier @Seb Wassell Guys, I know you're busy with other stuff, but it's been 2 weeks since I posted the above regarding two wholly contradictory comments about picking up traits outside of mentoring. Which one is right, and why the discrepancy? Thanks.
  40. I've tried it before with this intention and never been able to make the jump. It's very frustrating with your best player being called up to the senior squad then not even included on the bench. That said I haven't done it on FM20 but I don't know of any improvements they've announced.
  41. The season is reaching what is commonly called "the business end" of things. With a Champions League quarter final place ensured, two semi finals to come in the domestic cups, and 10 league games to settle the destiny of the title, the first chapter of Kolo Toure's career looks to have a Hollywood finish lined up. Hope everyone is enjoying the save!
  42. No. Training 1 or 2 sessions of Attacking Movement, for example, will have the same effect. They do not stack. You can train Attacking Movement+ Defensive Positioning and Attacking Corners etc and those will all count for the next match.
  43. When I sell players I always move agreed playing time to surplus ! that usually makes them accept contracts from bidding clubs. I also demote them to U-23/19 squads.
  44. Fulham Premier League February 2030 Well January was interesting. Good result to finish but it was a tricky one. We have a 6 point lead over the bottom 3 and if you had offered me that with 14 games to go I would have bit your hand off. If all we do is beat Barnsley I will be happy! Fantastic result and a big win. Luckily nothing happened after the sending off. This gives us a huge lead over the bottom 3. Another big gap now between games thanks to the FA Cup. Its keeping my players fresh so can't complain. Newcastle next at home a chance to make it 3 w
  45. Is this the worst No. i believe FM 19 is worst of my FM game time. FM 20 improved on the beta patch but still not enough on the level we generally expect in particular cases of Central Attacking Passing and The Forwards lack of movement as well forcing the greater wide play preferences. For me the question is "Is FM 20 good enough for fun to maintain a long term save" i can say No (so far given we don't know how much the new updates might change the ME).
  46. Para la Liga Profesional Boliviana (Primera División) para el 2020, Sport Boys esta descendido por suspensión de 4 años, y no podrá jugar. En su lugar estan Real Santa Cruz y Vinto Palmaflor
  47. Hello everybody, just wanted to write some thoughts of the current version of FM20. Please add some others things that are annoying for you guys ! We all want to have a better game ! Attack: - One-on-one are still unrealistic (lot of fails, unrealistic plays etc.) - more noticeable changes in silly behavior when you change the player role (Advanced forward always offside, etc.) - Offense headers wins nearly all the fights and they always fail, sending the ball to the moon ! And just to say, they are AWFUL: the ball physique and behavior on headers is horrible... Crosse
  48. A couple of more general issues: 1) lack of "static dribbling" - you never see a player, from a starting position face to face with a defender, make space by dropping their shoulder and sending the defender the wrong way. But in real life that's extremely common and players probably use their on-ball skills as often from a starting position as they do while running. This contributes to a lack of creativity and space-making in the attacking phase of the game.. 2) players tend to pass only within 90 degrees of the direction they're facing or running, unless it's a back heel. But
  49. FM17 if you haven't played. Imo it has the best 3d ME and the graphics and overall lighting looks much better than latter FMs and also the overall gameplay, yes it doesn't have some eluding features like training sessions and club dynamics but for me its better ME covers that up
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