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  1. This is what is terribly wrong with the ME, ever since FM 19. Look how the blue team is defending. Who in the world defends like that, completely ignoring the wider players? And really no need to add one more pkm at the moment, because these are not anomalies, this is not a bug. SI needs to make a fundamental change to the defensive side, and that change is 1 whole year late by now and counting.
  2. Then this is just plain ridiculous. So what you are saying for example is changing an IF to sup from attack, now means your AF doesn't miss a barn down from 2 yards continuously, and you wont concede a 35 yard free kick. In fact this isn't a football management game, but a puzzle game all about finding the combinations that go together. Doesn't that then mean all your you are doing is breaking the match engine with these combinations, in the same way a Diablo tactic, or a throw in set up did in FM19?
  3. I am winning, but I'm not fine. I'd rather lose a lot more because the AI is just better or because my tactical plan isn't good enough than winning because the AI is either spectacularly incompetent (and I can build up a top team by brute force) or because I'm playing the specific iteration's "Overpowered Tactics". Or, like last year, becuase I've stumbled across an exploit in a very basic formation. FM20 is IMO among the WORST ME ever. Some tactics simply don't work the way they should, if at all. AT DEFAULT SETTINGS! (so it's a problem the AI faces too, and you can't just chalk it
  4. 2nd worst for me, narrow improvement on FM19 but both suffer enormously from a lack of central creativity/movement and the joyless uber-caution of the AI.
  5. - Probs wouldn't word it quite to condescending as to suggest that everyone's problem is that they're playing the game wrong - I've done exactly what you said, and it still boils down to what works within this version of the game, and not what should work based on real life, watching and reacting to the ME, and experience of previous games in the same series - If you're taking over a big football club, you're expected to hit the ground running. You don't go into Liverpool and play a basic 4-4-2, hope for the best then gradually tweak over the course of two seasons.
  6. I don't know if I think it is the worst ever, but I have never had so difficult to get my players to do what I want in any previous game. "Short passing, guys!" "Long balls you say? You got it, Boss!"
  7. Defo agree with this... I've been playing this since CM 1.... The last few years have all been utter frustration until Jan/Feb when they finally sort out the ME.... What I don't understand is that each year is just a database update and something stuck on, like different training or a development option blah blah... So why does the match engine go back to zero...? If you have FINALLY sorted out a decent ME.... why bugger it all up EVERY YEAR and take 4 months after release to sort it out? I haven't completed a 'proper save'... 4 seasons or more, because every time I get going there's another p
  8. Then how about not merging the threads in the first place? There was some perfectly decent discussion going on in that thread and it has been merged with this, for god knows what reason, and now we are not allowed to discuss it further. These forums are in danger of becoming a dictatorship and just censoring things that certain people don't want to see. I'm out.
  9. The competition question is pretty well quashed by Rockstar, who are utterly peerless and continue to be world-beaters on two fronts - GTA and Red Dead - with nothing even remotely worthy of being called competition. Having said that, something is not right with FM and hasn't been for a number of years, and part of it seems to be a loss of perspective on when a change is actually a genuine improvement - especially with regards to UX and ME. That's generally a company culture thing (testers too close to devs, managers railroading things to meet deadlines, suppression of dissenting voices,
  10. Sorry but that is absolute bs. If the match engine can only show you that your tactics are off by having world class strikers miss one on ones then the game is truly lost. I dont believe that they are missing to tell you something is wrong.
  11. For something to be fixed it needs to be broken. The ME is not broken. Wonky. But not unplayable. Simply do not understand the hyperbole of “broken”. It’s what FM has always been. Striving for perfection and having issues. Just hope all the moaning doesn’t result in a non organic snooze fest of a ME.
  12. Possession Is it me or does possession seem random in the Public Beta ME despite quality of player and a playing style that puts emphasis on possession? My team plays more passes than the opposition yet has less possession. Very disappointing and takes away the realism if this is working as intended. FM 20 Public Beta Match Engine I feel that in the current Public Beta ME the game is slowly moving to where it should be. However, this current beta version is where the game should have been when released almost 3 months ago. There are some postives but also some negatives.
  13. Aggressive attacking pressing tactics are far too powerful now. Sitting back and hitting teams on the counter just doesn't work like it used to.
  14. Hahahahaha what? I've read this 3 times to actually believe you just typed this.
  15. Well, since this year i dont have enough time to create my own personnal skin and i really think that your work with this one is just awesome, i decided to edit some panels to fit more into my taste of a tealess version. And since you said ure kind of open for ideas i will leave some samples here. The idea was to focus more on some important player information that i always look first.
  16. As I said a few posts back I haven't touched the game now for about 2 weeks. When the beta dropped I tried it for nearly half a season before I came to the conclusion that it was as bad in it's own way as the retail ME. Before the beta dropped I hadn't played the game in over a month due to the ME. I seriously doubt I will play the game again, which I hate, but there you go. When you say @Welshace that the AI is doing it so the user should as well I agree with you, we should. However, I would love to see anyone who has had any remote success with a counter or defensive tactic in FM20. It
  17. So here's a goal I just conceded You might think, wow. That left winger for them must be good. High off the ball, first touch, long shots, finishing, technique. It's their centre half. (why they put the centre half at LW i don't know) WELL i thought i didnt. Until he scored this. So yeah, best inside forward in the game below guys.
  18. I am basically playing (I should say trying to play) two games these days. One is our beloved FM, and the other is Rimworld (I am sure a lot of you know the game, but I have only recently discovered it - my life doesn't allow me to follow the gaming world closely any more). Just noticed that I have an interesting experience with these two, and I wanted to share. Whenever I have some free time, my first choice, my desire, is to play FM. So I start FM, browse around a little bit within my roster, to see who has been doing good, young players developing, etc. Then I check out my next match,
  19. Is this the worst ever Match Engine? I would say "Top 3" in my book!!!
  20. That has been done to death already (just look in the feedback thread). If SI aren't aware of the issues in the ME by now considering that there has been constant daily reminders for months now then I don't know what to say. Keep repeating the same things over and over isn't going to make any difference. Yes, ultimately improving the ME and addressing bugs is what we all want to see but what's the point in playing it in its current state which he states he's not happy with and then complaining about it, it's a waste of time in my view. Just don't play it until your happy with it and if
  21. If I could rank my wishes for an upcoming patch, I think I would put "display how the foul was committed before displaying the actual free kick" as number 1. It's extremely annoying to randomly see free kicks that lead to chances without any context at all. Who is committing these fouls? Why? I can't even see the basic information I need to maybe change something.
  22. For starters, becuase I've PAID MONEY for it and I'm trying to get as much value/fun out of it as I can. Unfortunately, when a supposedly fun game makes you wanna punch the monitor and throw it out of the window, it's not a good sign. Then because despite the godawful and inconsistent ME, the rest of the game is actually fun and feels more organic than ever. And it makes the ME ****show even more frustrating and annoying...
  23. Is this the worst No. i believe FM 19 is worst of my FM game time. FM 20 improved on the beta patch but still not enough on the level we generally expect in particular cases of Central Attacking Passing and The Forwards lack of movement as well forcing the greater wide play preferences. For me the question is "Is FM 20 good enough for fun to maintain a long term save" i can say No (so far given we don't know how much the new updates might change the ME).
  24. It's condescending to assume they haven't worked on their tactics in the right way in defence of multiple people over multiple threads saying that there's a noticeable issue with the ME and how it interacts with tactics that make sense to them, that would have made sense in previous versions of the game, and make sense based on how those players play in real life. Might as well just respond to 100% of threads with ME feedback with "It's your tactics"
  25. This is fundamentally wrong: 1) KDB plays as one for City (So does Keita for Liverpool), but they actually use the wide player the Mezzala and to overload the space, see the positioning that KDB takes up. Its what allows them to have basically 5 attackers, still supported by a "midfield" of 3 2) It's actually no guarantee they leave open, if you're taking care of the ball, winning it back in the right areas, or committing fouls high up the pitch (see both Liverpool and City 3) Two inside fowards? Yes, also see City, and plenty of other teams in Europe 4) Shorter passing ha
  26. Before I start I would like to say that I get no enjoyment from slating the game, I have played this series for over 25 years and had many great times. I also accept that it may be my tactics but that is where the main issue stems from. With FM 20 I have broke records for most points, wins, clean sheets, unbeaten games etc etc but with this patch I am totally confused. we have a help system that causes more confusion, ie we need to play shorter passing - 15 minutes later - we need to play more long balls. ‘X’ player is getting too many chances if we do not close him down he will put
  27. Pedantic comment alert: A whale is not a fish. Thanks, I'll get my coat.
  28. I've been patient for the two and a half months it's been since the game was released as a supposedly finished product. I've been patient while all the bug threads I've started have still not been fixed. I've been patient as I have no other choice but I still do not think this whole process is good enough. As this is the feedback thread, I feel it's the most appropriate place to put my feelings across. I'll leave it there.
  29. Squads been signed. Everyone want a massive update with the major players etc; we're building around?
  30. To clarify, we stated previously there are no current plans to update the public beta. Like anything this can potentially change. We've not made an announcement regarding our future update plans. When there's more info or a release available we'll make that clear on here.
  31. What about SI's brand ? Shouldn't that matter? What..they release a product...buy it... but is not top quality...don't buy it ?
  32. Maybe because they want to point out it is worst ever (this is not my opinion entirely but i somehow agree that is worst) ?
  33. I think if we are supposed to play a certain way to achieve success then the game should provide the correct tools. For example.... it is widely regarded that the in match advice is wrong. Whether people use it or not is not the issue, the issue is the tools they are trying to give you is wrong. Player roles, what is the point of the traffic light system if it means nothing. As I showed a player who is ineffective had a good game. The traffic light system shows Will Grigg’s best position is a Poacher but I have never been able to get him to be successful as a poacher yet. So it it better to ig
  34. But the problem so many are having, is world class forwards playing for you miss sitters regularly, and then the opposition hits you with a 35yard wonder freekick. That happens far to often. A couple of times a season yes, but regular in defeats, no. Whether that is an issue between how the match engine represents the result, it is the reason people are struggling. They are being shown that they are building tactics that the match engine is showing are successful for creating clear cut chances, and is defensively sound bar for the wonder free kicks. Telling people to slightly c
  35. I paid my money as well, doesn't mean that I'm guaranteed to enjoy the product and that SI somehow owe me something. Neither does it mean that it has to live up to all of my expectations. If a game is getting you like that then I think you really should take a break. Unless of course you're just saying that for dramatic effect.
  36. And I'd suggest the posts I was quoting weren't worded in that way and instead only focused on the user input as the likely main cause. "It could be your tactics" vs "It is your tactics" are two very different responses.
  37. Then there are others like me who think there are issues with the ME while also holding the view that user input can be a cause of why certain things happen in the ME, the two are not incompatible.
  38. Because they don't transplant the old ME from fm19 into fm20? A new game bring about a lot of fundamental changes and improvements under the hood so essentially you ARE back at square one to balancing the new ME, each has it's own quirks and issues to balance it and it will take time.. It's like asking why with each version of windows why is there still a load of updates to download instead of it just being the same as last year with a few tweaks..
  39. Nowhere near the worst, even at this stage before its final form. Anyone who thinks it is definitely hasn't gone through all of the previous iterations, some of which were literally unplayable, and some of which were completely broken and anti-fun. I'm fine as long as I'm winning, and I am. I only have a few minor gripes with the current ME, although it's definitely not the best in recent years.
  40. thanks for that...thats really what you see trend wise within FM match engine...play is unfortunately directed towards the wings from the centre or from the outside along the wings and rarely good play otherwise. Of course it's difficult to go through the middle in the real world but that key passes tab essentially highlights the deficiencies of the engine as the simulation of good pass decision making and complementary movement isn't done to allow consistent attempts to play a certain way and that way is with proper creativity guile and vision and good pass selection to enable quality and eve
  41. He also has an Attacking mentality as a base, so even with the shorter/slower instructions he is still playing relatively fast and direct, simply due to how high those settings inherently are with his mentality.
  42. This guy is now the best regen I've developed so far in fm20. Ability is currently 190:
  43. No, it isn't. Just because teams dominate certain statistics doesn't mean they should win. You can hog possession as much as you like and pepper your opponent with dozens of shots, but the only statistic that ultimately matters is the final score. Take the last two Manchester derbies at the Etihad. In December, City had 72% possession and 23 shots to United's 11. And just last night in the EFL Cup, City had 13 shots (4 on target) compared to just 6 (2) for United. Which team won both those games? United. In fact, results that belie the statistics happen several times every week - at
  44. This thread is a good example of the misconceptions of attributes in FM, even with clear really world examples Ultimately you can't draw a definition from one example, no matter how annoyed the OP might be about conceding a goal.
  45. It can happen. If its happening all the time, that's a different story. But as a one off, it doesn't mean anything. Certainly not even close to making your title accurate. That defender would make a decent centre mid, and hes no slouch
  46. Just off the top of my head, Hermenegildo González was a Galician count in the 10th century Kingdom of León, tenente in Deza, and the ancestor of one of the most relevant Galaico-Portuguese lineages of the Early Middle Ages. I could be wrong though. Coincidentally it's the name I've got lined up for my first son, if I ever have one.
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