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  1. Spare yourself the frustration and wait for FM21. And don't pre-order.
  2. You're just trying to justify a totally broken match engine. Pretty sad. SI have accepted theres major issues but you think it's just down to tactics and people just dont know what they're doing.
  3. As a Palace fan, we look for the following: High injury proneness; A head shaped like a 50p to add that real magic and intrigue every time they go to head the ball, so you really never know where it's going to go; A player trait of 'Attempts to shoot at goal and puts the ball out for a throw in'; Ridiculously high wages; Finally, scouting reports that have the following recommendation - Currently operating at a League Two level. Has the potential to break the record for the longest period without scoring a goal.
  4. I have gone back to FM17 today as I have seen a few people mention in this thread how superior the match engine is to FM20 and wanted to see for myself. It is actually crazy how much better FM17 is, there is so much more variety in goals scored as well as central play. It is actually fun to watch!
  5. The beta is broken, my Loan Manager keeps accepting loan bids for u19 players, but I am in charge of loans.
  6. This nails my feeling toward the game. It's not so much ME errors or flaws, but how disconnected it feels to tactics or attributes. I want to review the game and witness my slow fullback getting continually burnt by a pacey winger, then adapting by dropping deeper. Subbing in a bigger CB to deal with an aerial threat. Utilising an older playmaker to make the most of the space in midfield, but at the cost of more defensive exposure. These are the decisions I want to have to make, but at the moment I genuinely cannot distinguish neither teams or players. It's a game of attrition wher
  7. Well, there is next to zero central play and through balls, that to me is a broken element of the ME
  8. All defenders clustered together in a lump leaving me free to score. 51.40 Tottenham v Newcastle.pkm
  9. So played the open beta for. Week or so. seems like over the top balls thankfully have been needed but it seems that along with that there is no central play anymore and getting players to play ambitious passes in the middle is nigh on impossible. literally 50% of goals are long shots, I know when a replay goes to someone in space on the edge of box i know that it’s either a goal or really close which is ridiculous wingers/wide players with high physicals and dribbling still go on god like runs multiple times a match but after taking on 5 players they mess
  10. Seen it posted in bugs already but I've seen a dramatic increase in goals conceded from set pieces on the Beta ME.
  11. You have two playmakers in midfield dropping to collect the ball. Are your defenders unable to get the ball to them because of there ball skills or the midfielders unable to get open? If the playmakers get the ball are they unable to turn and play forward or have no options? If the right side is used to transition then your left will likely be very deep and unable to catch up with the winger and forwards. The LB wont give width until later so might lack space inside for the AMs runs. If just promoted I'd be worried having 2 of 4 midfielders as playmakers as I'd expect them to be be
  12. It allows my team to play the way I want, but then I'm getting stuffed with 1v1's. This is at least to me better than the previous ME where I felt like the team wasn't even playing to my tactics.
  13. Ah man the "overly wonderkid newgens amount' is something that had a serious debate on this thread before. For me, the amount of players that spawn at 150+ PA is so high that you can just load your U23s and U18s with them for CHEAP and makes the game far too easy at times. In my current save, its all forwards and AMCs and a lack of LB/RBs
  14. After the 2034 release of the critically-acclaimed "Two Men, One Cup: A Football Love Story," Ed Woodward's post-Manchester United career as a children's television producer has only gone from strength to strength:
  15. I have a player complaining about not enough quickness training during the season, but now during pre-season he is complaining about to much quickness training. I don't get how the same player can complain about too much and too little at the same time. The training system isn't detailed enough for this kind of idiotic player reaction, it's hard enough just dealing with training demands, now I have to find some small window, with ZERO data to help me create a training schedule that is enough but not to much.
  16. I've read through the last 10 pages or so of this thread and agree with the criticisms aimed at FM20 regarding the ME. However, one reoccurring praise I've noticed in this thread is that of the ME of FM17. Maybe I'm being a little naive here, but for the sake of the immediate future of the game can't SI just rerelease the ME of FM17 with certain tweaks to make it compatible with FM20? On a positive note I'm enjoying most of the non ME changes and new features for this current edition of the game. Asides from added board interference which just doesn't make sense at times; such as rejecti
  17. I recall a story about Bill Shankly, the legendary Scottish manager of Liverpool in the 60s and 70s. He was taking a training session and had spent some time coaching the defenders and midfielders giving them instructions. He was asked by a young forward when the strikers were going get their coaching and he replied "start by putting the ball in the net, laddie and we will talk about the details later" Sums it up really.
  18. A poor show from Hibs and Aberdeen who go out to Lech Poznan and Red Star Belgrade respectively. We of course made the Semi Final of the Europa League, with Celtic winning the thing, as Rangers make the Last 16 of the Champions League. Incredible scenes as we actually overtake France to get 6th. It doesn't change too much for us this season, more just helps the sides in the Europa League, but look at that trajectory, if we keep it up we could overtake Portugal and take 4th position, which would guarantee us 4 spots in the Champions League each season, huge for us
  19. Having finally had some time to play the Beta, I have to say it is just a step sideways. There is almost no play through the centre of the field, so if you can defend the wide areas well and keep long shots down or hurried, clean sheets are easy to come by. It seems most goals are coming from set pieces. I am not one to be overtly negative over these things (as many will know), but there is something seriously off with this game. It is certainly playable. There is nothing overtly broken, no bugs that are game breaking. It is simply just not fun to play the game right now. The biggest issu
  20. We should all appreciate the work SI do, and don't doubt that individuals (that includes SI staff, and mods/staff on the forum too) have a real passion for the game and are putting many many hours into it to try and make it better each year and remedy any problems. And we should never lose sight that the game is quite unique, being built up over the years and so far ahead of any competition because of the sheer scale of making a realistic football management sim. And I'd say despite the complaints, most FM'ers on the forums are supportive and tolerant. They do understand that it's a work
  21. I'm going to leave my one post of feedback and leave as I don't think it needs much more than that. These are my opinions. I've been playing the game for many years like many others and have bought every iteration since CM3. After 220 hours with FM2020 this is my opinion: Unfortunately Football Manager 2020 is one of my least enjoyed games in the series for many years. The way FM plays means there is a fine line between a chore and a game, this feels like a chore to play. I've never really been into a lot of the fluff added to the game and things like media conferences, shouts, tunne
  22. You can get 14yo's through the youth intake in Germany.
  23. Pre Season Competitions V1 I had originaly made this for personal use but thought others may be interested, the pack contains 6 real life pre season competitions along with metalic logos and trophy pictures. to install just extract folders to your Football Manager 2020 folder. Download Audi Cup Host: Bayern Munich Eligible teams: Argentine Primera División, Brasileiro Série A, English Premier League, Italian Serie A, Spanish Liga Santander & Turkish Super Lig Format: Cup (4 teams) Dates: 29th - 31st July Frequency: Every 2 years Prize Money: £500,000 Participation
  24. Jakub Słota's Management Career - Season Review - 2025/26 - Unia Janikowo PKO BP Ekstraklasa (championship group) - PKO BP Ekstraklasa (relegation group) Results (Jul-Dec) - Results (Feb-May) Competition Performance: 9th That was a season of two halves... well, more or less. We were your typical relegation candidates, occasionally grabbing points here and there but generally being constantly reminded that this level is the land of the big boys. Everything turned around after the winter break though and we
  25. Apologies, he didn’t say it wouldn’t work, he said he prefers a Mezzala with an IF and a IW with a B2B. it is in his book of roles thread, I’ve just reread it.
  26. He's worth it, but when I was in the National League, my whole clubs weekly wage budget wasn't much above £7k p/w let alone spending it on one player!
  27. Thanks @Totalfootballfan I use Raptor V4 to 7th level in Italy to 5th level without match lost
  28. No, but here some were made for 2D: https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/44467/balls-3d-for-fm-19?page=2
  29. It always works. Every single time. Sometimes you don't get any offers at all because it might put clubs off. But the offers that do come don't ask for a wage contribution. Sure, subsequent offers may include requests to supplement the wage, but that's because they're separate bids.
  30. The 352 on the OM is working a storm for me. Darlington back to back to back to back promotions, from Vanarama North to Championship. Winning each league, including going unbeaten in League 2. Am now sat comfortably in the playoffs of the Championship in my first season, with the lowest wage budget, half the team worth less than 500k and a 5000 seat stadium. Had a little luck along the way - picking up a Championship ready 19 year old striker for £30k from my feeder team made a real difference to L1 - 30 odd goals. Selling a midfielder for £7 million odd has kept us nicely in t
  31. I really like this idea. I recently posted suggesting the exact opposite, ie automatically including previous databases in each new game. The amount of work it must take to rate every single attribute of every player of teams across the World is phenomenal, it seems crazy to just throw all that out for next years game and start again. But it would be great to have it backwards compatible also as you suggest, because my desktop can only run FM17 and earlier, so having the 18/19/20 databases would be a great addition.
  32. I hadn't noticed the over reliance of set-pieces for goals but I did find it odd beating a team 6-0 with Niklas Sule scoring 4 of them
  33. Any news on an update for the ME before the March patch? Would be nice to have an update, the ME is broken. Thank you and hope to get an official reply.
  34. shame the long term aspect of the game seems to be broken. ive seen videos online where they create players with great pot and mental stats and determination and the players dont develop at all. and yet the game still has them playing for england while they have rubbish stats which makes no sense. ive got players onloan and they just dont develop at all. players at other clubs dont develop at all. with the game selling the long term aspect of the game as the main thing this year surely they should have made sure the long term side worked first ??
  35. The name of this skin is FMnation skin.
  36. Subjective, but I'd say generally better however not significantly enough to enjoy if you didn't like the previous build.
  37. Agreed! I loaned in Christie in a short Derby save and he was good. Southampton's Callum Slattery is a decent loan signing in midfield. I signed Matty Longstaff in a recent save (Brentford maybe?) and he was bang average all season. I'll have a think about goalkeepers. Good to have you with us.
  38. South Shields Season Summary 2023-2024 Another season, another playoff loss. This time already in the first round against Aldershot. We lost 1-2, but it could have been more. No complaints really, they are a better team than us and when we have to face them away in the playoff its a tough task. We played overall okey this season, but our striker Jason Gilchrist scored 20 goals, and even though thats pretty good he had 30 the year before. Hopefully he can find his goal scoring machine form again next season. Defensively we are getting better and better with Patterson and Ireland
  39. Hello administrators of SI I really really like Football Manager and i am grateful of things you doing to fix and build this game. I score and concede too much goals from long balls,it doesnt matter abaut instructions,i turn on "work ball into box" too be patient but it doesnt work,70% goals are from long balls,can you please fix that (sorry for my english)
  40. The Greatest Glory In Living Lies Not In Never Falling, But In Rising Every Time We Fall FK Partizan / Ivory Coast - Season Review 2035/36 Four days later, and I'm still angry. But wallowing in anger and regret would be the biggest mistake we could make right now. A wise man once told me that it is easy to believe in something when you win all the time...the losses are what define a man's faith. We go again, lads. Sure, I'm still frustrated at the loss. But the reality is that this year demonstrated how close Partizan are to cracking the Champions League. Sevi
  41. Why is it that whenever someone on this forum raises their concerns someone pipes up to question the validity of their claims?? This is a feedback thread, and I said I'm unhappy about the amount of set piece goals. Whilst I might not have voiced my concerns in a way that you feel isn't sufficient enough, It's still feedback. Why do I need to add more for SI, and why does it matter how many games I've played or what highlights package I use? So you know, I've now played almost a full season since the beta was released, and every one of the issues I mentioned still stand. Set piece go
  42. @McClane29 that's because, as I said, I edited in the latest version so the picture/info part is taken from the club overview. It uses the rensie club overview stadium panel to show the picture and the info in this page and also in the club overview panel. if you will copy the stadium overview panel to panels/club, you also need to copy rensie/rensie club overview stadium panel. You can also rename to just club overview stadium panel but don't forget to rename it also in the XML files. It's edited by rensie club overview stadium panel, it's the same panel I use for the stadium pic
  43. Dalian Yifang FC 2024 Manager Profile: Crowy 2024 Key Players: Ye Enjia ~ Oscar ~ Liu Zhenlong ~ Jin Changjun ~ Geoffrey Kondogbia Squad: Overview ~ Match Stats Chinese Super League Board Expectation: Qualify for AFC Champions League | Won the League! League Table Results One ~ Results Two So after a flying start to the season, we won the league at a canter. However it did have its challenges along the way, Beijing Guoan kept up with us the whole way, it was only towards the last 3 games or so that their wheels fell off and it made the league
  44. My first chance playing tonight since the beta was released. So far all I'm seeing is goals from wide set pieces, or from defenders heading the ball straight to a striker in the box. Literally have no hope that this match engine will ever be anything but one to look back on in horror.
  45. I am managing Bolton right now I am in my third season in premiership I avoided relegation then promoted then reached playoffs (lost) then promoted What I did is Loans... I had 6 loans in my first team Butcher everything who demands money . Release youths that are not needed etc Save every bit of cash I think I got Nmecha (City player) that I bought even now. I loaned him 3 years in a row . Schaef was another one very good DMC. I got Liam Miller from Liverpool he was top scorer twice in Championship for me. Traore from Atalanta (amazing rm for championship).
  46. Newgens & Youth Intake Youth Recruitment The Club’s recruiting of Juniors, those of home and foreign origin. Youth Facilities The training facilities available for Juniors (only). Does NOT apply to visible players already at the club. All visible players currently at the club use Training Facilities regardless of age. Junior Coaching The quality and quantity of Junior Coaches at the Club. Nation Youth Rating The potential maximum quality and quantity of Juniors produced in that Nation. Game Importance How important football is considered to be in that Nat
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