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  1. I'm going to leave my one post of feedback and leave as I don't think it needs much more than that. These are my opinions. I've been playing the game for many years like many others and have bought every iteration since CM3. After 220 hours with FM2020 this is my opinion: Unfortunately Football Manager 2020 is one of my least enjoyed games in the series for many years. The way FM plays means there is a fine line between a chore and a game, this feels like a chore to play. I've never really been into a lot of the fluff added to the game and things like media conferences, shouts, tunne
  2. Just to restate what @JordanMillward_1 posted above: The Mod Team have absolutely no issues with post in which the game is criticised and with suggestions as to how it can be improved. What we will no longer tolerate is unacceptable language and nasty personal comments and insults addressed to the SI staff under any circumstances. We have tried to be lenient due to user frustration, but that period has now expired. Please note therefore that any further examples of this kind of behaviour will be dealt with severely and will end up with users being banned from posting Criti
  3. We should all appreciate the work SI do, and don't doubt that individuals (that includes SI staff, and mods/staff on the forum too) have a real passion for the game and are putting many many hours into it to try and make it better each year and remedy any problems. And we should never lose sight that the game is quite unique, being built up over the years and so far ahead of any competition because of the sheer scale of making a realistic football management sim. And I'd say despite the complaints, most FM'ers on the forums are supportive and tolerant. They do understand that it's a work
  4. Football isn't random, it just has a lot of unpredictable elements that can affect the course of a game. Analysed moment by moment from kick-off to final whistle everything that happens is deterministic, it's just that there are so many elements in play you cannot make those determinations. Such a complex system of interactions is not something that can be fully modelled, so randomness is used in the code to allow those variables to be represented - so probabilities of a shot being hit at the right angle, whereas in real life it is down to the way the player connected with the ball.
  5. Personally waiting for the full patch release before making a decision to buy. I'm really hopeful though that the major issues will be fixed. In my opinion, and I'm not saying that's the case, a match engine should allow success with a variety of styles (assuming players fit, instructions are correct and general team management is good). So theoretically given certain conditions, in the ME you should be able to succeed with a vast variety of approaches. The degree to which you find success with them depends on the before mentioned factors. Each tactical style also comes with some weakness
  6. The Beta has made some difference but not enough for me. Too little, too late; as far as I am concerned, this year's version is a flaming pile of poo. Sticking with FM17, not buying next year's version - without being too melodramatic, I have had enough of it for the time being. I'll wait for March and read the feedback threads in future. I sincerely feel that I have wasted my money buying this version. All the pretty little UI tweaks and development centre updates mean absolutely nothing if the ME is an awful experience. It is completely sucking all enjoyment out of the game for me. Without a
  7. Having an absolute blast playing FM17 with the Premier League database of FM19. Best decision I ever made.
  8. How do I go about getting a refund for this, bought through steam? I have been playing FM for years, I have built a good team but I am being cheated by, despite installing the beta update... Constant 1 in 1s missed Last 7 penalties missed, by a good penalty taker (yet last 4 I have conceded have been scored, funnily enough) Team instructions being ignored This game is absolutely broken and it is robbing us How do you get a refund?
  9. In my opinion, part of the frustration specially for the old timers is that we get different messages about the ME development cycle that are contradictory. - In one hand, we are told after the March patch, that there won't be more patches as the ME team needs to work on next year ME, like if we were going to get a redesigned one. - On the other hand, a year/version later, we get basically an evolution of the last year ME, with some improvements, but with several of the same bugs/issues from past year, that looks more a patched version than a new one. So if the team is not worki
  10. My first chance playing tonight since the beta was released. So far all I'm seeing is goals from wide set pieces, or from defenders heading the ball straight to a striker in the box. Literally have no hope that this match engine will ever be anything but one to look back on in horror.
  11. Jakub Słota's Management Career - February 2026 - Unia Janikowo PKO BP Ekstraklasa Boom! The winter break seems to have done wonders as we grab a massive 10 points from 4 games, winning three in a row in the process. We're now eight points ahead of the bottom three, which is great. Oh boy, that feels good!
  12. No, you are wrong The game is broken and it IS cheating us out of money and the enjoyment of the game
  13. After playing one season with the beta the ME feels a little better but... The amount of 1v1's you get per game is sooooo frustrating it's insane. I signed Mbappe and EVERY (key) highlight he's dribbling past everyone from midfield and shooting straight at the goalkeeper. It's just so painful to watch. I don't care about losing or not scoring, just seeing so many 1v1's being missed per game makes me remember how this is a video game not even close to a realistic representation of real life football in terms of the ME. Staying up all night making your tactic and signing players is truely
  14. Unfortuantely devs don't seem to perceive it as a problem, evethough it was discussed a lot in fm19 and was identified as major thing contributing to poor attacking play and channeling to the flanks. Do teams defend narrow irl? Do they defend like this? To illustrate issue a little:
  15. I like to see in FM21 that having a good relationship with a football agent gets more important. How better the relationship (giving them more comission, buy many players who he is representing ) how more likely one of his players is chosing for you club. Good example: De ligt choose Juventus over Barcelona because of Raiola. Other example: one Balkan football agent has very good connections with FIorentina, (agent called Fali Ramadani), that's why many good balkan talents were/are at Fiorentina. In my opinion, give more dynamic to football agents make FM21 more realistic.
  16. Just a few suggestions for the editor and game Allow us to set the youth intake date for a nation. Have a confirmation dialog for the Nation and League randomize kits option Allow for setting the Club Vision 'sign nationality' be able to work as a club policy similar to Chivas and Bilbao.
  17. Woah. I was really happy when we drew against them in Warsaw, but this... this is just something else. One of my very best results on any FM, ever. They were on great form as well, four wins and one draw in their previous five games. And we handed their ass to them on a silver plate. At our place, where there are blocks of flats on the other side of the street and some lucky people can watch our games from their balconies. With two goals from our own academy products, 18-year-old centre backs, one of them born in Janikowo. **** me, that's amazing.
  18. Could we then hold another Brexit vote?
  19. XaW - Caersws - 2026/27 Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances This season marked a small improvement for us compared to the other teams. We are beginning to control matches more, and not fall together if we concede once, and it shows quite well in our goal difference compared to earlier years. Here's to hoping it's not a one off, but rather a sign of us finally being able to fight for the top spot soon. For the most part we have stopped losing big, and actually started to win big a few times. So in the end we had a decent finish, while Bangor City fell through and won once after
  20. Koninklijke Voetbal Klub Tienen-Hageland - 2034/35 Season - Belgian Pro League B I talked about the tale of two halves last season where we played well the first half and then collapsed in the 2nd half. This season was the complete opposite. finishing 6th in the first phase. Only 4 points from 7th and a possible relegation battle. But the 2nd phase rolls around and we start on a 6-1-0 roll, first place in the phase and we stayed there. Finished 9-2-3 and finished 1st, clear by 6 points. Combined with the 1st phase we ended up going 14-5-9 and 3rd place overall. But the promotion playoffs
  21. Don't want to clog the feedback thread, so I am putting this out here. Many of us really don't like it to be in the dark, especially those who raise threads for bugs, upload pkm's, etc. Check out what the Rimworld developers did for example. This is a good example of developers acknowledging issues and letting the customers know what is being worked on, instead of telling them to wait until... who knows when: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_rCdGYp3nbSUXFG4Ky96RZW1cJGt9g_6ANZZPOHyNsg/pub
  22. Last time I did this was with FC United last year and it produced one of my all time favourite FM players in Keyendrah Simmonds. Started for me the entire time and actually turned out to be a decent staff member afterwards as well.
  23. I'm currently on my fave FM save of all time. First season finished 1st in National League North, second season came 1st in National League. In my third season finished 5th in League Two after only getting into the playoffs after the 45th game. Had the momentum going into the Playoffs and went up. Fourth season, came 2nd in League One. I think prioritising the FA Cup above everything has done me wonders financially though. I've beaten PL teams such as Leeds, Saints, Man City in the Third Round over the years. The income has meant bigger wage budgets next season - I'd spent a grand tota
  24. Maybe some of the extra surprise men's entrants can jump in the women's pool where there are at least 2 dozen open spots \o/
  25. You can search by a players favoured club by going to the player search page, adding a condition and selecting General > Favoured Club / Personnel and free typing the name of the club. I do this all the time as I love to bring in these players. You can also search by their birthplace so you could get a team of Glaswegians if you wanted. It's a shame you can't search for players born within a certain radius of your ground or the city your club is based though, especially since all the longitude and latitude is in the editor so it seems doable. Would be great to recreate the Lisbon Lions
  26. The title say all , when the patch come out? Im bored to my best player and good penalty taker get 6.0 in the games because miss 1 , 2 penalties a game..... And yes i dont want the beta , want the final version. I play this game before it was FM and never see one so broken like this ... :(
  27. Gariunai In Europe 2036/2037 pt.3 After finishing second in the group stages of the Europa League we faced Molde in the first knockout round. The first game was amazing, and we won it 6-1! I was a bit too confident going in to the second game, and changed a lot of players. It was not a good idea, and we lost the game 0-3. But we were still through to the next round. There we faced Rennes. After two very close games, we were the team that won it all! Rennes might not be too happy with their strikers, as they had some golden opportunities to score more goals
  28. Unexpected for you, not unnatural nor unexpected for who can know it. (ex.) That illness comes because dictated by DNA, or interaction of the body with the environment. If you would know everything you would say that everything is predictable, since it's concatenated. Because of our limits and points of view we can't predict much or know much, still we have evolved so much that we are able to predict many things that in the past were completely dictated by 'randomness'. And randomness is different from chance. The most fancied teams don't always wins (because of specific deficienses, not
  29. Dulwich Hamlet 2022/23 End of Season Ken ****ing Cheadle. If I ever come across someone called Ken Cheadle in real life, I might punch them in the face. We were 1-0 up against St. Albans in the playoff semi-final and completely tearing them apart, when Cheadle decided to go for a two-footed lunge deep inside the opposition half. We held on for a long time, but conceded in the 86th minute and ended up losing on penalties. League Table We slipped down a little bit but ended up squeaking into the playoffs where we beat Salisbury 2-0 before St. Albans knocked us out. They end
  30. Not at all. Otherwise there would be no Juventus, no Barcelona, no Bayern Munich; otherwise there would not be solid financial investments to buy the best players around (that you have to repay with results). What you call randomness are organic deficienses (bad atmosphere, wrong decisions, wrong tactics choices, injuries, etc.). When Inter Milan lost lately against Barcelona in a match where it was playing better it was because Conte changed his formation and tactic and played rashly; it was because of his errors. Matches are changed because of the specifical qualities and deficienses of the
  31. Playing as Arsenal. Just played away to Chelsea, got a player sent off and twice came back from a goal down.... this game is so unrealistic
  32. That's where FM derailed, with the randomity. Old FM were more predictable, you would feel the inferiority or superiority of your team against the opposing one (like it is in reality), while now... That's the only big criticism I move towards the current game. Unfortunately it's the fundamental part of the game, the one that should make you enjoy it or not. Life isn't about randomness. Life is about order. Everything it's chained, everything it's predictable. You eat too much you become fat, you avoid to go potty you explode. You have the best playing team you win. And for the engli
  33. Yeah, I wish I could refund this as well. Biggest disappointment I have ever bought. For several years, I have thought that they will learn but they never will. They must have changed their developers after FM 17.
  34. How is it not broken if the match engine, the fundamental part of it is broken and doesnt follow my instructions? Or utilise the good players I have?
  35. The tent is big enough for Joe Rogan and white dirt bag bros, but anyone who is a millimeter to Bernie's right on medicare for all, student loan forgiveness, or any other big issue is the devil?
  36. Out of interest.. is there anywhere on the forum or in the general discussion forum where members can discuss generally about the current status of the game? possibly at length?
  37. There's respecting their hard work and then there's this. Yeah they work pretty hard like most passionate developers no doubt but why shouldnt fans keep pushing them to create better match engine ? Just because you respect them doesnt mean you dont criticize and point out the problems no matter how little or big. You dont just bend over and accept whatever they release unless its completely and literally unplayable. Thats not a good way to progress, not just in fm but in any field. Look at iphone, it's invention was so important for technology, it was revolutionary but once their fanbase becam
  38. Pre-Split Update Scottish Cup A solid run in the cup sees us reach the final, with Hibs awaiting us at Hampden Park. Europa League An incredible return to Arnhem for me. It was a capacity crowd at the Jean-Pierre Cathala Stadium which our old chairman named after himself all those years ago. It was an incredibly close game and it looked like we would have to settle for a draw and no away goal, but Jim McCart smashed home from 25 yards in the last minute of extra-time to give us an unbelievable late win.
  39. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Everything you said is common sense and "politically correct" from a company employee's perspective, so no hard feelings. Last year, with FM19 I have gone through a similar experience, almost identical. The lack of central play and a ME which was only chasing real life satistics, but with 0 consideration about how it should get to those "statistics" and in the end someone (might have been you, but I am not sure) came and said the exact same thing: " Reality of FM is that eventually our development team will have to stop working on FM20 and move on
  40. I don't understand the point of trying to match statistics. It kind of feels like limitations are being artificially introduced. Which would explain why we've got a legion of world class saves being performed daily in the ME.
  41. This thing of that defence in middle was rubbish was the reason for central play giving impression of realistic skill or decision making is nonsense. basically fm17 had decision making coded better. if you create a dodgy set up to give even more space through the middle in fm19 and fm20 that defence won't be exposed properly the way it was in fm17...essentially pass decision making and movement to expose that was vastly superior in fm17 to the last two years...any other suggestion is factually incorrect. in fm17 weakness was attacked and exposed with better fundamental passing and movement tha
  42. I think that is a too restrictive approach to the statistics, because, in real life, statistics are the consequence of playing football, not football being determined by statistics. I think w/d/l ratio is realistic and optimal as it should be, but on the other hand, because a compelete simulation is not really possible, and not an ultimate goal (and certainly won't be accomplished by just using statistics as then we would be able to predict the future), i feel the best way to go with the current system is then to at least do the same as with injuries, but in opposite direction, up the quota of
  43. 105 points will be enough to win the title! Wait...it won't
  44. 2028/29 End of Season Review A truly wonderful season, one of my best in fact, in terms of pure enjoyment at watching what I'd created unfold. We were, by far, the best team in the division - as noted by our goal difference and setting a new LaLiga123 points record. The final months saw us smash Alaves 8-1 and then proceed to throw some points away, maybe making the only blot on our season - our inability to hit 100 points, a target that I don't think I have ever reached in Football Manager. The absence of any B clubs really posing a challenge made the season more difficult for us -
  45. Not sure if it's a mistake or real life but you get to use 7 subs from the play off round on. Another strange thing is if you win your group you get a bye in the first knockout round
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