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  1. And therein likely lies the problem. I suspect many of the ME issues we face come from trying to get ‘the stats to match’, most significantly the average goals per game which seems to be the primary focus with everything working back from there. Sure, it would be great for the stats to match up to real life, but not at the expense of a neutered match engine. As an entertainment product I’d rather they produced an entertaining Match Engine first and foremost with the focus of matching real life statistics as a secondary issue. As the moment it seems to work the other way round, t
  2. I feel like I'm in an abusive relationship with this year's FM. I keep playing it until I get overly frustrated with the ME only to pick it back up within a day. I love everything about the game other than the actual matches - dynamics, training, development centre, club vision - it's all fantastic. I'm so invested in my save and my team, but this ME man..... Everything that needs to be said about the ME has already been said countless times by others. I really hope SI have been working on their next-gen ME because I strongly feel that the current one has had its day. For now, I'm uninstall
  3. For me the most annoying part about this whole issue is how SI handles things. Their basic response to ME critcism is "Yeah, we know it has issue, but it's difficult to do it right". I mean, duh, that's why we are paying you for it. Can you imagine paying full price for any other product and when you found fundamental fault in it, the producer response being "Yeah, we know, we'll try to fix, but it's difficult to make our product, so we don't know if we'll be able to" ? That's unacceptable. What's more, there are people speaking on behalf of the producer telling you that they know the product
  4. I’d have to disagree here; ‘We don't feel the match engine is broken, unplayable or needs 'fixing'. We'd like to improve it and that's what we're working on.’ Statement from Neil Brock/SI. My issue with this is that clearly, certain aspects of the ME do need fixing. I don’t see how changing the behaviour of CB’s so that there isn’t a 20-yard gap between them can be seen as an ‘improvement.’ Likewise, the abundance of long balls, and poor 1v1 conversions as a result, cannot be seen as improvements to the ME. These are issues which should have been eradicated before the Beta was eve
  5. Why is it impossible to give as a week when the patch is coming? I've bought the game full prize, just after the announcement, it's half january and still can't play FM. This is really the last time that I bought the game at full prize. And something like the code is complex, etc... Off course the ME is not broken but for the customers (the people who's paying your sandwich) it's unplayable. We like FM and we just want to play. Every year until the 3th patch there are so many issue with the ME. Test better! I can not believe that your tester didn't see this bugs??? Never go
  6. Went back to FM17 yesterday, and there's no doubt that the match engine is vastly, vastly superior, BUT... I've heard people say that not enough changes year by year, or the features added are trivial or what have you, but personally, I find it hard to continue with 17 because the immersion is so much more advanced in FM20: training, staff roles, youth development, etc. So I have to give credit to SI in that regard, although I entirely agree with all the ME critiques (albeit my feeling is one of bemusement rather than "anger"). If Football Manager was a Director of Football simulator, it would
  7. Tell me about it, when I go to the park at the weekend and all the kids are there raising livestock and digging up the football pitches to plant crops I get furious! Then I come home and turn on Sky Sports and all there is to watch is the Farming League highlights, so I drive to the shops but I get stuck in traffic from all the fans going to the stadium to watch the combine harvesters! Mad of me to think football simulation could ever sell as many games as this
  8. I hard agree. I felt the same about last year's edition, too. I was just playing a match with Very Short Passing on a Positive mentality, which is hardly the most aggressive combination, and kept seeing my CBs play long passes (despite having Take Fewer Risks ticked), my midfielders attempt balls over the top, and IFs attempting to switch the ball to one another. It's discouraging because it renders this style of play very difficult to implement without putting some hard limits on what the players can do, which has knock-on effects else where and potentially kills chance creation. It espe
  9. I can't hear anymore how difficult it is. Yes it is difficult but SI is a professional enterprise. It's their job to do that. The customers bought a full prize game and got something bugged. We customers made our full performance, SI only partially.
  10. then how do you explain the dribble stats, tackles stats? it was unrealistic since beta, why dont they tried to fix it before releasing it, did they purposefully ignored it? or they could not fix it? but there are some stats are realistic tho, the match score, those 1v1 misses to keep the match score realistic
  11. Challenge (domestic) completed ! full update after my Europe conference league campaign is finished. great moment !
  12. But what if I enjoy the tactical side of the game? This is what I do: I check back every now and then to see if there is a patch...
  13. So due to real life stuff over the holiday period I'd not touched my Palermo save for over 2 weeks, loaded up the game last night and actually started a new save as I didn't feel the draw to return to Palermo, after a couple hours I got bored and fired up Palermo and straight away remembered why I was enjoying the save. Got some spare time now and I'm back. Can't escape this challenge
  14. Pretty much summed up a point I was going to make. 17 with it having a great ME generally speaking, had dribbles, tackling and interceptions at high rates and was "far from reality" but it gave us an entertaining show, the variety in goals, crosses, skills and dribbles was pretty class compared to the version now imo. Having too much emphasis on making it close to reality (which should be an aim but not at the expense of having the fun and enjoyment being less utilised than previously which seems to be the forums majority stat) is probably hindering some stuff were we'd expect real life
  15. yes and it led to insane amount of chances and insane amounts of tackles, in game defenders can average 10 tackles per game, but irl they barely hits 5 per game also these stats aren't that unrealistic in FM 19, yet SI refuses to acknowledge their mistakes on the ME and keep saying there are people who are enjoying the game, which means that's fine. If the game doesnt use "Upgraded Match Engine" and "Real football simulation" as selling point, I am okay with it, but it wont costs 30 Euro. For a game costs 30 EUR, I dont expect the game is only playable after
  16. @Tonao thanks for your work and for keeping on doing all for free. that's where the idea of a community comes from ... sadly we are losing editors these days who started to understand the concept a little bit different (in the past it was not this way) ... but it's you and the other file makers and all the over 1000+ researchers what make the game bigger and greater. everybody is doing it for free with a mindset fare away from the consumer society where people think there has to be a monetary price label for everything. thanks!
  17. "Off the pitch" stuff I cant really fault. It's weighty, it's comprehensive, it takes a lot of time, but I like the realism and control you have and proper ability to shape how you want your team to play. So far, so good.... But that's where the positives for me end I'm afraid, I cant enjoy the game due to what I see "on the pitch". In terms of the Match Engine, everything in terms of what plays out just feels rushed and forced to me and unrealistic. I don't want to be unkind, but seems like whoever works on it either is/was a fan of 80's style football and just rushing it forwa
  18. Finally finished my 10 seasons on comprehensive highlights: Lots I really like about FM20 on and off the pitch, few bits I don't like: The transfers negotiation screen, where you click to go into more detail with the arrow is so small compared to the space used, should really be completely clickable. Tiny thing that annoys me irrationally The False 9: plays way too high, and is on shoulder too much. Movement should be identical to the Shadow Striker in FM19, living very deep pocket and making surging runs and passes from there Final third camped play: Forwards/wide forwa
  19. Not every person who is unsatisfied with the game will visit these forums, in fact most will not. It doesn't mean those people aren't frustrated or think it's unsatisfactory either. It could be in the Steam top 1, it wouldn't make an iota of difference of how poor this game is in it's current state. The whole situation has to be looked contextually (in terms of this is a long-running franchise, not a standalone game), and this includes you saying 'individuals posting the same 2-3 issues'. I mean, it's the dedicated feedback thread. Are we just not supposed to post here now as people are report
  20. You know what's funny about FM? When I'm on a winning streak, the teams I most fear are teams at the bottom of the table/lower leagues. It's SO predictable and boring
  21. Hehe, liked that piece - That was one analogy. It could be; Car salesman telling me, after I just bought a brand new car; "Oh by the way, the steering wheel is broken and needs fixing, but should be able to get it fixed in about 3 months time. You can lent this pot lid for now, it goes into the hole and makes it work steering". Or perhaps; Shopping for a new TV; "Expect a flickering signal the first 3 months - After that, it should be fine". ..."Gee, thanks; That´s what I was hoping for when I bought it...." ...That´s pretty frustrating when doing an one-time inve
  22. Oeh every time coming to discussion sub-forum, scrolling down with hope to see new update thread, but the old one still looks directly at me
  23. Actually you can use it too. But for adding in my megapack not at all, because Brasil Mundi UP doesn’t use real Brazilian System, so if I use it I won’t going to be coherent with the target I have in this megapack (doing updates as closest as possible to real life). It is better to be calm and wait me to do this, and yeah, it takes a time because Brazilian football system isn’t so simple.
  24. My Dad's had the final all clear. Just needs a scan in four months as a precaution. They got everything in the op
  25. I said this many times too. There is no point in having the customers wait for months to see if certain bugs they have reported will be fixed or not. Keep releasing new builds frequently, keep customers busy and happier. Win/win situation. Requires a bit more effort on SI's side of course, but isn't it worth it?
  26. I left the room after my CF missed 6 clear opportunities twitter_20200113_160736.mp4
  27. This. Audio in FM has ALWAYS been awful. Not just the sounds themselves but the syncing. Seeing as immersion is what it’s all about surely matchday sounds are a huge part of achieving that? They’ve just been forgotten. Like, forever. First box I tick on any new version is play without sound. It’s been that bad for so long. Licensing is a poor excuse, as it’s not simply the sounds themselves that are the problem. I’ve never played any other game with such awful sound syncing. The small studio excuse is laughable tbh.
  28. I mean... come on! A few years back I bought a car racing game called Wreckfest, which was being made by a small studio with no big publisher behind them. I remember in one of their updates (something which SI seemingly only does the fortnight before they ship a new game, but anyway...) that they talked about recording real car crashes on a test track, to get accurate audio. Again, this was a studio with almost no resources, crashing cars to get good audio. Sorry, but the idea that SI can't put in good stadium sounds is flat out silly. Sure if it was on a club by club basis, with audio from th
  29. I love the idea that they've done 'okay in this hypothetical scenario, you'd be totally safe' and people have just gone 'nope, don't trust it, not safe is it?' reminds me of Karl Pilkington
  30. Dulwich Hamlet 2019/20 End of Season Well, we did indeed make the play-offs and we did indeed drop too many points to threaten champions Welling, but it looked like we were mounting a title challenge for a long time. A carroussel of attacking injuries, where one player would drop out as soon as another became fit, ended up costing us. Muhammadu Faal suffered a broken lower leg and that pretty much ended our title hopes; we looked a distinctly mediocre side without his physical presence up front, and our form reflected this. League Table We dropped off towards the end, onl
  31. 2052/53 Annecy FC season review - French Ligue 1 I had a feeling that posting a mid season update would jinx things....... again. After my update, we got knocked out of the cup in the 9th round (the round we entered), Bernard and Makengo both broke a leg, Pham Ba got a virus and thigh strain, Barcelona thrashed us in the 1st Champions Cup knockout stage and our league form went downhill. The League Marseille ran away with the league in the 2nd half of the season. After that it was pretty close from 2nd to 8th. We manage to scrape into 6th place and the second
  32. South Shields FC New challenge October update After winning the Croatian Premier League with NK Zadar and realising the CL would be too tough a challenge I started the challenge in England. I picked South Shields, which I have to say is a really good team for Vanarama National League South! In our starting eleven we have several players with 4 stars or better. Except our goalkeeper. He is one star and so bad its just laughable. We are lucky not to concede many chances, because he cant save anything to save his life. 1vs1 a problem in the ME? Not against us. But regardless of th
  33. Obviously I can't know how SI specifically works internally, but I am a pretty experienced software developer and what I'm proposing is common practice all around the industry. It will probably require some restructuring but I do believe that SI should "catch up" with the recent trends in software development because that's what customers expect nowadays. The times have changed and the flow of information is much more important that in the old days.
  34. It was a sad for me to see a lot of big teams can't win in FM17, a lot of top managers fired in first months and I enjoy to see a big teams take a high places which they deserve in FM20. But I prefer a clear and fair ME simulation with atributes importance than a 'fixed model' which imitates RL
  35. Dribbling has been out of balance for as long as I play CM/FM. SI could at least evaluate dribbling instructions in roles, half of fullback roles have it on often which is absolutely not how 99,9% of fullbacks play in real football. Same thing applies for most roles imho. Average AI tactic will use 3 or 4 roles that dribble more while in real life it's usually 1 player who has that freedom. Just a liitle more care in roles that have dribbling set to often would improve the gameplay a lot. Of course there's resesearchers input who set players' PPMs, depending on league but PL is really poorly s
  36. Let's take a look at real life dribbling stats. PREMIER LEAGUE: 5 PL players have more that 3 dribbles per game. 24 players have more than 2 dribbles per game. 45 have more than 1.5 dribbles per game. Wolves lead dribbling stats with 13.4. Lowest are Burnley with 6.5. LA LIGA: Two players have more than 3 dribbles per game. 11 players have more than 2 dribbles per game. 31 players have more than 1.5 dribbles per game. Highest 11.8. Lowest 6.9 dribbles per game. SERIA A: Two players with more than 3 dribbles per game. 18 with more th
  37. The haughty sign-off only really works when it isn't preceded by demonstrable nonsense, by the way. If you really think that cutting down on templates will make things simpler for the developers, then there's not really much point in going on. You're starting from wrong and riding the train straight down.
  38. On December 20, Neil opened a post sayingMatch Engine Info and Holiday PlansAlmost a month ago, and we still don't have an update of the ME. They will say until they have no bugs they will not do the update, yes, like all the previous updates, without bugs! Painful. Last time I bought the game ahead of time.
  39. Why can't SI give us some feedback on how the patch is going so ppl can calm their nerves... Isn't that the logical solution to all this dispute? Can't believe FM and Fifa is similar in price with this sort of after service
  40. Overwhelming..... the amount of progress and posts in this thread to catch up on since I last viewed it, and also trying to retrace my saves steps to report on here soon! I was off work during Christmas, so that meant some FM time, but only in very short bursts. As such I played a game or two here and there and didn't want to waste the chances to play and do posts instead I'm almost 2 seasons on from my last reporting (season 5 is in the bag, working through March of season 6 currently). I'll put a catch up post together once I have finished this season. Shoutout to @XaW fo
  41. It's absolutely unbearable watching all of these right-wing middle-class commentators painting the Queen as the poor old victim in this. Nothing against her but it's absolutely laughable that they've painted her grandson and his wife wanting to escape the public eye as more of a villain than the Prime Minister who publicly humiliated her by lying and getting found out, or you know, the Prince who is caught up in a much stickier situation worthy of being treated as a villain... These horrible bastards like Piers Morgan have been mercilessly masturbating over the memory of Diana for over
  42. I have finished my nation overview panel and I am happy with the results. Credit has to go to @wkdsoul @pikawa94 @bluestillidie00 @Wozzie for the panels and the help with making these panels. I have used code from a few skins most notably Teal skin and EVO 19 skin.
  43. Level 1 Premier League Level 2 Championship Level 3 League One Level 4 League Two Level 5 National League Level 6 National League North National League South Level 7 Isthmian Premier Southern League South Division Southern League Central Division Northern Premier Level 8 Isthmian Division One North Isthmian Division One South East Isthmian Division One South Central Southern League Division One Central Southern League Division One S
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