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  1. I take your point, but with all due respect, customers are purchasing a released, finished product. I pay to play the product, not to test it. The final version (baring a couple of anomalies) should be the games release day.
  2. Hope we'll see a patch fairly soon rather than the usual one in March or whenever. Really in the mood to play fm but even 5 minutes watching the ME takes that all away
  3. Same here, FM21 will be bought in March. Had enough of being an SI tester working for free. Hopefully they will experience a huge drop in the incomes with the Beta and early release, so they actually learn from this year's disappointment.
  4. Madness if the next patch is going to be March this time around, historically that's generally the case but given the state the current ME is in (which I can't remember being so disappointed with an FM at this stage before), I'd be surprised if something wasn't done to address some things before that date, as a make-weight. If it is March, then that's 3+ months after game release day, which isn't really great for a "finished product". That would mean that the FM20 experience hasn't been as enjoyable as it should have been for over 25% of the time before FM21 would be released. Defini
  5. I'm really hoping for a ME update in next couple days (At least a beta one). Even though I'm having success in this version, I'm not having fun while watching the matches. I don't see variety in attacks, goals etc. lots of movements are predictable. I can see a miss coming in certain angles or one on ones. And again most of the headers doesn't get me excited because I know ball gonna go over the goal... I don't get worried when my defender misses the ball (They do that usually) and opponent forward gets in the box, because he's likely to miss it anyways. I really hate to see when my
  6. I will be the same. Fed up of purchasing the game on release to then have to wait until March to play the “polished” version of the game. What’s frustrating is that outside of the ME, the game makes great improvements year upon year but the ME seriously declines in quality. The ME, in my opinion, is the most important aspect of the game but just seems to get worse as time goes on.
  7. Even winning games doesn't offer much attachment in FM20, feels like some of the intuitive decisions you make have the opposite effect, for example, I'm 5-0 up away at Brescia, they are bottom of the league having a terrible season, 10 mins to go, I want the clean sheet now. After being on a high-line with attacking mentality whilst scoring 5 goals, I move more cautious, drop the defensive line deep and keep possession to play the game out - all my players are flying, morale is high, match ratings are superb. Out of the blue, Brecia's centre-back, Giangiacomo Magnani with this 9 passing stat a
  8. Have to agree with the majority here. The ME in its current state isn't enjoyable. The balls over the top are too accurate and happen way too often. It hasn't stopped me from winning but the immersion of the game isn't really the same. I've actually resorted to FM19 until the patch comes out, which made think about the clear cut chances. When watching in FM19 some chances are definite clear cuts but don't register as so whereas in FM20 it's quite clear that there are too many. If they could find the balance between the two that would be my ideal. I actually use the clear cut chances
  9. Feedback about too many long balls vs too few short through balls: It was already pointed out many times that one of the reasons for too many successful long balls is the defenders reacting too slow to the long balls in the air. I just noticed something else though: Too many of them are attempted, and they seem to be triggered by the forwards starting a forward run before even the ball is played. Strikers in more attacking roles and attacking setups start those runs more often, which then increases the frequency of those long balls to unrealistic numbers. On contrary, when a midfielder ha
  10. I've just removed a couple of posts, please stop trolling on these forums. Thanks.
  11. XaW - Follo Fotballklubb - 2023 Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances So first of all, we didn't turn professional, and we still aren't. On a more positive note, we didn't lose any players I wanted to keep. We did sell a youth player, but he was not one I rated and £40k is a nice transfer fee. The season itself started rather good, albeit without winning much. We drew 5 of the first 6 matches, but I'd rather get one point than none. Since we now play at the top tier, the other teams are quite a lot better than the teams we used to face, so we had a few bigger losses including a 0
  12. The game is neither broken or unplayable. It only is when you read too much on these forums --- even I, that consider myself somewhat immune to the placebo effect, had a momment were I had to stop reading here because I was enjoying the game, coming here, read people screams their lungs out because some player passed the ball differently than they wanted it and that deemed the ME broken, and start to wondering myself if it was really broken. No, it's not broken. Nor it's unplayable. Period. Now this doesn't mean that it doesn't have problems (yes it does) or that you will like it (I
  13. It’s like playing the lottery...Just because you give yourself more chances to win doesn’t mean you’re actually going to win. However you’ll have a better chance than a club with lesser resources.
  14. We don't, imo the match engine is worse now after being patched than it was when the beta came out. There are so many issues with it in it's current form I personally doubt they can fix them all.
  15. I would say that if you are able to overcome the want and desire to start now then it's definitely worth waiting for some sort of ME update. It is a bit of a shocker in it's current form as you mention in your post. I'm able to get good results but the football by my team is just unrealistic and doesn't adhere to many of the tactical instructions laid out. Also, even though I'm well aware of the 1 on 1 issue it doesn't make it any less frustating when myself and the AI combine for between 5-8 missed 1 on 1's nearly every game. Theres no excitment anymore as everything just seems too rand
  16. I love how rare really great newgens are in your academy. Most youth intake players are barely worth setting up training for, let alone signing them up. But when you do get the rare 5 star recruit then do everything you can to ensure he makes it to first team it feels pretty great
  17. Foggia 2023-24 End of Season Report Table - Fixtures 1 -- Fixtures 2 -- Playoff Fixtures -- Season Stats -- Finances -- Transfers Our defense-first mentally pushed us all the way to 4th in Serie C/C this season. Offensively, we were led by Daniele Cannas who scored 15 goals in all competitions. That gave us a first round playoff bye for the first time in my management. Every round of the playoffs were tight. We needed away goals to win some ties. We needed penalty kicks to win others. But in short, we rode this defensive wave all the way to playoff championship and will be promo
  18. had so much fun with this fm at the beginning, but for now its just frustrating. started a new safe with gladbach and i can set what i want my defender just looking how the long balls are flying over them. Also my striker cant score, plea made only 1 goal in 15 games, missed like 30 or even more 1on1s. If i play with deep defense line same **** happen as i play with full offensive press, defenders are just doing nothing.
  19. Luck of the draw... you've given yourself the best chance, you will just have to wait and see if it starts producing.
  20. I set in both corner routines (left and right) to my players do a short pass, and they rarely does it Minutes: 28, 57, 73, 87, 8, 23, 27, 29, 57, 77 Only in two of ten corners, my players did what i said them to do Wolves - Liverpool.pkm
  21. My players do not follow the throw in tactics, just like in FM19. There should be four players in the box, one right outside, one by the thrower, and three ready to stay behind, but that is not what I get.
  22. Hi all, played FM for years and years. First time posting on here though as it’s the first time its driven me mental!!! what is with the match engine? I create a ridiculous amount of chances against sides and it’s always as though the strikers can’t finish, goalkeeper is superhuman or the wingers shooting instead of squaring it. All this after the 20.2 update. Any suggestions?
  23. @Seb Wassellcould you have someone take a look at this, and drop a reply if possible, cheers:
  24. Using FM20.2BEOWULF442WAFKnapP107ALLCUPS.fmf in Touch Instant Result for 2027-28 season. Won the league and was good enough to make it to the CL final and Copa Cel Rey Final. Got spanked in the CL final by Arsenal 5-1 and lost to Valencia 0-1 in Copa Del Rey. Predicted to finish no better than 3rd in the league.
  25. I'd say both tactics offer a solid over achievement level but at moment Raptor looks more efficient than Zeus to me But as said few posts above the over achievement level with them will significantly lower than it was with Gladiator in FM19 Hey mate, I's suggest using this for the strikers: -- STCL : Right Foot – Very Strong -- STCR : Left Foot - Very Strong/Strong/Fairly Strong
  26. Vikeologist's Palermo 2028/29 End of Season Report So we missed out on European qualification by losing on the last day, but I’m not too disappointed. At least we’re on the right track with our new formation. 2 of our positions have players with a best of 2 stars current ability (in that position), but that should improve with a longer period of time training players in that position, and hopefully in future years we’ll have promising players come through in those positions. Top Goalscorer – Alessio Fantini YP3g - 18 Our star striker and the first time he’s scored mo
  27. Really loving the game this year. The 1v1 misses are annoying as hell though. My team is playing brilliantly and create some sexy chances for my world class strikers to miss but the build up looks phenomenal on this ME. Just wanted to say I'm really enjoying the experience this year.
  28. For me the FM20.2.3GOODBYEbalanced4132APDLKnapP102 is the best tactic using Nottingham Forest (first season). Thanks for the great tactic! Don't know why I can't get the 'better tested' tactics to work, but this one at least does. Second for me is FM20NorthernSoulMRHKnap5-3-2P107ECFA Thanks Knap for all you do!
  29. IR Reykjavik - Season 2024 - review Table- Squad - Finances - Transfers - Youth intake Great performance in the cups ! happy to get into Europe (conference) league again so we can cash. Extending the contract of my star striker Santos and getting a very good youth intake was even more important. Pepsideild: Good performance in the final part of the season. We had a lot of delayed games but our form in the last games give me hope for the future. Fixtures Bikarkeppni Karla: A good pre-season win and first trophy. Deildabikar : And the dou
  30. we have to wait until February to have an update of the ME, this is embarrassing!
  31. Slavia Praha 2018/19 Pre-Season We're predicted to finish 2nd in the league, just behind defending champions Viktoria Plzen and just ahead of rivals Sparta Praha. Fellow Prague clubs Dukla and Bohemians are predicted to stay up, while both newly-promoted clubs (ignore the markers on Sigma and Baník) are projected to be in relegation danger. A rip-roaring set of friendlies... our U19s really didn't stand a chance, and neither did any of the other teams we faced. In the highest-profile fixture, we beat our Croatian affiliates Hajduk Split 3-1, which is
  32. 2027/28 Season Review - Domestic Treble! A fantastic domestic campaign saw us take home La Liga (finishing on 96 points), the Copa Del Rey and Supercopa. In the Champions League we lost in the quarter final against PSG - considering we played 115 of the 180 minutes with 10 men after sendings off in both games, only losing 3-2 was no disgrace. We had right sided players sent off both times for two yellows, so I think the pace of their dribbling from Chiesa and Mbappe on that side kept drawing fouls. We were absolutely ravaged by injuries coming down the stretch, at one stage we coul
  33. 2048/49 Annecy FC season review - French Ligue 1 The League This was a strange season. We were stretched a bit with a small squad dealing with European games as well as domestic. In the league, only Marseille scored more goals than us, so I was very happy with our attack. But we also conceded the most goals with the same defence and keeper who have done well in the past few seasons. This ended up giving us a 14th place finish. We had a good win each against PSG and Lyon along the way, plus a draw and huge loss to Marseille. In the Euro Cup II, we made the final fairly easily, th
  34. So far in my season, out of the 31 assists for my team, only 4 were made from my own half. Conceded 13 assists, and 3 of those were from my opponent's half. So, it is true that the long ball situation doesn't happen with every setup.
  35. I've watched a lof of liverpool games paying particular attention to their defensive shape, and I think that they definitely play with a flat midfield 3 with three man in the CM strata. In the heart of the midfield, usually Fabinho, acts as a deep lying playmaker (maybe not a playmaker but definitely a role that comes deep to get the ball), often dropping deep to get the ball when the team are in possession. In possession he is the deepest of the midfield three, playing like he was playing in the DM strata, I think that is why most people think the midfield consists of 1 DM and 2 CMs. But when
  36. XaW - Follo Fotballklubb - 2022 Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances During the holiday season I made some changes to the tactic to help us be more solid in the back and the friendlies looked great. Then the season started, and oh my things didn't go well. We lost 5 of the first 6 matches, and I then reverted to the same tactic we played with last season, and we turned it around. So note to self, don't fix something that works. We started to play much better then, but we started quite far off the other teams. As the season progressed we kept getting closer to the top, slowly but
  37. 2027/28 Summer Transfer Window I have possibly endured the most difficult transfer window of my time here and possibly the most difficult that I will ever have to encounter. I have a vision for the recruitment of players to this club and we have hit two large stumbling blocks - the first being our reputation; as a mid-table, at best, second tier side, we cannot, understandably, steal excellent technical and clever players from all around the globe. Those that are interested are in the first team at their club and even so, can only really be classed as a 'project' player - I am not wi
  38. Everything that is not related to the tactics and everything that is intended as a provocation.
  39. *sigh* B club problems again. I bought a new player and put him in the B team, now one of my first team players is recommending him, like he isn't already at the club. The list of B club bugs is awfully long, doesn't seem to be anything working, staff hiring is broken, Senior players playing on the B team is 99% broken, the interface is completely confused and sometimes refers to the B team as senior team and while it's supposed to be ONE club, the game falls apart in many cases and forgets B club players and staff is part of the club. If you had listened to
  40. Caley Braves - Révolution française – 2020/21 Season After many years away from full fat FM, I have decided to jump straight into the deep end and attempt this challenge. Caley Braves took my fancy with the interesting fact they produce French newgens in the Scottish league system. This is my second attempt at this with Caley Braves, the first attempt ended in being sacked at Christmas despite not sitting bottom of the league. I missed the part where I was meant to post my profile at the start of the challenge so see below my profile at the start of the second season, as you’ll see I
  41. If that is not a known issue already by SI, I would certainly post it to the bugs forum, since it can be a game breaking bug for long saves.
  42. I want to say that, even with the known issues, I am actually enjoying FM 20 very much at this point, partly because with the tactical setups that I am using I am not experiencing much of the said issues, but also because the improved variety in goals that I am seeing, compared to FM 19 ME. I tried, but I just could not play that game. In this ME at least I am seeing 'some' through balls played every once in a while, which keeps things interesting, versus every single ball in the final third being played towards the wider areas like in FM 19. That ME was completely unplayable for me. So,
  43. Some disappointing reactions on here. If you say you love the game and there's nothing bothering you I accept your opinion and respect it. If you say you really don't want to play the game as it's full of issue's that are ruining your enjoyment I accept your opinion and respect it. Too many people on here are dismissive of the views of others, on both sides of the fence. It is not the role of posters on here to try to disprove or dismiss the views of others. Feedback on the game and channel your energy in to improving it.
  44. I just stopped playing the game because it was not enjoyable for me at the moment. I am sure developers are trying to make the game better. So I will try the game periodically after patches and hopefully start to play again. I am not expecting a perfect ME, I am playing this game for years and aware that there will be some flaws always. But for this edition, it is just not fun for me now. fm19 had also some issues but overall I liked it and pre-ordered this year's edition. I hope ME gets fixed before it is too late. I want to exploit the opposition tactics not the ME; so in this ME
  45. I think he's been working on this goal celebration for a while... ice_video_20191216-151753.webm
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