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  1. Some disappointing reactions on here. If you say you love the game and there's nothing bothering you I accept your opinion and respect it. If you say you really don't want to play the game as it's full of issue's that are ruining your enjoyment I accept your opinion and respect it. Too many people on here are dismissive of the views of others, on both sides of the fence. It is not the role of posters on here to try to disprove or dismiss the views of others. Feedback on the game and channel your energy in to improving it.
  2. Second choice right back always plays poorly when picked. Left out of squad so I can satisfy the 'must have at least 3 U21 subs' rule. Gets upset and demands to leave. No-one wants him, even when I offer him to clubs for free. Gets upset after the transfer window closes as I didn't sell him. I offer him the choice of terminating his contract. He refuses. He asks to come off the Transfer List so I say ok as he is an influential squad member. He then gets arsey and asks me why I tried to terminate his contract? I apologise but he isn't happy and says I haven'
  3. Well my save is ruined for me No technically, its gameplay unreasoble to continue. I like club vision and management in FM20. Improved, better, deeper, more realistic. I can't say ME is bad, I guess I like this too, in general. But what is my problem? I played simple tactic without any exploits, avoid attacking mentality which I dont like and dont use. Real Madrid, Atletico, Valencia lose a lot of points by ME issues. Yes, any team could play low in part of season or full season even. But there are almost all teams can't win ME. Real Madrid lose ~15 points by ME iss
  4. It's the very long running quantitative vs qualitative issue. The stats bunnies are all focussed on the numbers across the whole of the game - if they're roughly in line with reality, then all is well. Those with the biggest issues with the ME are on the qualitative side of the fence - it's the way the events in the game play out not just the results. That's why they get so wound up about lack of creative play and all the goals coming from hoofs or set-pieces. As someone earlier in the thread said it makes for a joyless experience, even if you're winning.
  5. 2047/48 Annecy FC season review - French Ligue 1 The League This was an exciting run in to the end of the season. Over the last few rounds, the teams from 5th to 9th were swapping places regularly. We had a great opportunity to qualify for the Euro Cup. In the final game, with time running down, we were drawing 1-1 with Bordeaux and Lyon were winning 1-0 over Marseille, leaving us in 8th place on the live table. The game ended and I was disappointed to miss out on a European spot, but then on the results page I saw that Marseille scored a 93rd minute equalizer against Lyon which
  6. Ajax does have a world class youth setup. But no, they do not produce a wonderkid every year. If you look at their outgoing transfers from the past six years, the only three players that have that potential are De Ligt, Kluivert and De Jong. The first two have yet to prove themselves at the highest level (and De Ligt is having his fair share of adapting at Juve), and Frenkie wasn't even produced by the Ajax academy. And for the record, if you already have a great team, any youth player rated 3-4 stars has the potential to be as good as your current players. So I think you're very much e
  7. This has clicked into place for my superstar team. Raptor is best I have tried. I am getting so many chances per game but I have a top top team. A lot has been said but the tactics are great. Thanks TFF.
  8. Imo this just should not be happening, no matter what the setup is. This is football, not basketball. 56 FG attempts in basketball is fine, not here.
  9. Pipped on goal difference by Man City on the last day! Most enjoyable 1st season I have had with Spurs yet with any tactic, just feels right if that makes sense
  10. So the AI doesn’t look at how you’re playing mid-game and adapt to counter it? They just look at your league position?? Thats pretty disappointing tbh
  11. Season 2027 / 2028 7th in Serie A League Table Transfer History Showing some improvement this season especially against the top teams. Got really close to a spot i Europe but lost my last two matches. I hope I will keep improving into the next season aiming for a Top 6 spot. My players are just bad enough to avoid any interest from bigger clubs
  12. Jakub Słota's Management Career - Season Review - 2020/21 - Unia Janikowo 3. Liga Results (Aug-Nov) - Results (Mar-Jun) Competition Performance: Winners What can I say? The table speaks for itself! We had a very strong start to the season before other teams realised that we were actually quite good. Then they started to react by lining up more defensively against us, which dried up the goals a bit and led to some nervous moments in the second half of the season when there were three or four teams challenging for promotion. We held our nerve though an
  13. I managed to get promoted in my first season with Kelty Hearts FC. I beat Dumbarton 7-3 on aggregate in the League One Relegation Play Off. Gordon Wilson my best player and start striker scored 24 goals in 46 games for me. I got a few decent players come through my youth intake. Steven Richardson who is a 16 year old centre back with a 3 and half stars potential rating.
  14. IR Reykjavik - 2024 - youth intake Preview : Wasn't really happy with this preview but The intake : A great intake with a few lads already knocking on the first team door. I'll sign 11 and retrain 6 of them. Best prospects : .
  15. That's one of the most ridiculous ones, CBs don't give a flying crap about my striker or the ball punted god knows where by my GK. They just casually walk the opposite way Can't wait for the fix.
  16. Bought the game for Christmas after playing the demo for a month and it is NOT the same game. I'm playing Danish 2nd division as opposed to English League 2 so I'm expecting the quality to be a bit worse but Oh my Christ are my team hopeless. I don't see that many through balls compared to what some people are reporting but it's usually 2 or 3 each team per game and they never get scored. The goals I mostly seem to see are scrambles following corners/free kicks, penalties, and snap shots from the edge of the box. I've lost count of the times players head the ball 10 yards over the bar
  17. THE BOOK OF ROLES *UPDATED* When creating tactics we need to know how we are going to win games with the players at our disposal. Visualising how we score goals helps. Knowing which area of this pitch we can control with our players is vital. There are many ways to build a tactic, you can go ground up by analysing your team to find a tactical shape that suits them or you can impose your own tactical shape on them and slowly mould them into how you want to play. There is no right way, only your way. Ultimately football is just a battle on a pitch where sides try to win battles a
  18. Here's my list of bargains i've signed for Hull in the Championship. Most are available for peanuts or at most under £1m. I mainly look for young english / scandinavian / portuguese players as much better value. Some of the signing are cheaper in January as out of contract so you can buy them 'now' as paying up there contract. RICARDO TAVARES 80K BEN SHEAF £90K ERIK BOTHEIM 20K CONRAD WALLEM 2K MARIO FERREIRA FREE LUCA NAVARRO FREE NIKLAS CASTRO £220K HERMAN GEELMUYDEN FREE (JOINS IN JANUARY) SONDRE ROSSBACH £600K VICTOR GARCIA £120K
  19. XaW - Follo Fotballklubb - 2021 Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances So, our first season in the 2nd tier and it went much better than I had expected. We started of reasonable enough, picking up quite some wins, but also lost a few. Then we had a good run for a few matches and found ourselves in the playoff spots. Some few more matches and we were suddenly fighting for the promotion spots. No one were really close to Tromsø though, as they quite clearly were much better than the rest of the teams here. Going into the final matches we really hit a low point this season and fell o
  20. My 4-3-3 inspired by Liverpool 19/20. GK Becker SK A RB Arnold WB A LCB Virgil BPD D RCB Gomez CB D LB Robertson FB L RCM Henderson BWM S CM Fabinho CM D LCM Wijnaldum CM S (hold position PI) RAM Salah IF A CF Firmino F9 LAM Mane IW S Mentality- Attacking Play offside trap Counter-press and counter Play out o
  21. Easy, don't change PI, just use the original one. Just notice AI will change formation in certain phase of a game.
  22. Guess I need better tactic. Just kidding. This game was exception where I really could not create a chance, had like 36 long shots jesus christ. I just let it go cause I won the first match 3:1. But yeah classic last minute equalizer happend once again.
  23. v1.2 on fmscout, i'll update the original post when i'm home
  24. Yeah. Take a look at my "FIFA Nations League" file and you can see how ots done.
  25. Thanks all, I think at the moment we probably have enough this side of a potential update. If we need anymore we'll tag you in this post. Thanks again for all the examples. Cheers, Josh
  26. Hey mate, I've tried those formations and I can say that so far I haven't managed to get any decent from them… I find those formation offer too low efficiency… it's not fun to play with them at least for me
  27. Reading through this thread has been great and I will be starting the challenge today based in San Marino.
  28. Decided to give it a go as my own tactic doesn't really work with Arsenal as it uses wingbacks not wide midfielders/wingers meaning most of the attacking players can't get on the pitch! Had the dreaded 'one more bad result' news message so thought I'd give this a go to see if it can save my job, it has so far BEFORE AFTER Have had to make a couple of changes to suit my players, F9 to PF and moved both wide midfielders forward. Cavani aside (quick replacement after sale of Lacazette) the squad is reasonably weak as idea of my current save is to bring throu
  29. The only difference between Raptor and Zeus when it comes to Individual Training focus is Wing Back ( Support ) Individual Training focus for DL/DR positions and everything else is the same.
  30. Third consecutive match that my team gives the result to 90. The opponent's AI simply becomes a Liverpool at 90
  31. Excellent effort qualifying for the Champions League. Rotherham must be rocking.
  32. 2030 Season Review League A poorer season in comparison to last but another title as expected. Turkmenistan Cup Not entirely sure what happened except we had a man sent off, they levelled the tie up in normal time before scoring 3 more in extra time. Champions League Two wins improves on last seasons performance but still a long way to go. Transfers Two in including Japanese winger Kawasaki. Energetik took four of our players. Squad Goals from my two strikers but nothing beyond that. Minhairow equals last seasons goa
  33. Uhh paradox making football management game could be fun. They have ton experience in running simulation on all other topics than sport. I would say the market is big enough to have small dig in and see, might be risky thing but could be amazing if done correctly. Only problem that I could see for newcomer is league licenses for base game. But for start the community is always helpful, but here lies problem that paradox lets modify some degree his own game engine, but this could be shut down into some degree, uhh on other side those custom stadium etc.
  34. I got a 5* PA goalkeeper in my last intake at the start of the month, so it was an early present. Thing is, I'm in the Southern League Premier Division, so he's hardly going to set the footballing world on fire. He'll do nicely for my squad though and his introduction to the squad was very timely, coming only two days after my first choice goalkeeper dislocated his shoulder.
  35. I'm not sure what to make of this game anymore, it just doesn't seem to make sense at all Leeds v Wolves.pkm
  36. Ok, from now on all posts that are not related to the tactics will be hidden. I can understand that some users are angry or disappointed, but just try to move on. We will monitoring the thread but also the thread starter.
  37. Most adjustments are listed above, including corner, PI and OIs. I didn't face many situations that requires me to change mentality often (I use attack mentality 99% of the time except last 5 minutes and you can see the defence outcomes: only conceded 13 goals in 38 league games). But there are some small adjustments you can try. Like lower tempo by 1 notch if you found your players frequently passing to opponents and lead to AI counter. Change into Defence mentality in the last few minutes. For delicate adjustments you can read this thread, it may works. But I still recommend s
  38. Hello, Thanks for sending this in, we will review this in the studio and see if we can get some examples from your PKM. Cheers, Josh
  39. I don't like too many rules but for analogy it would be like building a house extension using 3 electricians but zero plumbers and plasterers.
  40. I found an old save, holidayed until just before the league draw and its still picking York9FC as the CONCACAF guys, have uploaded the save and put the details in the bugs section. I'm going to do one final test however holiday and then get myself knocked out of the Canadian Championship and see if that "fixes" the issue.
  41. Negative feedback on FM 20 Unfortunately I cannot speak positively about FM 20 at the moment. The negative feedback from myself is all directed towards the inability of myself and many other users to be able to play the game properly seemingly due to the particular hardware that we have. All the feedback in reference to this is that the graphical representation of the graphics engine stutters and lags on Desktops that are 5 star rated and easily play all other games that are available on very high levels. I purchased the game just before Christmas and I am bitterly disappointed tha
  42. Slavia Praha- The Manager Ladislav Masuc- Day 1 Here I am, sitting at a giant table in the nicest room in the stadium, surrounded by smiling faces. I'm their coveted signing, the one they want. That's a good feeling, but with it comes pressure to perform, to meet expectations of all kinds. Sure, I might have been well-known as a player, but this is still my first job in management. There will be a lot to get used to, but I'm not one to back down from a challenge. I put the pen to paper, my hand moving seemingly autonomously across the dotted line. They start clapping, all 20 or so of them, mo
  43. I've been playing FM since decades but every year I get the feeling that attributes don't matter and all that matters are two things, current ability and the killer tactic, just find the players with the highest current ability (doesn't matter if they can't pass or score anyway) and find the killer tactics for the current year and there you go, club world champion x 5, every year I feel that tactics and player attributes mean less and less (remember without the ball tactics?), you can't create a good passing team or tackling defensive team, attributes won't matter at all, current ability is ev
  44. ... the match engine doesn't play through the middle anymore. Seriously, every match seems to result in 5-10 perfectly crafted 50+ yard accurate passes to the feet of an attacking player for a scoring chance (generally, but not always, by the opposing team). Apparently an in-form Paul Scholes now plays center back for every team in the world under a various number of guises. Right now I'm playing with a balanced mentality and a low defensive line, even though I have one of the top teams in the world, because to do otherwise would be suicidal. And I'm still seeing a constant barrage o
  45. End of the 2031 Season Last year we finished as number four when normal league games ended, scoring 46 goals and conceding 47, this year was very similar, with 47 goals scored and 47 conceded. We had one point less this season though. We played some amazing games this year, especially the 6-0 win and the 7-1 win. But in the Champions Playoff we did better than last year, and ended up with one more point. That is really all I can ask for, us getting better and better. But this was the achievement of the season! We won the Lithuanian Cup
  46. For the people looking/starting to look at mentality; definitely change mentality depending on relative strength of your opposition, but it doesn't have to be static - think about the flow of the game too; if you're winning by a couple of goals, what is the AI likely to do? Below is a possible example of how you can change up/down throughout a game, reacting to the situation as it evolves!
  47. Alright. I have been using 3 tactics semi regularly. With the proviso that I make changes during matches frequently to counter what the AI and take advantage of weaknesses I spot in the AI for all of them. 1. Counter pressing possession. I average over 55% possession. I score over 2 goals a game. I am unbeaten with Benfica for half a season, excluding a UCL loss to Chelsea. 2. Counter attacking. I use this against bigger sides. It is hit and miss, because it is used against teams I expect to lose against. I have pulled off several shocks using this using Hambu
  48. You little ledge! I had not found that. I’d gone to staff responsibilities but it had always been on ‘general’ and I’d glossed over the contracts and advice sections next to it. Thank you so much!
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