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  1. Well I've really tried to enjoy this game with the current match engine but I can no longer put up with it. I really hope things improve in patch 20.3. If it doesn't then I'm afraid you've just lost a loyal customer (bought every game since Championship Manager 01/02). No longer buying the game until things improve drastically. I'm done for now.
  2. I'm bored of long balls. I'm bored of the match engine full stop. Ball over the top. Miss simple 1 v 1. Score 40 yard strike into the top corner. Those "unlucky" games where my players hit the post 3 or 4 times. 40 chances. FORTY. And I draw. Re-start. 3:0. This doesn't tell me anything. Missing endless 1 v 1's doesn't tell me anything. Are my tactics working? Well they must be because my team created 40 chances. "Stop creating chances guys. Everyone knows 1 v 1s are the hardest things in football to score. Try more shots form 40 yards". And why does every computer attack
  3. Whilst there are clearly issues with the ME they are exacerbated by people using higher mentalities (attacking) much of the time, especially when managing a top team which encourages a high line and forward, direct passing etc and subsequently the 'kick & rush' style of play that results in multiple one on one's. Its perfectly possible and indeed preferable to develop a tactic using the Defensive Mentality for a Top Team and still win the league with 90+ points & 90+ goals, playing a nice possession based game. (I have evidence if you need it). The Mentality system needs re-w
  4. With all of the negative stories I’ve noticed on this forum lately I thought I’d share something positive to counter the balance. X player decides he wants to leave, go to a bigger club even though he’s a big cog in a very successful team, in this case the player is Tonali, and he’s won Europa, CL, league titles, and cups with my RB Leipzig. Now for about 2 years he’s stated he wants to go to a bigger club, thing is he’s the heartbeat of my team, averaging over an 8 rating per game, something like 25 assists per season, an absolute monster. Gets down to 16 months and I can see he’s
  5. ... the match engine doesn't play through the middle anymore. Seriously, every match seems to result in 5-10 perfectly crafted 50+ yard accurate passes to the feet of an attacking player for a scoring chance (generally, but not always, by the opposing team). Apparently an in-form Paul Scholes now plays center back for every team in the world under a various number of guises. Right now I'm playing with a balanced mentality and a low defensive line, even though I have one of the top teams in the world, because to do otherwise would be suicidal. And I'm still seeing a constant barrage o
  6. Hi rashidi.. if you can point me where in general discussion where we can give feedback and discuss the issues we're having with the game and discuss what we might think it is, than i'll happily start posting there... I was under the impression this is exactly where that sort of discussion is meant to be? Or are we not allowed to discuss generalities in general discussion anymore?
  7. Ah, the "it's your tactics" guy has arrived. No, it's not my tactics. It's the fact that the ME is garbage. The fact that I am basically required to play with a low line to have a functional game isn't an error on my part. But thanks for the attempt to disparage my point.
  8. First off, may i apologise to those who have supported my training guides and shared tweaked tactics. Also apologise to those who were waiting for me to reply to there questions I have decided to remove my content for the time being (if i'm still allowed here) due to differences with Moderators and SI Staff. i was banned on the 26th April due to have a previous banning. My ban previously was because of bad behaviour. This ban was a warning because of my previous ban. Makes sense? yeah exactly. I was given an explanation and in that explanation i did no wrong doing. i was banned beca
  9. I will have to stop playing this game for a while. In my opinion, its not in good state currently which is such a shame because during beta i thought that with few issues sorted out this will be amazing game. It still can be. But these long balls over defence is just too much. No matter how i play, no matter how good my players are. Or how good opposition is. Defenders just stop running after long balls until its too late. The only way i could stop this was to play with low defensive line, which is the way i dont want to play. I also tried different styles and most chances were created b
  10. Thank god i didnt buy the game. Will wait until final patch so i wont be financing a game full of bugs. Actually this is not even a 'bug' by software development terms, because its the same story every year. Is it really so hard to make good player play like good players in the ME? Even good players miss 1 vs 1 but there is a difference IRL between Messi and Piontek. Not in FM though were conversion difference between players is so low it might as well be hard coded. I know it is hard to develop the ME. But dont ur developers have a test environment? Like some test scenarios where th
  11. They haven't acknowledged it's gamebreaking (they never would) but it is for me. I've also already read Neil's posts and I knew this would be an issue that won't resolve itself any time soon unfortunately because the extent of balancing work that needs to be done. My point to you was that SI acknowledge there are serious issues in the match engine. Don't be condescending to people by claiming it's their approach in the game because clearly the game is amplifying the weaknesses within certain tactical approaches beyond what is reasonable. In last year's version, you'd address it by changing the
  12. But how do you combat the opposition being continually exposed to the ball of the top? Should high-lines be simply eradicated despite being a legitimate strategy in real life? Even setting to a patient and short passing game won't prevent your own players from attempting them, and it's counter-intuitive regardless if the objective is to win. I play a deep , low block and don't experience many problems with long-balls. My issue is seeing my own defenders exploit it with inch perfect 50 yard passes despite not having the attributes to do so, and my midfield being constantly bypassed. I'm w
  13. I only now came to the realization that my Fans are the most hardcore wearing only Summer Clothing in the midst of a freezing cold Winter wet to their Skin as it pours down form the sky like no tomorrow.
  14. 2045/46 Annecy FC season review - French Ligue 1 The League In a solid return to the top flight, we managed a record high 11th place. We briefly challenged for 6th, but 3 losses in our last four games ended that. Two wins and a draw would have seen us qualify for Europe. Rennes finished 7th, but won the Euro Cup, meaning France have 5 representatives in the Champions Cup next season. The big news is that Marseille lost their place at the top, missing out on the league by 1 point to PSG. Andreas Boeckl was still top scorer in the league, but only with 32 goals. Our former pl
  15. To be honest, I'm done with the game and am uninstalling now. I've had that many problems and frustrations with it and installed/uninstalled many times. It's just not worth the effort and isn't giving me any enjoyment. Fed up with it and doubt I will ever be back.
  16. Long balls over the defense are taking the fun out of this game. It really doesn't matter if it has to do with the DL/LoE, it just happens way too much and basically 70% of my matches' highlights come from this. I'm not a tactics expert so when I had a killer tactic for FM19 I was thrilled to use it for years to come, lo and behold as the long balls made it impossible to have a decent run of games this year.
  17. The ME in this sequence just literally broke and died on me which annoyed me because i was hopeless to conceding a goal in a knock-out phase but hey-ho second leg'n all that! Anyway the bug report.. https://streamable.com/qulyv - entire sequence Things in the sequence that happened that caught my eye; 20:14 sequence starts with a throw in resulting in a free kick from fouling the receiver of the throw in. My defender is also seen changing to the keepers outfit of green and my GK becoming an outfield player 29:39 Free kick is taken with Sarr in goalkeepers kit and my GK in
  18. It's one of the best teams in the world.. Hard to tell how much of that is tactic or not.
  19. Miracles happen ! I put him on transfer list on deadline day. A team from Norway offered 60k + 50% on next sale. He was leaving but i decided to cancel the offer . I took him off the transfer list and.. suddenly he was back on speaking terms and.. it 's expensive but he is staying home !
  20. It was unexpected decision ice_video_20191228-214028.webm
  21. Experimenting to see how far this young group can go and seeing some highly encouraging football, even at Champions League level. Absolutely controlled this game with most of our team rated around 2 stars for current ability and theirs 3-4 stars all round.
  22. It massively depends. When playing possession football, I would watch more of the game and look at where attacks break down. That's the reason I have the 4-3-3 with the deeper midfield - HB-DLP(S)-Mez(S) - as sometimes against a particularly strong midfield we might struggle to play through, so drop deeper and build up via a different route. I also like to up the pressing. Make it impossible for the opposition to do anything at all, basically choke them out and create a real pressure cooker
  23. Maybe it would be helpful if people are open in both ways? There are issues with the ME and all of them are already known and documented. But there are also enough reports that those issues are not "universal", they happen in some matches more often or less or never than in others, depending on league, reputation and tactics. To find out why it is that way and how to fix/adjust it, is the big challenge for the match team. But they need for that both kind of examples.
  24. As a further follow-up: RE- set piece attempts inflating the Shots On Target stats AKA how can you struggle to score with having 25 shots on target?! Been forwarded another pkm, a match with ~25 Shots On Target, yet "but" two Goals. This time I'm doing it a little differently. First, to quote this Epic Research™:
  25. Btw woodworks returned in one moment. As FM19 2-4 woodworks every game in last days for me
  26. I'm really fed up with 1x1 situations and wingers shooting instead of crossing
  27. Feb & Mar 2032. Swedish Cup. We should be romping through the league stage of the Swedish Cup no matter what team I pick. As it is I picked a strong side against Varbergs BoIS and still didn't win. I don't know if things have changed in a recent patch or if I'm just out of touch a little after not playing much recently, but either way that result seems a little off. Maybe it's just one of those things and I need to suck it up. Confidence. Finances. I have a self-imposed rule in this save where I will only be signing "Nordic" players, but because of financial
  28. Has anyone watched the Wolves vs Man City game ? It looks like ME is really realistic after all.
  29. it brings us to issue which I mentioned few times. Every mentality has dual meaning and if human player can use this for own ideas, AI not really understand how to play. AI play defensive/cautious as underdog and as description of them is good choice, in fact AI plays in possession because defensive = low riskly. Imo it need to delete riskly meanings and defensive/cautios=counter only, no second meaning about possession. Possibly it will be limited variability but less confusion for AI and players too. Basically in styles, defensive=Burnley, cautious=Wolves, Balanced=Leicester, Positive=ManCit
  30. 2022-23 Foggia Mid-Season Update Sitting just outside the playoffs because our road form has been absolutely putrid. Ten matches: 0 wins 7 draws and 3 losses. Two goals scored and six goals allowed. It's boring and uninspired football and I have no idea what the cause of it could be. Tried changing formations: didn't work. Tried going to attacking mentality: didn't work. Look at all those 0-0 draws! Defense: Good; Offense: Bad
  31. Ahem. Ladies and gentlemen. This is not important or special to everybody, I know that. But after 2 and (almost) a half years of playing FM17, FM18 and FM20, never truly understanding tactics or quite a few in-depth details... I HAVE WON MY FIRST EVER LEAGUE TITLE! I'm delighted. Never thought i'd survive long enough to see it happen... but here we are. And it was nervy, as shown here: Being comfortably in the lead, only to nearly throw it all away were it not for Banaba bottling it... only to come good again in the playoffs by radically changing my tactic with
  32. Continues to amaze me that there's posters on this forum so blindly willing the game to be good they try to reason why this sort of thing is happening. The match engine is an issue. A gamebreaking issue for me. SI even acknowledge as much.
  33. This is something that i tried but it's not completely about tactics, it's about training. Here are two seasons of a player that i was using mostly as a forward in pressing striker role. The change is that for the 2nd season he was trained to "go round the GK" trait. He was also able to score an extra 8 goals in UCL during the second season. Zero penalties for both seasons. I believe that trait and team training helped him to convert more 1vs1 during the second season. The tactical aspect is about what was the role of his partner, i used a Target Man for the 2nd season
  34. not sure whta they could do to make it worse, my advice to the team is perhaps to play the game then maybe they will see what the whole community is saying! i struggle to believe they play it before release as how could they even think what we have now resembles football? for years the shouts havnt worked, only a couple do anything other than de motivate, not sure why this hasnt been fixed. the ratings for players in this one are completely mucked up unless you score or assist according to the game you played rubbish. they said that the big teams will use their squads bette
  35. Lighten up snowflake.. seriously you moderators have no sense of humour
  36. This post was originally posted within the General Discussion feedback thread, but having spoken to the match engine team we felt it'd be good to have an update here covering a few things. There's a number of issues which have been raised by the community, but having spoken to the match team in more depth, there's a few things specifically on the radar. With one-on-ones it's not as simple as say 'players are missing too many', first of all, why are they missing them? Are they ignoring players in better positions and taking on shots from worse angles? Sometimes yes. But then we can't alwa
  37. Finally found a tactic that works. Went unbeaten 25+ games. Won Europa League, beat Real madrid 3-0 in the final. Won Cara too v 907876223_FM20.2.34231KnapPar1sParisienneWaalkwaysvP101FA.fmf
  38. Just downloading FM20 now. This is gonna be my base to begin with. Love solid tactics. I'll let you know how it goes.
  39. Please tell me where they have acknowledged it is gamebreaking. They have acknowledged there are issues. There is also a very good post from Neil Brock that I suggest you read. The reason I have said what I have said is that personally speaking the issue has not affected me to the extent by which it might effect others. I see long balls by the opposition but my defense handles it. So before you accuse me of blindly supporting a game I love, I think you want to appreciate that not everyone is in the same position as you. SI work bloody hard for a small team, and I think you need to under
  40. Dev update: Probably before next week or in Monday I'll fix all bugs and set proper promotion/relegation at least till 6th level. And when 6th level will be ready - I'll switch to advanced rules and add 7th level in alpha state.
  41. SEASON 2022/2023 MAY/JUNE 2022 EFFODEILDIN LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE We aren't stable and that's why we have roommates in 1st place.HB has the same points with us and one game less.At least in last game we smashed B36 Torshavn and gain some good morale for our european games. LOGMANSSTEYPID QRT FINAL VIKINGUR GOTA VS TB With rotation we eliminate TB in qrt final. SEMI FINAL LEG 1 HOYVIK VS VIKINGUR GOTA Excellent! SEMI FINAL LEG 2 VIKINGUR GOTA VS HOYVIK We
  42. Honestly this is unacceptable at this point. 3 years in a row now that this is happening. This year I didn't preorder the game because I wanted to see if this issue is fixed, but again it seems that nothing has happened.
  43. Give us a beautifully modelled and accurate version of the licensed clubs home ground and I'd be well interested. That means looking at something realistic for 50% of your games.........big plus. As it stands, no reason to buy but there is so much potential in this.
  44. Not sure I understand this. It' good that SI is looking to acquire more licenses and have real kits, faces etc though I'd expect they'd simply add those to the 'standard' game instead of releasing custom editions - maybe for multiple clubs? Don't see the point honestly.
  45. Cheers Neil, bit of a poor journey for those customers though.
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