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  1. YEAH! I'm sick of it! There's just no such thing as rewarding loyalty anymore! I've been shopping at Sainsbury for 10 years now and they STILL charge me full price for my shopping! I've been drinking at my local pub for 10 years now and they have the audacity to still charge me the full price for my beer! I'm sure i don't even have to tell you my displeasure at BP giving me a 0% discount on my petrol! What is it with all these business selling products at a price that allows them to make money!? As far as I'm concerned S.I should give everybody with a PC or Mac the game for free, lay off
  2. Considering how a lot of people are complaining about not being able to easily win games against much weaker opposition and most of those games ending up with 1 or 2 goals at the most, despite having like 25-30 shots, I just checked some stats on my Villa save. This was from 2022/23 season, but top6 is still more or less the same, with the exception of my team also being in there. Scored 31 goal in 15 games (EPL + FA) against top6 teams. 9 of those were in 3 FA Cup games, so 22 in 12 league games against top6. 1.83 goals per game vs top6. Scored 73 in 38 games total, 51 in 26 a
  3. I think the main problem with these one-on-ones isn't the fact that so many are missed it's that so many are created, no game has 8+ clear shots at goal, it's the fact these chances shouldn't be created in the first place
  4. I found this ME very random. Its chaos in a field and I can win 6-0 or lose 0-1 with the same tactic. This happened just today in my tests. It reminds me FM18 in bad meaning. Also I disappointed that ME indulges riskly tactics. Its difficult to create cautious tactic again for me, but some riskly tactics which couldnt be working in logic - they are successful in fact. It reminds me FM19 in bad meaning. I disccussed and protected last build because I really found this good but current ME is not about football for me. Its about beat ME or ME beats you, no more. For me the basic
  5. My feedback on the patched ME. My opinion was that I was enjoying the game when the beta was first released - but not as much after the first patch. This has been much more enjoyable to watch/play and has for sure seen me playing the game more. A lot of posters have talked about long balls and 1 on 1's - and while they are there, I wouldn't say I'm seeing a massive amount. Now, I do play with a standard defensive line/lower loe - and against a direct team last night, I changed my fastest CD to "Cover" and also made sure I selected "Regroup" and I won 2-0 - and a comfortable 2-0 as well.
  6. Patch adds 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th levels for Turkey in the most accurate way. Enjoy it. https://www.mediafire.com/file/0yb5o9qwcrjtyv3/Turkish_Super_Patch_20_by_Affluence.fmf/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/0yb5o9qwcrjtyv3/Turkish_Super_Patch_20_by_Affluence.fmf/file Turkish Super Patch 20 by Affluence.fmf
  7. NK Zadar Season Update 2025-2026 A breakthrough season for us. After finishing 7th, 7th, 7th and 5th the previous years, we snuck into a European spot, finishing 3rd. We were tipped bottom of the table by some margin, so we have to be very happy with the season overall! This was our first season playing a flat 4-4-2 for a whole season and its worked out well. It's a simple and uncomplicated tactic, but we have a very uncomplicated team. Bruno Zdunic, our best striker, scored 26 goals this year, last year he scored 13, and that summarise the progress this tactic has given us to
  8. Koninklijke Voetbal Klub Tienen-Hageland - Belgian First Amateur Division - 2028/29 Season We have pretty consistently been able to make it into the promotion playoffs. Of my 9 seasons, 8 of them have been in this 3rd tier of Belgium. Of those 8 seasons, I have made the playoffs 6 times, winning the league once. I played most of this season a couple weeks ago before traveling, but I finished off the season when i got back. We played well most of the season, had one of our best defensive results so far in goals conceded and actually scored a decent number of goals. Though it feels like we
  9. Seems to be a lot of headers from close range going over the bar
  10. Real-life annual weather data from weatherspark.com and climatestotravel.com was used to optimize current weather patterns, and create new ones. This file will do 2 things: 1. Help give the feeling of being in different countries. No longer does every region have a similar type of weather. For example, the Brazilian Amazon's Spring is now only 20% likely to be dry, instead of the original 60%(be prepared for delayed games!). It feels much more "tropical". The Spanish coast highly contrasts it, being most often very calm, dry, and mild. Originally, France used England's weather, and
  11. Added 80 New languages, 62 NEW Dialects. Edited 100 Nations and 1,500 Regions. Experience the world's cultures. **This file changes the way languages work. Please read below, so you understand what you are getting.** Intro: Languages in FM are very simple, and generally apply to an entire nation. This is very unrealistic, when language in real life is endlessly complex, and not all people of one nation speak the same language. The original database has less than 120 languages, while in real life there are over 6,000, not to mention each language's regional dialects
  12. Alright, finally have some time for some FM, so time to give this challenge another whirl. Last year was pretty fun. Stafford Rangers - Preseason 2020/21 Overview | Facilities | Finances | Next Update Meet the new manager of the newly promoted Stafford Rangers, Reese Blakeslee. While inexperienced, he is quite confident in leading the team to stay out of the relegation zone this year, and his long term aspirations are second to none! Both the club and the media have little faith in Stafford's ability to stay up, and this season will likely be a difficult battle against
  13. This, this is 100% my biggest gripe. Beautiful play is often rewarded with a horrible finish which just makes you frustrated. But your fullback longshots 1 finishing 3 dribbling 2 from his own half dribbling round 6 and finishing from 35 yards... Happens way too often. Or just ya nod it in from a set piece. Or more than likely scramble it in. It's less fun than it should be.
  14. Since the update, I now lose games where I have over 10 shots on target and I’m winning games where I have 2 on target. Crosses and set-pieces go nowhere. It’s all over the place.
  15. Hi I've observed that the lateral compactness settings really don't make that much difference. I've used multiple set-ups, but this time, in my horizontal and vertical compact 4-4-2, it's quite clear that the whole team doesn't shift over, like they should do in a good compact block. My team is Beerschot, we play in a cautious 4-4-2 with gegenpress settings, extreme pressing, NO tight marking. You see: the counterpress is okay-ish, although 13 and 22 should be much closer to the ball, since gegenpressing should be hunting in packs. But what bothers me the most, is that 15 an
  16. Why sad ? The ME is far from being bad imo . I really enjoy the game
  17. Anyone tried making a a 2nd tactic in the tactic screen? Create new tactic, create own, just craps out & puts me back on slot one
  18. I believe that to be true, because the ME has been flawed for a few years the only way to keep the score lower is to have wayward shooting
  19. Apologies if this isn't allowed but since I've decided to carry on my Estonia Youth Challenge on full fat FM, I've decided to join in here on FMT so meet the new manager of Banbury! It's going to be a long season!
  20. So still no FM touch update or did I miss something? Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the game, but Since I know what's fixed, I notice the problems more and I hope the newgen managers getting appointed is going to be fixed because the longer I play now before the fix, the more wrong appointments I'll have
  21. From the country that gave us Stalin Pinzon, I give you Jork Lozano. (Yes, I would still be trying to sign him even if he was crap...just for the name alone.)
  22. 2023/24 End of Season Review A very pleasing end to the season where we dispatched two second teams, the first of which featured two players who Real Madrid paid £11m for, each - this shows the huge gulf in quality between the teams. In the end, we made the league look a lot more difficult than it really needed to be but I am delighted to be up and into the second tier of Spanish football. --- I only made two signings last summer, Esteban Bastiani and attacking midfielder Helinho. The latter played very few minutes as he looked to develop but it was the former who made a re
  23. Nation profile redesigned. Still some tweaking is needed (honours maybe?) Thank you all for the kind words
  24. Part III - Tweaks, tunings and testing Just a short update for today. So far I have progressed past Universidad Católica from Chilé in the Libertadores 6-2 on aggregate, and played some interesting games in the league and the Copa Argentina. In fact the first competitive game I played was an away match in the Copa Argentina 6th round against San Lorenzo which turned into a real end to end thriller, ending 3-1 to us. Our first league game was a disappointing 1-1 draw at home to Lanús, in which I played a full team despite it coming just 3 days before our Libertadores second leg in Ch
  25. It's mad the way they fix the match engine every year (usually in March, brilliant) to a workable condition, then next year rip it all up and serve some broken garbage. Rinse and repeat. What are they actually doing?
  26. THE BOOK OF ROLES *UPDATED* When creating tactics we need to know how we are going to win games with the players at our disposal. Visualising how we score goals helps. Knowing which area of this pitch we can control with our players is vital. There are many ways to build a tactic, you can go ground up by analysing your team to find a tactical shape that suits them or you can impose your own tactical shape on them and slowly mould them into how you want to play. There is no right way, only your way. Ultimately football is just a battle on a pitch where sides try to win battles a
  27. The Football Manager 2020 skin in Dark & Purple version with the DF11 player profile and several other tweaks. The original post is from fmrensie.net. The main idea, same as in the previous years, was to create simple skin based on default skin but with some small changes. I was able to remove many useless and not needed small panels as default skin has no issue with the secondary color and the title bar height this year. That means I was able to make the skin even more simple and cleaner. ____________________________________ Same as in the previous years, this is
  28. 500 NEW Derbies added, realistic national and world reputations Play the Derbi de la Turia (Levante vs Valencia) in Spain, the Derby de l'Atlantique(Nantes vs. Girondins de Bordeaux) in France, 1 of the 3 Glasgow derbies in Scotland, or the Flyde Coast(Blackpool vs. Fleetwood Town) in England. Make sure your players know what's at stake. The Fans do. 1.0 Over 300 New Derbies. Nations: Italy, England(over 150), Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Spain, and also International teams. 2.0 200 New Derbies. Nations: Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Czech Republic, Denma
  29. A shout-out to Knap for the 4-1-3-2 successive promotions from the National League North (1st season prediction is 5th) to League Two. Now using 'FM20.2WULF4132PFDMIWBSPKnapP112ALLCUPSNOLOSSFM20.2P102ECCC'. Some hairy moments in season two (will be having nightmares about November / December) but seems to be a tougher FM in general this year and Diablos are a thing of the past, so such is life. Still been a great LLM tactic. Besides, far more fun to get promoted at Wembley . . . Looking forward to se
  30. So I've come to the conclusion that I'm not doing well enough tactically to play as I normally would. So I've decided to start anew. This time playing much slower and taking my time with tactics and messing around with the things "I thought I knew". Not sure where I'm heading yet, but I'm going to play around a bit and see what happens.
  31. That needs an infraction. Hang on while I decide between 1 week or 1 month. *I'm joking of course/
  32. NK Zadar is ready for Europe! Second last game of the season we were up against HNK Rijeka. We were 3 points and one spot ahead of them on the table, but they had a big advantage on goal difference. We beat them 2-4 away with extremely clinical finishing! Not bad for a team tipped to come dead last in the league. Euro Cup II here we come! Or qualifiers at least, where we will probably be knocked out!
  33. That's quite a few of Corners. May be one for the tactics Forum. If not at all happy with the scoreline, it may also be one for the "this is getting ridiculous thread". Everybody's talkign About 1vs1s, and in Terms of frequency for good reason (not sure About conversion yet, given that some of those should be more like 1 in 4-5 chances). Let's not Forget About the set pieces and set piece attempts whilst doing so. I challenge the Notion and will continue to do so that a side which would create like 70%+ of ist attempts within the box purely from the set piece would be "dominating" an Op
  34. You need to explain what "defensive" in your mind is. There are different styles of DEFENDING and there are teams that use different amounts of risk in and out of possession, but youre not going to win anythin merely "defending"
  35. Great Point. I don’t just want to figure out flaws and exploits so my strikers do better. I want AI strikers and wide forwards (attackers stats to closer reflect their real life performances). We are still a way off seeing the type of returns that the elite players actually produce. Mbappe and Messi were pretty much a goal a game last season. I want to see the top top players getting high 30’s and more goals, also assists. i will give credit where it is due though to the guys are SI. There is an improvement in latest patch, but I would say still a little way to go.
  36. Not a direct comparison but it's very important to me to point out: If you've been drinking at a local pub for 10 years without occasionally receiving some free beer, maybe it is something wrong with you
  37. If you have nothing to add, it is probably best you don’t add anything at all. A save scammer? What total and utter nonsense and very insulting to boot. If this was true, why have I failed to gain promotion twice? Oh, that doesn’t fit your narrative. I know other players, including a moderator of this very forum, who has won promotion every season from the start for the last two FMs and yet you don’t criticise them. You total and utter hypocrite. It is comments like yours which is precisely why I walked away from the Career Forum. I am sick and tired of being accused of stuf
  38. What's the point in giving loyalty discount if its the only game in its genre . I mean where else will you get a game like this . So you don't buy it anymore ...So? Millions still will I also am a long term purchaser and I've paid just as much now as I did then . The price has been pretty steady over the years so I don't get your rant Is it the way the world of today that people want every for nothing . I nearly didn't buy it this year because of financial woes but I did as it gives me a purpose and helps with my mental health Would love to know the percentages of new and ex
  39. I've not played the full season with this patch (maybe half of the season with the new one), but I didn't notice a big difference in term of their stats. Full season stats of the players I've used the most in the positions: Trincão, AML/AMR: 10 goals and 5 assist in 25 games; Olmo, AML: 8 goals and 9 assists in 28 games; Antony, AMR: 9 goals and 7 assists in 30 games;
  40. Also (and again, apologies if this have been a long time known issue), but everyone else having the problem of their fullbacks getting caught offside too many times for it to be realistic in a single game?
  41. Doing the same in Greece. Started in Ionikos and ended up just outside the relegation spots 3 times in a row just by one point. This are the best player to come through my academy yet
  42. It can be so frustrating when your guys don;t have the ball but you can approach this in a number of ways but firstly, you need to understand the opposition approach to help guide you. Are they actually playing Tiki-Taka or are they simply not very aggressive in attack? If they ARE playing tiki-taka then I might consider just letting them. Accept that they dominate possession, but try and control where they have that possession. Re-group, close all the space and cut off forward passes for them. Let them have the ball as long as it is around the half-way line. Or, you can
  43. You don't need instructions to tell them how to pass. One of the biggest mistakes people make is having far too many instructions.
  44. October 2026 For a time, Thanos was so busy fooling around with Zlatan that they'd both forgotten all about the club-imposed social media embargo. This made our new press officer very happy -- both Zlatan and Thanos were distracted, and neither of them was on Twitter. Although talking with the new press officer did make me wonder again, just where did Selene disappeared to... No one seems to know. Of course, all good things must come to an end. Zlatan took away Thanos' Tamagochi after he showed up late for training last week, leading to all sorts of chaos in th
  45. Part II – Tactical musings In part 1 we went over a short biography of Gallardo, as well as his style of play and my aims in this story. In this part I’ll show you the initial shape and tactic I will be starting the season with, as well as highlighting a few players who I’ll be looking to get the best out of. Basic shape and line up As you can see, I’ve mapped the most common XI from WhoScored directly into FM and this is what it looks like in game. One thing that jumps out to me immediately is that De La Cruz is not at all familiar with playing in a cen
  46. For me the match engine is broken this year, I've never said that before, sure there's been bugs, but this is the first FM Game for me where it feels like it doesn't work at all.
  47. Obviously cannot say much but at the moment it isn't quite as bad as it may seem.
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