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  1. Everybody should look at any game analysis they can of any teams with a single striker formation (possibly any # strikers as well)... select it to display PASSES RECEIVED for the striker during the match. This will prove to you that the ME is [insert your own word]. I'm gonna simply say bad. You can debate later if -to you- it is "unplayable". I gave it a last solid go by watching 2 consecutive games in full highlight and researched striker touches in a variety of AI teams, tactics, situations as well. Also tried going strikerless using AMC instead. Same deal. You just cannot ge
  2. The lack of involvement and lack of goals for strikers is my biggest gripe with this match engine. While the lack of central play (probably linked!) and shots from crazy wide angles are frustrating, I'd probably be more willing to deal with it if my strikers were doing more in games and getting more goals. Maybe tactics play a part but I've tried so many combinations of roles, instructions and formations to try and get them scoring. This to me is the biggest problem.
  3. Let's just call it what it is We all have numbers to display and "support" the theory that this ME is bad. This statement couldn't possibly more obvious. What doesn't sit well with me is that we need to "prove" this with so many numbers, and even when people do that, there is somebody that tries to "make sense" and "interpret" those numbers in order to defend the ME. All this nonsense, when in fact, all you have to do is fire up the game, go into a match - extended or full highlights and JUST WATCH. No need to even look at numbers, passes, etc. You should be able to tell that something is off
  4. Pretty shoddy that this has been an ongoing issue for a week and a half now with no official confirmation that they are even looking at the glaring issues. According to some on here, people are 'whinging' about it but the fact of the matter is that every one of us have dropped nearly 40 quid on a game that whilst technically functional, is fundamentally broken in it's execution. No-one expects an overnight fix but it's not too much surely for the issues to be acknowledged and that the Devs are working on this? I've owned every iteration SI have released since CM2 and the ME issues ar
  5. Just wanted to say that as long as everyone keeps buying it, then who cares about all these things ? Think I remember Miles said FM 19 broke the sales records, so there you have it.
  6. If it 'regresses each year' in your eyes, why on earth did you buy it in the first place and not play the demo first? I will never understand this logic. Ever. Now that's cleared up, I think I'll go and post on Zanussi's website to try and get a refund on a washing machine I bought out of Currys.
  7. i pre ordered every single one since FM 15, and i will not be pre ordering anymore, i dont mind the ME isnt good enough, but the problem that i dont understand is, some of the current issues are already there in the beta, why are they still there on the public release? i refuse to believe the SI team dont see shooting from wide angels, wingbacks/wingers dribbles are too strong in their game, yet they release their game and refuse to communicate with us
  8. when your player got drunk ice_video_20191128-132302.webm
  9. Its time for FM to open up to modding. Let players use old match engines. Let the modding community create their own. For me personally there have been 2 match engines in this decade where i've felt like i can enjoy the game whilst setting up the teams to play however i want them to play. I said it last year and i feel the same way again this year. Excluding the match engine, the game is fantastic, but everything you do comes down to those few minutes where the match engine is left to do its job. Its failing horribly again. Give me Fm12 Match Engine. I'll take the inbalances back then for the
  10. You are right about a lot of things, don't get me wrong, but you forget that the line 'we've added new animations' is annual PR talk from the company you are working for, can be found in this article: https://www.footballmanager.com/feature/fm20-match-engine-improvements or this one https://www.footballmanager.com/news/football-manager-2019-match-engine-improvements. I quote: FM20: FM19: Friendly reminder that we are all customers and by this PR talk you are trying to sell me the game. Whether its true or not (we've added new animations) I don't see it. A new player won't
  11. So my club was taken over by new owner and the board signed two new players. I had nothing to do with it and couldn't cancel it in any way. "Whatever!" - I said, even though I'm doing a youth challenge. Now the board is dissapointed with me, because of the "finances involved with signing" these two players. So the board sold my young prospect because that's something the board do. I managed to at least get a loan back until the end of season. The player is back after one day and after his first game a journalist asks me during the press conference if I would be interested in signing him p
  12. That's why FM desperately need a competitor. I'm sure the SI team are working hard, but a competitor would drive things even harder.
  13. Farokh Obaidi - Antwerp Under 18s is posting on Reddit right now asking how he gets himself changed in game as he is from Afghanistan and not Azerbaijan
  14. Hey everyone, Firstly thank you to everyone who provided PKM's for us to review. We will no longer require PKM's for any of the known issues. They have been useful for us to pass onto the devs, indentifying different variables that could lead to the same outcome for some of the known issues we've had. Unfortunately we can not give an exact date for when the update will be public, but we are working hard to improve all the known issues which have been raised and hope you will all enjoy playing on an improved Match Engine as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued feedback.
  15. XaW - Íþróttafélagið Völsungur - 2023 Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances So here we are, in the top tier of Icelandic football. Luckily, I don't think the difference in level is too big. Last year a 2nd tier club won the cup and qualified for Europe, and I've regularly meet them in the Deildabikar before the season starts so they are not a complete unknown for us. And the season started amazingly with 3 wins without even conceding a goal! We did get down to earth again after that, but we still kept picking up points on a regular basis. Towards the end of the season we were in
  16. Erm, there's very legitimate tactical strategies that rely on getting players to those positions and expecting them to do other things. Blaming people for attempting to do that as if that's a bad tactical choice is disingenuous. Try to create a tactic that relies on a false nine or any kind of AMC feeding balls into inside forwards running into the channels. These IFs then are either goalscorers themselves or provide cutbacks. Real life example: Messi-Villa-Pedro, 2011 Barcelona. I'm gonna be here all week waiting for someone to replicate that on FM20, because I believe in the current st
  17. Early impression is that whilst there's far more individual skill/flair on show from forward players than there was in FM19, resulting in some lovely goals, creative passing and overall involvement of forwards remains poor. Deeper playmakers seem to produce a decent amount of key passes/create chances but more advanced creative players simply do not; teams that set-up to defend deep seem to have a lot of joy in grinding games out as yet again, the engine seems to lack the passing tools to break them down. Step in the right direction but remains frustrating, for me.
  18. Stourbridge FC - Season 2020/21 Review Vanarama National League North League Performance - A brilliant first season meant, in which we started on fire but finished poorly meant that we just missed out on playoffs. For the first half of the season we were in the playoffs however we just didn't have the depth to sustain it, particularly as Aaron Lloyd stopped banging them in nearly as regularly after the festive period. We got upgrades to youth recruitment and junior coaching, and also spent £140k upgrading our youth training facilities. I expect that next season will be tougher and
  19. This is the single most absurd thing I have read on the internet today. And I still have a Twitter account, so that really is some going.
  20. Now if we could also cross from the byline on FM20 Thanks for sharing, will check this out!
  21. My last opinion on the state of the game, not only on FM20, but particularly over the last 3 years. I've posted similar stuff about FM18 here. I've also posted this last year but it seems like SI's marketing strategy or however you want to call it is catering to get new players to the game, i.e. adding preset-tactics into the game. I don't mind adding new features into the game but realistically, most new features are not useful to useless for more experienced players. I get that everyone has their opinion on the game but some people (and SI) seem to forget that most constructive feedbac
  22. Thanks for the detailed examples. We are currently working to make the crossing better balanced. The issues from your PKM all seem to be similar to what we've seen and reported ourselves so hopefully we can get a fix out as soon as possible.
  23. The public Bugs Forums are in parts a Nightmare. Too much stuff taking up time that -- in particular in Isolation -- shouldn't be reported as a bug. Unfortunately, that eats up dev time, which then makes Focusing on the issues at Hand harder. Mind you, nobody is doing that out of bad intentions. And Frustration is powerful. Still, I've just watched another pkm uploaded in which the user claimed his Forward were as clear on Goal as it ever gets. No he wasn't. He was closed down and still had a keeper coming off his line to beat / not to hit. IT was almost a replica of Robben in that WC 2010
  24. Thanks for the update, hopefully this issue gets patched soon.
  25. Simply scandalous that we're well over a week past release and that we have a ME where players refuse to cross and rather shoot the side netting, 1v1's rarely get finished and strikers are virtually invisible. No hotfix, nothing. Threads on the bug forum are simply being ignored.
  26. This is still under review and we are still making tweaks to try and improve these numbers
  27. AS OLYMPIAKOS VOLOU Manager Profile | Club Information | Club History | First Team Squad | u19 Squad Welp, I finally took the plunge. Taking on Greece this time which should be a nice change of page. It's a good league in my opinion as the standard of players is pretty good and the youth tend to be pretty decent in my experience (way back when). At present they are only spending about 50% of the available budget for wages after I re-signed the expiring contracts. The squad is a decent size without too many super old stagers which is handy. Also, while the u19 team only has
  28. Except most of the complaints aren't about people having "troubles" in terms of results... The key is the astonishing difference between input, expected output and actual ME display. The likes of CR7 or Messi missing 30% of their penalties (and it's a conservative figure, as other people's screenshots report stuff like 4 missed pens in a SINGLE MATCH) has nothing to do with exploit tactics or poor choices on the user's part. Ditto for wingers and wingbacks shooting from absurd angles instead of passing to a better-placed striker inside the 6-yards box. Or for top-class strikers mis
  29. Vikeologist's Palermo 2023/24 Youth Intake Report In a way, the most interesting thing to me about the intake was that one of them, Agostino Alessandro Morabito YP4c, had a name so long I couldn’t add the YP tag without shortening it. In terms of potential abilities, by far my most disappointing intake, but then again, the forecasts at intake time are hardly to be trusted. My current first eleven includes two F tags and an H, though obviously players are tagged based on their predicted ability, rather than how clear their path to first team action is. Spoiler al
  30. i understand you guys have acknowledged the issue, but whats the plan on the tuning, when is it likely to be released, these are the point customers wanted to know and tbf these issues are so obvious that the game shouldn't be released at this state
  31. Yeah, totally comparable. Because FM had that online component of their previous game, packed with microtransactions that was generating billions for them... Oh, no, wait...that wasn't FM. That was GTA5. From Rockstar. Who earned 1.09 billion just from the online portion. So in that seven years, Rockstar have been raking in all that money, which could fund the entirety of the gaming industry, let alone just Rockstar themselves. There's also the small fact that GTA5 has sold 110 million units. You think FM has ever reached those figures?
  32. 😂 That’s what I first thought this thread was about!
  33. 2035/36 Putnok season review - Hungarian division II The League We were in the promotion spot going into the midseason break. Unfortunately when the season recommenced, we started with 3 losses and 2 draws which effectively ended our promotion chances. We eventually finished 5th. We were knocked out in the third round of the cup 0-2 by Ferencváros. But this marked the first time we sold out our 5197 capacity stadium. The Players Ádám Varga YP28b broke the club league goal scoring record by taking his tally to 98. The youth intake was overall poor, but there
  34. And there is the first update of the megapack: Chile. I did until Level 5 but I'll be also working with Level 6 after there is participant teams enough for 2020 (minimum of 10 teams to be put in update)
  35. Why don't i see it in my matches? My numbers shows an intended style and the players playing that style, and still adding quite a bit of variety in their play. Having played 2 seasons now i have not seen anything out of the ordinary. I play on comprehensive highlights. I always do and i watch my matches. 1. Only time that has happened in my game is when i've told them to really go for it, closing down hard. Otherwise no, i don't have that problem. 2. I have quite a bit of central play. But my focus with my tactics are down the flanks. Had no issues with that on FM19 either. Played the sam
  36. 422 (4132) Tequila Sunrise Tweaked tactic by lassvest FM20Tequilasunrise442.knaplassTHP93EC.fmf
  37. S.S.D. Latina Calcio 1932 Season 4 Squad // League Table (15th) // Transfers On The Pitch We got moved from Serie C Girone C to Serie C Girone B, which is much tougher. In Girone C for example we were one of the better physical teams, in Girone C we were one of the worst. And we started with 3 relegated teams from Serie B (only 1 in Girone C) and only 2 promoted teams (4 in Girone C). So we were predicted 18th and survival was again the goal, which we did – but not without some struggling (especially finding a good new tactic for this season). Biggest
  38. lazy and entitled? good to know that you feel that way, love how you feel the need to put someone down right away! I just came back to post this, now I remember why I stopped coming here. thanks!
  39. Merthyr Town Season 2024/25 Review Vanarama National League South League - Not a great season as goals became an issue, all of our strikers went on long goal draughts. We started off well and were top 3 after the first month or so but then a horrible combination of not scoring strikers and a goalkeeper that let in every shot on target meant we started to drop. We actually went 10 games without a win (only scoring 4 goals in that time) around the turn of the year that had me feeling like we were sinking again. My constant changing formations and players meant we discovered a little
  40. So basically nobody is overacheiving with any lower mentalities than balanced. And people who don't see shots into the sidenet are people who either have their wingers very wide (due to higher mentality, this by default keeps your width higher), or on support roles so they remain deeper and don't break beyond the defensive line into those positions in which they shoot from the byline. Also everyone who is doing well is playing higher lines, because on this ME it appears that dropping deep is suicidal, the AI will kill you by long shots or death by a thousand papercuts by cornering you ar
  41. I'm posting in a thread about the match engine, with posts about the match engine. I haven't used any hyperbolic language whatsoever. The one having a hissy fit here is not me.
  42. I can finally get started now. Managing Katwijk, a club in my hometown.
  43. Season Review 2026-2027 CL was just a bit too much, and another weak performance in the cup. But we have done very well in the league. The attendance seems to be a bit broken in the stadium we're still renting.
  44. This is a) natural - in real life teams that play possession and camp around the opposition box against a deep defence, will get plenty of set pieces; and b) a result of what people got used to in previous FMs, because if you didn't slow yourself down, your team would attempt a ridiculous amount of inconsequential long shots, almost all of them blocked. What's new in this FM is that teams actually play pretty patient even on higher mentalities, and from FM19 onwards long shots became much more dangerous overall too, so slowing yourself down vs a low block and avoiding shooting feels like it's
  45. Why would they throw their ME, which no other gaming company comes even close to, wide open? That would probably be the worst business decision one could make.
  46. This! I'm sure folks in the community will have the match engine up to par in a matter of a few weeks instead of us having to whine and complain to devs about it for months.
  47. And I am sure there are songs you listen to 100 times more than others, yet still pay 3 EUR or whatever. Cars that you drive 10 thousand km in your life and others 1 milion, yet they cost the same. I mostly see the same car every year being modified here and there and being charged as if it were new. The argument "if you don't like it, don't buy it" doesn't stick here in my opinion because of the lack of real competitors.
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