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  1. Took the option to pre-order FM2020 tonight after watching the Twitch stream last night, hopefully it’s a big improvement on FM19 which didn’t really sit well with me, Infact it was the least playing time on any FM by some distance. The new features look good and theres even loads of little tweaks that will actually help the game in longer term saves. I also have a new laptop, so this and FM20 with beta access should be brilliant this year, fingers crossed!
  2. Those 2 video's show off the game in a far better light than that awful Twitch Stream with Miles the other night. Might want to re-think that one. But it looking really promising, pumped for it now!
  3. I agree with the lack of through balls. This was a major issue in FM19 for me ... however: I have seen a lot of incisive plays and dribbles in the videos released so far in FM20. Build up play looks a little bit better than in FM19. If you guys have seen the first goal Inter just scored against Borussia Dormund tonight, you know what I mean. That long ball over the defence was something I haven't seen since FM18 in all honesty.
  4. Let me swap that right around. What tactical roles do you think should be included but aren't? I know of only 1 team who uses overlapping centre backs. To be perfectly honest, there's a couple of fairly obscure tactical roles already in the game; I don't see the point in including any more just for the sake of it...
  5. Uhh I am hairy guy but, damn I did not have full beard when I was 16.... This is one thing I dont understand how SI cant implement - some-what changing faces to regens when they reach certain ages.
  6. Yes it was me as well:)
  7. It is a bug and we are aware of it. Remember guys this is alpha footage
  8. It didn't change during years but will change in 3 weeks before release?
  9. Thanks for posting these videos. Strange way to share info about FM 20 though. Believe it or not there are people who know nothing about FM youtubers or 'creators' or how to find them.
  10. "Unknown hair......" I just had to open that post.
  11. Hey its funny, im the creator of Nuu skin. I never considered myself as a good skin maker (i can't code for ****) but its funny this skin has a sort of legacy. A part from that, i agree the default skin will be again pretty bad, i will be waiting for your skin.
  12. You don't know what alpha means if you think this. The stream was pretty disappointing though, all the fluff about boardrooms and scouting pages that really don't matter much are being pumped out and pushed to the forefront for all the casual fans of the game, but the ME had the same old issues from what i could see. If they spent an entire development cycle between games really making sure the ME was perfect with only minor changes aside from that, the game would end up being far better for it.
  13. One thing I'd like to see changed one day is the day of the year that the game updates the promotions/relegations being earlier than it is. Either that or improve the AI so that if you've won promotion to a higher leaguer, better players will be interested straight away as opposed to having to wait till late June (or equivalent) for your team to 'officially' move up a division. It's been a bugbear for years now.
  14. I have never found it on FM before so I don't think it exists but instead of created set pieces being randomly chosen during matches I would like the option to have certain set pieces depending on the scoreline and/or what minute the set piece is awarded. Maybe the most obvious example could be if I'm 1 goal down (and/or maybe 2 or 3 up if I'm adventurous) I can set my goalkeeper to go forward for a corner. Currently they go forward randomly during the match but realistically it would only happen late on in close match. I do like sending my goalkeeper forward but currently only use it in friendlies and youth matches because I can't control when it happens. Another example is having a tweaked set of corner set pieces for the last 30 minutes with either more players in the box if I'm chasing a goal or keeping more defenders back for the last 30 minutes if I'm winning. Also, not a feature so I'll add this separate suggestion at the bottom. Just an idea that on the loading screen where you can see your manager standing in the changing rooms. Personally I'd prefer the shirts hanging the other way round so I can see the players names on the back of the shirt instead of the front of the kit. It's such a small thing but possibly an option in preferences to flip them round would be nice, especially when you're a few years into a save so it's newgen names and their squad number so it'll be a nice personalised image when FM loads.
  15. I would like the option to request that the clubs board use cash surpluses in more constructive ways. 1) Before the divided/tax bills have to be paid that there was an option to pay off some of the clubs debts and thus reduce these bills. This could be done by paying off the entirety of the debt or ability to restructuring/reducing the payments/time. 2) Able to hire staff above the board limits. Extra staff can be signed with the wages for the duration of contract taken from transfer funds, so additional coach on 10k/week 1 year contract would require £520k fee removed from transfer funds. 3) Allow money to be set aside for future building upgrades. If for instance I wanted my clubs grounds capacity to be increased that I could pay for it from player transfer funds.
  16. This file includes I League and its 2nd division,as well as Indian Lower Division. Also Includes Indian Super League. india.fmf
  17. @Sheriff7 These links might help you in some way, the 2nd one being mine as I did a save with Jamaica not long a go and did quite well with them.
  18. I may have spoken too soon I said I thought the stadiums were improved, but then I saw the PSG game, the same unrealistic stadium as last year what a dissapointment and whilst the crowd is slightly improved what is with all the empty seats especially in a french cup final. The animations do look better, but I was right no players shadows under the lights
  19. Match engine looks very nice the improvements maybe small but boy are they going to make it more realistic and complete
  20. Agree. Strongly disagree. Eye of the beholder and all that, but the 3D looks much improved and does pretty much what I want it to do. Interesting that in one of the PSG clips Mbappe plays exactly the way you'd expect him to play. Dribbling is miles better than FM19, animations are much more fluid. Can't wait to play!
  21. Yeah sorry typo not = now. Amazing how 1 letter can totally change a post
  22. I think Northern Ireland have loads, if I remember correctly, unless it has changed since I played there a few version ago.
  23. Without a doubt, which is why they'll be my 1st save on 2020. Them being my English team another reason. I've felt bad going Utd when they were the dominant force as it was too easy but hopefully the Utd researcher has rated the players accurately. If he has then it should be a challenge to begin with, with Liverpool and Man City being dominant.
  24. Some of you will remember the outstanding Mark Kerr from days gone by. A player that most people signed and was a true FM great. He has now been appointed the manager of Ayr United. Will the devs show their love for the man once again and make him now a managerial ace in fm 2020?
  25. Don't worry about going up, I had a similar level squad at Basingstoke and our first year in the Prem we've been fantastic, 8th place after 10 games and knocked out Arsenal in the League Cup.
  26. Gonna be a bit pic heavy this one but here's my 3 main tactics, I've inverted versions of all 3 to rotate. This is your 4-2-3-1 thread @Experienced Defender, I don't want this to be about my save so I'll remove them if you wish My T(A) up top tactic, I use WBIB because he's only 5' 4 & I use a bit of extra central support instead of an overlapping FB This is my now main tactic, the T(A) in the AMC slot, I usually use this vs. a 4-1-4-1 to shake off the DM, no WBIB or IWB to get crosses to van der Linden as he's a beast in the air. As you'll see on the right, he's got 28 in 27 so far this season This is the tactic I used in the home leg vs. Napoli's 4-4-2, an AP(A) in the AMC slot to stay between their defence & midfield & a AF(A) to sit on the back line , Martinez (my T(A)) is tiny but rapid On all of the above, I have the CM(S) to hold position, take more risks & the CM(D) to close down less I still have a few more 4-2-3-1's up my sleeve, a CF(A) version, a SS(A) version & I'm working on a TM(S) version to use against 2 DM opposition This is the game: Martinez got a hattrick, all from balls between the lines & the W(A) popped up for a couple of them too From the start of December I switched to the CM(D) CM(S) combo, the 2-2 Borussia is where I last used the Mezz(S) in CM then I used a BBM(S) or RPM(S) for a few games as you'll see where my CM & CDs had to win me a couple of games, then I shored up the midfield in December onwards & we've been on a 13 game winning streak in the league with van der Linden scoring in every game he's played Here are my two first choice centre mids: Domingo I had to chase for years, he came with 9 PPMs, all are very useful apart from Runs with ball often as I don't want him doing that because he likes to run forward with the ball & take a shot (even though he has the Looks for a pass... PPM, ample Teamwork & Composure & usually has at least 5 good options to look for). It's not so bad though as he has 16 in 23, usually a rocket from the edge of the box Sladan, I've had to work on his defensive game for years but he's fantastic in the role, just a cool cat that can pick a pass Hopefully someone finds this stuff useful/interesting & if not, it'll be an easy way to transfer my tactics to FM2020
  27. —Goalkeeper ratings. I guess unless they score AND save multiple penalties more than 7.5 is a rare miracle. I'd like a general update to the rating system but that seems too far off ^^ —Updates to the Director of Football. Especially now with German licenses, the current role is just weird! —Licensing and Finances playing a bigger role. While I accept FM is primarily focussed on the sports side, there are still some overlaps that should be better integrated, especially when it comes to liquidity or damgers to the league license — Directors demanding transfer revenue, otherwise risk of firing/star players automatically set on the list. Semi-permanent loss of reputation. Option to organise special friendlies against top teams at no cost (or get them organised). Or in extreme cases players not getting paid on time resulting in loss of motivation/absences/transfer request. —Put the kit editor outside the cheat editor. Also let the player toggle both teams' kits pre-match. I am still sad I had to abandon my Pauli save but it was necessary because their brown kit clashed horribly with others or was barely distinct. It might not be realistic but it changes nothing but the looks, is optional, and sometimes makes games a lot easier to watch!
  28. I can understand deleting posts about digs to SI Staff and moderators but i don't agree with good constructive criticism posts being deleted where people are making good points about the features or videos they don't like so far?
  29. Removed a couple of posts: we're tired of having to say this but constructive criticism is good, digs at SI staff and moderators is not. This isn't something that's up for debate and if people don't grasp this soon they will lose the ability to post.
  30. I'll never understand why people want this to be a thing. When you start a new game, YOU are the manager, regardless of what name you give yourself or what your history is. There is absolutely nothing to stop you trying to replicate a real life manager, but you'll never sign the same players, never use the same instructions, will vary in how you manage in-game etc etc etc. Also, what if Klopp got poached by Bayern in real life a week after you've started a Liverpool save as him? Bang! Realism gone already. I've always considered FM to be a real life replication of the existing football world until you hit continue on the first day. Then you're into a whole new parallel universe.
  31. I have just watched the stream again and I will say again what I mentioned last night and that is the colour of the pitch, I have just watched a couple of real life football clips and looked at colour photos of every stadium in the english top five leagues and nowhere is there a pitch of that colour. Surely it cant be that difficult to get the colour of the grass right
  32. Would love this janrzm, but can't see it happening unfortunately.
  33. One of my favourite sites personally. Pretty interesting articles on the running seasons too, for instance more recent, their analyzing last Season just how unlikely it was for Dortmund (and Alcacer) to keep scoring at the right they did (and in the 2nd half, they didn't). What do you have against it? (Ted Knutson kicks arse). -> There are like two dozen similar lines within FM's match commentary btw. , randomly assigned to every other shot.
  34. Yeah but i barely saw new ones I had expectations for new animations when player dribble.. but its always the same he just runs fast
  35. 12 October 2018: First FM19 stream 18 October 2018: FM19 Beta 21 October 2019: First FM20 stream 27 October 2019: ????
  36. Players with high numbers for game intelligence, dribbling, vision, etc etc, who are able to cross a ball with just kicking it against the guy standing in front of him. Defenders who header a ball to a colleague instead of anywhere on the pitch. AI teams who don't just put 11 players behind the ball in every game, played a league game against Celtic who did the same, YES Celtic who have won the league around 8 times in a row. Players that do as the tactics demand, if I ask for work the ball into the area I don't want to see 35 shots per game from around the outside of the box, some just missing or scoring but the vast majority just blasting off the defenders in front of them and when the ball rebounds back, I don't want to see them just take another long range shot for the sake of it. If I play with a wingback or IF, it doesn't mean I want all play to be played down my wings, my central midfielders are good and expect them to contribute plenty too, fed up seeing 3-4 central tippy tappy passes, then a pass out left/right to then see a cross and then a goal, yeh! 5-0 up with another goal from a cross, how different.
  37. Equipping footballers with the body part commonly known as a "chest", so they don't have to solely rely on their heads and feet in order to control the ball give away possession.
  38. Notts County could be interesting. They had a massive wage bill, big debt, abysmal chairman and were relegated down to the Conference. They had a transfer ban that was only lifted a week before the season started too. Now been taken over with some last minutes signings and with a tag as being one of the bigger clubs in the division and are there for the taking - can they pull out of the decline and thrive? Could be a big test.
  39. Totally second this. It's probably the first time I'll start a serious save with United. 6 years without winning the title is too long.
  40. Manchester United. I think they count as a fallen giant now? :P Okay, a slightly upper-table team anyway. If the researcher has appropriately rated them, I'm looking forward to playing with a team of mediocre players, bar Pogba, De Gea, (possibly) AWB and Maguire. I'm looking forward to trying to re-balance the ridiculous wage bill. But that's only *if* they've been rated appropriately. No doubt, Martial will be Ronaldo-like, Rashford will be up there as one of the best strikers in the world and Mata will have the attributes of someone capable of putting out 40 assists a week, never mind a season. I kind of hope they have the board interfering with transfers etc, just to make it more challenging, but we'll see. Anyway, yes, snark aside, United is where I'd go this season, just to rebuild them. It's the smallest of bright spots as a United fan I guess, I used to dislike taking over SAF's teams as they were so good it never felt like I did much for the club, so I was always looking elsewhere.
  41. https://www.shopto.net/en/dwnld54186-football-manager-2020-pc-download-eu-p175389/
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