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  1. have you seen modern mobile games recently? there are PC ports on mobile phone...- have to admit, the stadiums look suspiciously similar and now look at this (i've just picked a random FM video and took a random gameplay without sound. Funny enough, now I've checked the video with the sound, and the guy literally says "graphically it remained the same" ) also, take into account that one is a FREE mobile game made and published by less than two dozen men. the other is one of the best selling, longest franchises in history of pc
  2. The graphics And match day experience are terrible. Let’s be honest. Every match feels the same, whether you are at home against Burnley in a league game or in a champions league final in Athens etc. There is no difference. It’s so stale and repetitive. No real fan segregation, no graphics that actually reflect true fan attendance. Everyone wearing the same clothes. Same stadiums in 85% of matches. Benficas magnificent Estadio Da Luz portrayed as a 4 stand stadium. The list is endless. Picnic tables at every lower league ground. Tv screens at lower league ground that are bigger than
  3. Personally I only play matches using 3D. It's 2019 and I want to watch a 3D representation of a football match, not a 2D (or text) version of it. From that perspective I find the 3D graphics tolerable. But is "tolerable" good enough? For me (and I suspect others) not really and I'd love to see much better graphics in combination with the depth of gameplay, however I'm not entitled enough to think just because I want something that's where SI's priority should be. There are plenty of reasons why the graphics aren't better which many people don't appreciate (or ignore) but that's not to
  4. I really don't understand why people have the need to defend the graphics in the FM. Considering the year we live in, it is plainly outdated. Mobile games have better graphics on average. That being said, FM doesn't really need spectacular graphics comparable to any AAA game. it just isn't that kind of the game. I think people are more bothered with sheer discrepancy between current state of graphical representation in the game, and graphics standards for the year we live in. It is simply out of place in 2020.
  5. I agree that animations are the key. We need to see: Players using their strength to hold off opponents before knocking down or passing to a teammate - (target men are next to useless right now) Players attempting to dribble round the goalkeeper - (until this exists, it will remain a gaping hole in realism) Players opening their body to execute precise side foot finishes - (players shoot, cross and pass with their weak foot far too often in FM19) Players receiving the ball on the half-turn to spin away from opponents - (players take far too long to turn in FM19) P
  6. I don’t really care about graphics either. But they could be better, and as long as it’s not impacting any other performance why shouldn’t they be. Also, nobody here is asking for FIFA/PES level graphics, but there is, let’s be honest, a gulf in quality between them and FM. So there is still plenty of scope for improvement even without trying to reach that level of quality. For what it’s worth, it does sound like they’ve had some focus on graphics anyway with the new player models and introduction of dynamic pitches which should bring with it the return of some of the additional textur
  7. Man two people seriously responded to you and this is your answer? All were trying to say is that FM graphics can be better these days. This is not a controversial opinion at all and I cant imagine someone defending the other side. Its only a win-win situation for everyone.
  8. Yep, ditto been playing since the game came on floppy disks. Each league a different floppy (Back in the Championship manager days)! I remember being excited when we could have 3 leagues simultaneously. Before that it was 1 league. I've bought every single version of the game and have never regretted it. The game gets better every year IMO except maybe one or two iterations. For a game that's been released over nearly 3 decades that's frankly amazing. Give me gameplay and depth over graphics everyday of the week than you very much.
  9. The game should absolutely be more clear with all staff positions. Why this continues to be a mystery is a mystery. What does adding extra physios actually do? Is 1 enough? 2? 10? And yes, I get that the number might be subjective for FM players, but where is the point of marginal utility? Too many of these staff positions come across as window dressing to spend money on, which leaves us operating in an information vacuum.
  10. This is what we really want to vote for on kingpin Miles Twitter posts- Match Engine videos-100% Transfer AI-100% Better Training-100% Other pointless rubbish-0%
  11. Yeah, refs are in a no win there, must be gutting for Watson though. As the commentators said, officials should know the qb. In a situation like that, with someone like Watson, let it go, someone like Mariota, call the sack, Tom Brady, roughing the passer.
  12. Agreed. (And I'm not arguing about whether the graphics could be better.) All I'm saying is that SI are the only ones with the information at hand to really determine whether increasing the quality of the graphics would significantly add to their bottom line. My personal opinion: if there was a more direct correlation between graphics quality and their bottom line, I'd expect that the graphics would be far superior, as they'd throw a lot more cash at it. Personally, if they had to choose a priority, I'd much prefer they threw that cash at the match engine rather than the graphics e
  13. Well you are correct, our opinion counts for maybe 0.0001% of the playerbase and even then its worth most likely nothing as we arent experts. But do you need to be a cook to criticise the food? The only other question is whether you can actually improve on the food, but saying how the food tastes isnt just for professional cooks.
  14. Yeh as others have said, all you are doing there is choosing which database to use - either the summer transfers update or the winter transfers. This choice has no impact what so ever on the game itself, so when you say you prefer the 19.1 match engine you are using the latest version of the ME. So your favourite version of the ME is actually the current one.
  15. The whole "indie wrestling is just guys doing flips in front of 20 people. It's less of a fight and more like a gymnastic routine" is such cliched ********. Makes people sound like an even more out of touch Rip Rodgers. Are there guys like that? Of course but there's so much more out there. There's some great storytellers out there, hell New Japan alone is probably the best place for storytelling anywhere in the world right now. It's such a dull ****ing conversation, if you don't like what you see then watch something else, it's never been easier to find the type of wrestling you enjoy.
  16. Honestly speaking I don't think the graphics are much of the issue. If you had sleaker animations and ones seen in mobile games as showed by @MBarbaric then it'd be enough. So actually heading the ball and having a reaction with hands and feet to look realistic or even when passing or shooting- not being a thunderbolt or some sick swerve but one that looks like it's real.The graphics can be massively improved for sure but if the animations were right would it really matter about the graphic of the body and faces? This is why people compare to 17 (for the ones who argued yesterday), the a
  17. Look I already pointed out to you that some things arent opinions. Are you going to argue that more modern graphic engines which produce more detailed models is worse looking? Even if a socccer player with more details under the hood can somehow be perceived as worse, I doubt showing people gameplay footage of FM compared with mobile games would somehow convince them FM is better looking. Are you explaining the difference between opinions and facts on a forum with mostly adults? Cmon man, we are not children. Plenty? The first 10 games are majorly games that are good in the g
  18. The cost of the game is great if it's your first buy . But when you have bought the game since 2006 and see features disappear then come back as new features or say things like it will be the best graphics ever but they have become worse since FM17 ( who had the best match day experience ) you can understand why people become sceptical
  19. Really happy to hear about the 'new'/old feature of letting managers have photographs for their profile picture rather than the frankenregen effigie that we have had to endure for the last 3 years. Why did we have do endure it? Somebody please explain... About bloody time we can bring our normal faces back to our management profiles. It was an an absolute joke...
  20. Remember when Gable and Jason Jordan were over as f**k in NXT as American Alpha? Such a shame.
  21. Chad Gable>Shorty Gable>Shorty G by next month. This company man. Get Gable in NXT or AEW. Guy is talented in the ring, passable on the mic but what is this about his name and height, oh yeah, Vince, 'It's such good ****'
  22. So as you may have guessed I attended the Bernie and AOC rally in NYC yesterday, which also included a lot of other inspiring people as well, such as San Juan Mayor Cruz, Nina Turner, Tiffany Caban, Julia Salazar, Dr. Jane Sanders, and more. Having spent the last few Saturdays canvassing and registering people to vote, it was nice to spend this one seeing everyone come together! Estimates put the total crowd at 33k though only 26k could actually get inside the park, making this the biggest rally held by any politician this election. They had only expected 20k. It was also inspiring just t
  23. Staff Progression Update 2047 Oliver Alonso | Betis > Liverpool > Valencia > Hoffenheim > Liverpool > Barcelona > PSG > Liverpool > Juventus. 3 League Wins and 12 Cups. Reziuan Mirzov | Leipzig > PSG > Arsenal > Bayern Munich. 5 League Wins and 15 Cups. Danny Welbeck | Hoffenheim > Betis > Hoffenheim > England > Man Utd. 1 League and 3 Cups Nurlan Novruzov | Real Sociedad. Matvey Tereshko | Espanyol > Malaga. Emiliano Marcondes | Benfica > Valencia > Tottenham > PSG. 2 Cups. Reece James | Neftc
  24. This moving of the goalposts is at least extremely consistent with your character, I'll give you that. You're not just flipping around needlessly. Quite frankly, I hope none of those on my list who are still in NXT ever get called up to an actual Vince ran program. It doesn't matter how good you are or how good your character is, just ask Samoa Joe. Man kills it every time he gets near a microphone and where has that got him? And then you just get into these absolute ******** questions. What sets them apart? Their god damned character. Assuming they are allowed to actually show it. B
  25. Sorry mate. Will spare a thought for you later as I pour hot bisto gravy all over my body while vigorously stroking on my shaft
  26. it doesn't look much better but it does look better, doesn't it? If all opinions are equal, I urge you to go to the nearest hospital and provide your opinion on treatment. Top games by current player count CURRENT PLAYERS PEAK TODAY GAME 543,361 754,909 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 507,428 644,373 Dota 2 44
  27. Exactly, and better graphics will also drive in newer players. If people were only playing games for gameplay we could have stopped at text or 2d forever. The newer generation appreciates some better graphics. Considering many games do this without ruining the experience for lower end PCs, I cant imagine the player gain of better graphics would lower the experience for anyone. Its a win-win situation as I see it.
  28. But this is not an opinion? Just look at the games in the play store. There are games with a much more modern looking engine and most likely models with much more polygons resulting in more detailed looks. That's not an "opinion" when it's facts. Also my other example that you ignored mentions how games with lower specs run better graphics. Prime example, Pes/FIFA of a decade ago. Maybe that's an opinion, but if you put FIFA 09 aside FM 2019 I doubt many people would say FM 2019 looks that much better. Especially the animations, grass, stadiums and overall atmosphere.
  29. I don't think people realise here that graphics are important to a game. Nobody is asking for insanely good graphics, but the fact that the game is looking worse then most mobile games in 2019 is not great. Even with these minimum specs, I've already pointed out that there are many games out there that do better with these minimum specs or even worse. So it's not like lower end PC's will suffer. Better graphics will attract new players and doesn't need to affect the people with weaker PC's. Because cmon, the graphics in FM are seriously outdated and could use a facelift. Show any non FM
  30. Now if that isnt a good start , inspiring someone that is so desillusioned with politics and life in general often. Hope this is a positive start all around.
  31. 2041/42 End of Season Given our perilous position at Christmas - this season must both go down as hugely unexpected but also a season that will never be rivalled again in terms of our domination across all competitions. Given that we are still unbeaten in all competitions since the end of January - winning 25 of those 27 games, suggests that this juggernaut will continue to roll on. Given the changes in FM20 release (well, compared to what everyone was thinking) I think I've got another couple of weeks left of this save still and I reckon I'd like to go on and win the Super Cup and h
  32. 100% this. I wouldn't have cared if SI simply stuck to the 2D pitch view. That's more than enough for me.
  33. You are getting bogged down with semantics here I said that when there was heavy rain the pitch was muddy. This was not the case in FM18 or 19 as stated. We mere mortals have not seen any footage from FM20 and are waiting to see what the graphical changes are.
  34. Everything i have seen from her has been awesome and to step back and endorse the guy, that seems to really want to improve things for people, is a very mature sign and rises my opinion of her even higher. Issues over vanity. I have to say...this is my team now, because they have the best 2 politicians i have seen so far in this race. Would be totally cool with her as VP and taking over if Bernie really was such a health disaster he was photoshopped ,or not, to. Cant all be as fit as Trump. Loved her questions and energy in sessions and commitees. She seems lke she carrie
  35. They should take him to court to be honest as this is a clear attempt to frustrate the purpose of the act and is unlawful.
  36. I'm not particularly of a gfx guy, at least not as far as FM is concerned. However, this is likely also a cost-benefit calculation. You could increase in Team size and ramp up the visuals massively. At the same time though, the Question lingers whether that would attract more customers to Warrant, and rather pay, the extra staff. I personally don't think it would, as "Spreadsheet" based Management games are a niche and Always will be, and there's only so much room left to grow this Thing. Therefore, it'll be Always About iteral smallish improvements, as has happened so far. A more realistic
  37. Unfortunately the fact is that it is also the opinion of a significant number of other people, and not all participate in these forums. I respect everone is entitled to their own opinion but I you really believe that the graphics have improved since FM17 then I dont understand your perception of graphics
  38. I know very few people with so many problems with getting criticism as Miles. But they at least don't deny it and would never, ever, pretend they have a thick skin when they are in the opposite side of it. It's incredible.
  39. Ive said it before and many people as well. Miles, get off of twitter or get a PR team to run your twitter. You do not have a thick skin, because every year you are complaining again about people complaining about you. Or your twitter background to begin with. Thats not having an "incredibly thick skin". And this is coming from a Dutch person, so I know what it actually means. People throwing abuse at Miles? Not okay. The way Miles is handing it? Also not okay. Miles is not Blizzard/NBA levels of bad PR (thank god for that), but it certainly isnt the PR we want to see from
  40. Marginal if anything. It's the Sports Scientists that work on injury prevention though - physios fix 'em, Sports Scientists stop them breaking in the first place.
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