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  1. Ive been thinking, but I feel like many features are a bit of fluff and I hope they announce some substantial changes. I thought they would come by now, but Im getting kinda worried. If a rule change is considered a feature, thats kinda meh imo.
  2. I've put some right hours & effort into FM19, I've really enjoyed it on the most part but they are a few things I'd like to see improved, particularly in the ME Crosses - not the fact that most are blocked but the sheer number of them compared to a real life football match. I had a quick look last weekend & Liverpool who play with two aggressive wingbacks put in about 30 a game (without corners), Arsenal, 3. Without any focus on wing play, last time I checked I'm attempting 60-70 per game with corners. Not a thorough test by any means but there's a ME preference to the ball going
  3. Code of Conduct is nice but I'm hoping that FM2020 will also make it easier to track those offences. I know we can make notes when players misbehave but it would be much easier to get aome kind of message with his previous offences.
  4. I notice from screenshots so far that the TC has remained largely unchanged. I don't have a problem with this, providing the ME has been improved so that a) a broader range of distinctive play-styles are achievable, and b) players actually carry out your instructions. The most important areas to address are: Pressing - This needs a major overhaul to bring it into line with how teams press in reality. It needs to be much more coordinated with an actual strategy underpinning it (i.e triggers, cutting off passing lanes and what to do if the initial press is beaten). We still have a headless
  5. I hope the defenders won't head the ball away when they are not in any danger. Now that would be a good feature.
  6. We should have the ability to create Scouting assignments separate from the actual scouts. For example, - I would like to create a South American scouting assignment, with various attributes. I would like to create another South American scouting assignment, with various attributes. I would like to create a European American scouting assignment, with various attributes. Now, I would then like to assign my scouts to the Scouting assignments I have created. What this means, is I have the ability to a) move scouts between assignments easily and b) re
  7. To me this is just meh... Once again FM are "tweaking" when they need to come stronger in their changes on things that actually matters. Like the flexibility of being able to make a formation based on what YOU believe in and not some copy paste, scripted, tactics. Way to think INSIDE the box instead of outside the box. These changes add nothing in the long run to a save because ultimately when you play FM, you play for the football GAME. The joy of seeing your team PLAY the type of football you desire completely. If I want my inside forwards to also chase back, I SHOULD have that o
  8. Simple solution for a costumer: Do not buy it once again as long as you are not happy with the product. Try the demo in November and make your decision. SI owes you nothing.
  9. So results have picked up, I am still not great tactically but this thread has lead me to something. I am a pretty long time player of FM, started in 08 I think. I have always treated it a bit like a race, the matches themselves were simply a means to see what I was really into, the statistics and team building. I always played matches on either key highlights or commentary only. Well, holy hell playing on comprehensive highlights really does make it a different game. Now that one goal win isn't a crap result, I saw what a nightmare slog fest it was for the players and I fist pumped that
  10. Yeap, get the basics right - modern tactics, players AI, positioning, defending, GK reactions, match graphics, player movement... Here's some suggestions SI. Just release a couple of videos of how for example, gengenpressing is improved: show a short clip of how a small group of players cut off passing lanes and time their challenges to make a tackle where they want it, when they want it. Even to the extent of how their pressing forces an opposing team to pass the ball in a direction they want to. Another video of how the GK's AI has improved: Show him doing one-on-ones with a
  11. My dad's favorite FM is 2011. I tried to make him "upgrade" but he always refuses, I don't think he will ever play another version. As for me, I truly think FM19 is the best one so far (even with some evident ME problems), but I also play FM17 --- this one holds a special place in my heart. Some months ago I tried to go back all the way to CM4. Such good memories, but the truth is, I wasn't able to stay more than an hour. Lacks basically everything that we know by now, which is normal. I prefer to keep the old memories.
  12. "Isaac Success looking in great shape", I see the assistant manager is as competent as ever
  13. Yeah. Really looking forward to having that code of conduct in FM20. I can be strict now, but everyone will be aware of it beforehand, so will know the consequences.
  14. And that was the exact point I brought in, I also don't have a insane rig, not even close, but with stadia and some other cloud services in the door,maybe, just maybe the community will start to transition to it. The problem is that most of the players find kits, players faces and other things like this so important that they are already refusing to go there, and this put SI in a worrible position, where they can upgrade the game because they got the tecnology, but they can't upgrade the game because the players don't have the harware to support it. Then they need to stop the st
  15. When attempting to sell players, my initial attempt is to always attempt to sell with a 50% Percentage of Next Sale. I would like to set a default option of setting of setting the default Additional Clauses. I would also want it if I attempt to sell a player, setting my options, again with a non-negotiable clause, then the offers coming back into me - those offers match my offers. All too often offers made to me do not match those offers I've made non-negotiable, which defeats the purpose. It wastes my time having to go through the various transfer requests to either decline th
  16. Hi mates, I wanna suggest generate the option for an alternative logo version for that logos that have dark/light applications. Leagues like La Liga, UCL, or teams like Juventus and At. Paranaense have alternative applications. Take Juventus like an example in FM19, In you have the white original logo (without any border or effect) look good in the titlebar, but if you go to Information page with an light skin, the logo totally loses. Actually FIFA already have this feature in the team selection screen.
  17. I think that a double screen mode would add a lot to the feeling playing the game. Multiple screens are used in a lot of jobs these days, why should that be the same in Football Manager? Imagine being able to have your team tactics on one screen and opponent stats, analysis report, starting eleven or what ever on the other page. Multitasking, comparing and so on. It would not be necessary in that many computer games out there, but a game that are as strategic and job realistic as FM should look in to this possibility. br Djuuuuuu
  18. The changes this season are pretty toned down compared to last year with the training but i dont have a problem with it. Often the year after a big change delivered the best FM for a couple of years and all the changes that have been announced sound good. Of course i'd wish for something a bit more radical: If there is a change to staff, then why not make staff members much more prominent personalities that strongly affect the way your team plays or your players develop, as opposed to reducing it to attribute min/maxing + personality, which is essentially all that a staff member is for us. A l
  19. Football Manager 2014 - 2448 hours Football Manager 2015 - 2173 hours Football Manager 2016 - 1610 hours Football Manager 2017 - 1318 hours Football Manager 2018 - 1429 hours Football Manager 2019 - 1931 hours and counting Though this only counts the ones I have on Steam. I probably played other iterations for circa 10k hours.
  20. Anyone had more than 3 own goals in a single game?
  21. I would say to load what your computer can handle at a speed you find acceptable (easier said than done) maybe load all of the top divisions from Europe and add Brazil and Argentina to make the continental cups competitive. If you find it too slow you could always remove leagues at the end of the season. May be a good idea to add the Dutch second tier for loaning purposes too You will need to select leagues as playable in order for all of the players to be present What kind of Spec does your computer have?
  22. Thanks for your answer! If individual mentalities are relative to team mentality, does that mean that your WBs will be more cautious in your Counter system than they are in the Control one, despite them having the same individual mentality of 12 in both? That would explain my confusion, since I thought that individual mentalities always come first. That is why I saw no point in balancing them out (making them almost the same in both systems), since I thought that would make them behave in the same way (I thought there would be no difference between the two system, despite different t
  23. did I just get offered an Irish Bar as a feeder club??
  24. They should get that ginger lad back to present the new features like they did for FM18. I enjoyed that
  25. Excellent question. Quite difficult to articulate an answer. At a ridiculously high level, balance is important simply because you have to score more goals than you concede, so even if you're playing Overload you still want some defensive structure; likewise if you're Defensive you want some attacking threat. Team Mentality outlines the collective strategy and then Duty determines individual mentality relative to the team. The common misconception is that Duty is absolute. For example, that Attack duty always means they're attacking or Support players are always balanced. Which is wh
  26. That Basque newgens feature is quite ambitious considering that newgens from any continent looked pretty much the same in FM 19...
  27. Yeah I had a save with the same formation to yours more or less (Half back instead of DM.) And the same problem with super deep defences. The way I solved it (sort of) is to get their players moving toward my players rather than my players moving toward theirs. Dropping deep, dropping the tempo and playing out from the back will get you playing patiently in your own half and get the opposition midfield to leave their defensive positions and close you down leaving space behind them. Another way to do it (which I haven't tested myself) would be to play super wide, forcing their play
  28. Decent additions which improve the quality of life. 1. Still waiting/hoping for changes to the training system, as I belive it needs to be streamlined quite a bit. 2. For the love of God, what is with this purple / pink trend ? It looks catchy and nice, but after an hour it really takes a toll on my eyes. The skinning community will take care of this really quick, but still ... 3. Match Engine ... yes ... the big elephant If they sort this out, it will be massive. I basically skipped FM19 entirely (only played it for about 100 hours) because the non sense going on the pitch.
  29. Just imagine if crosses made it into the box and not just to the nearest defender's shins. IMAGINE.
  30. Simply don´t play it then if it causes in you the urge to rant about it so much on an internet forum? I wouldve quit by then already if I felt like that, to simply save me energy for other things in life. But then again I am enjoying the game despite its´obvious flaws..
  31. Please do ask her to visit the Tactics forum then as there are plenty of people there struggling with the 442.
  32. To be honest, put more simply, the best way to enjoy the game is probably just to never visit any sort of site like this. Ever.
  33. As ever, this is my major concern too. Being primarily a network game player on mostly an edited database: 1.) Will there be backwards compatibility between steam and stadia for saves? 2.) Will there be network compatibility for users across Mac/Windows/Stadia 3.) Will there be Editor on Stadia If the answer to those are favourable, this could be a gamechanger for me.
  34. I really don't like the pitch graphic for players' positions being skewed... Why not just leave it straight? The same can go for the tactics creator pitch graphic in FM19. It being skewed doesn't add anything and just looks bad.
  35. Its an opinion but FM19 in my opinion has the worse ME . FM17 was basically an upgrade from FM16 . I would like to forget FM19 and move on because for me it didn't hit the mark . Your right though people do forget
  36. Wolves Bring In 3 In The Summer Maxence Girod 16 year old CM from Nice - 5 mil A wonderkid that needs quite a bit of development but certainly has the tools. His physicals are pretty good to start with not he just needs to focus on his mentals and keep up his technicals and he will be a star. Arthur 23 year old CM from Barcelona - 47.5 mil I really didn't need Arthur but he's shiny and I really wanted him. Both him and de Jong were available but I wanted Arthur. He can absolutely pull the strings in the midfield with his passing and control over the game.
  37. May 2020 0-1 An own goal by Coady is the difference at Anfield. It was a entertaining game for sure an we didn't play as bad as the stats indicate. All in all we were lucky to only lose 1-0 but we also could of had a draw as well. 3-2 (Costa x3) Very bad game for Calum Chambers but an incredible game by Helder Costa has he scores a hat trick for the win on the last game of the season. We took a quick 2-0 lead but Watford battled back to make it 2-2. I thought the game was going to end in a draw but Costa took a free kick from just outside o
  38. April 2020 FA Cup Semis 2-0 ( Gomez x2) A Gomez brace means once againg we are reading to the FA Cup finals. Ruben Dias got sent off in the 41st minute for a rough challenge in the box, which Gomez blasted so hard he almost ripped a hole in the net. It was a rainy day which helped so down the game and let our big striker go to work. I'm very happy to be moving on with a chance to ad more silverware. 0-1 Arsenal wins the League game on a Mesut Ozil goal. It was a fairly even game and I thought I was going to get a draw but it wasn't meant to be.
  39. February 2020 0-2 And we start the month the way we ended the last month, very poor. We out shot them by a good amount but our attack was no where to be found. Embarrassing effort from the boys. FA Cup 5th Round 2-0 ( Mountinho, Skov Olsen) We take the return game very comforting, as QPR never threatened us. The defense played well and it was only a matter of time before we scored. 1-0 ( Dendoncker) A boring game until Dendoncker scored a beauty from outside the box. He seems to make that a signature shot of his. The d
  40. January 2019 3-2 ( Gomez x2, Moutinho) A back and forth game were Brighton took advantage of my shallow CB depth. Both normal starters Boly and Coady were unavailable for the game. Gomez keeps up with his good goal scoring record, Moutinho added a goal on a PK. I have to hand it to Brighton they really played well and used their limited chances to the fullest. FA Cup 3rd Round 5-0 ( Wooburn, Traore x2, Gibbs-White, Moutinho) That's more like it, we torch the poor Championship team 5-0. It has a complete game from everybody the attack and m
  41. Great news for people on the fence about buying a Google Stadia. However FM out the box although amazing, I just could not imagine ever playing the game without the numerous graphics pack which massively enhance the experience. As well as all the Real Name mods for the competitions and re-adding the German national team.
  42. You don't have to subscribe to Stadia to get games, you can just buy games on that system like normal. This has the potential to be huge, for example for people who don't have a good laptop, load up your save at a mate's house to show them stuff, play a big final round your mates', mess about with your team on your phone/tablet. And yes, get through seasons as fast as your fingers can manage it. But mods would be impossible, fake Germany only, that kind of thing.... Fascinating!
  43. Considering officially licensed faces are plain 2D pictures and so are facepacks, I don't see why SI had to go 3D when it'd have sufficed reverting to what they had been using before FM17 with adequate results. FM is not a graphics-oriented game, so if the newgens' faces are only needed in static menus, there's no need to implement a fully-generated 3D face as if it were an arcade/sim game where in-match visuals are key features.
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