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  1. @Novem9 I have said it many times over the last 9 months, since we have FM 19, that this is the worst ME ever created. It introduces some positives for sure, like richer player animations and the way GKs spot unmarked players for an under-pressure kick, but this pales in comparison to the negatives. Without repeating what most of us have already said, I will just say this: A good Match Engine lets you to be the creator with no boundries, no constraints and no bias towards some tactical framework - Look at FM17 and even FM18 (not to mention older, but briliant ones, like FM13 and FM14). Sure, you can create whatever system you like in FM19, but it will not work how you expect it to work because of the many flaws rooted in the ME, like: - Unnaceptable poor use of space. - Strikers don't try to move off the ball, they are way way too static - have a look at how a striker playes in FM17,FM18 .... don't just remember before you bash me, but actually install those 2 versions and have a look. It's mind boggling. - Whenever there is a 5% of a chance for a long shots, most often than not, that player will go for it. - Strikers, again .... miss out way too many one on ones or easy chances, while the midfielders are almost if not just as proeficient at the end of the season. - AI defense is a joke (our as well to a degree) in the sense that is way too narrow. Sometimes IRL teams do defend extremly narrow - Atletico Madrid, but only against the best of opponents and not every single game. In FM19, every single team, regardless of who te opposition is, is defending at the endges if the 16 yard box, leaving both flanks completly free, which INVITES to full-backs overlapping, hence why we have so many awful crosses. Yes, I know, it's my tactics, for sure. Its because over the past 15 years I have only grown to be a lesser player once FM19 dropped and I forgot every common sense theory about football and Football Manager. Again, this is not about winning or losing games. I have completed about 2 seasons with 3-4 teams each and I was reasonably succesful. It's not about success. It's about the ability to create what you want and work it as you expect (within your knowledge limits) and FM19 is everything but. I do trust SI and I haven't completly written them off, since I know they are capable of creating amazing games, like they used to, which brough me so much joy and FUN. Speaking of fun, this for me is the most NOT FUN version EVER. I can only hope that FM20 will be a hit in terms of Match Engine, I am not commenting on features outside the ME, because for me, at this stage is pointless. If the ME is poor (to put it kindly), nothing else matters. Give us the FUN and CONTROL back, I know you can, just take it on board.
  2. Euro 2024 Update Hope you're all enjoying the weekend. Apologies for the radio silence on the updates lately, life's been hectic again. Likely to be hectic at for the next few weeks but I have managed to get through the Euro 2024 championship and it does leave us at a fairly major crossroads. At this point, the Portugal squad is beyond a 'golden generation'. Not only are we reigning world champions but the squad consists of 3-in-a-row Champions League winners, Benfica plus multiple world class players from around Europe including Bernardo Silva, Xadas, Gonçalo Guedes and Andre Silva with many first team players from top clubs around Europe unable to make the squad. Obviously, with a squad like this winning is no longer simply expected, it's demanded. This said, it remains an interesting challenge to maximise the talents available and the European Championship remains the final trophy to win in this save. Tactics In 2022, we won the World Cup playing a 4-3-3 with the same high-intensity, high tempo style we've used with Benfica to dominate Europe. The majority of the squad remains together, with João Felix and Umaro Embalo establishing themselves as key players. João Felix in particular has established himself as - possibly - the best player in Europe playing behind the striker in a dominant 4-2-3-1, however at national level this would have world-class trio João Felix, Bernardo Silva and Xadas competing for one position, or playing out of position. During the build up to the World Cup, we settled on a 4-3-3 playing two of João Felix, Xadas and Bernardo Silva with Afonso Sousa as understudy playing in Guardiola-inspired 'Free 8' roles either side of Dantas. Free 8 role: We consistently played at an exceptionally high level, qualifying easily, however the system did need some work. The issue observed was the high tempo meant that the ball ping-ponged forward very quickly, often reaching attacking positions before the free-8s had moved into attacking positions, leaving Andre Silva isolated and over-relying on wing play. Switching to a Control mentality achieved the desired effect of using more controlled build-up play to allow players to get into position. The final pre-Championship change was actually using Bernardo Silva first as a False 9 and then as an Attacking Midfield (Support) in a strikerless system, which allowed all 3 superstars on the field, in their best positions, interlinking and playing some beautiful football. The only downside was coming up with this after submitting my squad, and if I'd anticipated this switch I'd have taken Bernardo Sousa (after a breakthrough season at Sporting) in the place of Goncalo Oliveira, but not a big issue. Squad Our starting team now consists of two natural defenders, two natural wide players and 6 natural midfield players, with a clear focus on technical, intelligent players and an ingrained style of play. Most of this squad is still early to mid-20s so this team is likely to be together for the foreseeable future. Group Stages Knockouts Final I've not got a huge amount to say about this one. It's a very simple system, slightly adapted from one we've seen quite a few times before. The attacking shape is a 2-3-5 involving inverted wingbacks solidifying midfield and two Guardiola-inspired "Free 8s" flanking another playmaker, rather than the usual Centre Forward. Bernardo Silva is crucially asked to Hold Up Play whilst the onrushing midfield swarm past him, and are extremely difficult for the AI to pickup. This set up repeats itself extremely regularly and - as you can see from our results - Xadas and João Felix are contributing a lot. Essentially we've now reached a point where we've got a very talented group who have been playing together for a long time and can play a number of different systems. Looking at the squad screenshot you can see that overall comparisons for ability are less friendly when compared with the best of the best, but the team is out there on their own as an overall unit. The Crossroads With 3 consecutive Champions Leagues, a World Cup and a European Championship this group of players has achieved everything it can, and feels a natural time to disperse and take on the biggest and best leagues of Europe. Europe's elite are circling with some mega-bids and we're reaching the point where it's the right time for a new challenge. Quite a few major clubs around Europe are going to be in major rebuild having failed to replace major stars, so far and now forced by age. In Spain, Real Madrid won the league very comfortably under Allegri who just moved to Man City and replaced by Mancini but still have gaps, particularly in attack. Simeone's Atleti look like they'll run Real Madrid close next season. Whilst Barcelona have an almost mid-table quality team and require major, major rebuild. In Italy, Inter have finally broken the dominance of Pep Guardiola's Juventus who have a weaker side than usual. Bayern are back on top after Dortmund took the previous title and have one of the strongest squads in Europe. Chelsea won the Premier League under Marcelino, and the Premier League is the most competitive by a mile. Arsenal are back in the mix and the Champions League under Ralph Hasenhuttl. Mourinho's Man Utd and Luis Enrique's (now Allegri) Man City right in the mix. There seems to be a whole host of potential suitors for the stars of my time, but nothing jumping out as to a new challenge for me. At this moment, I'm leaning strongest toward staying with Benfica and overseeing the transition as this generation disperses around Europe and managing the transition whilst maintaining the club status and re-kindling the academy. I'm kinda thinking out loud so I'll think more and make the call shortly.
  3. AWAYv4_ 4411.fmfAWAYv4_ 4411.fmf quick test of solo tweak, also used own tweak for very easy home games(only used home to teams 15th-20th) all the rest was solo tweak
  4. A good match engine based on Football still isn't at all a sandbox (with no boundaries) though. Football is no sandbox. Whilst there's a lot of viable styles, there are still some rules that remain universal. They relate the sports inherent rules. Some of which don't merely apply to Football, but to any Sports that sees two Teams battling for an object, and awarding Points for moving that object behind the Opposition defense. A lot of the stuff you can technically do (and the AI does) in this game doesn't make much of a sense -- or realistically should be heavily punished (both by AI, as well as the ME). Oft more strongly than it is. It's the Kind of stuff that even though the game pretends to simulate semi/pro Management, wouldn't even let you pass an UEFA Z Coaching Badge, if there ever was one. I have a suspicious that if this would be taken out, and the corridor of Input narrowed down on "sensible" decisions rather than nonsensical microtweaks, the ME would Progress better. SI could Focus on actually "realistic" Play and positioning, as opposed to antipicating random gibberish the AI can still come up with as well. That may still result in varied styles, however, SI could approach and balance and directly address them as such, rather than every Manager in the game world inventing their own "spin" on it .. and occasionally also crapping out. Speaking of which, FM17 was heavily biased towards narrowed/central overload type of tactics due to how wide mids positioned during defending-- we're Talking 3rd division sides pulling 1st division sides over the pitch because of a man Advantage in the middle of the park between AI too, but that's another Story.
  5. Did I just read this right? Someone has ditched FM19, FM18, FM17, 16,15,14,13,12,11,10,9 and FM08 just so that he can exploit a bug in the transfer market? Wow
  6. Ah, so that's why you're playing it. Think about all those clubs Harry has managed since leaving West Ham and what happened to them shortly afterwards. (Okay, maybe not Tottenham.)
  7. Jambo made some fantastic points there, especially with regards to why AI club don't make their highest bids early. They're trying to unsettle your team - and in this case, it's worked a treat. Don't forget that you can do the same to them. Believe me; I once managed to sign a Belgian wonderkid striker on a free transfer because I'd unsettled him by making a couple of low offers a year earlier. Also, you cry about how FM should be realistic, and then you talk about "developing the ultimate tactics" (spoiler alert: there is no 'ultimate tactic') and getting a mediocre team into "the top 20 clubs in the world". However, you're forgetting that the scenario you've just been through is not entirely unrealistic. The game is called Football Manager - not Football Overlord - for a reason. You might be the manager, but at the end of the day, it's mostly the board and the executives who are largely responsible for keeping the club financially solvent (except when they bring in Harry Redknapp and he leaves them almost bankrupt six months later ). You were already taking a big risk by demanding so much money for a player whose value was so low. You could have wanted £5million or £500million for this Nordic Messi, but sooner or later, the chairman may feel compelled to step in and accept any offer above a certain threshold. Simply letting you bat away offers and turn down serious money because you're greedy... it doesn't make much business sense to me. And you say that you've gone back to FM07 because it was "the last game" before everything went wrong. What if I told you that interfering chairmen have been part of the game since the Championship Manager days? I can still remember getting annoyed as an 11-year-old playing CM00/01 because Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood wouldn't let me sign Blackburn defender Marlon Broomes for ~£2million. To be fair, he probably had a point.
  8. Toni Kroos, Rostock to Bayern £68k. Jose Giminez, Danumio to Atletico £800k. Szczesny Legia to Arsenal £34k. Bonucci, Viterbese to Inter £27.5k. Jadon Sancho, Watford to Man City £400k. Jordi Alba, Cornella to Valencia £4.1k. Januzaj, Anderlecht to Man Utd £325k. All these are quick searches on FM so it's relying on their research for the transfer costs, but they're unlikely to be far out if they're out at all, SI's research is usually pretty good. And they're all examples of big clubs paying peanuts to small clubs because those amounts aren't peanuts to the smaller clubs, they need the money, and the player wants to move to a better team. I'm sure there's hundreds more examples if not thousands, and that's not even including all the times a big club has unsettled a player enough so that they don't sign a new contract and join the big club on a free at the end of their current deal. I'm not saying you couldn't negotiate up by quite a lot, but the OP is slapping a price on their heads that is so far above the norm that it's not going to happen. It's extremely rare that a team will pay £10m to an obscure Norwegian team. As the OP notes himself, even Odegaard only went for 3 million, and he *was* described as the next/Norwegian Messi. The most capped Norwegian player, John Arne Riise, moved to Monaco from Aalesund for £700k. As it is, the OP is slapping a ridiculous price on his players head, and that's understandable, he doesn't want to lose his best player. So now the big clubs are coming with their disruptive tactics trying to unsettle the player, just as they do IRL. It's working, so now the only sensible option is to get the best price possible, and that doesn't include starting out with a totally unreasonable amount, because that isn't working and it's destroying his squad morale. My advice next time they bid would be to drop to £5m with a huge percentage of profit of next transfer clause, and/or performance bonuses. If they still don't like that, drop the initial price further but keep the sell-on clauses, they're the ones that will eventually serve your club well and bring in millions. Probably more than the £10m you're currently asking for if the player is that good.
  9. Absolutely, but I know that some of them are eligible now and I'm hoping that @Makoto Nakamurawas just hanging on long enough to get Galosi into the 100 club of goals for a GK. It would have been hard to do it before because survival was on such a knife-edge. Now that things look a tiny bit more comfortable in terms of avoiding relegation, maybe now is the time to promote PA ahead of CA. GK's by CA. GK's by PA. Jurika Bek... and Petar Nova... are both almost as good as Galosi now, but have significantly more PA and should really push on given 1st team opportunities. The added benefit of this is that they are also more likely to be willing to sign a new contract if they are playing regularly. I don't think @Makoto Nakamurashould do this for all positions at this stage, but especially in this position, (and with Galosi reaching 100 goals), I think the time is right. According to the info posted, GK is the weakest position in terms of CA, (with a score of 1.5). The next weakest positions are DR, ML & MR, (each with a score of 2.0). I have a feeling that @Makoto Nakamuraoften leaves match squad selection to the Ass Man and this might be an area where he can make some marginal gains. DR by CA. DR by PA. At right back Slavko Kuk... is top of the pile in terms of CA, but Djuro Pukli... has similar CA and MUCH better PA. I would be binning Slavko off in favour of one of the players on the PA list even when Djuro is unavailable. ML by CA. ML by PA. There are no gains to be had here. Sasa Lukic & Ante Knez are top of both piles so this position should improve with time. MR by CA. MR by PA. Antonio is top of the CA pile and also has 5.0 PA too so no complaints there. Matija is top of the PA pile with 5..0 where as Sinisa only has 4.0 PA. That might be worth a look. The only other thing that might make a difference here is the individual players suitability for the role he is being asked to perform. Makoto is using WB's. so certainly at DR, might benefit from athleticism over defensive nous. He is also using wingers in the midfield slot, so more rounded players might be more suitable than gung-ho wingers.
  10. It would be nice to see the player's radar statistics in the reports in the new part to know how effective he was at this position. For example, i want to see how my player played at a certain position (1 or 2) — select it and get the needed radar. Or we want to see how he played for a certain period, choose a period Or how a player showed himself in the away or home games. Or we also want to configure the radar view, select the needed data. as well as to be able to compare the data with another player from another flank or rotation player at the same position
  11. Because it's meant to put you off from paying that money, just as it does when you quote the AI a ridiculous amount. If you actually pay that then more fool you lol! But they also come back with a ridiculous quote rather than just outright refusing because people on here were moaning about them refusing to do business, claiming that every player has a price and it wasn't realistic that they'd just say 'the player is not for sale for any amount'.
  12. Yes some were outside of the box (18 yard box), 1 of the stats is the team have had x amount of shots but not scored from outside of the box. Ok thanks, Ill monitor it and see what happens.
  13. Again, at that point why not just use the in-game Editor and give the players you want the right second nationality?
  14. I was tempted, @samboing, to answer with the cliche that I take it one game at a time and hadn't looked that far ahead... but it's a very good question you ask. To a large extent it will depend on the Man City result, immediately before the Bayer game, as I won't want to go into the Norwich fixture on the back of two straight defeats. It will also depend on the injury and condition status of the squad. When we have a full squad available, as I do right now, I reckon I can rotate five or six players, possibly seven, and keep the overall standard of the starting 11 about the same. Once injuries, suspensions, and fatigue kick-in it's a lot harder to rotate to that extent without significantly weakening the team. Thank you for sharing your frustration. Yes, I too, think I have a better squad this season but we just haven't been able to get into any rhythm in the league, because I've prioritised the Euro Cup games on a Thursday night, leaving me to cobble together a team of condition 90%+ players as best I can for the EPL game on the Sunday afternoon.
  15. That's a nasty draw this early on
  16. Season 2020/2021 Second Half Of The Season Winter Transfers Portuguese right winger Cabral comes from OL, for 3M. Well this was better. We had a pretty nice second half of the season and make up for our bad displays before, losing only 2 games. Reynoso once more bossed the midfield as a roaming playmaker and Cabral turned out to be a great winger and provided many important assist, while Gradel is showing his age. He is 33 now after all. Antony still does not shine (scoring only 6 goals the whole season, most of which came in the cup against lower league opposition) and will have to deliver next season. If he doesn´t I guess he will be loaded off, maybe to Stoke... In the end, it was our defence that helped us to get the results. So 4th place again. Europa League here we come. PSG did not lose one game the whole season. A fantastic cup run here and so we made it to the final. There, PSG awaited us... ...and it couldn´t have gotten more difficult in the final. As expected, we lost. We had a decent Europa League campaign as well, beating Lazio and Hertha Berlin on our way, but admittedly Monaco were far better than us in that quarter final clash and deservedly out we went. Youth Intake At least FOUR great prospects this year! What an intake! Season Stats & Awards Reynoso is the successor of Gradel, that is obvious. And what a new signing is Cabral! The season stats for our team. Club News A new contract for Joe Baxter, until 2024.
  17. And it's damn satisfying when after months of pursuit you finally get him in your team.
  18. No, it may lead to a bidding war if the OP didn't fob each club off with a ridiculous demand but instead was a bit savvy about his negotiations. But he didn't. Though I do miss the option to attach a reason for refusing their bid, such as he's an important team player or the offer is unacceptable etc. You've got to work for it. I've just spent 6 months bidding on a player increasing the amount by a fraction each time, while also relentlessly scouting him with my head scout. The bids kept getting rejected but eventually it got to an amount that the player thought acceptable and kicked off with his manager about rejecting it. I bid a tiny amount more than that over and over again until that I saw he'd been transfer listed by request, when I dropped my offer to what his value was and signed him up. I've also done that with another player where he was transfer listed by request but had an asking price of higher than his value or what I was offering. It's never a great deal more though and I was happy to pay it. And I've also ended up paying much less than their value too. And if you're thinking that that sounds exactly like what the AI does to your players, that's because it is. I have news articles all through the season saying X team are lining up one of my players and are scouting him for months at a time. I'ts all part of the game.
  19. are you absolutely dead set on being strikerless? I thought an AF might help to stretch the opposition and give the defence a headache along with the 2 players in the AM strata
  20. Pretty much this. Ever since roles and duties became such a huge part of FM, I've not really been able to get into the older CM games. I also don't get why CM01/02 is regarded so highly by so many users (maybe because it's free now?). Personally, I don't think it's all that different from CM00/01, which I played a lot when I was younger. I loved CM4 as a teenager, but I revisited it six years ago - and it had aged terribly. Even when you put aside all the progress that's been made over the last 15 years, CM4 was ravaged with bugs and was even missing quite a few features we took for granted during the CM3 era. It should never have been released in the state it was in.
  21. What is the point of that? Maybe the OP should do the research and find out what its like in real life and ask the researcher to adjust with your evidence. However in this case it would be interesting to see what it actually is as it may help understanding In the case of the OP I wonder if people are just so used to getting there own way these days that when they dont get it they simply pick up their ball and go home. Lots of good advice to learn lessons from in this thread and also about how the game works and advice on options to prevent or make more money in the future All challenges no matter how disappointing are to be learnt from. Understanding the game more makes it more immersive
  22. I had a similar issue in my early days managing in the Irish League. The solution that I found was to build a team of free transfers and loans and keep trying to qualify for the CL. After a few years, I managed it and bolstered the finances as well as improving the league's reputation. It's only in this season just past (my 7th or 8th) that all the player values multiplied by 8 meaning I was getting serious money for them. This happened in tandem with my league now being ranked 15th in competitions after some good European results. Also, a small exploit you may try to keep players until you reach this point. If a club are a coming in, reject their initial offer. When the player complains, say you'll accept a reasonable offer and agree to whatever value they say. Then change the asking rice to 1k and every club will bid this. The player never becomes unhappy because you're keeping your promise and eventually the clubs give up and the player elects to stay and you usually get a window to sign a new contract before the bidding starts again. Good luck.
  23. If it worked well with a higher tempo, then what's the problem? I am glad that you spotted an issue and solved it by a small tweak. I personally prefer counter-attacking to possession football, so I don't think there's anything wrong in having less possession but more potency in attack instead. In fact, the tactic I suggested was not too much possession-based either. It's rather a style I like to call progressive possession football.
  24. I can't comment on the star rating changes, but my first thought is that, if you haven't used your laptop for a few months, there's probably a boat load of OS updates installing in the background, which could definitely impact performance.
  25. Thanks a lot! Also thank you for creating these databases every year; I've played saves in Gibraltar almost exclusively since FM17. This year I spent some time consolidating your 4 division league into a 2 division structure but with all the futsal teams included, as my main and really only complaint has been the dearth of league games and resulting inability to rotate a large squad without people complaining about game time. I'm very interested to see if it makes the grind up the league reputation ladder faster or slower; only time will tell!
  26. I've been advised this the FCMU subforum isn't suitable so here is where you'll see my videos
  27. Hi @decapitated Others have used this forum, (the Careers Forum), to post video only updates, so I don't think there will be an issue with your content, but I've got to admit that that I'm not particularly sure it's worth your while. I haven't seen a single video only thread that has garnered any interest at all never min about decent interest. It just doesn't seem as if that's what those who frequent the forum are looking for. If people want a video then they will search either YouTube or Twitch or the like. This is much more, (but not entirely), about the written word. If I was starting out and wanting to create a YouTube LetsPlay, then would I put it in here? Yeah I probably would, but the advice I have given others is that I would flesh it out with a summary and text and graphics and encourage people to read and then watch the LetsPlay, (but that's just me). You are selling something in here that basically we aren't looking for, so while it's not against the rules, I'm not sure it's the best use of your time.
  28. First of all, I think most people will say don't get too obsessed with the recommended roles and what the game sees as it's best - it's there as a guide based on the AI's interpretation of certain factors and in the grand scheme of things shouldn't be taken as gospel. With the right attributes players can fulfil whatever role you designate them. In this case, it will almost certainly not matter one jot if you have him on a defend duty, rather than stopper/cover. As for the specific question, most FM'ers would in this case I suspect just set up with two CB's on defend. Setting up a cover/stopper duo is certainly possible though and can work well, especially against a lone striker. I think there are guides on here/out there from FM guru's with examples of that. Personally, and something most would say is a big no-no (), when I play possession/high press football I have for years now used two stoppers. Defensively I am not thinking about what happens around our penalty area and whether they will get dragged out of position (which I've never seen as a real issue in any case), I aim for us to win the ball back up the pitch soon after it's been turned over, with aggressive defenders who stick close to their man, even when last line of defence, and will look to intercept as quickly as possible as the opposition plays the ball forward or at least disrupt play with a foul. Stopper role helps with this. Is it a (big) risk? Yes. Do I sometimes see goals, especially with lesser quality players, from balls over the top and a lack of judgement/concentration? Also yes. But all out high pressing football is a risky style of play and I accept the trade offs and that some days you will get it wrong. There are far more games where I have the AI teams completely camped in their half and unable to get out or advance the ball beyond the halfway line and it works perfectly. Really I'd just advise you to tinker and see what works best for your tastes and how you envisage your team playing.
  29. Looks to me that you're trying to play the same way as you were in the Championship maybe? I think you need to shut up shop a bit more, realistically you're going to be outclassed in the majority of your games. I'd recommend starting out playing on 'cautious', and maybe even 'defensive' when away from home. You can always increase your mentality during the match if it looks like you can get away with it. I'm focusing on the 4141 too. You're trying to play out of defence, why? Firstly you're playing a NCB, who's just looking to hoof it away anyway, but secondly even if you changed that role, do you think Cahill has the stats to knock the ball around under pressure from a high press? I don't think so, and I've no idea about your other defenders but you're only as strong as your weakest link. Again with shorter passing you're limiting the options of the player on the ball. That will just compound the issue above. As above, can your players be calm enough and skilled enough to play short passes around better players than them? So now in transition, I think you're right to opt for 'regroup', but you're just sterilising your attack by selecting 'hold position'. You're a newly promoted team, counter attacking is your life! Use it. Out of possession, is that 'use offside trap'? With CBs with acceleration of 11 & 12, and Cahill not having great decisions? That's seriously risky business against the quality of forwards that you're going to come up against. Looking at Bowen, I'd be very tempted to play him as a winger on the left. His trait of 'gets into opposition box' will make him a decent second target when play goes down the right (which it will do a lot, see below), and could make him a bit less predictable when he has the ball. I'd rather teach him 'cuts inside from *both* wings' rather than just the right he has now, which would help in this instance. His other traits would indicate an attack duty. Grealish looks to me like your playmaker. I wouldn't have him as a DLP though as it's a waste of his flair. It's his best stat so make the most of it. I think I'd go for a Wide Playmaker role on attack down the right, again because of his PPMs of running with the ball often and cutting inside giving variation. May as well let him do that. Bitton looks OK as an anchorman, though he's lacking a bit of strength. I'd be reluctant to give either of your MCs a role which has roam from position hard coded, but you might get away with it for most games. So I'd say the MCL could be a BBM which would help to support the attacking winger. Mez could work, but is less responsible defensively. I was toying with suggesting a CM-A which would add a lot to your counter attack but with an attack duty on each wing, I think that might be a bit much. But then you'd be playing on a lower mentality, so maybe... Maybe have an experiment with it. As for your MCR, with a possible roamer (BBM) next to him, and a WP cutting in front of him, this should be your other sensible option that doesn't get forward. Depending on the player you might not want him attracting the ball and taking away from Grealish, so DLP is out. Maybe a Carrilero would work but I admit to not knowing how they play alongside a WP. I'd probably go with a CM-D to help protect the flank. Could also help if you did go for the CM-A next to him. As for Full backs, your left needs to be on a defend duty with the attack duties in front of him. So either NFB or FB-D, your right can be a little more expansive due to the cover in at MCR, so FB-S would be my go to option. As you may be able to tell, I'm setting up for a defensive tactic with counter attacking options. I'm not sure though how many extra team instructions you'd need to add considering the team mentality, roles and duties. They're already set up to be defensively sound and then quick and direct on the attack. So I'd clear everything and select the following for sure; Higher Tempo, Play for set pieces, Regroup, Counter, Distribute quickly. That's all to begin with, then over the course of the season you can watch how things are going and adjust accordingly. Only do one change at a time though, and give it a few games to bed in and to check it wasn't just affected by one particular opposition. I'd be looking at things like passing directness, LOE, DL, and defensive with. Get stuck in, Pass into space, and Use tighter marking I'd use as the situation dictates rather than always having them selected or not.
  30. Gives them more "Creative freedom" which basically allows them to do what they think is best more often and stick to instructions you've given less.
  31. Of course it's realistic. Look at Mahrez for example, £400k from French Ligue 2 I think it was. Luis Suarez £500k from Nacional to Groningen. Icardi £250k from Barcelona to Sampdoria. And there's many many more examples of that. I guess you could try adding a minimum fee release clause in his contract, but don't be surprised if him or his agent won't accept a huge number for it.
  32. Lots of speculation here. @Andrew James could you please clarify the OP's question? Cheers .
  33. Does playing in hotter countries get you career ending ilnesses like malaria, cholera, yellow fever or ebola? No? Then it shouldn't get you more colds in colder less hot countries.
  34. T H A N K S Wanderers FC, HERE WE COME! PS: Talk about perfect timing heh?
  35. "Squad Influence". Dec 2049. Those of you who have been reading my threads for a few years now, (I'm sure there are some sadists out there), I'm sure you will remember that I was a BIG fan of tutoring in previous issues of the game, and those of you who have started reading more recently will be aware that I am not overly impressed with mentoring, (a lot of work for little end result), but inspired by many of the posters in here who play Youth Only saves in very small Nations, (and experienced problems with Determination of Newgens being brought down to low levels by the overall poor average rating of the squad. I also experienced this, but at the same time I wondered if this negative could be turned into a positive in that if the average rating of an attribute could be influenced downwards by a low overall squad rating in that attribute, then surely it stands to reason that if the squad had a particularly high average rating in a certain attribute then the level could be influenced upwards rather than downwards. I quickly found that it was possible to do this with Determination, because of course Determination isn't hidden. Because it's not hidden you can make sure that you only sign players with good Det, get rid of players with bad Det, and watch the Det of Youth Intake players with low Det, rise as they spend more time with the squad. That's great with Det, because the Det attribute values of each player is visible. How do you do that with Pro or Amb for example? Neither are visible and I wouldn't want to get rid of a player just because he had low Pro or Amb would I? (Actually, I would because I'm a bit weird like that, but I appreciate that that's not really recommended behaviour). So how do I know about positive or negative Pro or Amb values? Simples. So my thinking is that if I can manually "engineer" the Det values of the squad. the Pro levels in the squad are already high so the overall influence should already take effect. By the way, the fact that the overall "Squad Personality" is Professional doesn't mean that the average Pro levels are within the individual template for the individual Pro personality. Squad Personality templates seem to be diluted somewhat. This is the Pro Personality template and I think you would agree that it's unrealistic for the average Pro levels of our players to be 18-19. So the reason for this post is as follows. Trevizol (Bal) * has been given the nickname (Bal) indicating that he had a Balanced personality. So although he was a (Bal) or Balanced personality, you can see that he is actually now a (F.Pro) or Fairly Pro personality, (and I will have to change his nickname). Now I know there has been no message about off-field events impacting his personality so it can only have been overall squad influence that has caused this. The slight problem here is that where as (Bal) used to have a very specific template of it's own, (and I believe it still does), the guy who has created the only real up to date personality guide for FM was unable to work out what it was. I think his mistake was not separating real players from newgens, because these actually had different templates previously. I spent a lot of time tracking Pro levels at the outset of this save and I know for 100% that a Balanced personality, in a newgen, has a maximum Pro level of 14. As soon as it ticks over to 15 then the player in question ceases to become a (Bal) personality and becomes a (F.Pro) personality. So if I have decided that I can't be bothered with Tutoring or Mentoring or whatever it's called now, (the transfer of PPM's is something that I have decided to ignore for the time being, how can I manually engineer the Pro levels of the squad seeing as Pro is a hidden attribute? Well for a start, I can start to look at players who have a "negative personality" and use this to influence my decision as to whether they should be kept on at the club. Don't get me wrong, if they have high PA then I might choose to overlook this and decide that they are staying, so it's the not the only influencer, but it is a factor and it should be taken into consideration in exactly the same way as we would take into account injury susceptibility, determination, consistency, etc etc etc. Unless the player had 5.0 PA, I would be unlikely to sign a Casual or Slack newgen coming through the intake. Temperamental not quite so bad, but I would certainly look at it more closely. So how do I physically do this then? Well let's look at my squad and separate them into blocks of the same personality type. Fickle sounds bad doesn't it. If you use the word Fickle to describe someone in real life, then it certainly sin't a compliment. What is the real definition of the word Fickle? So I actually like Fickle as a personality and I don't think it's well named. The player is not very loyal, (which is a bad thing), and has high Ambition, (which can be both positive and a negative, but both the Det and Pro levels look good here so why the negative connotations? I've already waffled on for longer than I wanted to in this post so I'm not going to go through each and every personality type, but I will probably look to mention this again as and when individual personality decisions come up.
  36. SEASON 2020/2021 SEASON REVIEW MOLDOVAN DIVIZIA NATIONALA LEAGUE TABLE SHEDULLE Amazing league season.We dethrone Sheriff and will play in CL for first time!Sheriff,Milshami and Petrocub will play in EL.Dinamo-auto relegated. MOLDOVAN CUP In cup we lost from Sheriff in qrt final.Codru from second division made an unexpected campain and reached final,of course there they lost easily from Sheriff. EUROPE We had a very difficult draw in EL and were unlucky in 2 games against Partizan so our trip in Europe end very soon. BEST XI,AWARDS AND STATS U19s LEAGUE CUP This season was bad for our U19s. OTHER MOLDOVAN DIVISIONS MOLDOVAN DIVIZIA A Codru except their excellent cup campaign won second division and promotion too. MOLDOVAN 3RD DIVIZION (3 GROUPS) MOLDOVAN CLUBS IN EUROPE SHERIFF TIRASPOL MILSHAMI ORHEI SPERANTA NISPORENI Very good results for Milsami in EL. OTHER EUROPEAN COMPETITONS ENGLAND (SEASON 2019/2020) FINALLY!!! SPAIN (SEASON 2019/2020) GERMANY (SEASON 2019/2020) ITALY (SEASON 2019/2020) Inter after so many years! FRANCE (SEASON 2019/2020) CL (SEASON 2019/2020) EL (SEASON 2019/2020) OTHER NEWS NEW CONTRACT VACATIONS I signed my new contract and went for Vacations.
  37. I'm not really. When he signed Dallazen from Bayonne recently, Dallazen was on my shortlist, (as a previous player), so I saw a media comment that he hadn't been registered for Ligue 1 and 2 clubs were in fro him on loan, so I immediately just set him as a loan target on the players own profile page. This picture shows the drop-down menu but unfortunately because the domestic window is closed I can't loan players, so the loan option has vanished but the transfer option is still there. So while the Dallazen loan signing was very much a "manual" operation instigated by me, the Nogueira (Bal) * deal was completely instigated by the DoF. Although we had scouted him, (he was at Flamengo). You have to remember here that I'm not used to signing players so I'm also not used to scouting players. I've sort of been letting the DoF sign whoever he wants, with of course the one proviso that I can just veto the signing and cancel it at the contract negotiation stage, (and I have done many many many times). I'm not sure what that I can tell you about the DoF signings because there doesn't seem to be any settings/criteria. There is nobody on the Transfer Targets section, but I have used the "Suggest Transfer Targets" quite a few times already in Brazil, but that's generally to fill a gap in a particular position, (and the results have been pretty mixed). The scouting situation is a little different though. I generally delegate everything to everyone, (with the exception of individual training), so let's see what I could have done. At the moment the Chief Scout decides where the scouts go, (otherwise what's the point in having a Chief Scout?) Now I know it says that we have a Senior Middle Tier Package, but that's only just been added because we didn't have a package at all, for either this or the Youth Package, so there wasn't a structure in place to assist the Scouting Team. Instead they would have had to rely on their existing knowledge and contacts. This is an interesting looking page. I haven't been responsible for any of this, so what I'm going to do us click on the the Current Assignment/Time Remaining section for the top scout, Al-Jehani JPA15 JPP16. So there seems to be a certain amount of variation here in terms of who he has been watching. 3 Brazilian clubs, an English premier league club, 2 Spanish clubs and then many many many clubs scouted on just 1 occasion here. What stands out at me here is this bit. So although we have a philosophy of signings Youth Players for the 1st Team, that's not the same as our scouting focus which is set to General. So let's look at where the Scouting Focus can be set. Now we are getting somewhere. This is all still on it's default settings, and I'm not even sure if I can change it, (because it should be delegated), but it appears as if I can. I can, and this is what it looks like now. That's general focus and there is also a Short term focus so I have changed that to this.
  38. Well done DoF. Well done indeed. Jul 2049. What are the chances of him joining Bayonne from all the way in Brazil sometimes I just love this game.
  39. If Sega gave the 01/02 community access to the game code and let them update things such as competition structures (champions league has changed formats etc), FM would have taken a massive sales hit. No... Yes... Kinda... Seriously, 0102 is awesome and it's even better with all the updates the community has put together. I much rather play that than FMT. A modernized 0102 would be the best thing since sliced cheese. Like, shut up and take my money-good.
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