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  1. But...there is only one player like that in real life isn't there? Love him or hate him, of all the professional players in the world today, from 16yrs old to 40, there are none with the personality/ability of CR7? How unrealistic is it to have a similar situation in the game? The chances of you being able to load all playable leagues and players and run the biggest possible database AND find that one player are pretty slim at best. Even simming for the next 30 years, if you are LUCKY there would only be one or two generated into the database. I would argue that it is more realistic
  2. I hate to be that guy, but the OP has a point... I've noticed rather constant decrease in Determination when managing in lower leagues/smaller nations, where unambitious/unprofessional/mentally subpar players come by the dozen. Even half-decent guys get quickly sucked into that pit of mediocrity with almost no chance to stop it. The only viable solution is getting rid of all the "rotten apples" and of the "negative Nancies" and to replace them with better rolemodels, but it's hardly feasible unless you have a lot of cash to spend AND don't mind risking a dressing-room riot because yo
  3. Individual player duty/mentality also depends on your overall team mentality. If I'm playing on Attacking/Very Attacking Team Mentality, most likely I will not have anyone on Attack duty because everyone is already attacking enough. I may make an exception for a CM if I'm using 3 midfielders, one being DM. But if I knock back the Team Mentality to Positive, then I will give an AML or AMR and the FB on the opposite side an attacking duty. Another thing to consider is that there are certain Attack duty roles that perform differently than other Attack duty roles. For example, Treq
  4. After playing a ton of FM 19,I'll finally give my 5 cent about the game and my experience with it. In the beta, I had a great experience with the game, some bugs here and there, but it was a beta,so was expected, but in the last update (19.3), the game turned awful to watch (reasons below). One thing that I must give to the SI team is that I had way less unreasonable reponses by my players when complimenting em,so this is positive. But what did I found so horrible to watch? The ME,why? Crosses: Don' know why,but I think that I was watching something like, 23 or more corners-kick
  5. This first appeared on Dictatethegame.com. If you wish to see it in its original format and with higher quality pictures then you can always check out the link. But I'm reposting my article here to hopefully generate some discussion about a topic that I started to enjoy a lot in the last few versions of Football Manager; assymetric formations and creating overloads. Can they be as effective in the game as they are in real life, eg. Pep Guardiola's recent success with strategic overloads. Please drop your thoughts and comments below on Dictatethegame twitter page. There seem to exist m
  6. Greetings Thought I’d pop this one up. My Academy Challenge has been going well enough, but after 4 promotions in 6 years I was stalling in the Championship albeit unluckily losing the last 2 playoff finals after missing automatic promotion by 3 points. All of this was using my gung-ho 442, whilst effective, after 9 seasons I was getting a bit sick of the high scoring games and ridiculous shot counts, sometimes a combined 50 shots a game. Typically, Premier League games average out at about 24 shots per games. Mid-level teams like Wolves tend to average 12 for, 12 against. Top T
  7. All summer transfers and changes have been corrected and added to Football Manager 2019 until September 3rd. This means all summer transfers have been added into our update, making it the most complete transfer update in the FM community. Transfer highlights: Alphonse Areola > Real Madrid Thierry Correia > Valencia Chicharito & Bono > Sevilla Nacho Monreal > Real Sociedad Maxime Gonalons > Granada Keylor Navas, Mauro Icardi & Sergio Rico > Paris-Saint Germain Jean-Kévin Augustin, Wissam Ben Yedder & Tiemoué Bakayoko > AS Monaco Stanley Nsok
  8. New files [03.02.2019] Copa del Rey Fernando y Reina Isabel - 4 teams from old Spanish Empire, semifinal, 3 place, final all on February. - winner LaLiga - 1 team from the best teams countries: Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Salwador, Cuba, Dominikana, Philipines - 2 teams from the best teams contries: Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Bolivia, Equador, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay and again Mexico. This teams are hosts of matches. http://www.mediafire.com/file/6a4lo16ataark5k/Copa_del_Rey_Fernando_y_Reina_Isabel.fmf/file Copa I
  9. Ever since the fm 17 this game is dead to me and all because of one simple mechanic in the game that should be thrown out ... none of my mates that play fm like it and i have no clue why it should be in fm and now i want a good anwser ... the mechanic is the team personality(or the team leaders personality) effecting the youth players and players under a certain age ... this mechanic literally destroys the option of making your own choices in the game ... let me explain ... ronaldo is a perfecionist with 20 in all the important personality stats like determination ambition and profession
  10. So I'm Villa. First season I won the championship, second I came I think it was 13th, then in the third I over-performed and got Europa. Yet despite being incredibly grateful for my achievements, the board, the following season, expected me to qualify for the Europa again. And not only that but get to the quarters in the current season, despite never having had any expectation I'd qualify in the first place. It's like I was punished for over-performing. Particularly as fourth season I've just come tenth. Not great, admittedly, but for Villa it's not terrible, surely? Yet I'm in real danger of
  11. Hello guys. This is our last file... FUSION DB U17 comps unlocked Only one thing... because of U17 and U18 National teams are not available ( I try but ...There is no way ) All comps will be played by U19 national team (set over u18 to 0) SO we have created these comps (in the game) as iin the real (or 99% where we encountered problems) FIFA U-17 World Cup AFC U-16 Championship African Under-17 Championship CONCACAF Under-17 Championship South American Under-17 Football Championship OFC U-17 ChampionshipUEFA (Europe) UEFA Europea
  12. It's probably nothing more than just the luck of the draw. We can do lots in game to reduce the chance of injuries but occasionally - as in real life - we can go through a bad patch no matter what we do.
  13. I had the exact same problem but I found lille to be a very fun save the whole team is very young and good facilities and there not favourite to finish high so perfect building block
  14. I would say that I have won, in the end. Despite the forced sale, I have managed to knock Atalanta back enough times to force them to pay a pretty stupid amount for a player of his quality. He's our first choice striker, but we are a poor Serie B team and I can bring through a striker with more potential but I now have used that £6m to head back into a positive bank balance which can be used to supplement youth coming through in the future. As you can see from his profile, the move to Serie A hasn't aligned with the value of his sale but I do hope he progresses whilst using better facilities a
  15. Following my last comment, and don't wanting to hijack the thread but I see many people struggling with getting a 4231 to work, based on possession, and getting the most out of the AMC. Don't mind my team (this isn't how I normally play the game), it's Everton but it's custom made having replaced the likes of Richarlison, Bernard, Sigurdsson for Martial, Kane and Dybala, so yeah, it's better then the default Everton squad (at least in attack). As you can see, using a simple 4231 with no PI's, having based the player roles, duty and TI's solely on the opinions given in this thread, I
  16. Your assumption is basically spot on - it does have to do with possession-based styles. Because when I use overloads as a tactical weapon, I do it only in situations when I look to control the match and dominate. And when I say "possession" football, I do not refer only to patient possession styles like tiki-taka, but to all that imply controlling the game. In fact, I never play slow and patient possession styles - I am a fan of hardcore English/British football On the other hand, I don't see much point in using overloads when I (want to) play rather defensive and counter-attacking footba
  17. I've started a Roma save and was looking for some tactical advice as so far i've struggled to get a good tactic to work on fm19. This is my first tactic, for games in which i'm considered the stronger team and aimed at controlling the ball, i wasn't sure the best way to use Dzeko as his best role is a target man and didn't know if that would mean having to play more direct. I've got the front three instructed to close down more and the centre mids to mark tighter. My second tactic is aimed at being one used when up against stronger oppositon or away from home, wanted to
  18. 2020/21 - Lakotau FC - Vanuatuan Port Vila Premier Division Following a pre-season where many signings have been made (largely thanks to us now being able to attract a Director of Football), the odds have shifted somewhat. We're still 200-1 for the title and expected to go down, but Siwi have replaced us in the media's predicted bottom slot. The board want us to bravely fight against relegation. Pre-season was pretty decent. The draw against Blacksands Eagles was fairly poor, and the 3-1 loss against Tafea was to be expected, as they are the current champions of Van
  19. KNAP's 19.3.5 WULF4132 P112ALLCUPSNOLOSS - It's A Kind Of Magic !!!
  20. Just a lurker here, but I found the need to tell you what a great discussion about the 4231 this is. Having run a similar tactic this thread gave me great insight and I learnt a lot. Thank you @Experienced Defender and @summatsupeer
  21. A very decent start to PL life with Derby. There are some losses that are almost inevitable, but you're picking up good points elsewhere and that's what will decide your fate. Now that @Dong21 has called it a day, I should pick up my second season at Charlton again. It won't be until after my trip to Lisbon though, where I plan to put in a real life application to manage SLB next season
  22. Okay, let's assume I want to build attacks on the left before switching play to the right for my players attacking the space(s) there. One possible way can be: 4-4-2 DLFsu PO WMsu DLPsu CMde Wat FBsu CD C D WBde 4141DM Wide DLFsu APsu Wat CAR CMat HB FBat CD CD IWBde 4231 (the most risky and hence tricky one) PFsu IFsu TQ RMD DLPsu CMde FBat CD CD IWBsu I think the
  23. This is more than a beast, only tested it with my strong overpowered Cardiff squad so far, but WOW
  24. Continued: Next, I'm going to sim for another 10 years and have a look at some players from 2011.
  25. There was only one promotion, Rostock II couldn't get promoted because the Rostock 1st team didn't get promoted to the 3rd tier so 2nd placed TeBe Berlin went up instead.
  26. An unbeaten start to life in League 1, our only defeat coming in the cup against Premier League Everton and we are top of the early table
  27. Media prediction was 15th so they think I am doing pretty well. The board absolutely love me I am untouchable.
  28. @stuniverse The choice is clear, you need me cracking some skulls in the backroom.
  29. "Wouldn't it just be great if our striker played more crossfield passes, our left-back set the tempo, and our goalie worked on placing his shots?"
  30. This example with Auby and Lacazzere makes great sense As you said, there is no fixed or set-in-stone rule. Basically, the higher the (team) mentality is, the less attack duties you need. But in addition to the number of players playing on a certain duty, no less important is how you distribute those duties throughout the system. For example, you can play with a 4141dm wide and have 3 attack duties overall. What will make a key difference is to which players/positions/roles you are gonna give these attack duties. If you give these 3 attack duties to your front 3 players (AMR, AM
  31. And if you have a look at RBKalle's post... OP's point is that he's frustruated that the average determination will inevitably trend towards a certain point by design over the course of a save, because young players will take after role models with high influence within their squads, requiring high-determination team leaders to counteract a perfectionist newgen being negatively influenced. There is no need for the snark.
  32. It kind of depends entirely on what style of play you are trying to implement. Tiki-Taka = more Support roles. Gegenpress = more Attack roles. Counter-attack = fewer Support, more Defend and Attack, Park The Bus = more Defend. The important thing is to make sure the players have the attributes to suit. A CM-D may need work rate, tackling, anticipation, positioning for example, CM-S stronger with technique, vision, passing CM-A acceleration, off the ball, etc. On rare occasions you see when all 11 players have hit that 'sweet spot' balancing attributes to role/duty and it is gorgeous
  33. I swear I check this thread to see if there's any update more than I check my phone to see if my girlfrien texted me xD
  34. @edien1993, you have been answered before, by SI themselves - "Those attributes do not change at random. The reason you are seeing changes to them is because they have developed a relationship with another player and are taking after them. Check your Dynamics. A young player that falls into the same social group as an older player may have their Determination (or other hidden attributes) move towards that of the older player's. This works very similarly to Mentoring but is less focused and less 'powerful'. If you socialise with someone you may tend towards their personality. Of co
  35. @Dong21 Sterling work with both Charlton and England. Hope you enjoy your Man Utd save as much as I'm enjoying mine. @Jogo Bonito Looking forward to your return to south London from sunnier climes. I've endured a tough start to our first PL season with Derby, with more losses than wins but that seems to be the way of it until players get the measure of the competition. Just managed to secure a 1-1 draw at home against Liverpool, which might be a good omen if not for the fact that our next games are Man Utd (A) and Spurs (H). We already lost to Arsenal and Man City, so that just leav
  36. Cheers @Jogo Bonito, I was wondering when the next update from The Valley was coming! You've got to keep Charlton on the agenda now I'm stepping away Thanks @karanhsingh - Yeah England were my side hussle! Mixed things up a bit among all the Charlton action. Just recently went 30 games undefeated so was pretty enjoyable. Key players were familiar faces: Kane, Sancho, Cook and Alexander-Arnold, along with a couple of regens. There might have been an element of bias as I made all my English Charlton players (Henderson, Walker-Peters, Tymon, Hughes and Foden) all regular features in my sq
  37. Without wanting to cover old ground yet again, I'll just say this. Whether or not people believe SI when they say Team Shape is gone (that quote from me above was reviewed by SI before posting) or whether or not there is a UI bug (there are several), one thing to consider - anyone who believes that changing a player's duty would have any discernible impact during gameplay on another player's mentality is bonkers . Any such change (if it existed) would not produce any noticeable difference in how a player behaves. And in cases where you do want your fullback (for example) to have a high
  38. Maybe it was rushed, maybe it's unfinished (certainly was when released), the product is a travesty, end of!
  39. Can consider Swansea too, some good young talent there like James, Rodon, Roberts, etc. Always liked the idea of taking a Welsh club to the top of the english game
  40. Real-life annual weather data from weatherspark.com and climatestotravel.com was used to optimize current weather patterns, and create new ones. This file will do 2 things: 1. Help give the feeling of being in different countries. No longer does every region have a similar type of weather. For example, the Brazilian Amazon's Spring is now only 20% likely to be dry, instead of the original 60%(be prepared for delayed games!). It feels much more "tropical". The Spanish coast highly contrasts it, being most often very calm, dry, and mild. Originally, France used England's weather, and
  41. If you turn that on then the roles should show on the various formation screens during a match.
  42. I disagree with you that this long shots are poor tactical instructions. I played FM17 for 800 hours and never saw a world class players like Messi and Neymar hit the corner flag, their long shots were more "correct", like RL players, and the same tactic with the same instructions produced this shots. If what people say that "the ME don't change through the years,your tactic from previous years will work fine on new versions" is true, why last year I haven't see a single corner flag shot and in FM18 my best players seen to like to hit there?
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