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  1. Any chance of pushing FM20 forward 6 months, don't know if I can take any more months of very good players unable to cross a ball without hitting the playing in front of them, 1 on 1's almost never converted, work ball into the box...nah what we'll do is as soon as we get anywhere near the box, we're just going to shoot and shoot and shoot until we score 25 yd screamers. The endless pinball machine effect of all the shooting and AI teams defending en block with 11 men behind the ball, yes you win games that is not the problem, it's the ugly as sin ME and watching football that's nothing like the real thing, what the hell happened to the ME after the Beta release which was very decent.
  2. I would assume it would have to do with the player's reputation rating, relative to the team.
  3. Try them and see what happens? I'm using Salah as a winger on the right hand side at the moment despite him being extremely left footed and seemingly being unsuitable for it. But it works because he also has the 'cuts inside from the right' player trait. If he was being played as an Inside Forward that would be pretty much all he does, whereas the winger role now means he will run the line sometimes and cut inside other times, causing more issues for the defender opposing him.
  4. Most likely reputation according to the team rep, modric would be a high profile signing for any team i the world, but say, vardy, would be a high profile signing for say...southampton or huddersfield
  5. I'm just not sure what you are trying to do here tbh. Emery's 3412 clearly didn't work too great. So why are you trying to emulate it? Or are you just trying to create your own version of the 3412 for Arsenal?
  6. Thanks for clarifying ... Captains - Leadership/Influence is what makes a captain, age and their status in the club help. So someone who is a decent youngster aged 16 won't be a great choice even if he's mature for his age and may in time before a great leader. It is worth realising that a captain also has a slight influence over the teams behavior on the pitch, so a defensive minded captain will make the team a little more defensively tight, a more attacking captain will encourage creativity etc. PS - Teamwork isn't a huge requirement for a captain as that indicates how much a player 'pulls' for his team in terms of distribution/selfishness in that regard HOWEVER you can have an effective captain who acts selfishly on a pitch but inspires others through his workrate, professionalism and dedication, this is most commonly found with strikers who often have to be 'non-team players' to be effective goal scorers. Free-kick takers - shooting generally guides free-kick takers, BUT look for players who have it mentioned as a speciality on their coach reports as this demonstrates someone who has a LARGE boost to this area. For rule of thumb (and this isn't quite how its implemented but will help - think of shooting as providing 50% of the ability for freekicks and the remaining 50% coming from a hidden ability which is shown partially through the coach report mentioning it). Offside Trap - This is down to the positioning attribute of the players (as far as keeping the 'line') but when playing that it is VITAL to have at least some fast players in defense in case the trap is broken and indeed to make it effective, if all your defenders are pace 5 against attackers pace 15+ then they can easily just wait for safe on-side passes and sprint past your defense to run onto the ball knowing your players can't catch them.
  7. Introduction I'm back with a new save. I've been fiddling about with FM for a while but haven't found anything that stuck. First I started with Chelsea with a self imposed transfer ban. Turns out with absolutely everybody out on loan it was near impossible. I wasn't enjoying it. That lasted half a season. I then tried to start at the bottom in Tier 10 with my home village team Clipstone FC. I got through one and a half seasons before realising I just don't like to be shackled for too long in the same place. Which leads me to this save... The premise merges some of my favourite threads on these Forums. I love the Journeyman saves that @Makoto Nakamura brings. Specifically his A-Z saves. I also love @ManUtd1 and his Nearly Men saves. My idea is simple. I start at the bottom of the World Rankings (As of 20/05/2019) and work my way up the countries. The kicker is I cant move onto the next country until I've won the Top Division with a team who has never won it before. If this is impossible then its the team who has been waiting the longest to win it again. Its as simple as that. I will be using the leagues that @Makoto Nakamura created for his save so many thanks goes to him. I'm already into the second season because I had planned on keeping it to myself. Truth be told this is the most fun I've had on FM for a while so I wanted to share it with you guys. So what have you missed so far? I created myself with no badges and no experience. Just the way I like it. I have a few teams to choose from in San Marino. I couldn't possibly start with San Giovanni, some big shoes to fill there. So I decided to go with Juvenues/Dogana. They were the highest rated team to have never won the league so it felt like it was an easy starting place. I was right. The first season was a breeze. I've already removed San Marino from the game so unfortunately I have no screenshots. We won the League and Cup double. What I love about these sort of saves is the ability to gain and lose players in an instant. A player comes up to me and wants first team football...you're cut. A player was a mistake...see ya! The * is because I left with 1 game to go in the season with the League and Cup double already secured. The reason why is because I got a job in the next country. The Bahamas. And this is where you join me. To help with speed I will only be adding the current country and the next country. These are the current teams who are awaiting their first league title. As you can guess I am the Future Stars in the Bahamas. Things are looking good in the league but last seasons Champions Western Warriors could keep my on my toes with a win. You are bang up to date. Lets do this!
  8. This years game is probably the best one to date, however, I have gotten bored of each save which is something that never happened before. So I decided to start my very first Career thread in the hope I become more engaged and become more enthusiastic about the game I love. The goal of this career will be to find a home and potentially build a dynasty revolving around academy players and homegrown talents. I will be choosing my starting club but after that it will be a journeyman type save. I don't usually make rules for my saves but for this one, I will have a few: 1. If another club (doesn't matter who) offers me more money I have to take it. I have to look out for my families future! 2. No in game editors allowed. 3. Holiday to the year 2029 so my manager's age was realistic for a retired player. 4. Have ambition and look to move to top clubs if given the chance and make the academy a priority. That's pretty much all the 'rules' now here is an introduction to me, the manager! (Side note: my history is mostly fiction) Meet the Manager: Hello, my name is Patrick and I've been involved in soccer since the age of 14, but my love for the sport began way before that when my cousins in Ireland turned me on to FIFA 2001. I grew up playing for my school and local club teams around Long Island, NY. After a successful senior year with my school team, in which I broke the district scoring record as a winger, I was approached by Division 2 colleges from around the country. After deciding I wanted to stay close to home and commute rather than dorm and waste thousands, I choose LIU Post. A mere 25 minute drive from my house. I had goals of playing for my country but never got a call up from the United States, however based on my strong showing and impressive goal scoring record in college, I did get a call up to join the Irish U21 squad (through grandparents) once but never featured. Following my college career I entered the MLS draft and was selected by the New York Red Bulls in the later rounds and was immediately loaned to their second team. I put in strong performances and always worked hard but when the next season began I was again loaned to the second team. Following that season I was released by Red Bulls and in the years following I played for 7 other clubs, bouncing around from Florida to Arizona and everywhere in between. By the time I reached 30 I started studying for my badges with the goal of completing them before I hung my playing boots up for good. In my later playing years I grew a greater appreciation for the tactical side of the game and found that my true calling in this sport was not as a player but as a coach. I grew an affinity towards total football and gegen pressing. The way Rinus Michels ran Ajax as well as the Dutch NT is something I admire and aspire to achieve. More recently my managerial role model would be Marcelo Bielsa and Sir Alex Ferguson. When I turned 35 my alma mater offered the head coach role which I accepted. I managed there for 3 years and in those three years we won the Division 2 national title twice, something the school had never done before. One of my staff members was a former player Welsh international who played for The New Saints. He still remained in contact with the club and was responsible for bringing over a few Welsh players in the three years we coached together. When he heard TNS's boss had resigned he mentioned my name to one of the board members. A few phone calls later and a face to face interview with the owner and I had now found myself being offered the chance to become manager of The New Saints. They liked my motivation and the fact that they were getting a hungry young manager with ambition. My knowledge of the club and the history of the sport in Wales all together was limited. And to be honest, I was a little surprised by how unpopular the top flight league in Wales actually was. But none of that detoured me. At the end of the day it was a professional club who was willing to take a chance on me. I would have been foolish to say no even if it meant leaving my very comfortable job back home on Long Island. I didn't get into management to coach college my whole life. My dreams and ambitions are to coach professional athletes and work with the best players in the world. I want to be regarded as the greatest manager in the world and succeed where I failed as a player. In order to do that, you have to leave USA. My pay is virtually the same as it was at LIU but there's more opportunity to succeed here and the cost of living is nowhere near as high as New York. I chose my place of residence to be near the stadium, so, Oswestry. The only downside of moving to Europe is they make you redo some courses to get your Continental Pro License. That's no bother for me though, I plan to have my pro license within 2 years. So that's it for now. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this. I'm already enjoying this save more than the past few just from writing about it lol. Heres to a long, successful career!
  9. Those of you who may already have read the first two parts of this series - on Chelsea and Arsenal respectively - will know what this thread will be about. For others, here is a brief explanation: the idea is to help people who intend to manage (or are already managing) one of the top six English clubs create a well-balanced tactic by providing a concrete example. Now it's time for the third London heavyweight - the Tottenham Hotspurs! One thing that I always look to emphasize is that none of my tactics is a plug-and-play tactic. They are meant to be just a solid starting point for you to build upon - and around - it by making appropriate tweaks when and where it's needed. My Chelsea tactic utilized a 4213DM Wide system coupled with the Attacking team mentality. With Arsenal it was a 4141DM Wide on Positive. For the Spurs, it will again be a 4141DM Wide with Positive mentality. Actually pretty similar to Arsenal's, with just a few (rather small) adjustments. The reason for these similarities is very simple - all these teams possess similar levels of quality in their respective squads. I could have gone with a different formation - e.g. 4231 - but the key reason I tend to opt for 4141DM Wide is its balance. The system is neither top-heavy nor bottom-heavy, but just right - because it allows enough room for being creative and adventurous with roles and duties while preserving good overall balance and defensive stability. While for Chelsea I created just one tactic, for Arsenal I did two. The Spurs will now be "treated" to as many as three! One may think that's because I like them more than the other two London clubs - which, in all honesty, is true - but that really was not my motive in this case. It's just a mere coincidence. In fact, I just want(ed) to show how you can tweak a tactic when different types of players are used in certain positions. So let's get started... The first thing I noticed analyzing the Spurs squad is that they possess a bit less speed on average than other top 6 EPL sides. On the other hand, they have a very hard-working and intelligent bunch of players (though that can be also said for other top teams in England). But overall, there is nothing that jumps out to an extent that it would require the Spurs (primary) tactic to be significantly different from the ones I devise(d) for other top teams. In fact, the most notable difference pertains to a couple of defense-related player instructions. So, what would be my preferred setup of roles and duties in the first Spurs tactic? Here it is: DLFsu APsu IFat MEZat BWMsu HB IWBsu CDde CDde WBsu SKde When you see which starting 11 I would play within this particular setup – or for which starting 11 the setup was created, if you will - you will probably understand the reasoning behind the selection and distribution of roles and duties. GK/SKde – Lloris (as with Arsenal, I would prefer a SK on support, but Lloris’ relevant attributes aren’t good enough) DL/IWBsu – Rose (alternatively Davies) DR/WBsu – Trippier DCL/CDde – Vertonghen DCR/CDde – Alderweireld (both CBs are capable of playing a BPD role, but my personal preference is to keep it simple in the backline; and even if I occasionally used a BPD, it would certainly be only one of them) DM/HB – Dier (the most obvious choice for both the position and role) MCL/MEZat – Ali (just look at his attributes and traits) MCR/BWMsu – Wanyama (no doubt, the most suitable Spurs player for the role) AML/APsu – Eriksen (a perfect choice for a playmaker, plus can create very nice interplay with the attacking mezzala) AMR/IFat – Son or Moura (having an attacking mezzala who attacks the box on the left, I want the AMR to do that from the right wing) ST/DLFsu – Kane (a complete forward that can play any striker role, but in this system I want him to drop slightly deeper, both to link up play and create space for the mezzala and the IF in the first place) Which player instructions would I use for this players/roles? GK/SKde – take fewer risks (because of the already mentioned poor passing and vision; good rushing out and one-on-ones are key reasons to play him as a SK, rather than standard GK) DR/WBsu – cross more often (to utilize his very good crossing ability, especially as there would be enough teammates both within and near the box at the time he is likely to deliver a cross, partly due to the Overlap right instruction, which will be part of the TIs). DM/HB – mark tighter, close down less (the latter is there to make him keep his position in defense as much as possible, rather than rushing to press and thus leave the back-line potentially exposed to quick counters) MCR/BWMsu – hold position, mark tighter, take fewer risks (his primary responsibility is to protect the right side in defense and keep it simple in attack) MCL/MEZat – mark tighter (my preference is to use the tight marking PI for the midfielders as a safer way of thwarting opposition build-ups than high pressing and/or hard tackling) AMR/IFat – sit narrower (to encourage him to act as much of a potential goal-threat as possible) ST/DLFsu – roam from position (to make him be as active as possible in the build-up phase and thus act as a sort of “hybrid” between a DLF and CF) The optional instruction for both centre-backs – close down less (they are top defenders, but their speed – while decent – is not extraordinary, so there is some risk that they could have issues against pacy and highly mobile forwards) Others’ player instructions would be left on default (at least initially). Now come the team instructions, which will for the most part be identical to those in the Arsenal tactics. That’s because my preferred style of play with top teams is basically same – the one I call “progressive possession football” (as opposed to slow and overly patient styles). Mentality also remains Positive. In possession – shorter passing, play out of defence, work ball into box, be more expressive, overlap right (optional/occasional TI – overlap left) In transition – counter, roll it out, distribute to CBs and FBs (and counter-press against weak sides) Out of possession – higher d-line, standard LOE, use tighter marking, prevent short GKD, use offside trap NOTE: When counter-press is off, the striker and more attacking of the 2 CMs (the mezzala in this setup) can be told to close down more in their player instructions). The other two tactics I devised for the Spurs aren’t actually entirely different tactics, but rather variants of the first one. Mentality and team instructions remain the same. The changes are minor and pertain solely to a couple of roles played by players other than the aforementioned starting 11 when they are used instead of someone played in the primary tactic. So for example, when Winks replaces Wanyama in MCR, he should be played as a DLP on support, rather than a BWM. His only PI would be “Mark tighter”. Everything else remains unchanged. This change means some more creativity in the midfield, but a bit less aggression (which is not necessarily bad, and could moreover contribute to more solid defending). Or, when Alli is replaced by Sissoko in MCL, the latter can be played as a standard CM on attack duty (instead of mezzala). The only player instruction – mark tighter. Thus, the setup involving Winks (MCR) and Sissoko (MCL) would be this: DLFsu APsu IFat CMat DLPsu HB IWBsu CDde CDde WBsu SKde Finally, when you play Aurier as the right back instead of Trippier, he could be occasionally used as an IWB on attack. In that case, the AMR becomes a winger on support (instead of IF on attack). So the setup now looks like this: DLFsu APsu Wsu CM/MEZat DLPsu HB IWBsu CDde CDde IWBat SKde In terms of team instructions, the only change is removing the Overlap right. It’s simply not needed now that the right back is on attack duty. And that’s it! Once again - this is not a plug-and-play tactic. It has been devised solely based on my analysis of the Spurs squad, and haven’t been tested. So if you want to use it – keep in mind that some tweaking will most likely be needed in certain situations. P.S: If you are possibly interested in how I would transform this Spurs tactic into a bit more conservative and counter-attacking version of itself, please let me know
  10. Hi. I am deeply confused by the effect of sending players on a Leadership Course. I don't think that I have ever noticed any difference what so ever to a players leadership attribute. Could someone please enlighten me (and presumably others)?
  11. I'm absolutely baffled by this reaction from my players during a game. I 'encourage' them at 1-0 with a shout. Frustrated reaction. I tell them to 'push up' after an opposition player gets sent off. Frustrated reaction. It's an absolute joke the shouts needs some work. Since when has a team become 'frustrated' when you shout 'encourage' as a manager from the touchline?? Daft.
  12. With Eriksen\Dele\Rabiot in Midfield, then I'd add the be more expresive vs the teams you struggle to break down they all have the technical\mental stats for it. I've kept the Half Back Role - They sit deeper than a DM-D and offer a other passing option. I agree with above that it looks like lacking an Identity. IMHO - That tactic will look to cross a lot, but who to? Kane will drop deep in DLF-A, Eriksen kind of has that trait (comes deep to get ball) already, leaving Dele as the main supporting attacker, who along with Kane, who will be deeper than normal. If we factor in pace as well, it's something that Dele\Kane\Eriksen don't have - One of my frustrations early on was as quoted earlier: The above happened with Son\Moura as IF-A Roles (Aimed at bringing them both closer to link up with Kane. Lamela did a really good job as an IFS, which temporarily fixed that issue for me. (I then Fleeced a Chinese team who took him for £19M+ some add-ons (Inital offer was only £5M) allowing me to buy Zivkovic). I'd suggest identifying how you want this team to play. As Per above the lack of pace is a bit of an issue with wingers, as the other players struggle to get up in support quick enough. I wanted to try this as I've always liked the layout and theories that @Experienced Defender lays out - Bear in mind this was aimed more at a progressive passing game, which is something I planned on trying after a 4-5-1 tactic on my last save created some crazy dominating games (as well as some shockers which exposed mistakes!). Just always remeber that a simple change to one role is likely to have a knock on effect to another. Since I assesed roles and their combo's\knock on effects my tweaks have been much better. I.E don't change Kane to as CFS just coz I did and had it working - Bear in mind my tactic at the time was very close to the origional here.
  13. There re no disclosed ME changes and in Beta thread SI said there would be no further changes. However, they could change how AI managers use tactics which would not be a ME change.
  14. Reviewing all my scout reports recently in my current save, i feel there is a gap in our ability to summarise/review players our scouts have generated reports for. Over the course of a season your scouts can build up quite a list of players they have reviewed. Currently we can apply filters that focus on a wide variety of information however what we can't do is filter or assess scouted players based on the actual language or points the scouts report on. I would like to suggest scouted players lists make available new report filtering that directly correlates with the scouting language used and not arbitary filters (i.e attribute X > Y, value < z, etc). Instead we can filter by such things as follows: Strongest area of game Important matches Agent demands Happiness Potential for retraining Dressing Room Strongest attribute Consistency etc I want to feel as a manager I am reviewing the scout reports and not filtering the underlying player data again if that makes sense.
  15. @Fadedaf some quality youngsters there, I'm really in need of a future RB so I'm jealous of Forsnes!
  16. Oppsal Youth Intake 2037 Improving my HOYD two years ago was definitely a good move as we've come up with another good intake: A very clear standout player, another with 5 star potential and plenty of others that may or may not develop into good players. Here is the standout Forsnes 37A: He's obviously very talented and will go straight into the first team, however probably not as a starter as my RB and RM are two of the best young players in the squad. I am seriously considering retraining him as a left sided player, probably a LB as we have much less quality there. I don't know how long we can hold on to him but I will try to get him on a professional contract ASAP. Our other bright hope from this intake is Ingvaldsen 37B: He lacks a bit of determination but still looks like an excellent prospect
  17. After watching the 'lovely' end to Arsenal's season, I thought about having a go with them on FM19, encorporating Emery's tactic and hopefully building a more successful change to Wenger's reign. I've previously religiously used a 4-1-4-1 in game, and wanted to emulate roughly what Emery's done with the three at the back. Had a lot of issues defending properly, pressing, and having the right level of penetration in attack. Every Emery tactic I've seen is before he switched to three at the back. The only analysis I could find online was https://spielverlagerung.de/2018/12/28/boxing-day/ I've thought the tactic would be on an attacking mentality - but the cbs hit long wayward balls even with shorter passing and take less risks selected. There is an element of tiki taka, but I guess 'fluid counter attack' where the ball is played up the pitch with a quicker tempo. I'm not sure about the press, I like to high press, and Emery's Arsenal does that, but the shape doesn't lend itself to pressing full backs. Ideally I'd also be able to have a mid block variation, so to make use of the pace up front and when defending a lead to hit them on the break. With the shape as below. Ignore the roles and team instructions, I was focusing more on the shape. I've been using three centre back CD on defend. Experimented with wing backs on support with look for overlap, or wing backs on attack. Not sure about the CM roles. Ozil as a AP I've been using Lacazette and Aubameyang both as CF support, but I don't think its completely right. Both seem more attack minded in real life, but still offer each other support in attack. Any help or advice on building this tactic would be much appreciated, I've really struggled making an effective tactic
  18. Can't wait for you to earn enough air miles to takeover Musk Town Martians FC.
  19. Or just retrain him as a central midfielder, he's already pretty comfortable there
  20. Very nearly made a Kevin Keegan style mistake last night. Those of us old enough to remember the 95/96 season will remember him signing the mercurial Tino Asprilla mid-season, while Newcastle were miles clear going for the league title. The problem was signing him meant they had to alter their style of play, and that uncertainty in turn allowed United to overhaul them. So what did I consider? Well, I've been playing 4-3-3, with two central midfielders and an anchor man behind them, since I arrived at the club. That idea encompasses the entire club from top to bottom, including the reserve and youth sides, with the idea being we have a conveyor belt of talent to select from in years to come. I haven't changed my formation once in all the time I've been here, although I have changed our mentality between "control" and "counter", depending on who we have played. Last night though, my scouts found this lad: He's magnificent, and we agreed a record-breaking deal of €2.7m for him. However, his wages would cost us €10,000p/w, making him a new highest earner and increasing the contracts of two other players, while I'd also have to make other changes in the squad to prepare us for a new 4-2-3-1 system. I'd potentially have to sell three players - three excellent players, no less - in order for me to make that switch, plus I'd need cover for my new number 10. Considering how good the squad is and how balanced it is, I think that number of changes would be problematic rather than beneficial to the club as a whole. Horrifyingly, I think I'm going to have to pull out of the deal. But *look at him*!
  21. FM19 is doing pretty well imo but still need to improve in some aspects. Crossing: According to Soccerment.com, the crossing completion rates of five major European Leagues includes, EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 in 2017 is around 22% to 26% [average 23.5%, lowest: EPL(22%), highest: Bundesliga(26%)] Ref: https://soccerment.com/2017/11/26/crossing-effective-strategy/ In my FM19 experiences, crosses completion rates are mostly around 13%-18%, rarely 20%. That's a little bit low. I don't mind players have misplaced crosses, but their crossing choice are really bad. Just banged the ball, no matter what's happening. Lots of "crosses" are end up with hitting right into defense players. Don't really see something like one-twos overlapping/ simple passes overlapping in ME. And, Early crosses always cause unstoppable goals, fullback of side-center backs never have any ideas to defense far-post players. It's still something deadly, due to those early crosses for some tactics that have Wingers and attacking fullbacks. Tactics: It is very delicate for minor changes, you can consequently winning matches by more than 3:0 and losing fatally with one minor change. I don't know should I consider this is good or bad. Spending more than six months irl to realize inside forwards work better when you told them to Stay Wider, Hold Up Ball and Marking opp.'s fullbacks(lol). It is fun yet frustrating. Long Shots: It is another double-edged sword. I scored a lot long shots, but I know it drives people mad when players starting long shots for no reasons. List of players always get goals outside the box that in my teams: Real players: Youri Tielemans (LS:14 Tec:16 Dec:13 Det:14 Fla:14 with Shoots from distance) Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (LS:15 Tec:14 Dec:14 Det:17 Fla:18 with Shoots With Power & Tries First Time Shots) Joao Felix (LS:12 Tec:17 Dec:16 Det:16 Fla:17) Andreas Pereira (LS:14 Tec:16 Dec:11 Det:13 Fla: 19 with Shoots From Distance) Adrien Rabiot (LS:12 Tec:15 Dec:17 Det:14 Fla:13) Generated players: Dario Migliore (LS:14 Tec:15 Dec:14 Det:13 Fla:14) That's why I think tactics matter more than ME. Players' Loyalty: I don't know why almost every key players in my team trying to play in other teams. My Team (Man Utd) rated 1st in Reputation among European Clubs. Won previous several EPLs, ECCs. Pogba asked to leave. Andreas Pereira asked to leave. Martial asked to leave. De Gea asked to leave <--These four all wanted to join PSG, maybe due to high rep players like Neymar, Mbappe? Andy Carroll asked to leave. Vanja Milinkovic-Savic asked to leave. <-I brought them and they asked to leave next year. All of them don't have hard feeling in my teams though. This remain unsolved for me. Training: I like this training system but still want more individual training scheme for e.g.: crossing, heading, tackling, dribbling. I know those attributes are training in Team training, but it sound ridiculous for me that I can't even told my players to have dribbling drills. Wishes: I would like to have the statistics for how many agents get sacked by I told my players to do so. Better ME. Adjustment of TV revenue and Prize money according the reputation or something like that. Blind following tactical trends for some manager (Including players' custom tactics.)
  22. There were nerves, especially at 1-1, but in the end we win the Bundesliga in style with a 4-1 win against Ingolstadt. Dortmund got their job done, but our win means it matters for nothing. Very tough to take for them I am sure, but we don't care! The league table shows how close it was in the end as we win the title on the final day on goal difference. 39 years since Wolfsburg won their one and only Bundesliga title and we have been able to take them back to summit of German football in our first season at the club! Very unexpected, but a great achievement!
  23. I won't take over your post any more though lol, you've seen the basic principles mostly working, so just fiddle around with it yourself. Different players will give different results anyway, because of player traits and attributes.
  24. Not as of yet. I'm still fiddling when I can though, just didn't have the games left in the season to carry on. People had stopped playing DMs against me too, so it became a bit irrelevant. Until Wolves anyway, they were ridiculous. Narrow flat back 5 with 2 DMs and a ML/R. They took some breaking down and I had to get a bit extreme. In keeping with the principles of stretching play and drawing them out though. I'm thinking of sticking with the 442 next season, my current save is meant to be one for experimenting with tactics anyway. In this highlights vid the first goal shows just how ridiculously Wolves had set up, and the second goal shows how my extreme measures worked.
  25. Hey guys. Good news of sorts. I've decided to start a career using my FM editor file. (Believe it or not, I haven't had the time to play even a single game of FM 2019, and I've been limited to a few games of FM touch.) With my own save in mind, I've added a quick and dirty version of the Chatham Cup (the New Zealand FA Cup). Because it is quick and dirty, there's two major flaws: Reserve teams also compete in the cup (the entrants are division based) There's no local qualifying rounds, so the initial qualifying rounds are very unrealistic (a team in Northland could draw a team in Southland). However, with the above caveats in mind, this should add an extra element of enjoyment to those using my file. Note: The file still isn't compatible with the latest version of the FM database. I'm just testing the updated file right now. If it works without problems I will upload it shortly. I just need to check that there is enough time to play all of the additional fixtures that the new cup introduces. EDIT: It's working fine, so v403 has been added to the original post. This version contains the Chatham Cup.
  26. I got an idea. There are a lot of players who play Football Manager Mobile and a lot of them, me included would want to have the opportunity to play on their domestic leagues with their city teams (Albanian SuperLeague in my case) Why not bring smth new in FMM20, create an online database where u can select and download the desired leagues you wanna play? It that really immposible to do? I think it would be a great idea and it'll work out even for the distributors of the game.
  27. @Joshua-inn1992 This tactic will do just that. It has 3 central strikers all of which score lots of goals.
  28. It say about 12 and 11 wingers yet most of my wingers I like to able to play on both side of the wings.
  29. Starting Leagues: *Note I have a created United Irish league loaded Some other screenshots from the year 2029 to get an idea of how my FM universe progressed: Premier League Winners: *Interesting to note that Wolves have not been taken over by any tycoon or rich business man. They won the league the good old fashioned way, proper management. Champions League: Pure dominance by the English clubs, most notably, Chelsea. World Cup:
  30. Cheers Marc, that more than cleared things up and I simply can't thank you enough. Looking forward to seeing what you and the rest of SI have in store for us in 2020!
  31. Pécsi Mecsek Futball Club - Season 2024/25 League table Lost too many points to be real contenders this year, we actually were closer to be dropped out of top three but Ferencvaros and others weren't consistent as well. So just a harder Europa League route for next season. Magyar Cup Once again our cup run was ruined by an early red card. Not paying too much attention to the competition, but still there could be some more practice for our youth, Champions League We hit the woodwork five times in two games against Maribor and conceded a penalty on 89th minute... A very disappointing outcome but there was a second chance in Europa League. Europa League And here we really exceeded all expectations! Reaching the group stage already was a big achievement but I certainly haven't expected four wins out of five (including one in Rome)! We secured the top spot with a game to go and were drawn against AZ. Goalless draw in Alkmaar gave us a chance to go further but unfortunately we couldn't hold a single goal advantage at home. Still it's by far the best ever European campaign for us and what's even more important - over 10 million euros of TV rights and prize money! After balancing around zero in all previous seasons this is a giant leap forward, our facilities upgrade is already in progress and will be completed in November. Youth intake Kover 25a | A.Farkas 25b | Fulop 25c | B.Farkas 25d | Kelemen 25e | Bodor 25f I think changing our HOYD to a perfectionist Ciprian Deac had the effect as we seem to have more positive personalities in this year's intake and better potentials as well. Squad stats No new names in best 11, though it's quite interesting that Mate Sagi 22g who wasn't predicted as top prospect in his intake, and Laszlo Szabo who wasn't tagged at all (that's why 21z) developed a lot better than some of their more promising teammates and gained first team experience. Transfers Youth League Another good season for our U19, and it's a bit unusual to see Vaduz here as they can't enter the Champions League but it seems to work other way for the youth teams. Unfortunately, our youth lost the domestic title this season so won't have European football in the next one. P.S. Two more important news came after the season ended - Attila Fiola 20c became our first player to be called into the senior national team, and Hungary moved into 11th place in UEFA rankings which means an extra Champions League spot!
  32. Just had a count up of all the playable divisions down to Level 15, there are 263 so far, not bad!
  33. Sometimes all you need do is add a little creativity. Sub on a more creative player; change a role to something more creative; or add "Be More Expressive" for example. Any of those can add that little spark of magic to unlock even the most stubborn of defences. Alternatively a simple player position change can help - drop one striker back to AMC/L/R or drop your AMC down to MC for example can help create a little extra space and cause confusion in the opposition defence.
  34. Brief Tactical Update Seeing as there's been a bit of a hiatus in the thread since I changed job a little over a month ago I've decided to ease into things with a minor update on the tactical system and what I think so far. We are playing a 352 in a very aggressive version despite a "Standard" mentality. I utilize a Sweeper Keeper on support in the back for a couple of reasons. We play a Very Fluid setup with a high defensive line, semi-aggressive pressure combined with slow CBs. This usually means there'll be runners slipping through, and unless our keeper is vigilant they'll be getting huge chances. Having our GK sweeping up makes the risk a little smaller with an added bonus of having him as a part of our buildup play (whether he really is benefiting in this regard we'll touch on straightaway). Because, as you can tell from the screenshot below, I am telling Randri to Distribute to my playmaker (who is placed in CM strata) and to do it quickly and take risks. If you have Neuer, Ter Stegen, Ederson etc. that is a nice idea. Randri, however... 3 Passing. Yikes. So why the hell am I still doing it??? Well, his pass completion is at 64% which compared to any of the big 5 clubs in Italy, is better than any other starting GKs. Despite his lack of skill, he is doing quite well. I see him hit my Playmaker with decent regularity. Sometimes my Playmaker drops back, sometimes he stays central, but either case, if Randri hits him, it opens up the pitch for us every time. Sure, there's going to be some mistakes, but the benefits have outweighed the cons so far. In front of Randri we have this 3-back defence. Two on Defend, one on Stopper. I see my Stopper push forward and break play a lot. I did test a Cover role in the center, but was left frustrated due to the frequency of seeing my Cover man being in no mans land, not covering, not defending, and not stopping. Instead my wide CBs would stay wide, while my Cover got overrun and we would concede big, big chances. This setup seems much more cohesive. Our midfield is the part I'm the most excited about. My wide players are Wingers on support, my wide CMs are Central Midfielder on Attack, and my centrepiece is a Deep Lying Playmaker on Defend. Sounds kinda mad in a 352, doesn't it? It does wonders, though. Central midfield is also the place we have the best quality, so seems natural to get the most out of players like Morán and Simoncini while Karikari runs the show behind them. No major instructions given. Simoncini is asked to dribble less since his dribblin is at meager 10, and Kariakari is asked to close down much less since I don't want him straying from his central position, but that's it. Leading the pack we have my biggest problem to solve. My strikers, and their roles. First off, who to use. We have some interesting options and in this screenshot below I have Pitocchi and Mariani starting - a rare occurrence - and they, along with Morán and Del Sole, destroyed Torino. Mariani scored 1, with 9.2 rating, Pitocchi scored 2, and assisted 2 with 9.6 rating. (Morán went with the POM still, with his matching 2g, 2a, 9.6) But Kevin Stoyle and Capuani are both on the bench in this setup. Mental. And the roles are tricky to pinpoint as well. I want one guy to pull back and act as a pivot, and the other as a focal point for our attacks, but finding the right balance to not swamp the area my CMas are charging and not getting too far ahead and become redundant has seemed a fine balance so far. I'm happy with this constellation for the time being though. In all it's glory, this is how it looks: To showcase a couple of good examples of what we can create with this setup: @ Lazio 3-5 vs Torino 6-1 Our form since the last update where we played Lazio has been really decent.
  35. Level 16 nearly done, hopefully now the Levels have less divisions in it will be quicker to produce
  36. September 2020 A lighter month this month with an International Break stopping the proceedings. I forgot to mention...when I was on my stupidly long holiday I set it to apply for all jobs. I was offered the Peru National Job. I turned it down because it would have slowed my progress up but it would have been very interesting to take. I'm not going to chase any International Jobs but if one falls into my lap I'll seriously consider it. Just the 9 points this month. Its going to be a strange month. Its worth noting that I'm having to offer a lot of players new contract because teams are trying to take them away from me. I'm not doing it because I want them...its because I don't want anybody else to have them. Still no coaches are physios. Basically don't get injured while your doing our own training. Now then! Somebody stop them! I'm that confident I'm going to win the league this season I've already queued up the next country. The British Virgin Islands. Just to clarify I don't need to win every league, just the top one with a team who has never won it before. It that means I need to start in a division below then so be it. I imagine by the time I get to England I'll be taking over Mansfield who will be the only team in the country to have not left League Two. Cant wait to see this message another 8 times. How dare they try and make a game of it! 5 is the lowest amount we have scored so far this season. I have seriously broken this country. Me thinks I maybe breaking some records. Attackers next, lots of players playing against their old club. Both teams are unbeaten going into this game as well. Anybody else!? Well a normal scoreline. You would have thought when they went down to 10 it would be a cricket score but it wasn't meant to be. Despite the number of attempts. Not going to complain a win is a win. Look forward to the "disappointing 2-0 victory" as the board try and find something bad to say. One more win...sorry...game this month. There is actually one more team unbeaten...Ballers...be interesting if they can maintain that until we play. Seems Jaheel Anthony a CB in the reserves didn't listen...he asked for more first team football...now he dances on the street for money. A couple of signs that maybe I'm not as invincible as I thought. Still winning but its noway near as comfortable as before. Not going to complain obviously. It means at the end of the month the table looks like this... Nearly a quarter of the way through the league and its pretty much almost won already. Woooooo.
  37. Against ten men you look to the obvious advantage ie the extra man. Some fm managers will instantly go more attacking which is understandable, and might work considering you are now likely playing against a defensive set up. It also might go badly wrong since you are leaving more gaps in defense for counter attacks. One option is to try to stretch the play by moving your defensive line back, playing as wide as possible, and playing a fast possession game to tire out the ten men. You should be able to create chances by holding possession and finding more spaces as the opposition becomes fatigued. Obviously If the opposition park the bus then It won't matter. You can do whatever you normally do to try to get through a nine/ten man defense.
  38. Bumming Around Part 3 The year is 2022. I've been on holiday for what feels like forever now. I've had nothing to do but wander the streets of tropical Anguilla, its been hell. But wait...what's this? Hope? The single most important job interview in my life. Its all falling into place. The thing is I've been on Holiday for so long I don't know who the better team is anymore. Me think its still Diamond although they have fallen drastically. Its also worth pointing out its preseason so I'd be starting the season a fresh. That's an interview with all 3 clubs chasing their first league title in Anguilla.
  39. I'm not sure the Temperament hidden personal trait can be improved (much, if at all) with mentoring. And my rule of thumb is: after the second or third time a player throws a hissy fit about nothing (ie. "I didn't appreciate your criticism following a 0-2 defeat to a midtable side" or "I'm the 7th best CM but I demand to play more"), he gets a one-way ticket to Trasnferville. There are too many players in the game to justify me putting up with the cumbersome and infuriating Conversation system or with the long process of mentoring...
  40. 1.- Low block or high block? 1.1- High block When I think of a high block in a 4-4-2 I always think of George Graham's (in)famous backline of Adams, Dixon, Winterburn and Bould and their use of an aggressive offside trap to stop their opponents attack. The high block, if properly implemented is a great way of dealing with the direct, long ball football typical of Graham's era. However to implement this form of defending your defenders need good positioning, anticipation, concentration and the quickness to compete with the strikers. Another advantage of the high block is that it goes along nicely with the high press so on paper both "pass and move" football and "longball" football are accounted for. This of course only works if you have a well drilled backline and the players up front are willing to play their part so only big teams tend to go for this option. when smaller teams have tried there are other circumstances to take into consideration. A real life example was Rayo Vallecano which under Paco Jémez played a high defensive line with an intense pressing game despite being clear underdogs against almost all teams in the spanish first division. They did this because their field was very small anyways so there wasn't so much backtracking to do anyways. If memory serves me right they overachieved under Paco Jémez during his first year but got relegated the next one. 1.2- Low block There are many teams which have employed a low block when fielding a 4-4-2. Like I said in my opening post when teams found themselves as underdogs in Spain they gave up possession and formed two tight banks of four to minimise space and attempted to hit their opponent with fast transitions. Diego Simeone won a league title in 2014 by this very method and recently Valencia had much to celebrate in their centenary when their 4-4-2 strategy of fast transitions and tight defending earned them a shot at winning the champions league and a Copa del Rey against Barcelona. Reducing the spaces available for the opposition is not the only thing that you can achieve with a low block, it is also a good way to lure the opponent further forwards and exploit the space they leave behind them. 2.- Wolverhampton Wanderers 2.1- My story with the wolves Three years ago I knew absolutely nothing about the wolves. I didn't even realise that wolverhampton is a real place because it had such an impossibly cool name. Then one day a friend came to me: "You know the guy you told me about, he is going to play in the championship" "The champions league? With whom?" "the championship, with wolversomething". Ruben Neves was going to play in the english second division, I didn't understand, he was perhaps the most promising playmaker in Europe along with Tielemans, why would he go to a "second rate" team like Wolverhampton? Wolverhampton entered the Premier League the following year and signed Rui Patricio, Joao Moutinho and Adama Traoré. I always found rui Patricio underrated, I liked Moutinho quite a lot a few years back and knew Traoré as a Barcelona youth player with great speed but little else going for him. This were three players I liked quite a lot, between that and their cool name it was as if the Wolves were going out of their way to make me a supporter. So I opened a new save and made the following 4-4-2: 3.- The tactic 3.1- the pure 4-4-2 Whenever I make a tactic I load up a formation and set all the roles into what I call "pure" roles, that is the roles with the most flexibility: This is what I call the pure 4-4-2, under this roles how your players behave is all up to their traits, except for the strikers, there is no "pure" striker in FM since all the roles have predetermined instructions. I have never played a match with these roles and I never will but I like building my tactics step by step so I always go to the "pure" formations before doing any changes. 3.2- the strikers So next I take a look at the strikers and decide what partnership I want, because I am playing Wolverhampton and they are not a team full with world class players I decide to go for arguably the simplest partnership of all the tried and tested: 3.3- the wings Next I focus on the wings, Adama is a very one dimensional player and can only play as a winger so the W(a) was my first decision regarding the wing, next I went for a FB(s) to accompany him, I could have gone for a Irwin like role and chose the FB(d) but while I like solidity in my tactics I think that is a bit too much. I don't like having both wings with the same partnership so I decide to go for a FB(a) on the left. Finally it was time to choose an appropriate ML, he had to allow overlapping, be a passing option for my central midfielders and make his presence felt in the final third despite playing deeper so I gave the WM(s) the instructions to "sit narrower", "cross from deep" and "cross more often" hello mr Beckham. 3.4- the midfield duo I initially went for a CM(d) and CM(s) combo, which just means I told one of my midfielders to hold. That way I could look at my wings and my Strikers and later decide what I needed from my midfield. My first change was to turn the CM(s) into a BBM so he could join link up with the attackers in zone 14, just outside the opponents area but I was still using a CM(d). Because all a CM(d) is told to do is hold his position he is not a specialist ball winner (he will win balls but he won't focus on defending as much as other roles) but I was not sure about using a different more mobile role. Our Team instructions were the answer to that, I finally decided to use a BWM(d). Isn't the BWM a very mobile role? yes and no, while he will leave his position to chase the balls we play a narrow and compact defence so while he will chase down the ball like a dog, it is a dog on a leash we are talking about. I made no changes to the keeper or defenders so as of now my 4-4-2 looks like this: note that because I did not instruct my WM(s) to "cut inside" but rather "sit narrower" he will not bump against my BBM. It is easy to see what I expect each player to do and how they play as a team. This is not a set of roles meant for possession football but a rather more direct approach. At this point I play my first games in the pre season with no instructions and choose them as I see how the tactic is working. 3.5- instructions The numbers indicate the in which order I chose which instructions: Defend narrower: Like I said a low block is about negating space. With defend narrower horizontal space amongst my two banks of four is reduced helping us defend. Much lower LOE: By keeping a standard defensive line but deepening our line of engagement we both lure the teams upwards, making more space for us and defend in a more compact manner, that means our two banks of four are as solid as they could be in structure. These two instructions are the reason I decided on the BWM since the is not that much space he can roam into, like I said he is a dog on a leash. Mark Tighter: We need to make it harder fo our opponent when he has the ball in our own half, this could be done by either marking or pressing. The problem with pressing is that it would shatter our two banks of four (as a general rule pressing works badly with a low block) and make us create a lot of spaces between our players which is exactly the opposite of what we want. throw it long: Rui Patricio is better t distributing with his hands, that is the only reason, If I had a goalkeeper that was better with his feet I would choose take long kicks but this is not the case with the wolves. distribute quicky: I want my goalkeeper to start the counter attacks if he has the ball, just like Schmeichel or Yashin. pass into space: My reasoning was the following. Player A passes the ball to player B, player B receives the ball in position A, Player B moves the ball from position A to position B. 3 steps. While with pass into space I want. Player A passes the ball into position B, Player B receives the ball in position B. 2 steps. Passing into space is not easy and some balls will be missed but I think this is a way to make our time play more efficiently. Slightly higher tempo: I don't think I need this instruction at all, I am experimenting with options for now, when performing a counter players already go as fast as they can so this is more of an instruction for our non counter attacks and I haven't seen a big change in the way we play. The question marks are things that are liable to change, for example I chose Cautious mentality in my first match against Liverpool but switched to balance against newcastle and will be tempted to go as far as positive against lower cup opposition. There is certainly room for improvement especially in terms of squad building. This is not a plug and play tactic, this is simply the earliest steps of a counter attacking tactic, and almost nothing in my tactic is fixed but instead works in a match per match basis. thank you for the wait, when enough games have been played I will try to go deeper into how we play. In the meantime I will try to answer all possible questions to the best of my ability.
  41. The transfer bidding behaviour of Man City & PSG is highly suspicious. Every window the same pattern plays out. They bid for every single player in my side that is playing well, regardless of position, without any strategy behind it. The players they go for will never be good enough to hold down a place in their team, and frequently gets Pep the sack. A classic example of this on my current save was when City bought Lewis Cook for £70m, and immediately loaned him out to me for nothing a few months later. If they identified fewer, high quality targets over a longer period, and put down a big bid to secure them (e.g. Mahrez) I'd welcome it as a realistic approach. If reality played out like the FM world, Jim White would open his transfer window show with the statement 'Man CIty have bid for 6 Wolves players'. Not credible, is it.
  42. I pretty much gave up on the game some months ago. Felt like playing last week and got my motivation to play again. Amazing manager game. Terrible coach game. The actual games are just unwatchable for me. 80% of the goals are exactly the same crap. I've played with teams that should dominate the league, with relegation battle teams and everything in between. And I've watched AI games just to confirm this. Basically, a fullback to opposite winger deep cross is more dangerous than a 1on1 situation. Lower league and top class players react the same. They just bottle like 80% of clear cut chances they have. And I just can't watch that anymore. High defensive line, offside trap? Here comes a deep cross to the other side of the box and a 15m volley. Deep defensive line, tall fullbacks? Here comes a deep cross to the other side of the box that falls just outside your 5m box. And of course, set-pieces. Hoofing it into the box from 40m set-piece is a legit tactic. And I don't really believe in those theories, but it's just ridiculous how your conversion rate drops as soon as you dominate games and have like 20+ shots. It's like the game compensates for bad defensive mechanisms by reducing the conversion rate. Outside of ME the game is perfect except for some minor issues and I'd have no problems paying for FM20 that would be exactly the same game, but with proper ME. Even one from older games.
  43. It should be about how good you are at your job. Not about what's between your legs... No reason to hire a woman just because it's good PR and it makes for good publicity. Or to fill a quota. I don't think it'd be much of a problem, provided the female manager is respected and regarded as competent enough. Of course a woman would have to face a bit more resistance due to the old prejudice about women not knowing a lot about football. But if someone's in contention for a high-profile job at a profesional (or top) club, that issue would have probably already been put to rest.
  44. Good for you, well done. Ignore all the negative responses. It's an achievement I've never managed in 20 years playing the series, and that is a lot of seasons. EDIT: Have you got your transfer history? Curious on what you paid and recieved for your players?
  45. if id saved before every game id have at least 37 saves just for the one season and I'm 4 season in.
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