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  1. Over the past 3-4 seasons, we've developed an intense style made of aggressive pressing, high-tempo possession football and attacking and defending in numbers. The first leg of the 2023/24 Champions League Quarter Final sends us to Anfield to face an up-and-down, but potentially dangerous Liverpool team managed by Carlo Ancelotti. They've only won the League Cup in this save, to date and currently sit at 8th in the Premier League so Ancelotti is fighting for his job however they finished second last season and boast a dangerous side. The scouting report shows that
  2. If you believe your tactics are right then the best thing you can do is get copies of match pkms (of which you will have plenty as you see this every game) and start a topic in the Match Engine forum for SI to review. The more pkm examples you can provide the better for SI to investigate. On the other hand, if you think there may be something tactical you could change to help the situation, you could post your detailed tactical set up and some detail about the players who keep missing all these sitters and somebody may be able to give you some fresh ideas . Off the top of my head an
  3. At the end of the year 2021 I'll post every nation's manager, best player and best young prospects
  4. This post is from my blog fmrensie.net I know there are much better players available. I know it’s probably not the best way how to do it and it could be easier to sign ‘already made’ players but this is how I enjoy the game. But this is not a guide. This is just a random thought about how I play the Football Manager. I’m in the 2033/2034 season in Argentina with Arsenal de Sarandí. My team play with a flat 4-3-3 formation and I don’t want to buy expensive players. I rather want to retrain and follow the development of our own newgens. Despite they are not perfectly suited for t
  5. May 2038 We're through to face Brazilian side Goias in the 3rd Round of the Copa Sudamericana, the most difficult test we've faced by far!
  6. So you're West Ham (the 'started non-league' was a bit of a red herring, then?) Your striker looks good, but he's likely not the problem. A single screenshot that doesn't show roles and duties isn't exactly what people were asking for, and I am by no means an expert in the tactics creator but I have to say that tactic looks really suspect. For one thing, you have a great gaping hole in your midfield. Second, I don't understand the choice of 'much shorter passing' which brings your players closer together, and 'extremely wide' which pushes them further apart. Third, I'd guess your att
  7. My third season in my first attempt at the challenge. Well, that was rubbish … after two back to back promotions we finished plumb bottom and were relegated. I think we flew too high too quickly. For some reason I wasn’t sacked so let’s see how we do again next season. The board continued to support me with coaching courses and I gained a Continental A Licence and am studying for a Continental Pro Licence. I’ve still only got one scout and no data analysts as I’m not sure they are any benefit in a youth challenge. I have, however, continued to improve the data analysis facilities on the b
  8. So your complaint about lack of realism is not that you went from non-league to top flight (I assume) in 10 years, but that you cannot win every game? You have to smile sometimes at these things. Anyway, as noted above, if your struggling to score you are doing something wrong. It is actually much easier to score when you are not the favourite. Football is about creating and using space. When you are a smaller side, teams will give you space. When you are a big side, you have to create it. This is, incidentally, why people often see the AI scoring with few chances on goal. Players tend to
  9. Rules As I said – first games on FM tend to be all about getting to know the game. I got stuck in with Beira-Mar and I thought that it’d last me through. With that in mind – I went youth only, then wanted to see what the transfer market was like by restricting myself to a limited pool, then I removed that, then I went back to youth only. Rule 1: Academy Focus. Developing my own players is my number one focus. In FM17, I first got the idea of using a squad DNA. I wanted to build a team around a certain style of play and stamp that on the dynasty I built. I went a step
  10. I might have to go for those two again if nothing better comes up. Thanks for liking my slightly different post, I thought it was time to do an almost 'live transfer update blog' for a change! Your work at Charlton is so impressive, and I have much respect for your commitment. But come on, the day that DT does an update in here is never coming! Having said that, his contributions in here are still pure gold, he must be the nicest non-playing FM manager this forum has ever seen as his comments are always so thoughtful and encouraging
  11. I think like @herne79 said we helped you as much as we could based on the limited info you gave us. But if you want more specific advice than you have to give us more detailed tactical information. You can't assume that it's not a tactic issue because no setup is perfect. Either there is something off about your instructions that doesn't work with defensive opposition like playing with high line and stifling all the space. Or your tactic might be "right" as you said but your team is just not suited to it. You can't really plug in a successful tactic into any team anymore and have it work. Cons
  12. Not getting hyped until the deal is done. Typical summer takeover talk. For real life and FM20 I do hope so though
  13. Pre-Season & September 2024 Got put in a different group, B3 this season facing teams from what seems like avariety of places - other Catalonian teams, Madrid, Balearic islands.. Some very good financial news. This should definitely help, finally getting out of the red maybe and maybe the board will allow an upgrade in the not too distant future... Pretty good performance in pre-season, overall. Wow, a surprisingly strong start! Ballesté got firing immediately.
  14. I'm currently on a nice Palermo save. Won B in first season. 10th in second. 2nd in third. 4th in fourth with 1st knockout CL round. Won the league on last matchday in fifth and lost EL final due to horrible scheduling (that Qatar WC season, had to play two key league games and EL final in like 5 days). Won the league easily in sixth season but got annoyed because I got knocked out in CL semi-final against Salzburg in typical FM fashion. They also defeated City in the same way. 4-3-3, high press. Perin Lazzari-Varnier-Romero-Dimarco Murgia-Gagliardini-Paredes Vig
  15. Anything in the game is rarely ever about one or other attribute. In the situation you describe sure Positioning and Anticipation can play a part, but anticipating a pass is one thing - cutting it out is something else entirely. Does the defender have the necessary acceleration to get to it? Is he capable of making the right Decision? Perhaps it's a particularly Pressure situation. Maybe he lacks Consistency. Then again he might panic because he lacks Composure. Are you already 3-0 down, he lacks Determination and so can't be bothered? Or some/all of the above. And then you get into b
  16. Thanks for all the feedback guys (especially @Experienced Defender for the 4-2-3-1 based on my ideas), very interesting! I guess I didnt realise how much I was exposing myself with the fullbacks - they got caught in possession high up the pitch and my CB's then got dragged out of position almost every game. I would have liked to have played with 2 Inside Forwards, but I can see how adding some variety with the winger can mix things up and make it harder for the opposition. I thought that going with lower tempo and much shorter passing would help me to keep hold of the ball an
  17. I see there is already an interesting topic on this here. I echo some of the sentiments in that thread. Licensing is one thing, but surely you can't license structures and general stadium characteristics, such as a running track, 3 tiers or an oval shape, so some of these stadiums in FM2019 could look a little more similar to their real like counterparts, particularly of the big clubs.
  18. Look for Overlap's intended use is to encourage wide players to hold the ball up and wait for a fullback/wingback to overlap them. It therefore slightly increases a full/wingback's mentality. With no wide player ahead, it will still slightly increase a full/wingback's mentality - just don't expect any other player to hold up the ball for them. Of course player mentality (like many other settings) is finite. So if you've already maxed out a player's mentality through a combination of role, duty and team mentality, then adding in Look for Overlap will have no impact on a full/wingbac
  19. I do wish they'd go down the "boring and generic" look (which would be coincidentally about right 50%+ of the time) rather than creating running tracks, picnic tables and other weird signature features though.
  20. I can sympathize with you, but that is also the charm of this challenge; getting success too soon might not always be a good thing! And you can't buy your way out of it! I won the league with ease last season, but now, I'm struggling in the tier above. After two wins in the early start I'm on a 7 game win-less streak, and in a 30 game season, that's not good...
  21. Here's a few thoughts: 1. Change your DLF to a more forward-thinking striker, such as CF on attack duty - right now he'll be dropping into the space occupied by your AP - soon to be an AMC - and won't stretch the opposition's defensive line to create the space your new AMC needs to operate in, you don't need someone to drop deep and link the play if you're already using a player between the lines. 2. Change your AP to an AMC on attack duty - he's too high up the pitch to start making things happen, he'll be surrounded by oppo players more often than not if you want to dominate posses
  22. Maybe try playing without strikers so they can´t miss?
  23. I got him in my first season. Loaned him out a couple of times and now he is in and around the first team with Yeray/Unai/Inigo
  24. Oppsal Youth Intake 2035 Another pretty decent year, with two players looking particularly promising. Here is the best of them, striker Etholm, who will definitely see first team minutes next season: And the second best prospect, CB Stensen who lacks some determination but looks pretty good other than that:
  25. Oppsal Season 2034 Report After a playoff exit last year, I was hoping we could do even better and get promoted back to the Premier Division as our young players developed a bit more. Having lost essentially our 3 best players before and during last season, it was always going to be difficult. Cup- We beat lower league Tynset 3-2 before a pathetic performance saw us lose to a lower league team yet again in the second round. League- Came flying out the gates with 3 straight wins before imploding completely and losing 5 in a row. Who needs a mid season slump when you can have an
  26. Wow. So many 'In-possession' TI's. If i were a player in this team I'd have assumed you didn't want us to even kick the ball. I like the shape, bar the ST disturbing the playamaker from doing his job(let him be free. Poacher, AF, anything). Also, if you're using an AP, I've found that you need a runner in the middle, or he'll occasionally 'choke'. Give him options(CMsu, BBM? Anyone). Attacking fullbacks(both). Actually not against that. Are least you know where you'll be exposed. That 'regroup' TI won't help, either. Distribute to fullbacks is also weird, considering you want them as attacking
  27. It will come in about 15 years when my daughter breaks into the England squad.
  28. If you really want help, you'll have to give us at least some idea of what tactics you are using. Going by this thread (and some of those you've posted in the past - here, here and here), you seem to believe that more shots = more goals, which is just not how football works. You also need to remember that the match engine DOES NOT treat your team any differently from AI-managed teams. If your team consistently fail to score from 25 close-range shots when the opposition only 'need' one shot from distance to score, the problem probably has more to do with your tactics than with FM being "un
  29. Where did you sign him from ? Looking good
  30. Personally I think you might be expecting a little too much of that squad. You're relying quite a bit on flair and freedom but I don't think your players are intelligent enough to pull it off. You've also fallen into that trap that most do with much shorter passing and lower tempo. I think this is due to SI's presets giving users a bit of a headache. Slow motion football which means the opposition can re-group and just hit you on the counter. If you're modelling your tactics on what Pep does I can assure you, he doesn't let the players play slow tempo. I'd say anything above standard at least!
  31. I already criticized your tactic in another thread (my guide on 4231). While you've slightly modified it in the meantime, it is still highly one-dimensional attacking-wise and defensively risky (with both attack-duty fullbacks in a top-heavy system without a DM). So rather than repeating most of what I already said, I'll give you an example of how you may set a tactic up based on what you want: So, here is an example just to give you some general ideas: PO IFsu APsu Wat CMde BBM FBat CDde CDde IWBde SKde/su Team
  32. Yeah, this is how I hope they do it in the future. Have a meeting with the DoF and set some goals. "Sign a creative midfielder." "Sign striker depth." etc. A bad DoF or one in a bad situation will still have trouble fulfilling the goals, but it would at least make the process feel less random.
  33. It works perfectly well using the Proton system and you can definitely use all your save games, graphic files and custom leagues on a Linux machine. This was the location of my FM2019 files on my Linux Mint installation /.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/872790/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019/ Location of FM2019 database files re realname fix /.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2019/data/database/db Location of Preference and Cache Folders /.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/872790/pfx/
  34. It would be nice if you could at least tell the DOF which position you need to buy in, or what kind of player etc. That would be much closer to real life.
  35. Still not sure about sharing, as I'm not fully satisfied. Couple panels still need fixing (staff, nation profile), and I'm tinkering with the club/ player ones. Maybe 2020?
  36. 2018/2019 - Pescara - Italy - Serie B Transfers and finances Not much going on here as we just snapped 3 players, namely creative midfielders Lee Seung-Woo and Bernardo Martins on loan, and experienced striker Andrea Cocco on a free. A poor financial situation meant there wasn't much we could do - currently we have a dismal bank balance of -6.5M€. Competitions and results Tasked by the board to finish in the top half and with a pre-season media prediction of 7th, we started reasonably okay wandering around the predicted pos
  37. I think there a quite a few styles to add. Styles tend to come and go with eras and different regions or countries. I will probably do 1 or 2 more myself but would welcome anyone just having a bash. Here are a few additional suggestions. Total Football. Already mentioned, good shout. Wingless Wonders. Samba football. Other references to it such as Ginga or Joga Bonito. Positions of Maximum Opportunity (i.e. some sort of crossing, target man style. associated as traditional British football in the last century) Strikerless. Is that a style? Not sure, po
  38. The why: First saves on Football Manager are always, for me anyway, the learning curve. A new game brings me a new chance to immerse myself in another part of the world, bringing wanderlust, cultural understanding and footballing knowledge to my ever-growing list of hobbies. It also brings an eagerness to throw as much into the save as possible. This rule, into this new rule, then scrapping that rule, reverting to this rule and so on. I normally play very long term games – my Beira-Mar save, 'Not all the glitters is gold’ lasted into the 2040’s and probably had several years left in
  39. The end. With a heavy heart, I am going to call an end to this save. It may be for the time being or it may be forever. Whilst I have had a magical 21 years at the helm of this, now massive, Portuguese club, there are a couple of things that are not quite right within the game-world that are making my plans somewhat harder to achieve. I am aware that I started this game on the beta and, as such, there are often a few bugs that never quite get ironed out as the game gets patched. 1. League reputation I love dynamic league rep and I had major plans to create a dynasty of Port
  40. After 3 years at Fort William and the beginning's of success I'm loving this database that much I've started a new save as Vale of Clyde down in SJFA West League Two so that I can work my way through and enjoy the full database. Thanks @Morrissey
  41. This post is cannibalised from one I made in a different thread where someone asked me to discuss how I was set up. I will use it because it is a pretty good description of the thought that went into this tactic. I will point out that it was more iterative than it appears here. As I have noted, I have played this way for years now. Hence, I have really worked on how this tactic works, and I have adapted it over time. Also note that this is the basic way I will play, thinking about games where I expect to be able to win. There will be various things that I do in real situations during matches.
  42. Instinctively I do not like this thread. Too many bolded parts that feel like rules but without justifiable reasoning to back it up. Someone once told me that is more likely to be good when it's planned and well written, it looks as though it has taken time & been well thought out, easy and clear to understand and is able to demonstrate its meaning with references, examples and maybe pictures. I think some advice in here is alright but it stops short in places, boxes too many things and crucially lacks a lot of contextual explanation.
  43. BWM(D) is way too one-dimensional in my view. If you must use a defend duty, a DLP(D) partners perfectly with a BBM.
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