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  1. Hello forum. So every year on FM I start with my beloved Villa and try to recreate our current tactic. Over recent years this has been a horrible task with depressing recreations of Bruce's 4141 and Martin O'Neil's old skool styles. To be honest I'm not really sure why I do it, I see it as a bit of a puzzle to solve before eventually morphing into my own tactic. This year however things have been far more enjoyable at the Villa. In Dean Smith we have not only appointed a likeable character and lifelong Villa fan, we've also appointed an innovative thinker and one of the most exciting figures in the Championship. As a result the opportunity to recreate his style offers a rare chance at an exciting sav, especially with the Winter Update now in place. This year's tactical recreation also offered me a chance to tackle a common problem I and many people have had on FM, which is getting a lone striker scoring. Real Life That striker is Tammy Abraham, the Chelsea loanee who has been banging in goals all season for Villa. He's the first striker since probably Juan Pablo Angel to score 20 in a season and has been a joy to watch. He's not the only part of this team that I can say that about however. Smith has created a 433 / 451 full of attacking intent. Built on high pressing and possession football it is very much in the tactical mode du jour, however interestingly Smith has mixed in some very 'Championship' aspects most notably Villa's prevalence for crossing and goals from set pieces. I'm fascinated by this marriage of new and old and wanted to bring it into play with my tactic. The beginning I started my tactical recreation with a bit of real-life reading, in an effort to fully understand what I was watching on the pitch from Villa. The blow two articles helped a lot, as didm a thorough reading of Whoscored. https://eflanalysis.com/analysis/championship/aston-villa/dean-smith-aston-villa-tactical-analysis-statistics https://totalfootballanalysis.com/head-coach-analysis/dean-smith-aston-villa-tactical-analysis-statistics As I said the Whoscored analysis also helped with positions and determining my style. Using this information I decided on a few key things my tactic needed: - A focal point up top who can hold up the ball and finish chances. - Emphasise two creative central midfield runners in Grealish and McGinn - Crossing - Overlapping full backs - Positive, possesion orientated play. Translating that into FM My next challenge was to recreate that in the current match engine. The base set up wasn't all that difficult to stumble upon, but the nuances would be where the challenges lie. I opted for the below set up. Ignore the players for the moment - what's important here is the roles and PIs. In terms of roles it's all built around the midfield duo of Grealish and McGinn. I wanted them to be creators who would also get forward and score. As a result a RPM and Mezzala seemed like the perfect fit but it was vital that they had room to operate in to get the most out of them. That's where the wide players come in. Now I'm writing this I actually just realised that I changed the roles to both be wingers, whereas intiially I had one winger and one IF (with PI to stay wider). This is for two reassons. One: I want to recreate the crossing that Villa have been characterised with this year, and two: I want to open up space for the midfield two to thrive. However despite the fact that they're wingers I actually cheat a little and have players who naturally cut inside or play on the opposite flank (A lefty on the right or righty on the left). This creates variety, and also I find leads to easier overlaps from the full backs. As the title suggests the whole tactic is about getting Abraham to score the majority of goals which is why I have focussed on getting as many avenues to getting assists for him as possible. Just look at the tactic. The wingers can cross to him or cut inside and open up space for a FB to cross to him. Grealish can play a through ball, or McGinn can play a through ball or get into the area to free up space for Abraham. Set pieces have also been designed to use his height and heading prowess. I could go into more detail here, and may well do in a subsequent post. But hopefully you get the idea. The results So how did it ll work out? Well I won the championship, with only one defeat (so so close to an invincibles season). Tammy scored a boatload, the midfield two were excellent and all around it was one of the best FM experiences I've had in a long time. Clearly a successful season. But also a satisfying one as my plans worked out on the pitch. What's next So after promotion to the Premier League I'll be interested to see how well I fare. A lot of teams in the Championship just parked the bus against me in the second half of the season, leading to a string of dull games. The Premier League should pose new challenges however with teams leaving space in behind and pressing me more. The good news is that Tammy is staying after Chelsea agreed ot extend his loan, and after a couple of minor additions I'm ready to see if I can recreate this success in the big league.
  2. I think this is a bit of a sweeping statement and doesn't really have any validity to it. My Mez has comes deep to get the ball and it's not a hindrance at all. So to tell the poster its awful and he needs another set of traits for him to be a regular scorer is just plain wrong. I mean, these are my Mez who have the traits. In your current save your Mez only has 3 goals after 17 games. He didn't score a lot the season before either, only scoring 9 in 35 games according to your video. As you can see, they score plenty of goals and have the traits you deemed awful. If you check my Create a Tactic thread, you'll see that the players without the trait still score as many goals as these guys and that it's not been a hindrance at all. The average goals per season are around 16 for whoever plays the Mez and none of them take freekicks. @beverage1982 A really good post, I like how you're really breaking stuff down and know exactly what you need from the players. Just even the little change to the wingers you mentioned, you made the change to get a very specific behaviour from them. I like this kind of thinking and you've simplified things. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do in the next post..............
  3. Well, this could be the greatest saying ever about FM That's the point for me. There is no "right" or "wrong" in FM - there's just "different". I like to read and watch stuff from @herne79, @Cleon and @Rashidi and learn a lot from it (Btw: Thanks to those three lads for helping me to understand the FM better!) but sometimes I disagree with their stuff because I've made different experiences. That doesn't mean they're wrong or that I'm right - it just means that we have a different approach. @beverage1982 I really like your approach to build a tactic, how you explained it and I'm eager to read more of it. My approach would have been a little different - but as I've said before this doesn't mean anything about "wrong" or "right".
  4. Hey all thanks for the kind messages and the lively debate - I joked to Cleon in Twitter that seeing him and Rashidi disagree is like watching your parents argue Some excellent advice here though so I'm looking forward to implementing it. I'm actually ploughing ahead with the save and just reached half way point in Premier League. I'll try to do an update later as it's been interesting, mainly because I've made a few mistakes which show how you can screw up a good tactic by being blind to your own bias.
  5. Really not enjoying this game anymore, the game play is just not realistic and watching the matches are starting to hurt my eyes they are so bad. 1. AI teams just stick 11 men behind the ball no matter who you play and it's it takes ages to break them down. 2. All players with good composure/finishing/shooting/vision/technique/balance find it impossible to either shoot without kicking it directly into the oppositions, cannot go past their man, unable to dribble and unable to see when one of their own players is standing in open space for an easy goal. What you end up with is pass, shoot and rebound, collect the ball and pass shoot, rebound, then repeat about 40 times per game so your stats will look like 44 shots with 11 on target, it just bores the life out of me. 3. players run into their man instead of trying to go round him, they then lose the ball and just stand there like a tailors dummy for a few seconds then they realise what's happened and jump into life, this will happen almost every 2nd phase of the game until you get near the box where the never ending shot blocking happens. Occasionally 1 player makes a half decent run out on the wing and gets a cross in only for your top striker to kick it directly against the keeper at every opportunity. 4. Most goals come from either direct freekicks or from balls pinging around the box like a pinball machine until someone gets lucky and kicks it in, it's not pretty just pretty boring. The Beta was not half bad but after all the updates and tweaks you've managed to turn a good simulation game into a bore fest which looks and feels nothing like football, yes you win games but there is zero enjoyment in doing so, the heart has been ripped out of this game and replaced with an over elaborate UI and fancy skins leaving the ME to suffer for the past 2-3 years.
  6. The above isn't an attack on Rashidi btw. It's just I was pointing out how stuff can be misleading and something that someone might find is a hindrance isn't for the next person and so on. I use my Mez different to Rashidi and they're one of the main threats in my side. I'm sure if @herne79 was to use a Mez too, he'd set the roles up around it differently to both me and Rashidi. Something might be bad in Rashidi's set up but that doesn't mean it is in everyone else's. @beverage1982 Is Jack dictating the play as much as you hoped he would in the first season? Have you managed to get him to make those great dribbles he does irl?
  7. That's a very good point you make, and i actually didn't think of it under this perspective. So that goes on the list of things to try and keep an eye on. I actually am keeping the tactic as is for the first matches, so that i can get a feel for it and spot patterns that are going to be in different matches, before i start tinkering. Different perspectives always help though, i wouildn't have thought it this way hadn't you pointed it out, because i'm actually happy with possession even on high tempo with this mentality
  8. I see what's your idea, but on higher mentalities tempo will inherently be higher, sometimes even when it's labelled as "low". If you watch Rashidi's videos on his Liquid 4123 system, you'll see that he plays on attacking and very attacking mentality with shorter/much shorter passing and low tempo, but the attacking play isn't slow by any means. Of course, his setup of roles and duties is notably different from yours, and he is using a lot of support duties which make his system very fluid, but the focus here is on the combination of (low) tempo and (short) passing in the context of high-risk mentality.
  9. Please check "panels/tactics/tactic slot button training with familiarity.xml".
  10. Some of your problems is probably 'cause you have your front 4 all on attack duty. I also don't know how you control possesion with settings like hit early crosses, run at the defense, shoot on sight. If you want to control possession you need to be patient. Those settings are not helping with that. As a matter of fact, those instructions help you lose the ball more quickly. Wait for the answers from more expirienced players, in the meantime write the rest of your lineup. There is eleven players on the pitch.
  11. Like I said before I didn’t use him to defend, but take a look at his attributes in the game, and stop taking how he plays in real life as your argument. I said I don’t need him to defend he is surrounded by players who can and I used him as a Libero. If you think the game has to penalise that, raise it with SI. i play the game, not some version of reality that’s running in my head. Instead of taking my point that you can play players out of position you want to harp on something else. I never once said he was perfect and I agree you can play with players like Pogba, in fact my favorite is Lyon's Aouar. My point is that if you have a player and you need him to do do something else, then if that task has the attributes you need then you can play someone out of position. In Ozil's case he was surrounded by players who can help win the ball, so needing him to win the ball as a priority is a low one. If you can't accept my point of view and insist that it should be penalised then there's no point in carrying this discussion further. Incidentally all i needed from him was acceleration, anticipation, passing, decisions, vision, concentration, dribbling, first touch. All i needed him to do was bring the ball from a deeper position when we are camping and unlock sides in a libero driven system. Did i need him to defend? no. He had 4 players around him protecting the space leaving him free to do other stuff.
  12. my biggest win against a big league club
  13. Yeah, you are probably right, but on the other hand, when you can only sign Basque players and you are keen to prioritise your own Academy players over externally produced players, a lack of Ambition, (wanting to move to a bigger club, earn more money, win things, play at a higher level etc etc etc might not be a bad thing. There has been comment from SI that Amb is as equally important as Pro & Det when it comes to developing players, something that I absolutely do not agree with, (but please remember that this is just my opinion and not fact and I would also remind you that I was convinced that Pro was all that mattered when it came to Youth Development, when it turns out that Det is equally important). Unambitious is an interesting title though. It suggests very negative connotations, but it;s just a word. Just a title and we need to get away from thinking about players with this name as linked to the definition that we associate with the word in the real World, and instead think about exactly what it means in FM terms, (because unfortunately the two are rarely the same). For years I have been using the Cleon Ajax thread as my "Bible" so to speak, even though I was well aware it was out of dat e and downright wrong in some cases. That being said, there was no other tool or resource available to me that was any better. That was until now. By the way, I understand Cleon is updating his Ajax thread and making it "FM19 friendly". I expect it to be phenomenal when it comes out and can't wait. You WILL see a link in this thread. Probably many links. There is however another resource that was pointed out to me by @optimusprimal82 and that I have mentioned in this thread before is the following guide that is available on steam. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1613534077 If we look at what Cleon called Unambitious back in 2013, this was it. Unambitious Amb 1-5, Loy 11-20 That's a bit vague I think you would agree. Now let's see what the updated guide on steam gives us. (I with there was an author......) Oh, there is. Congrats AlexGoss7. A very decent guide. So the new guide gives us some more info, but that's not where it finishes. (29d) Tristan Albert (Unamb) * is unambitious. We know that his attributes are within the follling ranges Ambition 1-5 Loyalty 11-20 Determination < 18 Pro <18 Leader < 19 That's not an awful lot better, so let's see what we can add. Level Headed So now we can add some more info to his template. Ambition 1-5 Loyalty 12-20 Determination 1-17 Pro 13-17 Leader 1-18 It's not a huge difference, but it all helps narrow things down a little. It's also possible that a player can have more than 1 media handling style at the same time as follows...... Actually, that no longer seems to be the case. While in older versions of the game i was possible ti have multiple media handling styles at the same time, that would seem to no longer be the case. (At least none of my 105 players seem to have more than 1). What I was thinking while writing the earlier part of this post is that the names/titles of personalities can often be misleading. Sometimes I think they would be better served doing away with these titles all-together, but the question then is, what do you replace them with? It's a little like the old names of tactics like Attacking and Gung Ho. They were actually very misleading and people took them to mean things by their name, that they did not represent at all. If we look at this player in particular, we know that his Pro is 13-17, (so could be 17 which is very good), and we know his Det is 1-17, (so again, could be 17) and if you give me a player with 17 Pro and 17 Det then I would be a very happy chappy. So the player is unambitious, which we agree isn't a good personality at all, and yet I have an unambitious player who has 17 Pro and 17 and I'm obviously delighted with that. Considering the nature of this particular save, with the self-imposed restrictions meaning that we are largely reliant on home-produced players, a low Ambition and High Loyalty score is also preferable. Ambition could be as low as 1 and Loyalty could be as high as 20. Suddenly this player is looking not far off perfection. Ambition 1 Loyalty 20 Determination 17 Professionalism 17 Leadership 18 Now you look at those attributes and try to marry them up with the pre-conceived idea you/I/we had about the personality "Unambitious" or more the "label" Unambitious. It doesn't really work does it. Anyway, I meant to post something like this before but I think I got side-tracked so here it is.
  14. @Carlf788 I ended up going with Valencia. I just couldn't resist bringing them back to their glory days! Good first season so far and into February. 2nd in the league, 2 points behind Barcelona, into the Copa del Ray final against Barcelona and got Juventus into the Champions league.... wish me luck! Carlos Soler and Ferran Torres have been amazing so far. Playing a 4-3-3 DM most games, Looking towards a quiet summer with minimal transfer budget unless I move some players on... got Pelayo Morilla in as well as Alex Remiro joining on a free. Maybe Dani Parejo and Coquelin to move on to give me more than £2mil as predicted budget
  15. Get him out of your club ASAP. And if there is a "please never come back, you little sh*t" option as a parting comment, I'd give him that too. He seems to have a god awful personality. Not worth the time or the effort.
  16. SSC Bari Season 4 update So, our third season in Serie B and fourth in total started extremely well, we won 5 out of the first 6 and having changed formation to 4-2-3-1 (very attacking considering the strength of our team) I was delighted! However, this was just the start of extreme inconsistency which plagued our season. We then failed to win in 7, before winning a few on a trot again! Not good for my mental health! Half way through the season we were back up to second and in the promotion places despite our inconsistency. Honestly, from then on it was a huge rollercoaster of a ride. After 30 odd games, we were 13 points clear of third, before went on another horrendous run! The table after 34, 35 and 36 games shows us literally limping over the finishing line. I've never seen a team promoted on such few points!! I thought we were going to throw it all away in our second to last game, and we really tried but Palermo lost their last game on a day when we didn't even play. It meant we could lose our last game without losing second place. So, incredibly we are promoted to Serie A! The squad is mostly fine, here it is in two screenshots, a and b. 4.5* Fregonese and Proietti are the only Serie A quality players, but I'm happy that we have good enough players in most positions to at least give it a good shot at staying up. At the very least we will be rolling in the money by the end of the season due to our extremely low wage budget and obviously the zero transfer expenditure. We've been boosted in defence again with some very good youth prospects, most of them with reasonable personalities unlike the 'unambitious' players I've had to mentor the hell out of in the last few intakes. Aims for next season: Survival would be amazing! I also want to renew contracts of a few of my young stars - the two mentioned above have been particularly resistant to contract offers, but hopefully Serie A football might tempt them. A lot of mine are also requesting stupidly low non-negotiable release clauses which I cannot agree to otherwise I will instantly lose them. Hopefully will be able to sign up the ones I can and prepare for life without the ones who won't sign without reasonable release clauses/ non at all. I also hope to get all my facilities upgraded now the money is going to pour in. Other news: Transfer or lack of them. Shipped a few players out and will look to do so again in the summer. I achieved a record! This is not one to boast about haha! I am still struggling for a prolific striker, although that might be due to the quality of my forwards! Rossi hit 11 this season, but 4 or 5 were extremely lucky rebounds etc. Fingers crossed for progress next season! Other comments: Although I haven't commented on any other players journey, I must say I regularly view this post during the low moments of my seasons to remind myself of what can be achieved over time. Thanks to all that update with their progress, fantastic reads and inspiration for my own project here with Bari! Season League Finish Finances Youth facilities Training facilities Youth recruitment Junior coaching Top scorer Top assists 1 Serie C 1st £2.8 million Average Average Above average Average Simeri (23) Bollini (11) 2 Serie B 7th (lost in play off semis) £2.4 million Good Good Established Adequate Simeri (11) Ottalenghi (7) 3 Serie B 9th £2.95 million Good Great Established Exceptional Simeri (7) Paba 21D (7) 4 Serie B 2nd (promoted) £7 million Great Great Established Exceptional Rossi (11) Margagliotti 20C (9)
  17. Here is another save from earlier on in the season (before I started giving new contracts as 'Rotation' to get around the issue). In this save Sancho, Hernandez and Bellerin are all unhappy with the amount of football they are getting. Back in Sept there was a news story about Sancho not being played, despite him only missing a few games at the time. I defended player, saying he was still part of my plans.... which for some reason the board did not like... I'm really enjoying the new update as it forces rotation more, and I find it much more challenging during packed schedule times and towards the end of the season... but if I can't rest any First Team or Key Players through fear of making them unhappy, then I'm forced to use the editor (which kinda defeats the object). I only rest them for Carabao Cup games, whenever their condition is below 97% or whenever 'needs a rest' or 'is being overplayed' are shown under training. fm_save2.zip
  18. I have only this 'tactic slot tab container training overview' panel in my skin and it works tactic slot tab container training overview.xml
  19. I’ll reply to you on Twitter when I’m home as I don’t want to derail the thread but my Mez does everything yours does. You’re not showing me a single thing mine doesn’t do. Even the positioning, it’s all the same. In face my system attacks the exact same way as yours as it’s the same shape. And your original point wasn’t on about it being awful in your system. You made a blanket statement. And you stated yours scores most weeks, yet in all your videos he isn’t much of a goal threat at all. 12 goals in 52 games is poor. I just don’t want the opening poster to be mislead with generalisations and assumptions that have no merit to them.
  20. To explain further, this is my mezzala's positioning during the consolidation phase..the start at least, you can see how he is slightly further away. The ball works its way back to the middle and I DO NOT WANT HIM TO DROP DEEP here because it will just mean that the play may go around the left... . The ball goes back to the central defender, if my mezza had comes deep then he will drop deeper to receive the ball, instead he moves further away, the ball then works its way back to the right which is what i want to see. It ends up on the right wing, the mezzala now joins the attack. And ends up arriving in the opposition box to score. This is why in my system which is very similar to the OP's it will depend entirely on how he wants to create goal scoring chances. In my system if he had comes deep to get the ball, we would be arriving in most cases to a packed defence.
  21. I'm playing one of the best careers I've had on FMM. I'm in charge of LA Galaxy. I started my reputation as 'Unknown' and I disabled budgets in the first transfer window so that I had zero money to spend. My first season was a massive disappointment. I finished 11th in the Western Conference and the Board were disappointed with me. Despite under-performing, I didn't get the sack. For anyone who knows me on this forum, I have often complained about how easy FMM is. To finish 11th is completely unheard of for me. It was a very refreshing and welcome change. In my second season I was given a measly £800k for my transfer budget. I thought this was great in terms of the difficulty level as I could only make minor improvements to the squad. Towards the end of the season I was up and around the lower playoff places (which didn't seem to satisfy my Board) but a late tactical switch saw me go on a four match winning run where I eventually finished a highly credible 4th. I then progressed to the semi-finals of the MLS Cup where I lost to eventual winners Sporting Kansas on penalties. My Board were slightly disappointed with me but interestingly I won coach of the year. I am now coming towards the end of my third season. I predicted at the start that I would win some silverware largely due to raising funds of around £18M, which in the MLS, is a considerable amount to spend on improving your squad. As predicted I won the MLS Supporter’s Shield and I’m currently contesting the latter stages of the MLS Cup. It was a close run thing however. I won the Supporters Shield by 3 points which was only decided during the final round of fixtures. The MLS is an incredibly fun league to play. Most clubs are evenly matched and the playoff nature of the league means that finishing in the lower playoff places still gives you a shot at winning the most prestigious prize. A few observations: I believe the current conditioning tweak has improved the game. I never found it restrictive. It never forced me to rotate my team if I didn’t want to. But there were times during the season where players would have a conditioning of anything around 84-87% and so I had the choice of choosing to play them and risk injury/poor performance or play someone else who was fitter and allow my tired players some rest. I really enjoyed this aspect of managing my squad. I am happy to say that so far I have only had two seasons where my striker has been the league’s top goal scorer (one at Lazio and one at LA Galaxy). I'm really happy with this fix as in previous FMM games, my strikers would always lead the charts. I do find the issue with player match ratings to be annoying. I notice that a rating seems time dependent. So if my goal keeper has a solid game up to 80 minutes and then makes a costly error, he will get a 4 but if the same error was made in the first 10 minutes and then for the remainder of the game he had a solid game, he would likely get a 6 or a 7. The transfer deals of squad players that I agreed to sell kept falling through because they couldn't get a work permit. This would be a mixture of American and European players. It was frustrating because the deals would be made and then the work permits would be refused at the opening of the transfer window. I don't know if this is how it works in real life but I assumed work permits would be sorted at the point of the transfer deal being made. I could be wrong however. I’m going to continue my career and see if I can build up my reputation to such an extent that European clubs will consider approaching me. It will be interesting to see how this pans out as I have selected my nationality as American.
  22. I don't think we'd every try to purposely become less international. Miles is the gatekeeper of these kinds of bits of info so your best bet would be to tweet him perhaps - he occasionally posts random interesting bits of info in relation to FM. However generally I don't think this kind of information is released publicly. Apologies about that. Would only really say the English leagues are more 'detailed' due to the fact we've traditionally found researchers easier to find within England and Scotland. So if you want to bring a different league up to a higher level, please do volunteer to get involved! - https://community.sigames.com/topic/455908-fm-research-vacancies-how-to-contact-head-researchers-and-how-to-get-involved/
  23. If we all did the same thing it would be terribly boring . As the old boy said above: "In the long run you could have two players with different traits to give you a different dynamic", which is spot on.
  24. You just click "Play" in the upper right corner when you're in the match screen. You are probably looking at the dropdown that just gives you "goals - comprehensive - extended - key" but to watch the full match you need to click the play button in the upper right corner
  25. Absolutely agree on the HoyD, unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an awful lot of choice around right now, I did have a look at the end of last season when we had so many upgrades sanctioned and my search suggested we already have the best guy for the job. The difficult thing is that regardless of how good the personalities are when they come through, my overall squad is ensuring they're being trashed sufficiently by the time they hit 24 - was just doing some digging when replying to one of Jimbo's awesome posts and it's quite shocking seeing some of the decline - Grant Doran had 18 Determination when I started the save and is now at (just) 13, Alhaji Salgado has gone from 15 to 11 yet James Hodges was 3 and has improved to 5 - and obviously this is just with the stats i can see! I realise this effect will be lessened over time as the overall median of the group increases but it's not deviated (yet) since the start of my save slightly disappointing seeing just how bad the decay is organically - I guess the other way to combat it would be to break out the mentoring, but at this level I don't (unsurprisingly) have a great choice of mentors to pick from. If we can go up another level, let's hope I can grab a Model Cit and see if it can make a difference - the other thing that I think will help is getting more players like Meaney (with a good personality) to be stars of the team and thus having a higher effect on the others. What is good is seeing how much our facilities have improved - they'even better than listed there which no doubt explains why our intakes have improved so much; I really want the Junior coaching & Training Facilities increased but the pot is currently almost empty (although the takeover appears to be back on so hopefully that may soon change!);
  26. Sorry you had the last few hours(/maybe felt like days!) of reading without me adding more waffle/moving the goalposts - I'm in Oz so my hours online are a little away from the norm! Thank you for the feedback/kinds words - definitely appreciated and as I said, it's what makes writing it all worthwhile! I guess the next step now is for you to throw up a thread of your own charting your route through the Scottish doldrums - I'm always interested to read how other managers go about things, I've yet to see a single person yet who is an expert at every facet of the game so the best players are usually (as in most walks of life) are always learning/looking for a way to improve - obviously I'll throw in the caveat that writing the thread can seriously extend playing time (although naturally you don't have to go into nerd level detail like I do!). Next challenge away from the game is maybe @Jimbokav1971's thread (can find it here - maybe make sure no-one can see your screen when you first click if at work though! Not sack-able but you may get a raised eyebrow thrown your way!) if you haven't already read it I reckon? There's a lot of good thread's again this year (been reading them for many years but only felt brave enough to write my own this year - many of which I'm trying and failing to catch up on!) but his is my first recommendation, mainly because I like the detail of his updates, the story it tells and he seems to approach the game in a very similar way to me so I can follow his decision making processes (and pain!) very well! His thoughts/points on mentality and personality are very interesting too, it was an area of the game I used to obsess over but have become far more relaxed about it this year, especially - as illustrated in this save - as the 'lesser personalities' are still more than capable (just maybe not as capable) of playing well/getting promoted. Absolutely 100% this, yes. The area of the game I'd (hopefully this doesn't sound arrogant) suggest I'm best at is recruitment so I often settle on a style of play and recruit towards that (which is how i suspect the majority of players play), filtering and analysing my way from a bad squad to a great one over a few years - it's exactly why I took on this challenge as it takes away what I believe is my core strength at gaining success, just had to consider that first though as it's also my favourite part of the game so felt like some of the fun was missing for the first few years - now I'm getting decent kids through, analysing them has become the xfer window 'fun replacement'. When it comes to building a tactic around your team, you can (and in no way is this the only way) look to your Ass Man for help, there's an option called 'pick without restriction' where he'll select your best XI (currently fit/available) in the shape you've dictated and fit roles/duties around them - he'll point out that it's not a finished product (which should be obvious as it's not going to change the TI/PI's) but it can be useful for getting the hang of a new squad - the team report screens then backing you up to see how much cover there is (you don't want to back yourself into a corner if you have just one amazing winger for example!); What's especially interesting is watching the ass man fill my tactical shape with the guys available, and then telling him to pick without restriction and seeing what he changes - he's never been a fan of my midfield 'magic triangle' for example, but it's interesting (and largely dictated by CA I suspect) to note who he picks for each of the roles/duties and how those roles/duties change afterwards; If i just tell him to pick the team, he puts Morgan James in as Carrilero with Meaney (21A) as the Mezzala with John Jeffs (23D) as the DLP. I don't like playing Meaney and James in MC (I tend to have them cover each other) so straight away I'd change that with Meaney likely going up top (possibly with his role changing to DLF), Morgan James moved to mezzala (although i sometimes swap the sides of Mezzala/Carrilero around to suit James' left foot), Grant Roberts coming in as the Carrilero and Keenan Quansah as the DLP (He likely would have picked Quansah but we're mid season and the guy is super-tired!). If I now tell him to go nuts and pick without restriction; He makes considerable changes across the board, not least to the MC's. If you look at his opinion of the players the changes actually make a lot of sense as he's pretty much just fitting them to what he considers their best role overall but not always which suggests that other calculations are at play? Meaney's best/recommended role is as an AMC/Enganche, but in MC it seems very tight between 'Advanced Playmaker', 'Central Midfielder' or 'DLP' (with AP seeming the ranked best choice?) so why he picks CM is debatable, especially with the attack duty which I suspect comes down to some sort of attribute weighting? Meaney as an MC/Support; And as an MC/Attack; Possible looking at that, that my Ass Man feels his defensive stats will let him down more in a support role? Very interesting stuff anyway, obviously the temptation is to go with the Ass Man as he 'surely knows what he's on about' (tongue firmly in cheek) as coded by SI - but do I really want to play with two attacking MC's? This is a rabbit hole you can spend ages down if you're not careful - the good thing with my squad at the moment is I can easily identify my best 11 so I make it more about getting them on the pitch & getting the best out of them which makes some of these decisions easier - I'll be touching upon this in my next update but I've actually been toying around with 2 up front again (by moving one of the MC's instead of the DM) to great recent success and getting the roles right with the strikers has been the hardest of things but finally got them scoring a bit more frequently so hoping we've got a working solution going forward!
  27. Haha. It's certainly been interesting, that's for sure. Aaaaaaaggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly. It serves me right, I stood by this guy despite several people telling me to bin him but I didn't and to be fair he managed to get all the way to February without doing it again but that's the last straw!!! I've had enough!!! Then the kid had the cheek to say this: Where's the option to batter the sh*t out of the guy? Number 1 priority addition to FM 20 in my books.
  28. Fudge me I actually did catch up! In true Kevin Keegan style “I loved it, LOVED it”. Fantastic read and lots of tips taken in and can’t wait to keep up to date in real time. Incredible right ups I can not compliment you enough Opti .
  29. Yep always sign my best prospects to real contracts straight away.
  30. YES to all of this, you are my kind of manager and EXACTLY how I play the game
  31. No the depths you have gone to may not NEED to be so big for enjoyment of the game but I feel after 15 years playing the series this is the next step for me to really take on a new level with it which is why this past year I've really started reading more into the boards here for new ideas/thoughts on how to master it more. With roles I've not placed huge importance on them in my FM life as of yet. For me, the formation and tactics are what I've placed greatest emphasis on previously and then have the role within that as what they are green lit on when possible. With my previous years experiences this has served me well but never played a custom database before this low down so starting to consider if things like roles play a big part. Fascinated by the fact you have poured over your players and their stats and created tactics from there, that's a level I'm not yet at or a way of thinking I've employed. I have a tactic and style that I find that works and plough ahead with it Pep/Mourinho/Wenger style if you will, I appreciate that you have probably created your tactic due to the fact you can't sign anyone in this particular save though lol. I will defo finish this thread tonight, I've already decided I'm going to a quiet pub after my shift to have a pint and read through no distractions
  32. If every real manager in the world could see that, then every team in the premier league will be able to rise to the top.
  33. Take a look if Ruben Dias is still at Benfica. I was trying to decide between him and De Ligt and went with De Ligt eventually and Dias moved to Barcelona. Based on my scouting he seems like the top option for DC for under 60 million or so. Barca got him for around 45m in my save and he is playing great for them and now I'm a bit annoyed I didn't just buy both when I had the chance. There could obviously be some difference in his PA with our saves so scout first of course, but for me he is 4 star CA and 4,5 PA I believe in January 2020.
  34. I'd be 99% sure that you have a match plan in place else the Ass Man would not be able to make the subs
  35. Something we see more and more in modern day football is teams having different formations depending on whether they are attacking or defending. Many teams playing with a 4-3-3 in attack defends with a 4-man midfield. The teams playing with a 3-man defense often revert to a 5-man defense when defending. I can see how this can be exploited for example playing 3-4-3 in attack and 5-5-0 in defense, but I think this could be interesting nonetheless. An alternative to full formations could be a PI that tells the player to go from a winger/wide midfielder to a full back in defense. I think this would be really interesting and would reflect better how teams are set up nowadays. What do you guys think.
  36. May 2037 (Part 3) Well rested and drilled in pretty much every area of the game, we headed into the home tie with a bumper crowd (although, strangely, not a sell out!) and started really well. An early penalty was missed and Andre Folha went on to literally have the worst game of the season - failing to add to his league-high 26 goals. Whilst the stats would agree with Porto manager Vitor Pereira's idea that they didn't try, Chaves managed one real chance - a goalmouth scramble in the eighty ninth minute. Great - especially when Porto were 5-0 up, too. We survived, and a chance fell to 18 year old Manuel Monteiro, who had only been on the pitch for six minutes, to seal the deal and ensure our first ever Primeira Liga title - the first since 2001 to not go to Benfica, Sporting or Porto and only the sixth winner, ever (in addition to Boavista and Belenenses). A full run down will come after I can hopefully win the double - we face Braga in the Taca de Portugal final...
  37. Whether or not there is an ME issue here, there is certainly a question of expectation. kingking has told his players to focus attacks down the left therefore the expectation is they'll do just that. Yet results show the majority of attacks going down the right instead. There may or may not be valid reasons why it played out like that - no space being on the left thus play naturally gravitates to where the space actually is instead for example - but there can be a disconnect at times between tactical instructions, expected results and what actually happens. Another well worn example is: "my players keep shooting from distance even though I use work ball into box". Again the expectation is it's some sort of magic instruction that stops players shooting so often and when they don't then reality doesn't match expectation. So there is often reason why it happens but that still doesn't address the disconnect. TL;DR I can sympathise with kingking's frustrations. There may or may not be other tactical or ME reasons why play actually goes down the right, but when it does we can be left looking at the screen thinking "huh"? @kingking Are these results a regular occurrence? Does the focus often look like that? And looking at your overall system you are very one dimensional and symmetrical, so other than telling your players to focus play down the left, what incentive do they have to actually do just that when there is no difference in how you set up each flank (other than personnel) and construct your attacks? One other point - overlap left is possibly useless to you in that set up. Overlap increases your fullback's mentality a little and tells your wide players (not central midfielders) to hold up the ball a bit to wait for the overlapping fullback. Yet you are using a CWB (attack) so his mentality is already extremely high; a Winger (attack) at AML - which is again a very attack minded player (you really want him to hold up the ball?); and the Positive mentality which increases everybody's Mentality even more.
  38. Playing a player out of position affects his Decisions, so it affects every decision, including where to position himself. That said though, as Rashidi points out, you can play players out of position if they have the attributes you want and need. I've played fullbacks as DMs, DMs as fullbacks, central defenders as strikers, AMCs as AML/AMR players etc. Long term, I do try and train them to become accomplished in the position.
  39. Yes i know that because i made my experiences from playing 3 Series of FM. But how does a new Player who Is Properbly not Willing to surf Forums for Hours? he will just Click WBIB and Cross/shoot less. thats what I meant when I said it’s not intuitive. The game needs more information about what’s going wrong.. I guess that’s not the topic here tho
  40. Currently crafting a post about my squad and how it informed my tactic, and this is apart of that. Short answer yes, but it would depend on who we were up against and who we had available to play. I’ll go into much more detail when it comes to my next post which will cover it! Thank you very much!👍🏻 Wow, thank you man! I’m glad I was able to do that. Thank you man! Thanks brother! Our press usually becomes situational depending on in game circumstances, but always begins high. I can definitely see a big risk in maintaining those TIs for 90 minutes.
  41. Today's news: Hunter goes camping. Dr Y forgets possession. Rashidi and Herne have lost a tactic. Can't find the damn thing anywhere.
  42. If you are seeing 40% possession, there is something inherently wrong with your possession system. Further, if teams are playing the ball around slowly at the back, they aren't "parking the bus". Parking the bus sees teams sitting deep, soaking up pressure and simply clearing their lines. They do anything but pass the ball around slowly. Also, if your team are letting them pass the ball around slowly, there is something else inherently wrong with your system and/or players. Can the ME's depiction of pressing improve? Sure, but there are things within your control which can help. - Line of Engagement (where to start pressing) - Pressing via TIs and PIs (how much to press) - The players themselves with relevant attributes (eg., aggression, work rate, determination, stamina) - Roles and duties - Mentality - Formation - A combination of some/all of the above As I said above, the ME can certainly improve in this area, but I'm afraid you're kidding yourselves if you blame it 100% on the ME. If it helps, read through my "Tiki Taka" thread where I cover all of this in detail.
  43. I mean the formation that comes up when you click '4-2-3-1'. Because thats the one most people would click.
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