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  1. By next year we will have a whole bunch of new ME bugs, the cycle never ends. There is always something wrong. The only difference is we are normally left with fairly balanced ME at this point of development, this years engine is awful, no central play is just unforgivable, then to publicically say it’s the best ME ever is a joke. How can a ME with no central play be the best ME ever, through balls and good striker movement is a massive part of real world football, and for someone who loves playing in a style of central play the ME is unplayable, Yes unplayable I said it, and I haven’t played my favourite game in weeks. I might have to drop back to FM18. Some feedback from SI on what’s going on would be nice, something like “we are working on central play fixes for the final patch but no promises” or “sorry guys the ME issues are to deep routed to fix for this years version but, we’re looking into correcting it for fm20. A quick statement from SI isn’t to much to ask for is it?
  2. This is the wrong way to look at it svenc...until attacking patterns and movements are simulated better then that's what will impede the development of the engine. Until you do that you will be stuck with circular balancing exercises which we see every year. You talk of bias towards a tendency to prefer the spectacle but there has been a pervasive bias towards the defensive side on FM to the detriment of the attacking side of it. I've actually just made a couple of posts about this here but some users of FM tend to want to get the feeling that it's there tactical choices that make the difference to the outcome of matches and are unaware of how the undersimulation of the attacking side of the game has 'reverse exploited' things to their benefit also the classic nerfing of central attacking play Central play has actually been undersimulated every year bar FM17 since the rewrite to varying degrees it just hasn't been as noticeable it to the same extent as this year. it's come in various guises - Too many shots – as a result of underdeveloped ball circulation passing options/movement lack of through ball tendencies when there means when central players shoot meaning shot counts see serious spikes - Too many crosses – as a result of propensity to use players out wide several iterations have seen numbers of crosses per game significantly exceeding real world. Mitigation of this may have taken form of improved defending positionally/restricting forays of full backs/wingers but the long term solution is to programme decision making to see recycling the ball of circulating inside as the better option/decision - Poor finishing/lack of variation in finishing...generally in play through the middle. over the years some of the finishing from crosses/diagonal passes from out to win has been remarkably good - Poor ‘one on ones’...again players slotted in through the middle have low finishing rates in FM (I know svenc you question that but big chance conversion rates suggest higher rates than even you like to admit ) - Play blocked through the middle forcing passes too frequently out to wider players - offside frequency high most often preventing players slotted in through the middle - If you consider the options for wide players cross from x2, cross frequency x2, aim crosses at x4 it offers an ability to have a more concentrated and specified means to attack and as a result may imply an increased frequency by which this will be utilised - Crossing overpowered effectiveness wise...FM18 check out tactics uploaded on forums...many favoured wing backs some getting double digit assists which isn't a thing in the real world. So yet another bias in FM against quality attacking patterns. Overall though unless you enhance attacking patterns and the complementary attacking movement to offer better passing decisions/options to enable more fluid higher quality attacking play then the defensive side cannot be simulated to its maximum. If you do defending first then you won't actually know if the coded core decision making from an attacking point of view is on point as it will be masked by defensive elements...there's no better example of this than this year's well documented (and very well evidenced) threads on central attacking play and lack of central through balls. The million dollar question has been why has it been deficient this year particularly as to why there was an obvious lack of central through balls. Was it lack of movement by strikers, was it better simulated defending in terms of narrowness, the AI defending so deep so often, is it the lack of spaces available to AMC playmakers to play them into...these are all factors which affect it but the thread below shows definitively and beyond contestation that the core pass decision making to identify and execute these passes isn't being simulated properly to begin with. So this is a glaring omission from the code to enable quality attacking play and therefore a significant element of a users/managers arsenal to try and help unlock all sorts of defences and all sorts of opposition lineups is missing...so basic default decision making is not in FM to try and attack and creativity is woefully short as a result. So this proves that the much talked about weakness in the attacking phase is far from a perceived one but a very very real one...you might say Svenc, any denial of this having seen attached is indeed one indulging one's bias . That was just through balls but other quality and deft passes in tight areas/threaded passes into feet/passes into pen area putting player in for a shot given angle of run/one twos etc etc...these are also severely undersimulated and needed to break down tight defences In terms of development of the match engine as you can see trying to identify the problem in the first place can be masked/hidden by strong defensive elements. Therefore developing the defensive side of things first will only mask core issues further meaning further fixes/workarounds to change things are like the 'proverbial band aid fix' with these causing knock ons causing knocks ons ad infinitum. The way to develop the engine to enable it to achieve its potential most efficiently and most expeditiously is by maxing out the attacking side first in terms of pass selection/decision making and ensuring it's all working well. In essence by doing that the attack should destroy a defence for all the right footballing reasons. Then at that point defending should be addressed whereby it can be coded to deal with and cope with attack maxed out. Defending is mostly reactive anyway. Then you can model positional play/zonal and man and how that movement will prevent passing lanes/block spaces/deal with player runs/behaves as a block to move as a unit around the pitch within a team framework keeping its structure as required etc etc
  3. 40 playable divisions in Level 11 plus FA Vase completed!
  4. I'd like to know when you're going to be patching some of the more frequently mentioned issues, particularly those related to the ME. Some feedback: - Players are mentioned as a former player of mine when they've been a trialist at most. Considering I bring in quite a few trialists to see if there's a cheeky free agent in there I end up having former players all over the league. - Determination drops happen a bit too often. I have a 13 determination team leader, and all my 14-16 determination players are getting it dropped to the same level. Now I have an 18 and a 16 determination team leader alongside of them, and thanks to their social units some players have good determination again. It makes me happy, but makes it incredibly gamey. I'd rather leave my 34 year old back up players with great determination as captain&team leader, instead of my 13 determination world beater who makes the difference every game. Just seems unrealistic - I'd like more emphasis on mentoring opposed to this sort of gambling. Match engine: - Strikers failing to score one on one's seems to be overrepresented in this ME. I know it happens quite a bit in real life, but whenever I see a one on one I just assume they miss it now. - Striker movement is really static and doesn't differ irregardless of PI & TI. Only exception is when I make them man mark a player or put them as a pressing forward on defense. - Majority of my goals seem to come from set pieces: headers, long shots, throw in routines that go in (pass it to a player on the edge of the box, long shot). - Corners seem to be hit over the box and resulting in a goal kick or throw in a bit too frequently. - Quick counters seem to go in far quicker than other types of goals, and this seems to be happening quite often. Sudden 1-touch football from mediocre players. - Full backs end up hitting crosses into the first opponent too often. Full backs shouldn't just try to cross all the time, I want to be able to tell them to pass it to strikers and midfielders who come short. It's impossible to do this in the current ME. - I have a lot of players with great attributes and PPM's to make killer balls. I play with three strikers yet they rarely receive one of these, more often than not it's my wingbacks who are on the receiving end. - AI teams seem incredibly defensive in their set-up. I've won the league twice after four seasons, with a mediocre squad, and almost every squad I play is incredibly defensive. I've posted a number of PKM's in other threads in the bugs forum, but I'd simply like to know where you are in your process. I feel that posting "we've logged it" and such acknowledges that you're working on it, but it's not very transparent communication. As a customer that year in year out buys your product I'd like some more involvement from SI's side when it comes to acknowledging these things. Communicate with us when developers are going to test it, and how long it takes to tackle these issues. Now it feels like I'm delivering my comments and it ends up in a big black box where I have to just sit and wait and hope you do something with it. edit: Three strikers bunched up together with the instruction to keep it wide. Also have the instruction 'hit early crosses' on, but you can guess what my full back did. Exactly, he ran into the opposition. Also, the score is because of four long shots. Two of them from my midfielder with 9 long shots. Think he's scored quite a few goals now, opposed to my strikers. Clearly, that's not how the ME should work.
  5. It’s a sad state of affairs. Purchase the game in November, can’t enjoy the “full” version until March. It’s becoming a regular theme.
  6. Now try it with a club that isn't the wealthiest in the world.
  7. American Football Returns to FM 19 I am happy to introduce y’all to my revamped American Football system for FM 19 where I show you how to play real football with a soccer ball. If you have no idea what I’m talking about and want a bit of background of what I mean, you can check out my American Football system from FM 16. And for everybody else, strap on your helmets, because an American who still knows next to nothing about soccer is about to tell you how to play your sport. Alright, joking aside, I am super excited about what I’ve got going over here because this year’s tactical system combined with the new roles from the last couple years have allowed me to create what I honestly fell short of in the previous system: a true playbook. And although this is still a work in progress, I’ve got enough here already and done enough concept testing to say that this is as close to the real deal as I’m ever going to be able to do. But before I get too far ahead of myself, a quick explanation of what I am doing: I apply American Football concepts to soccer to create a dynamic and entirely different way to approach to tactics and gameplay. And true to my inspiration, I am now able to do it with different personnel packages, formations, alignments, and an actual playbook in a manner that works almost like the real deal. Now be forewarned. The original system was a lot to take in and this new version dwarfs the previous. It’s truly a monster. So like before, I’m going to hide as much as possible behind spoiler tags to help keep it navigable and reduce scroll and load times. Also, because this is a work in progress, I will link useful posts later in the thread in the final post so that they are more easily located. Also if/when there are significant permanent changes to the system, instructions, etc, I will try to update them in the top posts so that it stays current. Terminology Just to ensure clarity I am going to take a moment to explain a few terms that you will see me use throughout this thread. Most are football terms converted for use in my system. Also note before we get started: Typically, when I say football, I mean “football” sport of the American variety with the oblong ball. When I mean the sport where one must use their foot to kick the round ball, I will refer to it as soccer. Packages, Formations, Alignments, and Plays Describing Space: Line of Scrimmage, Gaps, and Passing Zones Types of Matchups and Mismatches Leading edge, offensive screen, and playing between the lines My System Objectives It’s of paramount importance to set forth the objectives and goals before you begin designing elements. For this system I have most of the same high level goals as the previous system. On Defense: “Bend but don’t break” On Offense: “Run to Daylight” Shape. Shape. Shape.
  8. November 2123 We're South American Champions thanks to equalising with basically the last kick of normal time and then taking the lead after going down to ten men!
  9. And of course, Highly Structured to keep the Ween hard and firm throughout the match. Not going to penetrate much if it's Very Fluid.
  10. With extremely width I meant the Team instruction. If I used the Extremely width team instuction, I let my full backs and wingers both hug the line. When playing with much width. You create space in the middle and your will be likely exploiting the flanks. The full backs do exactly the contrary. When the team plays narrow, you're more likely to exploit the centre of the field. That's when Inverted wing backs could be useful. That was my point. Wingers in combination with inverted wing-backs are perfectly fine.
  11. Vastra Frolunda IF Season 03 – 2021 Domestic League : Division 1 Norra (Tier 3) - 1st We began our first season in the 3rd tier of Swedish football tentatively, an unspectacular 1-1 home drawn and then we got spanked 4-1 away which made you wonder.... Thankfully, that proved to be a wake-up call and keeping faith with the same players and tactics from last years success proved fruitful. I did not expect the year that unfolded, but we played very well overall and whenever we stumbled (which was much more often than last year as expected) we recovered almost immediately. We had a couple of good runs of results, but it was the home stretch of the season that finally broke the backs of our challengers. We won 9 of our last 10 league games and we finally pulled away and won the league with a game to spare. Domestic Cup : n/a Still no entry for us, hoping next year we get our first taste. Europe : n/a Youth Intake A little better intake this year and I can see the top 3 prospects getting some starts in the coming years Hugo Palmgren (03A) - I like the look of this kid and he gives me options at DM as well. Positioning is an obvious early weakness but we can work on that Selim Ari (03B) - A tall, determined and slow central midfielder. Might find it tough to break through, but the potential is there Love Lundgren (03C) - A versatile, but very underdeveloped defender. Will stay in the u19s for a while to see if progress is made Squad Stats - Transfers Season Awards 1st - Emil Ursholm - Our very reliable attacking option down the right hand side. Bombs forward more than ever now with his player traits. 2nd - Abdoulie Jobe - Another all action display in the middle of the park from Jobe 3rd - Phew Paulsson - A new name on the awards section, but a long time partner for Jobe. Finally got some recognition. General Despite all of our advances on the pitch, we have yet to make any real progress off the pitch. No facility upgrades of any kind in 3 years and our staff are still not at the standard I would like to be hiring. We received 80,000 for our league position, which almost got us back to break even. There is 252,000 in TV money from the 2nd tier next year, so I am hoping we can finally make a little cash and maybe reinvest it. As kids are breaking into the first team, I am starting to see it affect their higher determination a little as feared after chatting with Shakes This has me thinking of something potentially radical. A lot of current first team players contracts are coming up for expiration at the end of next year, I am tempted to risk it all and jettison many of them and install the kids. Shortening the 'takeover' timeframe and hopefully minimising the period of time when they might be affected by the senior squads lower determination. Something to consider as our first season in the Superettan (the 2nd tier) unfolds. A lot will depend on how we handle ourselves in the higher league and how the kids themselves perform.....
  12. I am in the same boat, the greatest thing about fm19 is that it cured me of my fm addiction.
  13. You are always making generalised statements, let's just take one example from this week, LFC vs Brighton. Brighton have scored in every home game they have played in, but for most of the game they were sitting deep against LFC. Using your argument we should expect LFC to have beaten them by a huge margin. It didn't happen. Football games aren't always as clear cut as you lay it out to be. In some games you will find teams struggle, in others they may concede an early goal and an avalanche occurs, high scoring games can be and are usually a sign of poor defending. I just don't accept your argument that good sides who camp with better players should in most cases win by large scorelines, that doesn't happen in real life often. Now in FM, this is a different thing, in FM we are playing against an AI that has been programmed to behave in a specific set of ways depending on a certain set of parameters. My point is that here, there are still weaknesses in the engine, i will not deny that, however, we can still whip the living daylights out of defensive sides. This may not be the case for everyone in the community, only a few players seem to be doing that. That alone proves that it can be done. It shows that within the game code itself its possible. Whether most people can do that is irrelevant. As long as one manager can produce results like that a programmer is going to sit back and go...its possible. Now the real challenge then for those programming it will be to improve how it happens consistently. So this is where i reckon it falls short in only two areas, long shots and the lack of central movement coming from 2 roles specifically. The engine isn't perfect, but to say that the engine is broken because we need to be able to consistently beat parked defences with LFC or any other side you want to mention by big scorelines is just fantasy football. If there is a disparate level of quality like City vs Burton Albion, of course, we should be seeing big scorelines, but when they are not that far apart then if a side like Burnley decides to camp against United, United will need to break them down intelligently.
  14. I think your question asking about noticing how differently city/pool play against deeper lying defences than they normally is projection...no team plays the same way against a deep lying defence than they would a normal one. Though you could actually make an argument that such is the frequency city play against deep lying defences it IS more the norm for them . LFC/City themselves don't play the same way as each other against deep lying defences either. Also again your examples of FM breaking down defences. No one is saying it can't be done and as always your tweaking to get around things is admirable but posting examples of bus breaking in FM to show you're doing as it's done in real world and say you're getting things in FM to work like the way LFC and city do in the real world is simply not the case from what you've posted there. I suspect you absolutely get certain instances of similar attacks/movements/passes/goals etc etc at times within the games but your first game there against palace there were 85 crosses by liverpool...that's off the wall and is indicative of an attacking pattern at odds with real world football...whether it be the ball being moved out wide too often or the decision making to cross too often or likely some combination of both but either way that's not how lfc or city or any other quality team for that matter will go about trying to break down a parked bus. As I say within that you probably did get instances of similarish moves it's clear the overall way your team attacked isn't representative of real world methods. similarly 65 crosses against man utd suggests something similar so when you wonder how the attacking side is under simulated then you're really answering your own question with those examples...you've demonstrated how...that's not how teams go about trying to break down those teams...yes as I say moments within the game may resemble elements of real world and I suspect you're well able to tweak things to produce these instances but overall it's different. Also the leicester game they had 47pc of possession so was that really a park the bus exercise. plus two were set pieces plus rb had 3 assists...though taa may well have been your set piece taker
  15. I also doubt 19.3 will contain any substantial ME updates. It will likely update the transfers in January + tweaks to league bugs. Personally I knew this year’s edition is done when those few people did lots of testing in the public beta before 19.2, submitted pkms and the only thing they did was to come out and say this is the best ME they have ever released (lol) and the so-called bugs are long term, so personally I think they’ll hold the fixes for next year’s edition to convince skeptics to buy the game again.
  16. Just re-iterate my point, 2nd placed Man City played this against me at HOME, they are unbeaten in a good 15+ games winning almost all of them and are obviously a top team full of top players, but they do this - Do you realistically see the real life Man City doing this against Liverpool at home? No of course not, they would try to win the game. Which sadly they did in this case because one mistake by my team allowed them to score their only shot on target, but this was like in the 80th minute after I had spent all game trying to break them down as they were basically parking the bus. They are managed by Emery in my game and his standard formation is 4-2-3-1, with an AMR, AML and AMC, as far as I can see he hasn't played this at all this year. Just a clear example IMO that something is wrong with the AI and its approach IMO, And just to re-iterate what others have said, its not about losing (If I had played this match 99 more times then its likely they would have all been draws or wins for me, because the AI doesn't try to win, they just fluked this one), I win almost all of the games like this and will draw the others, in fact this is my first league loss in about 2 years. It's about the challenge and the football, it's just dire to watch and boring, to see good teams not actually try to win the game in the slightest. As bar333 says its just boring, because every game is basically this, trying to break down teams that camp in their own box and don't try to win. I have literally had games with 40-50 shots against PL teams and regularly go past 30 shots. Barely a team shoots at me, I've had multiple PL games this year were the opposition has had 3 shots or less, in 23 PL games only 4 teams have got into double figures for shots against me, and we are talking barely here, the most shots I have conceded all year is 12. In 7 games this year against Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd and Arsenal, between them they have managed just 30 shots on goal in 7 games, because all of them have played this negatively.
  17. Resources such as whoscored.com can be a good starting point. For example this is the match report for ManU vs Bournemouth. Also worth checking Cleon's 4231 thread. Lots of tabs to flick through to give you an idea of how they played, or to look at other matches. I'm not sure about using the attacking mentality however, especially when combined with some of those TIs.
  18. The newgen/ manager faces are smaller then the real pictures of player. Why this is still going on after years i dont know.. it looks off. Pls fix this..
  19. Would be nice to be able to specify the level of upgrade that we want. My youth facilities were awful, and it's taken a few seasons to get them to good. My club has plenty of money. Would be good to say "lets spend this much on it and see what level the facilities are"... because I have the money to make them great, but it takes years to get to that with each little update. Whereas in reality, if a team makes it to the Premiership and establishes itself there, they wouldn't do it a small bit at a time. You'd say "we want excellent facilities, it'll cost this much which we have in the bank so lets build some new facilities". Buy a new training ground that is a massive improvement, not one step each season.
  20. Set up team training so that it involves more tackling and dribbling. You can't focus individual training on dribbling and tackling because you need at least two players for it.
  21. Agree in parts @akkm but not others. I don't believe customer feedback has influenced the wrong behaviours. Tactics are a huge part of the game for most and without them a big part of its appeal is lost if they have no value. And over the course of time we've all seen good, bad and ugly of tactics from non-sensical super tactics to forum posts that completely over analyse and blow up myths. Far from convinced that has affected coding to the point you're making. Following on from above users have not brought about wide play being favoured. In fact wish I had a quid for every post I've ever seen about "crossing is overpowered", "how to stop conceding from crosses" and similar. Further there has been feedback over the various version about all sorts from the community trying to help SI. Off the top of my head, pressing not being right; too many goals from corners; AI can't cope with strikerless; can't win away; and so on and on. Some people find a way around issues - perceived or otherwise - but they aren't defending or promoting match engine flaws. Yes but maybe not in the way you mean. He had a very good side at Chelsea 3 years ago and another at Man Utd this season. Ask any Man U fan and they'll tell you that his tactics were pitiful and dire. And that he lost his job through (poor) man management and chronic negative football. He is actually an example for the importance of tactics not players. In the real world it would seem you need both.
  22. That's the plan, if they'll let me have players who can make us better
  23. This is an interesting bit to discuss rather than ME balance imo (for the record I dislike current ME ). I think the game of football irl is destined to go towards 'spectacle' i.e. attacking football i.e. goals. This is mostly because football is a product to sell to clients (TV viewers worldwide) and this is or should be the main goal of every league. EPL is the 'best' league in the world because they're the best at selling their product. Of course to do this they've brought in the best players and most of all the best managers (british managers are almost extinct in EPL, this is not a coincidence ) but a key aspect/consequence is also there are 5-6 teams with an average of 2 goals scored per game. Bundesliga is also on the rise as a league and as a 'product' (http://www.espn.com/soccer/german-bundesliga/story/2889774/bundesliga-clubs-say-new-tv-rights-deal-closes-gap-to-premier-league) despite Bayern monopoly, thanks to a new 'school' of german managers, a league spread tendency to develop attacking and technically gifted players (which also benefited the national team as seen with World Cup title in 2014), and also 5-6 teams regularly around 2 goals scored per game. The decline of Italian Serie A (once the best league in the world) might have a few reasons, but you can sum it up with less technically gifted players, less goals scored and the 'old school' of italian defensive managers still on the saddle. Respected NBA writer Kevin Pelton noted how video game players in the 90s would pretty much just shoot 3 pointers and dunk in basketball videogames (think NBA Jam). Why? Because it was more fun of course! Fast forward 20 years and NBA teams are now shooting 3s like crazy (legendary coach Gregg Popovich not loving it https://ftw.usatoday.com/2018/11/san-antonio-spurs-gregg-popovich-hates-three-pointers) and have pretty much erased the mid-range game, basically you want to shoot the three or go inside (dunk or lay-up). Pace has never been so high, scores have never been so high, league popularity worldwide has never been so high and most importantly money (for the owners and for the players) has never been so high. This is not a coincidence, it's a very precise strategy by the league to sell their product (a strategy started in the 90s when low scores and physical defense were harming the appeal of the league/product). What does this have to do with FM match engine? Not much really, but we video game players and/or football viewers will always want more goals and the game (football before FM) will have to adapt if it wants more of our money! We're pioneers of sexy football we cannot lose .
  24. Well that is your opinion and you are free to express it, but if you have a better way of representing Mentality in the game then come up with a workable alternative. The developers aren't averse to adopting ideas from the community, they have done so in the past and will continue to do so. For now this is the way SI have done it , this is their gameworld playing the rules they have designed. I can't come up with a better alternative so i try and understand it and work within their rules. If you feel that it needs to be reworked, then come up with a better way of translating it.
  25. since and including the 6-1 thrashing of city i have played 6 games using this tactic winning all 6 and scoring 23 but conceding 7. i think my strikers have improved dramatically during this time or at least their stats have overall shots =139 shots on target= 66 overall percentage= 47% forwards shots= 49 forwards shot on target 22= 44% forwards shots compared to team shots = 35% having written these figures down its showing me that there is a lot more improvement to still be made. i need to figure out the solution. to many shots of target could be an indication of snap shots ie no other options available as i dont think its down to quality of players. i could also be rushing things so potentially slow things down and hopefully increase shot quality.
  26. Will be out either saturday night or sunday morning After that I'll add more leagues and players in for the next version
  27. right i have gone back tot he drawing board again still the same save but a new 442. i have read a post from cleon that got me thinking what makes a goalscorer (i also took some inspiration from his Paysandu thread) i realised that my 442 pass to the wingers to cross was far too 1 dimensional. all to often the defenders would deal with the threat. once that happened i had no other options and would either lose miserably or just be a **** game. so after readig the thread who wanst to make a goalscorer (a must read for anyone) i came up with this which i will try to explain my reasons behind the choices https://imgur.com/a/rBTtsJx you will that i have opted for the vertical tiki taka presets with a little customization. i do change this to a gengenpress depending on opposition. GK- bog standard keeper no messing here. CB- opted for NCBs as i like the nostalgia of vidic and stam. possibly change one to a BPD as i do have the players for it. HB- fed up of conceding goals so have chosen a HB to turn it to a 3 man defence, time will tell if it works. LB- CWB to push on forward and to provide natural width. should be left with plenty of space to attack due to the use of an Inside forward. RB- IWB to provide numbers in the central areas due to only 1 midfielder. Im thinking with the HB stepping back it should push the defence apart so not too worried about the space or gap left by the marauding IWB. CM- a simple CM being chosen as i think he should link up with the forwards quite nicely. i could change to an AP if not working how i envisioned or even a RPM. time will tell. AMR- a simple winger again to provide width and a supply of balls to the fowards. FWDs- opted for a poacher and AF unsure if this will work but i want to give it a try. if not i can change the role of one of them to maybe a DLF to maybe drop a bit deeper. 1st game home v man city. wish me luck!!
  28. @crusadertsar The answer to people's issues is not necessarily "ME bugged wait for the next patch". Are there ME issues? Yes. Are those issues causing the issue the OP is having? No idea as we have insufficient information at the moment. Even if ME issues are causing the OP's problems can there still be work arounds found using tactical options? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. All we know so far is the OP is having problems with long shots, some basic roles and a formation. @wazza It would be more helpful if you post your detailed tactical set up and perhaps even some of the players you are using. Just looking at your formation above without any other detail, your striker is coming short and probably bringing the defensive line out with him, so who is attacking the space behind and how is that player getting the ball? The winger is staying out wide and deep, the AMC is staying deep and your IF is looking to run at the defence with the ball. Why are you using a support striker?
  29. I'm all for the tactical input from some of the users...some of the posts are terrific in the tactical guides and the tactical feedback overall. At the same time some of the feedback leads things the wrong way as described above and and has done over the years leading it to the current state of this year's engine. SI do listen to feedback despite what some may feel so it is useful to actually try to change the game's fundamentals. with the state of this years engine and seeing certain defending of same then there's a need to actually acknowledge what's lacking for real development to happen and to make this easier to prevent circular balancing acts required by SI reacting to simplistic logic instead of simulating more fundamentally sound footballing logic/behaviours...whilst people correctly say there is no right/wrong way of playing...there actually is a BETTER way of playing...people who don't accept that are just confirming a bias and denying years of evidence in football. So to get to that point better footballing decision making needs to be properly modelled and we are certainly not there yet and to see people defend the engine and say 'its fine it can done' is hampering the development of things and only leads to stagnation depsite SIs best efforts to advance things. No one is questioning the difficulty of the task of coding the dynamism of a football game and then on top of it people's/user's preferences for different elements of football styles they want to tap into to achieve results (deep lying/reactive football, counter attack, quick transitions, possession based, pressing and all that)...it's clearly a complex exercise. I believe SI would reward attacking systems by default as a choice but it elicits too many complaints from users who then start to complain that it's too easy as they want to feel it's their tactical input generating success in FM...in the real world it's all about the quality of players...jose is prime example of that but even guardiola/klopp etc will do nothing in premiership with non league players...tactics are most influential with players playing against similar levels but coaching better player decisions/behaviours is what makes better players...that again is one of reasons for jose exposure...he coaches tactics not good decision making therefore his players don't develop and indeed stagnate and regress. Again taking it back to FM feedback often directs it back to tactical reactionary inputs to help out defensively and strengthen that side of the ball. All defensive improvements are very welcome but not to the detriment of the attacking side of the game...especially when defending standards have regressed significantly in real world football with very few quality defenders/defences and the number of goals increasing and the big teams scoring large numbers of goals season in season out and also big players scoring massive numbers of goals especially when playing for dominant teams. So really the attacking patterns decision making, pass selection & off the ball movements are moving further away from real world football in the top third...with the disconnect never so apparent to users as it has been this year. Again I wouldn't question SIs ability to code this, as difficult as it is to do, but I do think they are (naturally) aware of customer feedback and the stronger voices of previous years have led them the wrong way albeit a bucket load of the feedback has been spot on and has led to sounder engine as well..to be fair a lot of things up the top third are really excellent...it's just the more sophisticated pass decision making of a creative player of a messi/iniesta/ozil/isco ilk isn't properly simulated in addition the complementary off the ball movement to blend it all together to enable the slicker guile based cohesive fluidity that a barca/city/psg et al play like. Previous years since rewrite (bar fm17) FM falls on the side of wide play balance wise to create chances/goals and teams/users tend to overachieve this way which is completely at odds with real world football...so FM has favoured the wrong behaviours but the a lot of the granular level tactical tweakers don't seem to mind this (in that I havent seen many of them complain about this over the years on the forums anyway) as it gives impression they are the ones 'moving the needle' to drive their teams success. If attacking was properly simulated and through the middle pass and move was on point then it gives the impression that things are too easy because firstly it can appear that defending is weaker and also thats it just easier to win that way so they want the 'faux impression' that things in FM are harder having to move things wide or other displacements of overpowered and disconnected creativity chance and goals wise...so essentially they are gaming FMs code by taking advantage of overpowered defending/undersimulated attacking by moving the pieces around the board but not necessarily for fundamentally good footballing reasons but more for code gaming reasons as as you say ...you can't give something beyond the limits of the code and are trying to get around what the game gives you...but I'm suggesting feedback has directed it towards a more limited simulation of the game thereby a more unrealistic simulation of the game. The goal should be (and is) to give a more realistic simulation of the real world football game and that's why I think it's necessary to acknowledge its current limitations and change/improve the core default decision making to get there and not defend it's current state by offering as i said above examples just gaming the code/seeing examples of fundamentals at variance with real world or just using a 'see this example' with a 20/80 approach...ie their exception is held up as the norm. This will just impede development. SI has acknowledged these issues this year as the feedback has been significant and on point and whilst fixing it is no easy task given the legacy code favouring wide play the length it may take is fair enough but any noise arising to start to say 'oh things are fine' is utterly self defeating in SIs quest to make a more realistic engine. So yes that's why my feedback in parts can be perceived as having a go at users/customers but its more at any opinions which blocks the growth of the engine by defending the engine in its current form when its said oh well this is how it is in FM as it is in the real world...it's fine if its an admission of gaming the code as you point out to get around the limitations but not when its upheld as a 'this is how you do it as this is how its done in real world football' when that's not exactly the case. This thread is an example of where its said...oh well breaking down a parked bus/deep lying defence should be hard...and again at its simplistic interpretation logically this makes absolute sense but this is far too linear logically to apply to FM in that in the real world counterintuitively the teams that play against the deep lying/parked bus defences the most score the most goals so go figure. So clearly its not as hard break these teams down as is perceived to be or indeed current FM allows it to be. As said issues are the proclivity of the AI to utilise this tactically in addition the actual depth of defensive line the AI maintains proportionately time wise (ie theyre too deep too long in a game) with that tactic and the lack of simulation of better movement/pass selection/dribbling/ability to pass move in tight spaces all means it's at odds with real world. No one is saying it cant be done in FM but its not being done consistently with the same footballing behavioural fundamentals as it is in the real world. And again whilst the example of deep lying defences/parked buses is cited as example of how to stop better teams and by extension good defending real world shows that these defences are still being dismantled (not easily by any means) with regularity with the bigger teams amassing large quantities of goals every season but in FM people feedback the opposite ie 'stop complaining about not being able to break down a parked bus as that's how it is'...that isn't capturing the bigger picture for the reasons explained above...so essentially that line is an incorrect defence of an undersimulated match engine. Yes it should be hard and yes it should depend as with everything with quality of players and there will be games things won't work or games where there will be the odd goal or whatever but FM is currently at odds with real world with how it bears out comparison wise.
  30. Agreed. This definitely needs sorting. Alongside blocks from crosses and shots blocked being too high.
  31. I once uploaded you the expanded rules from the United States. So you can start with your project. modify USA.fmf
  32. Welsh National League Division One kits... Welsh National League Division One.rar
  33. BSC Old Boys' Elderly Care Center - 2015/2016 - December Challenge League We are ending the year with another set of strong - albeit lucky - performances. Confidence is very high and it shows on the pitch. We have definitely put the relegation battle behind us, with a comfortable 16-points cushion from the bottom. Exactly where I wanted us to be this season, looking forward to confirming this in 2016.
  34. yes i noticed that too, playing against better teams seems particulary easy in fm19. what i meant with extreme mentalities games, here's some good examples:
  35. Pogba has mostly played as a no.10, with a free role which sees him drift to the left. So the shape is more of a 4-2-3-1.
  36. Amazing work, I remember using the FM16 iteration of your playbook to great effect with my Stenhousemuir save.
  37. if the game wants to strive for realsim and advertise as such i can't take argument of playing in lower leagues seriously. playing with bigger clubs or in top leagues should be the far bigger challange since you're playing against top managers and players week after week. the only way to achieve it in a game like FM is to improve the AI. especially tactics and squad building. the ME should reflect player quality much more, i think these things got worse with 19 compared to fm17. i won't comment on squad bulding and transfer activity all i can say i don't remember when was the last time i played long term save (more than 3 seasons) and i can understand people who play lower laegues in regards to this. tactics wise i can't understand new changes, i remember in fm17 i was amazed with AI tactics and it took me some time to learn how to play and it was challenging. unfortunatly with fm19 tactics tried to be improved with ultra defensive AI but it only brought to light long term and well known issues when defensive mentality faces attacking, which produce unrealistic looking football matches. such aproach enhanced many ME issues like reflecting player quality better or crossing issues, lack of quality movement and defending. matches that are played with normal AI aproach tactics and not extreme like when ultra defensive meets ultra attacking will produce far more realistic games and statistics. there will be far less crossing attempts and corners, games won't be one dimensional where one team has 30+ shots and the other 0 and so on. many of tactical problems this game has are connected how mentality works and how AI will use it. and it afects game experience in unrealistic manner because better your team gets more defensive AI gets too.
  38. The main issue I have with the Notion that starting lower down vs. higher up was a Level of difficulty (which SI have always promoted also, btw) is that: That's not changing any difficulty. It's just stretching the save as you're dealing with the same AI wherever you go. Basically, once you had "mastered" the game, it's just an exercise in patience. Kind of like an MMORPG grind, where you are continously rewarded just for mashing the Buttons sticking around. Sure, a better Player with a bigger Edge over the AI will raise through the Tiers quicker on average -- and may also challenge for the titles quicker. However, if given enough grind time, you'd be just getting there. Plus naturally, if managing clubs with big Money was this easy (others tend to have loads of Money too), why is it that only the elite typically apply (and seldom last for centuries)? However, I don't think anybody is ever fundamentally going to change SI's mind. It's worked out for them, after all -- and dedicated FM communities such as these represent but a fraction of FM's average/actual player base anyway. Whether they deem the game too hard, too easy or too purple.
  39. I dont know if this has been posted before. First time in FM I've ever seen this personality: "Obsessed/concerned with money"
  40. Layer 4: Conceptualizing Play Design Now that all the pieces are in place, it’s time to create the plays and the playbook. While my roles and duties definitely influence my defensive shape, I expect all of my roles for each position to defend more or less the same. So while my defense first approach significantly influences my TI, PI, and formations, my plays are all about my offense. Play Design: System Objectives That means going way back to the beginning, back to the “Run to Daylight” approach I want for my system from the first post. And while I expect my players to make decisions for themselves in the moment, I want to set them up for success. That means I need to give them multiple options to allow them to take what the defense gives them. If they have limited options they may feel more inclined to force a situation that just isn’t going to work. I’m going to manifest my “Run to Daylight” approach by sticking to 3 basic rules: 1) Use the Whole Field 2) Be Efficient 3) Maximize our opportunities Play Design: Creating Options As I’ve already identified, I’m all about creating options for my guys and then letting them choose the best in the moment. Run to Daylight. That leaves me to create the options within each play for the likely scenarios they will face. If I give them good options, then I should have good results from their decisions. As with most of this system, these options are typically going to depend on my shape. Get the Ball to the Middle Third First Pass to Start an Attack Attack Option 1: Attack defenders out of position to get the ball into the box for a shot Attack Option 2: Make the defense react to me with the ball in dangerous locations Attack Option 3: Get the ball to a “safe” location Attack Option 4: Force the ball into the box And so each of my players will hopefully play a little like a Quarterback going through their reads, first looking for option 1 opportunities, then option 2, etc. Most of my attacks are going to be a series of option 2 and 3 moves, before finally ending in either an option 1 or 4 finisher. That means that my plays need to create those options and I do that by utilizing a specific shape – namely the leading edge, between the lines, and offensive screen model.
  41. Without this being 100% fact, it follows the pattern of previous years These have been the release dates for the last few previous games 16.2.0 December 16th, 16.3.0 March 4th, 17.2.0 December 15th, 17.3.0 March 1st, 18.2.0 December 14th, 18.3.0 March 1st, 19.2.0 December 11th.
  42. Young Sondre must have been absolutely riveted by the 2008 F.A. Cup...
  43. Except it is easy to score and it is easy to win though. I feel like one recurring theme when people complain about FM19 whether on this issue or the ME issues is that people think it's about results for those complaining. I see it both in @Experienced Defender and @Rashidi's posts. There's no difference between my success on FM19 and what I had in previous years managing big clubs (which I didn't start with since atm I'm with Stuttgart, but I made it huge in a clubhopping save). It's the same results but with far less goals conceded and less goals scored, more comfortable wins but not nearly as many tight and close games or 5,6 nil drubbings against the trash teams. I'm still thumping the AI overall and winning trophies with a club like Stuttgart, negative net spend, etc. I'm still winning most games comfortably. I'm in the middle of, as of right now, a 28 match unbeaten run in the league. The AI isn't really putting up a challenge anymore than it ever did. In fact, I'd argue it's the opposite - the AI's ludicrous negativity actually makes the game easier in the long run because in the vast majority of league games I'm facing opposition that is not interested in the slightest in scoring a goal or challenging me at the back. I don't think I've ever had an unbeaten run that long and honestly I don't see it ending any time soon. It's not that I'm a genius - the AI isn't trying to beat me so of course I won't be beaten. I've had the best defence in the league every single season and barely concede goals, I can get away with playing 17 year old wonderkids at the back because they won't be tested anyway. The AI offers no threat whatsoever outside of the odd set piece even when they are trailing. And I'm doing all this while making very few changes to my tactics to counter specific opponents. I've stopped trying to analyze the parked bus and "counter" it a while ago, I just accepted that when out of 34 league games you will be facing a team that's playing for a 0-0 in ~28 of them, then 4-5 will manage it too. That's just a statistical reality. And because of what @fidelitywars says which is spot on - not everyone enjoys being that analytical about things. And it kind of points at a bigger point and this may be a controversial thing to say around here, understandably so - you don't really need to do the stuff we get up to in this forum to get results if that's what you care about. People get success with all sorts of wild downloaded tactics that they never change for any game. I say 'understandably' because the real reason we're all here is we enjoy the tactical side of the game, to different extents obviously but still. We all want to buy the illusion that FM sells. And I share that - I want the team to play a certain way, I want to feel rewarded for what are basic tactical decisions but in my head I'll tell myself they're making all the difference, etc. It's precisely for these reasons that this issue with FM19 is so egregious in my opinion. It makes games too samey, it seriously limits the beautiful football moves you want to see because those are difficult to pull off against such negative tactics, it forces you to play a certain way. It makes the journey boring as hell.
  44. Go through all clubs in the top leagues, basically (I do England, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland and then a few major clubs like Dinamo, Hajduk etc). It takes a lot less time than you'd think after the game has made it easier to scout lots of players quickly. Easy steps to follow: Go to transfer centre for any team in the league you choose (e.g. Newcastle below) and change the filter to 'Youth' at the top Click one player then press CTRL + A to highlight them all, and scout. Then just cycle through the teams using the up/down arrow to the right of the team badge and repeat. After that, scouts come back with loads of reports and I just discard anyone under 50 until they have finished scouting those to give us a selection. One suggestion is not just to buy based on the scout's rating, as they rate a few players ridiculously high in spite of their poor attributes. I try to find a mix of the two - there were a few better striker options on potential than Theys, but his attribute spread mean that he would complement Greenwood/Fabio Silva better than some of the other players the scouts found. Happy hunting!
  45. Lusitans have made it to the Europa League group stage!
  46. Our performance in the Europa League helped me make this decision. There's still some progress I can make with this club.
  47. Make tactical gestures to my screen while not changing anything, but still getting annoyed when the players don't follow them.
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