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  1. I was reading the excellent book Thirty-One Nil, and this quote by Edson Taveres, the former Haiti National Team coach caught my eye: "I have never seen a country with so many talents like here. Players of 14 years old here, if you put them in Manchester United and Barcelona, they would be a great player. The problem is to be a great player you need to have good food, a good environment, good training, good doctors. So here there is nothing." It got me thinking that Taveres might well have a point. Talent can be found everywhere, but without the infrastructure in place to nurture it,
  2. Let me tell you something, my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane. All football supporters have suffered the agony of hope. The "what could have been" moments. The heartbreak. The days when your **** of a striker couldn't hit water if he fell out of a ****ing boat. Barbosa at the Maracana, 1950. Messi in the final of the Copa America, 2016. Baggio in the World Cup final, 1994. Ghana at the 2010 World Cup. Bayern Munich in Barcelona, 1999. John Terry in Moscow, 2008. (Ok, if I'm being honest the last two were pretty frickin' beautiful and c
  3. Ok this thread has degenerated into one pile of .... . Its full of ridiculous sounding conspiracy theories. There was an update, my team was on a winning streak, and its still on a winning streak. The sample size some of you are pointing to does not prove, causality between the patch and results. If that was the case, it must happen to EVERYONE. I can also pick a save i just played from another user, where i showed him how his backline selection was the cause of his bad run. I changed it and he stopped losing. There are many factors that could have led to a bad run, and blaming the p
  4. The amount of long range goals is just ridiculous. Every average Joe just whoops out 2 30-yarders every game. Almost no point in setting up any tactic. Also a GK with 1s for every stat and David DeGea ... wouldn't be able to tell a difference.
  5. So far I am loving FM19 and into my 4th season with Man United there is 1 thing that is annoying me so much. When i buy a star player or a wonder kid etc. i try to give them 4-5 year deals as soon as possible to tie them down to the club. But within literally 6 months (i.e. the summer transfer window to January) they have a "pre-concern" where they want a new contract. This makes literally no sense as they all have 4 and a half years remaining on the current one. Normally i would ignore this but i have noticed whenever they have the pre-concern their determination will often decrease by 1
  6. I'm 14 games into the season and still unbeaten with seven league wins in a row (nine in total including the FA Cup) and teams are now starting to sit back against us in the last couple of games as the graphic below shows. I'm dropping the pressing at times if we can't break them down and "regrouping" instead to draw them out a bit, but teams are starting to give me puzzles to solve which is always fun. We are still leaking the odd goal, but we tend to dominate most games in terms of chances while only averaging 45-50% of possession, which I'm also happy with. Brunt is still scoring
  7. save after he 19.2 update: saves before: same tactic same everything, including the team levels. The game is unplayable with the unreal long shot goals. Pls correct it. never a me bug made me quit playing like this and this only shows the last 50 games of those saves
  8. My favourite style to watch is definitely the classic English wideplay. I know it's not the most successful approach, but it's just fun to watch. Redknapp's Tottenham with Lennon and Bale wide was just high tempo madness across 90 minutes.
  9. Are you saying that your right to discriminate against people with different views than yours should trump their rights to not being discriminated by people who disagree with them? Or am I misunderstandig you? Yes, the flag is a political symbol, but I'm happy to inform you that it's not a symbol of discrimination or restrictions of human rights, it's a symbol (yes, a political one) in favor of human rights - for everyone.
  10. I don't care nearly enough to have an informed opinion about it all and what it represents out in the world when politics are involved. However, football (especially in the UK through campaigns like the rainbow laces one I've seen recently) is embracing the acceptance of the fact the whole community is there and exists. Why you're bringing other stuff into it that is not part of it is bizarre @Consiglieri there's nothing about that flag that speaks to whether people can shower with other people. Also a Canadian law has very little impact on what SI do as a British company. - - -
  11. Hard disagree. Little things like this are both a nice touch and I think more important than people realize for those groups. Especially if devs are members. And it's an exercise in free speech to include something like this so. Take care.
  12. Please stop spamming the forums with posts like this.
  13. I am not sure how to feel about this. I will follow and wish you well but, well, it is that club. Ever since Graham Westley, I simply cannot abide them.
  14. I can’t believe that I ever trusted her. 3 days before our wedding and…this?! I mean..on one level, I get it. Things have been hard lately. And I haven’t been the most considerate fiancé (or lover)…even I have to admit that it has been all about me. My struggles. My depression. My inadequacies. The struggle to get a paying job in football wasn’t helping. Do you know how many late-20-somethings here want to chase the dream, in this economy, after their initial professional aspirations fell by the wayside? Too many. But, even then…did she have to get off with my Best Man
  15. Two and a half months into a new save in Brazil and just had both my veteran FBs complain about playing time through the state championship and early cups rounds. They have started, literally, every second match. I can't have them start every single match because they run their buns off and are at like 85% condition after a match. Not quite sure what they are wanting to stay happy....?
  16. June 2022 There are four divisions in the seventh tier; although Canvey Island and Hanwell were promoted from the same division as us, they’ve gone into the Isthmian Premier League whereas we are in the Southern League Premier Central which comprises mostly East Midlands clubs although Lowestoft and Sudbury are not too far from us. There are 22 teams in the division, meaning the season will be a bit lengthier. The board and bookies are expecting a midtable finish which I think is about right, although I recall we all said the same this time last year. My data analyst, however, insists
  17. We've released a changelist every time we've released an update so far in this thread.
  18. Dec 25 & Jan 26 We continue our relentless pursuit of the title by going unbeaten in 6 and winning 5 of these. We hammered Hibernians 4-1 and also beat Birkirkara during this run and I cannot get over how poor both have been this season. Hibernians could go down as they are 2nd bottom! We continue to be solid at the back keeping another 4 clean sheets and show our potency when going forward in a couple of these games. We currently have a 9 point lead over Valletta who have a game in hand over us, with 8 games to we are in a very strong position and will be disappointed if we let this
  19. Narrower with two IF and a AP is a lot of players looking to use the same areas before the BBM even joins in. Also consider the role you've given salah, he's told to run channels and roam so moving away from goal scoring areas.
  20. May 2022 In playing the first play-off, we missed the fun on the telly. Liverpool saw off Manchester United twice over to do the treble. And Mourinho at Arsenal and Guardiola at Chelsea?! Celtic are of course champions of Scotland but for the first time in ten years, The New Saints lost their Welsh crown to Connah’s Quay Nomads. On the Sunday the draw was held for the semi-finals. Did you naively think ‘semi’ refers to ‘two’? Oh no, there are TEN semi-finals! We got Team Solent, who’d had nine days since their last match to sail around the Isle of Wight. Seems fair. We were do
  21. Its funny to look how preferences are changing. I was admired of first Jose's Chelsea and his Inter too, but never like Real or second Chelsea of Mourinho. Reverse situation with Guardiola. In general, after time I can see how my preferences evolved I never like formation 442 and arrogantly said "It is a relic of the past!". I can use 4123, 4231, 532, 523, 3421, 3412 etc, but only not 442. And now its my favourite formation, especially in using of one IWB (I really have pleasure to see how LB plays in CDM position ) And what your favourite/unfavourite tactic for now or
  22. It's rather unusual for me to stay at one club for so long!
  23. It's a big day in this series coming up this afternoon. We thought we'd get a job offer soon after the Coventry FA Cup tie in the last episode... and we were right! Find out where we'll be going & see our farewell to Slough Town at 4.30pm today. Certainly a wonderful club that have left us with some brilliant memories.
  24. Our reputation is steadily improving, we've hit 1,5* this season, so hopefully you're right!
  25. Due to lack of spare time and Christmas time, I won't be releasing new version this year, sorry for inconvenience.
  26. Results with Barcelona (2024-25) using 4411 Always nice to finish the season with a CL Final victory, this time over Spurs (sorry knap). In previous versions of FM, I would change up tactics frequently during the season. In FM 19, I am sticking with just one of knap's tactics each season. Going undefeated the entire season, even if it's with Barca, is pretty remarkable. This tactic is more than solid.
  27. It activates in the summer transfer window that they're relegated in, so if you're in February, and they do get relegated, you can utilise it in that summer's transfer window.
  28. Thanks! I already have a few transfers lined up for the window, and I'm definitely not stopping there. We're going to be even stronger next season.
  29. Rico Alvarez's Management Career - Season Review - 2024/25 - Fútbol Club Lusitans Lliga Grup Sant Eloi Results (regular season) - Results (championship group) Competition Performance: Winners At the beginning we struggled to cope with playing both in the league and the Europa League, but after getting knocked out in the group stage we won all 15 games, showing our dominance and the gulf in quality between us and the rest of the teams in the country. Copa Constitució Competition Performance: Winners Three in a row now. Supercopa andorrana Competition P
  30. @Consiglieri you can utilise anything as political imagery should it suit your needs. This has been done with the English flag, its been done with the Union Jack. No doubt it's been done with many other flags around the world, and many other images. You may very well be more familiar with it in a political sphere, but it isn't categorically only political in its nature. - - - As I said, its reflecting the generally speaking wider acceptance of the community within football. Looking to be inclusive, Kick It Out has been featured in FM and its never been political there either. B
  31. It would be better to give charge to Tshewang Zangpo, but oh well #inTshewangwetrust
  32. I disagree also. I think political ideas in sports help with advancing the cause quicker because it's thrown in the mainstream and is discussed more often rather being left in background and ignored. Because it's happening in a forum we all enjoy, we are more likely to embrace it, maybe for the pure reason that we are seeing statements while experiencing a moment of joy and exhilaration. Maybe it could even be considered a form of brainwashing, but it's for a good cause. Here in the states, Jackie Robinson success in baseball helped the fight for equality.
  33. Awards - Upgrades Our first Manager of the Year award and, if I dare to say, well deserved. We also continue our progress in the youth recruitment front. We're not far from having maximize youth recruitment and junior coaching. Now that we have more money, the goal is to do the same with the facilities.
  34. We'll have to do something about that, won't we? I've been swamped at work, coupled with the usual holiday madness...so haven't really been on the forums, much less had a chance to play. But tonight...we're getting in a session.
  35. The world needs bad men. We keep other bad men from the door. Nantes / Netherlands -- November 2042 I couldn't say no. PS-****ing-G's reign of terror must end in France. And Nantes are perfectly positioned to take them down...a task that was far too difficult for the likes of Pep the Bald, Frank de Boer and Cristiano Ronaldo... An impossible task, some say. But this side is immense. As for those who doubt us... Not only will we knock the Parisians off of their ****ing perch, we'll bring home the Champions League title while we're at it.
  36. The world needs bad men. We keep other bad men from the door. Leeds United / Portugal -- February 2038 When the entire world is watching, waiting for your next move... You have to do something no one expects. Our managerial trio going to Yorkshire in February?! Definitely not on anyone's radar. The Board want -- nay, demand -- one thing. Just one simple thing. To make Elland Road the undisputed home of sexy football. Yes, yes. Yorkshire fits my mood like a glove.
  37. You should try not to talk so much, friend. You'll sound far less stupid that way. UC Sampdoria / Portugal -- March 2037 An amazing night in London, followed by a workman-like performance at home in the 2nd leg. It wasn't pretty. It didn't have to be. This is not the first time we've beaten Pep's men on the counter. And it won't be the last, either, you bald, fraudulent ****. Look at me when I'm talking to you, Pep. I said look at me, you ****. That's right.
  38. The only moment that made me happy was when the beta was released and I noticed there was a difference in the ME compared to FM18. After that, it went downhill so I’m keeping my hopes up that they will fix it.
  39. Stadiums that look like they were designed by someone who has actually been to a football ground would be a good start! What's with the picnic tables with sun umbrellas and giant footballs? And seats with massive gaps between them? Not to mention the fact that the stands don't seem to have any sides to them. Health & Safety would have most of the stands closed down.
  40. I'm sure SI's legal team will be in touch with you soon so that you can tell them where they've been going wrong with their licensing issues . Joking apart though, look at something simple such as a running track around a pitch. Not so many in the UK perhaps (West Ham is one exception there) but in countries such as Italy where there are many such stadia, have you ever noticed how there is no in game stadium with a running track? Even the in game London Stadium doesn't have a track. Licensing issues go beyond just carbon copies, which sucks.
  41. Excuses. What do you mean replicate stadiums? We aint asking SI to build a carbon copy replica of Old Trafford. But having the stadium look as close to real life without being a replica, is not a licensing issue.
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