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  1. As a paying customer I feel the need to get this of my chest in a post. Ignore it, accept it , criticize it or delete it. I'm gonna post it anyway. Perhaps is the wrong part of the forum, but whatever. While I appreciate SI making an effort in making this Public Beta available to us in order to help them improve the ME, I feel like this should be done before official release a month ago and it should be done by their paid testing team. Why should we pay to buy a game and then spend a month or two months testing Betas and uploading pmks to help them do something that should've been done already by their team? We have lives, jobs, family, etc. We spend money on a product and if it doesn't work, then we would just not buy it anymore until the makers make it good. The ME is the bread and butter of the game. It is one thing SI can't afford to not have right at release. I realize it may be hard work to get right, but that is your problem/job, not mine or ours. If the ME is not right and not working as it should be, then the game is not worth it in this condition. I have played every edition of FM since 1993 and CM Italia edition. I paid for every one of them. I was born in Europe and started playing there. And continued to do so when I moved to America even though it was difficult getting the game at first. I'm not some random guy ranting. I've been loyal and patience customer for years and years. But this year the ME is atrociously bad and unacceptable. I had high hopes and was positively excited about the release once new Tactical and Training modules were announced. I think it's only right I make you aware of my feelings, for whatever its worth or if its even worth it to you (SI). Thus I will end by putting it in simple business terms you should understand. If the game is good, I will play it and buy it again. If it isn't, then I won't. Business 101. Consider me Americanized - for better or worse.
  2. @Makoto Nakamura Here is a visualisation of the world that you have done so far if you want it.
  3. These kinds of posts really make us feel a bit like we're damned if we do, damned if we don't. We've always provided significant support for our games, both in terms of support within the community and common patches/updates throughout development. Specifically in regards to the match engine, for FM19 the ME has been worked on for well over a year with various changes. This has been internally tested by our in-house match team again for over a year. Then we had the Private Beta phase where hundreds of external testers played and fed back on the game. Then the pre-release beta phase before eventually arriving at retail. Now we're asking for more direct feedback from volunteers making sure you have the very latest code we're working on via the private beta. During the development time for FM19 we've gone through 63 different match engines (with many hundreds of changes to the code). To call our development process a "shambles" and "atrociously bad" is not only extremely unhelpful it's also something we would vehemently disagree with. Whilst you're absolutely entitled to your opinion and feedback (which we do ask to try and keep constructive) we would ask members of the community to please try and respect the process and the development team who will potentially be reading these types of posts you make. Many game developers release a product and wipe their hands of it. We've never done that. By asking our community to remain as involved as we possibly can isn't the same as asking you to replace the thousands of hours of testing we've already put in just for this version to get to this point.
  4. Reading that you have tested the ME so much and still is in this condition is even more troubling, with all due respect. You have no choice but to provide support and ask for free help. Otherwise I can't imagine how many fans and buyers you will lose. It's damage management. It's a nice tactic and makes the community feel part of the process. I get it. I don't care about other games and developers or what they do. I'm not playing or buying other games. I spend my money only on this game. And rather than getting better, I see things getting worse. This happens every year now and this year my patience has ran out. I'm not sorry about it either. I accept that the demands for coding the game are great, especially with changes made each year. However, that is why we pay for the game and expect the product to work. It's on you to have the right team of employees doing what they are supposed to be doing and deliver the product we pay for. If you can't, then no sales and no buyers. Simple business. We shouldn't pay for the game and then work for free to help you do what your team of paid employees was supposed to do in the first place. And that is a month after official release of the game! Hopefully you understand what my issue is here. I'm willing to explain better if needed. Feel free to contact me via PM. I don't want to derail this thread any further. I just felt I needed to say what I had on my mind. All I'm interested is a product that works.
  5. The public beta is a step in the right direction. Keep up the good work!
  6. The BETA match engine is indeed an interesting beast. I've completed a full season in League 1 as Portsmouth, and these are my general observations: - The ME is falling woefully short of potential in terms of its ability to represent distinctive styles of play. Systems are barely distinguishable from each other, especially in the final third. - The absence of off the ball movement from strikers and subsequent central forward passing from attacking midfielders is killing the experience; especially when a system depends on this pattern of play to function effectively. This is a typical example that can be taken from any match, showing my No.9 (DLF) electing to take up, and remain, in an unreachable position sandwiched between two CBs. The tip of the arrow shows the position he should take up or at least attempt to move to. In doing so, he offers himself as a genuine passing option for the player on the ball, my No.4 (BPD). This movement would also drag a defender out of position for a possible forward run from my No.6 (AM). The effectiveness of this system hugely depends upon the DLF acting as a focal point; holding the ball up, creating pockets of space, laying it off, or spraying it wide before attacking the box (literally the in-game description of the bloody role). Who you play their is irrelevant, as their static and ineffective nature unhinges the whole system and is brutally displayed in the analysis tool. - There have been large runs of matches in my season when the DLF received zero passes in the box due to their unavailability. Typical example grabbed at random rather than cherry picked. 63 passes made by my AM, zero of them forward into the box. - Passing triangles frequently indicate zero passes even attempted between the AM and DLF. - Match ratings for the AM and DLF frequently plummet at similar rates to 6.4 as a direct result of their non-involvement in play. - Goals from set pieces dominate and are still grossly over-represented. - Whatever changes were made in the 19.2 build, goals from long range for both me and the AI are flying in from everywhere. Players are not getting closed down sufficiently outside the area, irrespective of pressing / OI / marking instructions. - Crosses and shots are still getting blocked on about 80% of highlights, which results in farcical numbers of corners. Despite winning the league with nearly 100 points, I've come to realise that for me, winning is irrelevant. How you win is everything. Players have a fundamental need for the ME to pay them off for the hours of work put in to craft their team's identity. The current build is a million miles away from delivering this.
  7. Right, I absolutely draw the line at people telling Neil he's losing connection with reality. The post has been removed and user will be dealt with. It's seems a lot of people demand to be heard, but don't want to listen themselves. And kick off when they don't like the answer. That's not how dialogue works. It's absolutely no wonder less and less devs want to interact on GD any more.
  8. That only really emphasises how people have completely different opinions. For FM18 it may well be that you say it was 'lovely in at least an attacking sense' whilst a number of others will claim something completely different. If you go back to the FM18 feedback thread you'll see completely different opinions. We don't feel this match engine is "severely restricted" and sorry to hear you feel that way, but we do feel the version of the match engine we have currently in test is the best and most realistic that we've ever put out. We don't think the match engine is perfect and we've never claimed it is, but we're certain it's bloody good regardless we'll continue making it the closest thing to real football available in a computer game or simulation - which we absolutely 100% think it is. With the help of the community we get different opinions and various levels of feedback to help us make improvements and with each version with the available development time we can look to make major improvements, much like we did for FM19. And on the subject of the board - we're constantly engaging directly with the community, providing help, answering questions and making sure issues raised are logged within our internal system. We read constructive feedback, answer questions and look at any issues raised within our bugs forum. We also have a moderating team who completely unpaid spend their own free time helping out people who just want to play FM. They deserve a huge amount of credit for doing so, for helping keeping this community active and a place where fans of the game can come to discuss the game and everything about it.
  9. I think judging by some of the more recent posts there's a lack of understanding of how the match engine works. It's a hugely complex balancing act which takes into account a staggering number of factors. One minor change can have knock-ons across the entire game. There are no such thing as quick fixes and huge overhauls - it's just not possible. Whilst feedback can help us address areas which require further changes and more examination, given the complexity of the AI it's not just a factor of us coding 'there should be more of this' and the match engine vastly improves. The reality is we're constrained by the process of the code. As has been stated by the match engine team in the public beta forums: Also to clarify, some posts were removed from this thread due to unacceptable posts. We ask users to raise issues in the public beta forums, to keep their comments civil and any criticism constructive. Cheers.
  10. Again just a small update, changelist is as follows: 19.2.0 Changelist (ME1922) - Further tweaks to number of yellow and red cards
  11. Hello OTF. It's the first day of December which can only mean one thing - back by mediocre demand it's time for the second annual OTF Big Fat Quiz of the Year! (apart from last year's edition which started on 2 December) There are many questions to be answered over the course of the month. Quiz questions, yes, but other questions too. Can @sebsy become the first OTFer to successfully defend his Big Fat Quiz title, a feat yet to be achieved by anyone? Will @bdcuk improve upon his disappointing total of minus 39 points in 2017? Will @Gizzy make it through the whole quiz without getting banned from the forum this time? Who knows! And the cynics among you might say, who the **** cares! Enough of the pleasantries, onto the rules: There will be 10 questions for each month of the year. We'll go month by month - I will do a deadline for each set of answers - normally 2-3 days but a longer period over Christmas, I'll then reveal the answers for that month and a running scoreboard. The final results will be revealed on 1 January 2019. If you miss a deadline, tough! Please send your answers via PM to me. Don't reveal the answers to the questions in the thread before the deadline, dummy. Please don't cheat. If you cheat, I will find out, and I will embarrass you in front of your online buddies. A lot of questions reference forum members - for fairness, if you answer a question that references you by name incorrectly, you lose a point. Please don't cheat. Happy? Good. OK, on with the quiz. Round 1 - JANUARY 1. We start this year's quiz with one of the stranger OTF moments of the year. A new user by the name of Jacqueline, who apparently is a primary school teacher, signed up to the forum in January specifically to ask if it bothers us that she doesn't let her children do what during lessons? 2. @Hodgy astutely noted in January that Snickers were running one of those promotions where the name "Snickers" on the chocolate bar itself was replaced with another word. For a point each, can you name the three names he got? 3. Where did it snow in January that @Mr Adam blamed on Brexit, Trump or the government? 4. Who was the subject of the first "RIP" post of 2018 on OTF? 5. What unusual new IKEA advertising strategy did @LilSaint describe as "a wee bit strange" in January? 6. What big news story in January did @SouthCoastRed predict would cause somebody to be sacked on Monday morning as a result? 7. OTF aficionados will know that @ham_aka_stam won a pair of trainers off of @Bliss Seeker in his Christmas quiz last year, which Bliss posted to him in January. For a point each, can you name the three things he posted to ham along with the trainers themselves? 8. Which sporting team did @bdcuk describe as "abysmal" in January? 9. A potential remake of what "sick" game caused widespread excitement on OTF in January? 10. OTF was polled on what they would like to happen to their body after they die in January. The options were burial, cremation, something different (frozen, sent to space etc.) or feed me to the pigs. What option won, and for a bonus point can you get the % who voted for winning option to within 5%? You have until 7pm on Tuesday 4 December to submit your January answers! As stated above, please send me a PM with your answers for this round. I don't particularly care how you format it, as long as it's clear what your answers are to what question. If you have any questions about the quiz or need advice on anything else (eg. relationships, career etc), please ask in the thread and I'll be happy to help.
  12. To add to what Neil has said... Something, for me also as a paying customer, that I've found missing for a long time... Was ball curl animations. Now we have it and I'm glad... But that tiny change will possibly mean tweaking all kinds of passing code and shooting code and goalkeeper code etc. Add in new roles with variable dutys... Add in new instructions... Add in improved defensive behaviour. Id be amazed if it looks perfect by Me 100...nvm 60. Add in the customer base that is really vocal about not being able to slice through the centre... Which when it's made too easy will wake up the other half who play llm and will be able to count on one hand the number of through balls they see in a real life game... It is a very complex beast. Add your pkms, opinions and bugs... But be polite and respectful. Nothing is new this year in terms of first release needing some work.. You all claim to have played year after year... I can't believe the surprise that there are some Me issues on release and people look back with their drunk goggles on and pretend fm 16/17/18 were better
  13. I think everyone needs to concentrate on trying to help shape the match engine to be the best it can be instead of complaining about the process or how we got here. I would hate for SI to have a look at all of this moaning and then decide next year not to have this Beta and go back to doing it how they were before. I think this beta is a great idea and gives us much more of a voice in how the match engine behaves. Please focus on helping them fix the issues.
  14. How has it happened in your summation that after this process, 6 weeks post-release... less than 1/100 passes from AMCs go forward centrally, and strikers barely move when the ball is in central attacking areas? The result being the crazy passing maps and crossing/set piece exagerration. Are you doing anything specific to address the fact that this is the state of the ME despite the process you have in place? It's only natural for people to feel at this stage that these type of issues are problematic. The public beta is great, and it's great that so many people are keen to participate- that's not the issue.
  15. When has not knowing enough about the topic ever stopped any of us commenting on anything?
  16. People act like there isn't a private beta that has done, and continues to do far more work than anything on the public beta so far. The entitlement from some here, today in particular is unbelievable. No, Neil is unlikely to pm you, because he's frankly got better things to do than justify himself to people who neither appreciate or understand what he is SI does. I wouldn't be surprised if frankly next year there isn't a public beta and they simply add more people to the private beta. I also won't be surprised if in fact you hear less from Neil and Co in these threads, because it's actually been of zero benefit for them to engage with this community, especially today. Help because you want to. Not because you feel it entitles you demand things of others. People always want to hear more from SI. Always asking: why don't they interact more? Read the last two pages and tell me why it's worth it for them, culminating in someone telling Neil he's detached from reality because he disagrees with Neil's view. Listening, respect and dialogue goes both ways, and frankly some of you would do well to take some of your own advice.
  17. @Neil Brock can I ask this ME that is currently in test, is this pending beta release or an already released ME? And has there been tweaks to central play in said ME? I appreciate your feedback in this thread, you have a tough job.
  18. Question 10: OTF was polled on what they would like to happen to their body after they die in January. The options were burial, cremation, something different (frozen, sent to space etc.) or feed me to the pigs. What option won, and for a bonus point can you get the % who voted for winning option to within 5%? Ah, more death. We like talking about death now here it seems, I think we're getting old. It's 2018 guys, peoples want a cremation, yeah? Saves on space, innit. 42.86% of people to be precise. Well done to the following death eaters who get points: 2 points: @Scott1892, @KF1990 1 point: @Ackter, @mark1985, @grff, @ham_aka_stam, @Bliss Seeker, @bestbrother, @The Rebel MC, @Mr_Demus, @Sons FC, @Semi Skilled Milk, @sebsy, @The_jagster, @Pukey, @tfell, @SouthCoastRed, @Anti Spiral My deepest sympathies to Bliss Seeker and The Rebel MC who were both just 0.36% away from earning a bonus point. And we have Round 1 in the books! Leaderboard to follow.
  19. Few more divisions created in Level 11, I have 10 more to do from the original file then 2 or 3 new ones to create
  20. Question 6: What big news story in January did SouthCoastRed predict would cause somebody to be sacked on Monday morning as a result? Tricky one this. This was huge news at the time, but nobody seems to remember it ever happened anymore. I guess we've got a lot going on now what with our government collapsing and everything. It was the Hawaii accidental missile warning! If there was a missile warning here, I don't know what I'd do. Probably send the spreadsheet I'm using to keep track of this quiz to somebody in another country before I get vapourised I guess. @Scott1892, @sebsy, @Deisler26, @Confused Clarity and @SouthCoastRed made no accident in getting this question right. One incorrect answer may not amuse SCR, which was - "post office being shut and him not being able to get his pension".
  21. The public beta we currently have?! If this isn't restrictive, if you think it's the best ME you've created or that it represents football well... we're in dire straits.
  22. FM is routinely in Beta for the first couple of months post-release, it's been like this for many years. Of course 'beta' is subjective (many people are playing/enjoying the game as it is), but for me the nature of the current issues merit the term. The reason for an imperfect ME on release is that it's extremely complex and SI are not omniscient - I don't think anyone doubts that. By buying it you prove that the game in this state is acceptable to you, and you consent to participating in a period where the ME is still evolving (as have I). This is the case to different degrees with many games nowadays (look at the unmitigated disaster that is fallout76), and can hardly come as a surprise to any long-term FM/CM fan. In short, by now you should expect the game to be in this state for the first couple of months after release. If you want to make the statement that it's not acceptable, you can monitor the state of the game on these forums (or play the demo) before buying, and if the ME is in an unacceptable state for you, refrain from purchasing until it's not (which is what I plan to do next year). Apparently the issues around excessive wide play, lack of striker movement and central play etc were known by developers pre-release, they just weren't able to get the ME into a better state when it was due for release in November. The thread linked there (RE suggested improvements to pre-release processes to pick up ME issues earlier) was quite abruptly locked because apparently it's not an issue of picking up issues before release, but rather an issue of fixing them without all the data that a vastly increased playing pool provides. The implication is that the ME is extremely complex (especially when new features are introduced) and that you can be part of this 'improvement period' in the early months or not, but that it is necessary for the coders to get things to a level of ME which subjectively you or I would call good.
  23. This already happens, both through their internal staff, and and their closed private volunteers. but as has been explained many times before, testing and spotting issues is not the same as being able to debug and fixing them Closed beta testers already do this. While your efforts are appreciated, if you don't want to do this, then don't. The public beta is entirely voluntary.
  24. Finished the team logos from the first 3 leagues of level 11 and all the competition logos! Slow progress at the moment though! Working in hospitality over Christmas means I have very little spare time
  25. Unfortunately 1.5 won't be ready for Christmas/New Year as it will require heavy testing first before it can be released as there is a lot to test with the editor functionalities for example. So even if the actual coding work is completed, it'll still take a bit more time after that to test and finetune everything for release again. I'll try and see if we can do a sneakpeak of the changelist at some point.
  26. Yes. With the FM cycle easing up a bit after the release, I've now had a bit more time for EHM as well again. Progress is slow but steady. The changelist for 1.5 is already quite long, obviously the editor features are a big chunk of it but there have been a lot of gameplay and UI tweaks as well already.
  27. NOTE: This is just my personal view. Anyone is free to agree or disagree, and every response that helps to achieve a constructive discussion is more than welcome. Following posts in this (tactical) section of the forum, I've noticed that 4-2-3-1 Wide (standard, with 2 MCs) is one of the most popular formations among FM players (if not the most popular). As someone who pays attention to almost every detail, I like to analyze various tactics, including of course the 4-2-3-1. So this post is intended to provide some (hopefully useful) hints on basic principles people should take into account when setting roles and duties in a 4-2-3-1 system, especially as this is a tricky formation due to its top-heavy structure. Note that the central midfield duo is the backbone of this formation, meaning that these two players should not be any two that can play in MC positions, but very carefully selected. After all, this is why you should not use a 4-2-3-1 at all costs, no matter how much you may like it. DEFEND DUTIES: - You should have at least 3 players on defend duty, including central defenders who are on defend duty by default (cover and stopper are de facto defend duties), and not counting Defensive/Pressing Forward with a Defend duty. So the third defend duty should occupy either a FB or a CM position - Even the most defensive versions of 4-2-3-1 should not use more than 5 defend duties (including central defenders and excluding PF/DF on defend) - You should not have both fullbacks on attack duty THE CENTRAL MIDFIELD DUO: - Neither of the two central midfielders should be on attack duty - At least one of the MCs should be on support duty - The most offensive role occupying a MC position should be a Mezzala on support duty. In that case, however, it is advisable that the fullback on that side be on defend duty (ideally WB or IWB on defend) - An ideal combination in the midfield duo should include one holding player (such as DLP on either duty) and one runner (e.g. box-to-box, CM on support, MEZ on support or BWM on support) - If you use an advanced or roaming PM as part of the midfield duo, the fullback on that flank should not be on attack duty, with the most "offensive" role being FB on support - If you use an advanced PM as part of the midfield duo, the other MC should be either a carrilero or BWM on support or box-to-box MF - If you use a roaming PM as part of the midfield duo, the other MC should be on defend duty THE FRONT FOUR: - You should not have more than 2 attack duties among your four most advanced players - If one of your wide forwards (AMR or AML) is on attack duty, the other one should not be - The striker and AMC should not be on attack duty at the same time - If your striker is on attack duty, then either AMR or AML should also be on attack duty - If you use only one attack duty among the front four, then it should not be your striker (though in some cases it can work, e.g. with a trequartista) - You can even have all the front four on support duty And one final word: Like (almost) any other formation/system, 4-2-3-1 can be used with any type of mentality or playing style, but it is most suitable for systems that look to control possession and dominate the game.
  28. Here is a valid idea i've had for some time: I love playing fm against my friends but being an adult we have different jobs and even lag is an issue. Why not develop a turn based online section of the game where i play say 10 games but not his team and then he can play his 10 games whenever he has the time and then i can continue, meaning not playing the game in real time but rather turn based system were we can still compete and even play our teams when the other one is not there. Or maybe we schedule to play just the games our teams play on a certain time. Why this would be good well connections and lag is always an issue but mostly the time he or me takes to set up everything is different and we wouldn't have to be forced to play in real time instead whenever we like but still compete against each other ? I hope everyone understands what i am trying to say.
  29. At the age of 71, I feel that he genuinely retired. A nicer word than quit. Of course you didn't.
  30. Can I just ask for clarification on the emboldened text and underlined section? By "currently in test" do you mean in Beta test i.e. ME1922? Or a later version that you folks are currently testing before release to us Beta testers? Also, I want to say I really do appreciate the level of engagement with us, its better than I've ever seen. Also re. the current Beta ME1922, there's an awful lot of good about it as well as bad. Yes I know striker movement, AMC issues and lack of central play is an issue, but I think we're close to something really good. Thanks
  31. In truth though, after almost an entire year you would have had to had a pretty boring year if you remembered what 3 wrappers a forum member got on his Snickers!
  32. One major issue with the use of IF roles, even when "stay wide" instruction is applied is that during build-up play, the IF will sit narrower and so reduces the number of passing options and ensures that play is concentrated in the centre. I want them to stay wider to provide passing opportunities and stretch the opposition defence.
  33. I'm running avast - it suits my needs. There's a thread here I think you could do better. Yes, very reliable, also try overclockers.co.uk, scan.co.uk, chillblast, to name a few.
  34. I would disagree with you man,the advice on these forums and any forums really are fantastic. Rashid and his Bust the Net series on YouTube has been an absolute godsend for me, as is Tea and Busquets. I feel your frustration I really do, but your setting yourself up for a fall with the negativity. Don't focus on the limitations of FM, focus on the advantages and the sheet amount of tools you have at your disposal. Remember, advice is advice and it's meant to be taken as a guide for you to implement. I think your focusing too much on limitations rather than what is in front of you and it's impacting you're enjoyment but I honestly can't agree with you saying the advice is hollow because it really isn't when put into practice.
  35. @prot651 That's what happens when you manage Cardiff i'm afraid In terms of game play speed I usually have one main save that lasts around 12 seasons so a month for a season. Like others have said though family life does tend to get in the way these days
  36. I discovered the football with Arrigo Sacchi and became a huge fan of AC Milan when he was the manager. I couldn't play any CM/FM without his philosophy. You know : high pressure and compact team... That's why I can't manage some teams in the game. I need this sort of players. Grazie mille Arrigo Sacchi.
  37. Thank you for coming on board to look at the tactics. Im about to start season two as Barcelona, and im under pressure from the board (rightly so youd have to say). What im aiming to create/philosophy i want I want to utilise a "galacticos" transfer policy. I want to spend money to bring world class stars to the club. My focus is not so much on potential, as buying the best and most high profile players I can, and always prioritising bolstering the attack rather than the defence (obviously will also buy defenders too though) I want to utilise attacking, but patient football. Creating chances through neat passing moves, typical Barcelona goals, when i think of these i think Messi cutting in and shooting low with his left foot to the bottom right corner, Coutinho doing the opposite from the right side, players reaching the byline and cutting back for a player to run onto with a late run to the edge of the box and finish. In terms of attacking play, id like to create a "we will score one more than you" philosophy of entertaining games to watch and im not adverse to winning by the odd goal in 5 either. Id like to create a team that plays with carefree flair In transition, i like counter pressing and would like to use this alongside a high line, in the way Guardiola used to emphasise winning the ball back as quickly as possible so the dangerous players were ready to attack the final third when the ball was recovered. Season 1 In season 1, i had a league record of played 38, won 27, drew 7, lost 4, for a total of 88 points. I had won all the way to the Spanish Cup final before losing the final, but europe was poor. My total win percentage across all competitions was 68% so not dreadful, but i am sore that Atletico beat me to the title and in some style too with 95 points (Diego Costa scored 37 league goals), and losing to Valencia was a surprise in the Copa Del Rey. I had been using this tactic in season 1 I had always felt playing this tactic, we were capable of scoring goals, but there seemed to be patterns emerging. In midfield, we seemed to lack athleticism and physicality and would lose out a lot in challenges, and the pressing style seemed not to be effective. We seemed especially vulnerable to the through ball, even with the deep defensive line, and Ter Stegen was NOT marshalling the back 4 well either. Away from home ESPECIALLY, the team seemed to have a distinct lack of pace and despite me not lowering the tempo, often we would look ponderous and devoid of ideas going forwards. I had added "run at defence" as a team instruction as i felt we had a number of excellent dribblers, whilst because i was playing a 4-4-2 (because i believed Valverde was opting for a 4-4-2 for large parts of the title winning season) that i needed to keep the passing range longer and the tempo higher, as there was more space between the players and i wanted to focus on using width to create space. I wanted out to in runs from Coutinho for an overlap down the left, whilst Dembele would hug the touchline to make room for late runs into the box from Arthur. Messi was given license to roam and create, Rakitic sitting in midfield. We did have some nice wins but i had noticed towards the end of the season that in front of goal, we did NOT seem clinical at all and yet every chance we conceded, i expected a goal against us. I put Suarez on shooting training because he could just not find the net and often, games could be decided on a bit of brilliance from Messi that defied anything i did tactically. Our football too, often it wasnt beautiful. I chose "be more expressive" as i wanted interchanges of positions, i wasnt too bothered about possession at first as i wanted the boys to attempt the risky and the brilliant, in order to open the door. I misjudged the quality we had, often this would lead to poor football and a lack of ideas. The worry was also that the big players are sort of "dipping" as the report cards say, maybe going past their best. Season 2 I havent played a competitive game yet, but pre season has been really patchy with a series of scratchy, ugly 1-0 wins that do not follow my desire for beautiful football, and worryingly, a terrible 4-0 defeat to Man Utd in the Pique testimonial (Mourinho always seems to be unstoppable though, but 4-0 is not acceptable). I have started to put my galacticos transfer policy into action. I have brought in Alex Telles as let back cover, but more importantly, i have brought in: Paul Pogba Mauro Icardi I have tweaked my roles and gone for a different focus to address the problems i felt i was having: Ive dropped Busquets back into a DM(s) role to shiled the back 4 but add an option for recycling possession in midfield. Ive narrowed the width, but told Messi and Coutinho to start wide before cutting in, to stretch the play and create space. As i want more play between the lines, i have shortened the passing range, and in a bid to have more control over possession, i have also lowered the tempo slightly although i dont think it shows on this screenshot but i have on game. Icardi has been a FLOP in pre season. Im not sure what role i should use for the central striker. When using a deep lying forward for either Suarez or Icardi, i tend to find that he is not a presence in the box enough, so i think complete forward is a better fit. Ive added a "shoot less" instruction to Paul Pogba to stop his inclination to shoot from long range too often. At the back, im not sure whether to opt with Samuel Umttiti or Clement Lenglet. Lenglet seems like the more solid, consistent option, but he is more adept at playing on a cover duty rather than defend. My ideas to stop the through balls was to be more aggressive in the pressing, stop the through balls at source by aggressively closing down the back 4, and playing an offside trap to catch anyone trying to break through the defensive line offside. "Get stuck in" is an instruction i usually start a game with ONLY and then take it off after about 20 mins....a kind of "let them know theyre in a game" instruction just to assert control. The defending has actually been quite good, we havent been exposed too much by through balls against decent opposition like Hoffenheim, Monchengladbach, LA Galaxy and Red Bull Leipzig, but there was just that one really bad defeat to man utd that makes me question whether we have what it takes again. Attacking wise however, we look absolutely impotent whereas i thought we would be more fluid. Ill try and do a 5 or 6 league games before i rush to any judgements, but would be grateful for and feedback on how to return Barcelona to where they should be and save my job, because im having white hankies waved at me, and theyre all saying i suck at FM in Catalan
  38. It's an autobiography if written by the subject themselves. A biography if written by anybody else, including a ghost writer. You're making good progress with Newport.
  39. You both missed reading the part about all those bugs being reported in the correct forum as early as beta and still havent been fixed. And after losing a national title due to such a bug I can relate with the frustration of the OP even if you're right and this post might be useless.
  40. May was finished up, few irrelevant wins, picked up one more kid for the coming season. A season we must do well in, as the board demand a playoff appearance, and we're evens to win the National League North(along with three other clubs). Just as an aside, I spotted this kid at FC Romania from their last intake. Gon' be good, so good.
  41. Edit the following file: skins\TCS '19 v1.1\panels\player\tcs\tcs eligibilty.xml and edit height="60" to height="100" in two places :)
  42. First Youth Intake for me in FM19. Decided to only keep this guy.
  43. While the players in the official database have a constant and unchanged Unique ID which is the same across all save games (and hence why graphics for these items work across different setups), the unique ID assigned to new entries in save games is not fixed but depends on the number of new entries in whichever editor data files the user has in place. The game assigns UIDs by alphabetical order of the file they are included in, which is what causes this issue with graphics for custom files since the creator of both the custom editor data file and the graphic item (in this case the facepack) have no way of knowing what other editor data files are included in the folder of whoever downloaded it... Basically, let's assume you only have an editor data file titled new players.dbc which adds players A and B. In the editor, they are automatically assigned UIDs 1394660001 and 1394660002 respectively in the editor (I don't know exactly the number where custom UIDs start, so let's assume these are it for the sake of the argument) . When a facepack for this file is released, it can assign the respective UIDs to the respective player, and the game will display the right image if it is the only file in the editor data folder. However, if you add an editor data file titled best wonderkids.dbc which adds players C and D, the editor will also assign them UIDs 1394660001 and 1394660002. What happens when you start a new game is that it first reads this file first, then new players.dbc. Any duplicate UIDs will then be re-assigned chronologically. What will then happen in your save game is that UIDs will be assigned as follows: player C (from best wonderkids.dbc) -> UID 1394660001 player D (from best wonderkids.dbc) -> UID 1394660002 player A (from new players.dbc) -> UID 1394660003 player B (from new players.dbc) -> UID 1394660004 However, the facepack for new players.dbc was working under the assumption that player A has the 1394660001 UID and player B has the 1394660002 UID. Since this UID numeration was thrown out of wack by the inclusion of another editor data file, the game will display the picture of player A in the profile of player C and the picture of player B in the profile of player D. One way to work around this, is to rename new players.dbc to be alphabetically superior to best wonderkids.dbc, (maybe a_new players.dbc, for example) so that the game reads the former before the latter and therefore retains the former's UIDs. In the case of this download, renaming both files to have 00_ before the filename may help to ensure that the facepack for this file works as intended. Sorry for the long-winded explanation, but I hope I've explained why graphics for custom files cannot be guaranteed to work in the same way that graphics for items in the default database will...
  44. We had already more than one such thread. People who think the game is too easy should post in the bugs forum, if they think something is wrong in their game. There is also a feature request forum, if you think there should be difficulty levels or whatever would make the game harder for you. But just accept, that this game is made for a lot of people who are playing it in many different ways. As others stated, if it becomes to boring to manage a top club, why don't you try some other challenges with a club in a lower division in a league you never heard before?
  45. Part 2 CREATING INTERESTING TRAINING PROGRAMS The goal of any manager is to combine training programs that give the squad the best. Many of the tactical presets come with their own training programs. If you are keen to begin to make your own, understanding how they have been set up is a good way to start. Here are some insights on certain facets of training that one could easily overlook. FM19 sees some big changes in training. For example when you go to the Training panel and click “Edit Coach Assignments” on the right, you will find that coaches now work differently Changes in training now offer managers more options for getting the squad ready. To give you a few examples. With focused training you could as a newly promoted side elect to focus on Set Piece Training. You can also choose to do different kinds of programs as match preparation for an upcoming game. You can also choose to get specific players working on set piece delivery. Another option is to focus on physical development. Here you can choose to get a side to focus on Physical training and you can also direct individual players to add additional focus training to Set Pieces or Attributes. As you can probably surmise, training can now be more organically set up so that you can develop your side the way you want them to play. Here are a few recommendations for a specific style of football: Physical-based Training -Can be used by a newly promoted side that wants to focus scoring goals from counter attacks and set pieces. *NOTE We have purposely chosen an extreme case here with this intense schedule just to show what you could potentially do. Ideally you’d not use as many extra sessions as we created in the table. Depending on what the actual type and amount of sessions you use, this could make the schedule a lot more intense, so be wary of what the session's actually do. As this can change how light or intense a schedule can become. This is a physically intense training session that focuses a team on developing physical attributes. It also incorporates programs that prepare a team to attack and defend corners as well as improve set piece delivery. The last two days are rest day. Sunday is a rest day, but technically Saturday would be the most intense day if it was a match. Would also be worth including a Match Preview session, unless you specifically want to exclude it. Remember Match Preview contains the pre-match briefing. Each week’s training program creates a chance for changes to : ● Injury Risk ● Physical condition ● Fatigue ● Match Sharpness ● Team Cohesion ● Happiness ● (Attributes) ● Upcoming match boosts ● Tactical Familiarity One can set up training schedules for preseason, weeks where we are playing one match per week or weeks where we are playing two matches per week. We can also create unique plans for specific opponents. You could for example prepare for a cup final match by focusing squarely on set piece training in the last week before a final. Training schedules work to prepare a side with attribute development, squad cohesion or even match preparation. Previous editions of FM had a separate match preparation slider. FM19 sees a more dynamic match preparation where we can specifically assign our team to work on targeted areas for games. It’s worth noting that, all else being equal, the training schedules themselves dictate how a player progresses not if a player progresses. COACHES AND TRAINING Coaches can be assigned to different training categories. The key thing to note here is that the quality of training is affected by the attributes of the coach and workload. If the coaches workload is too heavy, the quality drops. If his attributes are low then the quality he offers is low. The difference between 4* and 5* is actually quite minimal, but it will give you that marginal gain that could make the difference. What you want to be doing is balancing their workloads and ensuring you pick the right coaches with the right star ratings. Most categories have a primary and a secondary attribute that we need to meet in order for them to have high star ratings. These can change from time to time, so what you want to be doing is looking out for coaches that fulfil either Technical, Mental or Tactical in the secondary attributes. For example if I wanted a coach to handle ball control I would look for Technical and Mental as attributes. A significant change to goalkeeper training has been made in FM18 which could affect the way your sweeper keepers play and this is caused by the inclusion of a new training attribute for coaches - GK Distribution. Basically this calls for coaches to work with keepers so that they can distribute the ball more effectively. Keepers who have good vision are going to benefit and they may also start attacking moves from their distribution of the ball. When you look at the coaching attributes and you co-relate them to the training schedules, you will realise that certain coaches work on improving specific attributes within their specialisation. So it’s always a good idea to find the right coaches for specific training goals that you are aiming to achieve. For example if you wanted to focus on developing first touch in your team as a priority, then you need to find the training sessions that cover that and you also need to employ the right Possession/Technical coach for the job. The quality of training is also affected by your facilities. You need to continually develop your facilities over time to give your players the best kind of training possible. And don't forget the cost of this increase over time. The more you improve them, the higher the cost of running the training facility becomes. You should also look to hire coaches who fit your style of play, however to be honest, this is the lowest on my priority list. Assistant Manager A hands-on manager is able to tailor training precisely to their squad and philosophy. If you want to control training then you’d stay incontrol of it yourself. But if you want to hand the training responsibilities over to the assistant manager, then they’re more than of using well balanced schedules. The assistant selects schedules based on: ● His attributes, preferences and tendencies - for example, Hardness of Training, Attacking, Tactical, etc. ● Time of season ● Type of club ● Players ● Tactics If you are giving control of training to the assistant manager, then it’s worth while hiring an assistant manager who reflects your beliefs and style. That way, he will be more likely to select schedules that suit your overall philosophy, compared to an assistant manager who has a contrasting style to your own. ACHIEVING TACTICAL FAMILIARITY The term tactical familiarity refers to how well your squad understands the requirements of the tactical system you are playing with. The better a team understands the tactical system, the better it performs. Achieving familiarity is easy if you understand what this entails. Tactical Familiarity is done on an individual player basis. Team Cohesion governs how the team then comes together. To become familiar with a tactic players in a team need to develop an understanding of: Mentality, Passing, Tempo, Width, Creative Freedom, Pressing Intensity, Marking and Position/Role/Duty.You can check this information out by visiting any players Training page found under Training>Development. How familiar a player is with the teams tactical style is indicated there. This page will indicate amongst other things: ● Position/Role/Duty a player is training for ● Additional Focus ● Intensity Level ● Coaches Training report ● Medical Report ● Tactical Familiarity How do you improve tactical familiarity? Adopting training programs that incorporate tactical familiarity elements. These programs are usually the General, Match Preparation, Attacking, Defending, Tactical and Goalkeeping programs. ● Whenever you use a new tactical system, you can incorporate these training sessions within a schedule to ensure that your players achieve tactical familiarity. ● Players also need to play the position in an actual game to see the results. Whenever you use a new tactical system, the amount of familiarity the team needs to gain will depend on how much the new system deviates from the old one. For example if you are using a 532 and change to a 5122, then the deviation is mild and the side may only need to play the new system a few times to become accustomed to it. However if its a radically different system, you may need to incorporate training programs that include tactical familiarity elements so that a side gets used to it. How quickly a side becomes familiar with a tactic depends on the number of systems being learned, the kind of training sessions being used and whether you are able to get as many players used to it in time. Matches are also essential to tactical familiarity gain. The recommended number for pre-season is 6, assuming you start with ‘early’ pre-season. A side can become fluent in tactical systems as quickly as 4-6 weeks under the right circumstances, though this would be unrealistic, as you would only be training one tactic and using the same 11 players for 4-6 weeks. Miscellaneous One thing you could struggle with throughout your save is fatigue is you aren’t using a Sports Scientist. The reason for this is that a Sports Scientist helps with fatigue throughout the week’s training schedules. If you don’t employ one, then players with fatigue problems might be a common occurrence. So be sure to keep an eye on this, if you are suffering from fatigue
  46. And this is my interpretation of the Press Office screen. Using the calendar at the top you could click on the icon representing a media obligation which would then 'open' in the boxes immediately below. This could include a brief summary of the outlet and the nature of the event, such as this: In this case I'm imagining something similar to Soccer AM. Your press officer would then give their opinion on the topics that may be covered and invite you to outline your approach. As I'm presenting it, you could choose between three options, the coloured speech boxes. This is very simplistic but in my opinion this would be a better way of representing the more "day to day" media obligations, with a greater focus on the end result and context and a lesser focus on repetitive dialogue options. HOWEVER: it could also be possible that this right hand box could contain a question and answers, in the same style we are used to now. One addition would be the grey/red/green colour scheme that could perhaps be applied to the answers to understand their impacts in the context of the issue. The other factor with being asked specific questions could be the level of media interest. Once the bar was to become completely full then you would likely see specific questions appearing more often, as part of the media circus. These could each have unique impacts depending on the issue that they had resulted from. The existing press conference questions could be used, and be far less annoying and boring simply because they are rare. In the bottom area you have a summary of the club and the standard of their media department. There is also a description of the reputation of the club and how this ties in to the expected level of media interest. This would be one of my favourite screens when taking a small club up to the top level. It consists of a world map (copied from the Scouting Knowledge) that would represent the reputation of my club in a visual way. Essentially it is the "Home" and "World" reputations, but expanded so that I have a reputation in each country. (The popularity spillover feature from Total Extreme Wrestling could be a cool mechanism to try and replicate here.) On the left of the map you have a figure for global kit sales and social media reach. In my head you can then click on a country and this information on the left changes to be relative to just that nation. Below that you then have Belgium as being "on the rise" and South Korea as seeing a "possible decline." This could be because Lukaku is doing well, or we played a pre-season tournament there or something. South Korea could be declining because it's been a long time since Park Ji-Sung. I would just like to finish by saying that it is obvious that managing Man United and managing Nuneaton come with very different experiences of the media, particularly in terms of impact. In lower leagues there is only so much interest that there will ever be in your club and in most cases achieving more than 50% media interest may be almost impossible. However, how sweet would the feeling be to perform a huge giant-killing as part of a momentous and against-all-odds cup run, and suddenly realise that your club was on everyone's lips? What a boost to the reputation of the club that could be... What a boost to your own personal reputation it could be.... Thanks for reading!
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