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  1. At the bottom of your list of penalty takers there is a tick box for the option to let players with 2 goals take the penalty
  2. New transfer rules I might come to regret this... but I'm gonna make my game even harder, by introducing a bunch of transfer rules. As if winning the Champions League wasn't feeling hard enough of a challenge, eh? This comes as a result of being bored with the last couple of seasons and wanting to try something different; and also due to a conversation I had with @Deisler26 a couple of weeks ago where we talked about the differences in playing style, he sells players when he receives bids that he feels would be unrealistic to refuse, by contrast I just hog players for all eternity. A
  3. No, just no. If developing CA was more difficult in general, especially for us, researchers could be a little more lenient with assigned PAs. The definition of PA is that it's the best you could possibly be, so that shouldn't be able to change. Researchers misjudging real players is just that - a misjudgment. Scouts IRL and FM do that all the time.
  4. I just removed a couple of redundant words from your sentence...
  5. I couldn't disagree more! How AI sees PA and PPA (alongside Reputation) is one of my long-standing pet-peeves about FM. The new scouting may not be perfect, and it's indeed all over the place at times, but it was a step into the right direction to avoid human managers from being able to raid talents from the four corners of the world just with a few clicks and a handful of overnight, perfectly accurate, scout reports. On the other hand, PA and PPA are still way too relevant and pervasive. Especially when AI staff are involved. There's no way ANY scout should be able to asse
  6. If you read the sentence back and take what you want to hear from it, then probably, yeah. But if you're actually reading it properly, then you'll see that I'm not making any comment of that sort. People compare Match Engines all the time, and some that enjoyed FM12 still put it as being an objectionably better engine than in later versions. Nothing to do with enjoyment (even though that's where it stems from), actually functionally better. Which is as demonstrably untrue as it's possible to get. Particularly when the reason people usually criticise an ME is due to how bad their game-
  7. This is the only part I can definitely agree with, although people will say something about it being hard to motivate the team to keep going when you are so far ahead by half time. Rarely do we score any more goals in the second half when the first was so good.
  8. I really hope they do something with the scouting system, this new one sucks. I want to be able to send my scouts on missions to specific countries or competitions, like in the past, and not to have to redo scouting assignments over and over and over again every month. I also want reports back in my inbox, back to seeing each individual play report like it used to be, not to be forced to sort through assignments or wait for my scouting update. The best thing they could do is give us an option to switch back to the old system if we want to.
  9. @Ackter and @westy8chimp - the tactic here was awful and got me the sack mid-holiday but the links here were on their way to looking incredible: Imagine all those were bright green Just unfortunate that the tactic, as I had it, was absolutely useless.
  10. Player number 5.... And this is definitely starting to become too many, so before I lose my entire squad, this is time to introduce rule e) Rule e) After 5 transfers under rule a) in a season, rule a) stops being in use for the rest of the season.
  11. That's obvious - I really don't think you understand me. The packages can be Domestic/European/World - so they are geographic? Scouting range is how far you can send your scouts - also geographic no? The package, which takes from the scouting budget, is more than a filter on the search screen as you suggested. That's all I was saying.
  12. They are simply indicators of how familiar players are with each other in the tactic they are playing. The greener the line, the better understanding of each other they have. If I am honest, it's not something I take a huge amount of notice of, although it is a decent indicator it doesn't really influence my player selection or tactic to be honest. Thing Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole at Man United, Sheringham and Shearer as partnerships, Ferdinand and Vidic, Pallister/Bruce - all would have bright, solid green lines between them. Lindelof/Bailly wouldn't.
  13. Professionalism, determination etc etc - all n the personality. I have Naby Keita in my squad. Quality player. If we go 4-0 up early on, he becomes 'Complacent'. If I bring him on as sub, he is nearly always 'Complacent' unless we are behind. If he starts, he is usually 'Motivated' until we go 2 or 3 up then slacks off to Complacent again. Team talks are how I try and manage it, warn against Complacency even if miles ahead.
  14. I hate losing games to mistakes by my players and flukey long shots. I'm managing Norwich in my 3rd season and I've been doing pretty well
  15. @User0912 @john1 yeah you can put one in during contract negotiations. If you want to do it though, lock it as non-negotiable - it will make the agent act like an absolute ***** and you'll have to overpay, but if you leave it negotiable he'll lock in a ridiculously low one.
  16. Thank you for this, I managed to beat Spurs 4-1 with a total of 5 CCCs. The wing play was great and that's where most of my chances were created from
  17. What team/league are you at? You can expect 15+ rated staff at the likes of Barca, but not at Barnet.
  18. I think there's a bit of a misconception about what PA actually is. PA is just a cap placed on players so that their attributes don't increase exponentially. The CA then "adds up" their attributes (an over simplification there) and compares that CA to PA to ensure the cap isn't exceeded. A balance also needs to be maintained within the database across a range of PAs, to ensure we don't have 50,000 Messis and CR7s but we do have suitable players across all leagues. This is why PA and CA are hidden, because they're there for database purposes (submitted by Researchers and/or AI generated
  19. Congrats on getting a son, that's something that has never happened in any FM save for me. Despite having gone deep into 2030's in a fair few saves over the years even into the 2040's a few times. I hope the plan is to play him no matter what.
  20. Depends on the country and depends on the profit levels as to how often you have to make corporation tax payment. Over a certain level (which profit making football clubs will be) you will be making instalment payments for corporation tax throughout the year. Also, corporation tax has nothing to do with income/turnover, it is based on you taxable profit throughout the year.
  21. I guess you can use it in the last 20 minutes if you are winning by 2+ goals and in 3 days you have an important match in CL or EL and need your players as fresh as possible if you couldn't afford to rotate them.
  22. With that requested Midfield combination 4123 then 352 then 451 Best overall tactic for FM 18 so far is ARGUS 343
  23. And "professional", that makes all the difference, he'll go a long way!
  24. My immediate thought is to look at the space behind the wing backs. These teams can't cover all of the space all of the time. A big factor is also how high the defensive line is. If its pretty high then there's a lot of space behind them to exploit you just need to work out how you're going to get in behind them. If they're sitting deep then you've got to try to move them around. Movement is key. I'd want strikers that make a movement wide or deep, hoping to draw one of the defenders out and then have a runner from deep and nipping through the space created. Without knowing your players its di
  25. Hi guys I am going to start a save with Udinese tomorrow so will start posting updates in here.
  26. In over Forty years involvement in the game of football, as a player, a coach, a referee and working in TV sports - I have never heard ANYONE EVER instruct players to 'Take a breather' during the match. In FM however, it just slows everything down.
  27. Personally, I'm a fan of strikerless when I want to create a possession tactic. I'm not happy with the False 9 role, therefore I use either SS or AM-A for my AMC. I'm also fan of multiple playmakers but in the central positions. I've used that since many prior FM editions - I think since FM2010, if I remember correctly. Currently using the following: Standard - Fluid - retain possession, shorter passing, play out of defense, work ball into box, push higher up, close down more, prevent short GK distribution, roam from positions SK-S 2 WB-S 2 CD-D HB-D or DLP-D or
  28. FC Sochaux-Montbeliard 2031/32 UEFA Europa League Final 19 May 2032 1945hrs, San Nicola, Bari Manchester United 2 - 3 FC Sochaux-Montbeliard A warm, breezy Italian evening greeted the players walking out of the tunnel for a historic first Europa League Final for FC Sochaux. No injury for Sochaux meant that we lined up with our usual XI ................................................Benoit Ferey Thomas Belmir .... Ethan Lafitte.... Yohan Delhaye.... Pierre Robert Rayane Gaulthier.... Joel Granger.... Andre Barcelos
  29. Funny fact about the same game, there was another penalty and my best taker missed lol, i guess my defender is better at it
  30. This has always been an issue for me. I have partially resolved it by saying what is, in essence, a bit illogical. Praising the team at halftime, regardless of how well they have played, appears to have them turn off. Telling them not to get complacent in an assertive way appears to have a much more positive effect.
  31. Some people could use a break from FM i feel. There will never be a unaninmously loved strategy game beacuse a really tight strategy game can be difficult to succeed in therefore they'll be losers, people do not like losing. This is literally my first post on here, haven't been on an FM forum for about 10 years, not interested in people telling me about what wonderkids to sign, i want to find them for myself. Having looked to play online for the first time brought me here and I have to say if you don't like what SI are giving you then don't buy this years, chances are you'll be back because n
  32. Wonder if we could read into Tom’s body language & facial reactions to Miles’ answers to figure out what’s legit & what’s utter twaddle. @Federico to be fair to the interviewer it’s tough to focus on promoting the new release when Miles is not going to talk about new features.
  33. I agree with this- so many times when the striker is through 1 on 1, you think-"this time surely!" and of course he hits it straight at the keeper. In another of my pet dislikes, I have just had my keeper punch a ball for the first time in FM18- unfortunately, it was into his own net in the CL final that we lost 1-0.
  34. I'm the forum's resident American Maribor fan, so I'm 100% following. Best of luck, but it's going to be pretty damn hard to topple us .
  35. If people had their way, the game would have a screen where 500 options had toggle switches. Seems the goto answer, just have a toggle and then you can use it if you want. Great to say, not so easy in practice. The module isn't perfect by any means. For years now I've rarely dealt with any of the interactions, only cherry-picking certain player examples and pretty much clicking the same options anyway. It's largely tedious, and has been for a few editions. However, the answer is never just to rip it out. Not only would that probably be a nightmare with the modules that touch the now
  36. But Neil, have you tried turning it off and on again? I hear that always works.
  37. I'm glad I'm on a different plane, as I'm on the one that know how the game works
  38. I always assume anyone who posts things like this is just not very good at the game and have to therefore resort to exploits. There is a very simple solution to the 3 striker exploit; do not use it to exploit the game. Nobody forces you to do it, the AI rarely uses it as a default tactic, and it is possible to defend against it in any case. The reason it is powerful for a user is because the AI cannot respond to it (hence it being an exploit). While I would like to see the ME improved to make it possible for the AI to respond properly in such situations (which I guess is not trivial), it is id
  39. For me this has been the weakest FM for years. I would say the weakest since CM01/02 when I started playing, but then I think my perception of the earlier editions is coloured a bit by me being far less cynical back then There are two things which are major annoyances, and one smaller one: 1/ ME: think this is a mess - the most unbalanced version for years. Crossing and direct play + 3 strikers are overpowered, long shots and defending underpowered, and it feels like mental attributes play too small a role i.e. players make a lot of stupid on- and off the ball decisions. It's a shame tha
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