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  1. This is why SI are in a no-win situation with some FMers. If Miles announces, "This year, we've focussed on making thousands of tweaks to the match engine to make it run better than ever", a lot of people will complain about the lack of new features and say, "It's basically FM18.5." If Miles doesn't announce that, and instead unveils a raft of shiny new features, a lot of people will complain that the match engine was untouched and say, "It's basically FM18.5."
  2. Imagine the horror in here if some players did this and it ended 4-4 or something. They'd be marching around with pitchforks and torches!
  3. I definitely think her being a black woman is a factor in how a lot of people react to her. Society doesn't like angry women of colour, she's a bad loser but the way people act like she's this vile human, come off it guys. Players like Nadal and Djokovic cheat and **** when they are losing but not nearly as many people start attacking their characters and stuff, in fact its almost seen as a positive, like they will do anything to win and thats why they are winners and thats why people love them. As for yesterday, in the main the umpire did everything by the book, could probably have handled
  4. But do any of them actually call the umpire a cheat or thief or anything like that? I think it's questioning their impartiality that gets you in trouble, just like managers with refs in football. I'm quite impressed by the umpire who Murray kick a ball at, he does not flinch and just glares.
  5. I have actually! The manager is now a lurker on the thread and reads through it when he gets a chance too.
  6. It would be nice for the game to save the attribute spread of your own players each season for reference so you can cycle through them to analyze their development (or aging). I know there is that line graph for a few months but I mean like a real comparison or proper chart of multiple seasons.
  7. Curious what the general feel is about interaction in the full-fat game. Personally I wish the vast majority of interaction was removed. I realise you can set your ass man to answer questions for you thereby lightening the load, but oftentimes he will annoy players with his answers and/or give daft answers etc (often to questions that shouldn't exist in the first place). Yet, the ass man answering questions doesn't stop them from being there to begin with. Some parts of the interaction are only there to justify their own existence. For example the absurd (new job) question about how you d
  8. Unfortunately the no engine sounds thing is a known bug - i believe it happens if you are still in the car setup menu when the pre-race thing times out and the race starts. It can also happen randomly at pitstops But for pre-race, key is just to make sure you are out of the car setup thing before the 30 secs runs out
  9. Dexter meet Ravel Morrison. Yeah, there are some kids who are dumb enough to do so, but I think this could be toned down in FM.
  10. Could be, I don't have statistics for neither FM nor real life. I can only state that unlike you I haven't seen this. Of course, and most teams will use a more attacking mentality at home rather than away. So by doing this, I tell my players to play further upfield at home, while we are a bit more cautious away. I do change this if I don't like how the game is going. Either because we are trying to outplay opponents we are unable to, or that we are not putting enough pressure on the opponent. This means my team starts the same, while I change it based on how the match itself flows and
  11. I started going down the rabbit hole with this one. If they ask the question; "Oh, such and such said you're a terrible person" - go to their press conference history and you'll find two things (probably) Relationship with you: Good Press conference latest: "I think Mr Signed Up For No Reason is an excellent person and I would happily wed my daughter to him if I had one." Honestly, check it out after every inane, bear-baiting question from the media in the game. Chances are, what they're presenting to you is absolutely not what the AI manager has even said at all.
  12. I am currently working on trying develop a tactic based around Pep at the moment that I eventually plan to write up here. So I can try to share a few things that I have learnt. 1. There absolutely has to be a balance between keeping the ball and penetration (and between penetration and keeping the ball). This means I find low tempo, shorter passing, retain possession TIs way too conservative to start with. These are defensive TIs that can be added when closing out a game. 2. Possession is not a stat to worry about. This seems odd when talking about a Guardiola tactic, but I do not ca
  13. I declare myself leader of the part timers. Going to go for the latter less successful period of Jordan approach to driver hiring. Robbie Knox will be my Narain Karthikeyan and Asta will be my Giorgio Pantano So the Haas car is leftover each race at minimum for other people to sign up?
  14. That's not how it works in the current researcher tools. The weak foot attribute has a set CA cost/weighting like everything else. Improving the weaker foot doesn't change the weighting of Technical attributes or anything like that.
  15. I suppose it is part of today's manager responsibility to get involved with the press, but there is no doubt that this module needs some work to make it more re realistic. The coding required may well be such that it may never be good, but it undoubtedly could be better. I agree wholeheartedly about the whole war of words nonsense. I just had a question after a game against Inter about my feud with their manager and I checked my save and I had never played against them!
  16. No - it wouldn't be good for FM - this would be better https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/NX.GP8EK.002-Acer-Aspire-7-A715-71G-53HF_2283341.html
  17. That is not what I'm saying at all. Of course I'd like improvements to the ME (which SI make every year). Of course I'd like a sprinkling of new features (which SI make every year). The point I'm trying to make is that some people have such warped expectations that if they see SI to have focussed too heavily on improving one thing, they'll criticise them for not doing enough work on the other. Football Manager is a game that's 26 years in the making. It's still not perfect (indeed, it's not even close), but aside from perhaps OOTP Baseball, you'll have trouble finding another compute
  18. Yay, the unbeaten run in the league has finally overtook the one from before. 79 matches! Can we make it to 100?
  19. You could sue the game for defamation of character... but they know you won't because you're a spineless jellyfish!
  20. [This post was inspired by this thread] I think picking squad numbers should hold more importance in the game. This is one of the rare aspects of football that would increase both realism and the arcadey gamey aspect that constantly seem to be at odds. We see how important squad numbers are in terms of egos, shirt sales, pressure, etc. As a Juventino I saw this with the #10 once Del Piero left - it was left open, then given to Pogba because Adidas wanted to increase hype/revenue. When it went to Dybala people worried it would put too much pressure on him. When Ronaldo and Bonucci joi
  21. This may be a niche request. But I think multimonitor support should be something to consider. It would bring a lot of functionality to people with at least dual monitor setups. Could have the game on one screen and tactics or home screen on the other. Out of game we could choose between which tabs we want on each screen, making player comparisons easier and more detailed and just making everything much easier, the possibilities are endless.
  22. Good to know that the ******** 10s penalty at the last chicane is still in the game :/
  23. And note again the 'suicide vest' rhetoric isn't accidental. Boris wants that anti-Muslim vote.
  24. Yeah I would just enjoy the players you would bring and seeing how well they do, I wouldn't be that interested in watching the games unless it was a head to head match between the 2 of you but I would just like to see the different players you would buy etc.
  25. @abhid30007-Some of the most vocal and active posters in the closed beta testing forum are the forum mods, believe me! The Mods are players just like all the rest of you and we are as frustrated as others with shortfalls in the game, which is by no means perfect ( and probably never will be ). Our responsibility is not to blindly back the game, but to ensure that valid criticisms are expressed constructively and posts that are clearly factually wrong are corrected.
  26. Easy enough. Just put the updated file into the pre-game editor. Go to League One, swap Cov with Brighton, make your tweaks to Coventry then verify the whole file before saving it.
  27. You have to be a bit of a liar to tell a story the right way. FK Partizan Beograd -- December 2023 We started out so well. 2 convincing wins. 6 points. Positivity abounded. And then we faced Borac. Dirty, dirty Borac... Hateful place. Spiteful place. Dirty, dirty Borac. A defeat. By a single goal. In a match we utterly dominated. In the locker room I reassured the lads. Unlucky. Totally undeserved. But doubts were creeping in. I'd blindly copied a Telleusian tactic, assuming that it would work for me like it had my illustrious teachers. But I'd made
  28. She is the female version of Floyd Mayweather. Maybe less likeable than Floyd.
  29. It's because you don't believe in yourself.
  30. Another year of release and we still have not a single idea of what the game would be like..Another year that the company asks for preorders of a product that we know nothing about it..BFV for example will be released one month earlier than FM and we already playing the open beta and we know the basic features almost 2 months now.. I am a loyal fan of the game and I have all the boxed versions since CM97/98 but there is a big decline in the latest versions...Useless little features announced every year like social media, hierarchy etc etc plus the updated squads and that's it and we see n
  31. The Aerial attribute refers directly to the distance reached. The smaller keeper may well be producing more force, and be a better athlete in real life terms, but the ME doesn't need to work out that bit of maths. It already has the answer it wants. Reflexes are a keeper-specific amalgamation of Agility, Anticipation, Concentration... Decisions? for getting hands/feet/faces in the way of things. It's as much technical and mental as physical.
  32. This year has been a revival to say the least. Canini knocking goal number 211 into the top corner. He picked up a brace this game in a 6-3 thumping of Sampdoria, as we sit in 5th with 10 games to go. 211.mp4
  33. If there is a God of Fixtures I'm surely on it's shitlist...
  34. Starting unknown may well make the game trickier in the first season or so but obviously this is just a temporary thing, 5 years in and chances are you will be in the same position as if you'd started with a higher reputation. I would actually prefer if it was the other way i.e. the game adapts to your ability and the AI becomes tougher the more successful you are. It would just keep the interest going in a long term save (you can play up to 30 seasons after all) because once you win a league or cup in the current game it is far too easy to retain it again and again without too much competitio
  35. I would love to see a before (when i buy or when the player appears in our youth intake) and after screen profile player, to see how my youngsters grow up. I'm tired to do printscreens
  36. As a lower league manager I would love to see this.
  37. This should be posted in the research section. I would be very surprised if SI wasn't aware of this at all but I would assume it's still "poor" because these are all just philosophies and ideas. They're not proven to be producing good youngsters yet.
  38. Hatzialphabet is proof that not all heroes wear capes. Wonder if the fans have a song for him yet? Or if the 1 away fan is brave enough to put his name on the back of his shirt and in doing so, has to remortgage his house...
  39. I honestly don't think they'll be any next year. If I was a betting man I'd put all my money on massive training changes based on all the coaches/managers they've been having in the offices lately. But if there were changes to roles I wouldn't want new roles, instead I'd want some current ones refining. There's far too many fullback/wingback roles that all do the same thing. Carrilero should only be selectable when you don't use ML/R/AML/AMR's. This has already been feature requested. The reason why is simple, it's a role that is supposed to function in a system without wide pla
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