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  1. @Collzy, @oriole01, @DB08, @Timma, @GunmaN1905, @PMLF, @HOORAY HENRIK, @Marc.Foster050, @YouReds, @Orzelek, @Readingfanman, @daylight, @toon_84, @LilSaint, @CFuller, @Razzler, @Crispypaul, @ArsenalFan7, @craigcwwe, @SouthCoastRed Zdravstvuj comrades. The last of the group games have finished and while a lot of the results and teams going through were expected, there were also some real shocks. Among other notable outcomes, Germany crashed out at the group stage (or the first round, if you like) for the first time since 1938 and we all know how well they took that. The German te
  2. Defending "When are SI going to get strikers helping out in their own half when defending?" is something we read fairly regularly on the forums, usually followed by a classic Atletico Madrid picture such as: And yes, when using "strikers" in the STC position, there can be a point. But what if I showed you something like this: That's a "strikerless" 4-4-2. Nothing fancy with Mentality or Team Shape - it took me less than a minute to throw together the system - just strikers in the AMC rather than the STC position. And that's what I'd like to highlight (and a particul
  3. Alright @Heartwork, give George his account back!
  4. This fixture could do a lot to help people who mix up Colombia with Columbia.
  5. In recognition to him reverting, I have removed him from the wall of shame.
  6. How many do we need to let Belgium score, Gareth? Good man.
  7. Rashford by far the MOTM tonight, the way he majestically kept smashing that ball round the post to save victory was knighthood worthy
  8. Have you seen the sports pages of the Sun and Mirror this morning? Wish I hadn't, there's having a bit of fun and enjoying your team in a tournament for the first time in a generation, then there's actually taking it seriously and it being completely embarrassing.
  9. Imagine thinking it's not coming home because England lost last night. Have people never seen a sports film? It's not plain sailing all the way through, that doesn't make a good story, gotta have a low moment so you can rise back up.
  10. How are you playing overall? The same as me in the OP's? If so remember everything is funnelled for the IF to be the main man in the side. 1 - When you say they aren't contributing much to games, how do you mean? What's the player actually doing and how is he involved in the side? I know you saw he's not contributing much but he must be doing something? Who does he pass to? is he being bypassed when the other players in the side have the ball and so on. Assists and goals skew the ratings for attacking players badly. That's why I'm trying to focus on what he's actually doing for you, as th
  11. When you have slow defenders you play a low block, or a system that seeks only to draw teams in and apply pressure when its in your defensive third. The risk of using such a strategy, which comes from a combination of defensive line, closing down and tackling instructions is that you tend to be vulnerable to crosses. And, that means, you need to make sure that your slow defenders can at least head a ball. If they can't even do that which has happened to me, think about systems which create so much congestion in and around your box, that you live for the draw. I once created a system with
  12. The Challenge Herne has released the third instalment of his FM18 challenges https://community.sigames.com/topic/438720-tactical-challenges-3-strikerless/ This time the challenge is to create a successful strikerless system. My immediate thoughts concerning my Leverkusen save - this is the biggest challenge yet in terms of change... Tactical Journey so Far A very brief intro to my Leverkusen journey - you can read last season here, with links to the other seasons; https://community.sigames.com/topic/438323-leverkusen-season-6-challenge-1/ We have moved
  13. As an avid user of Steam for several years, I really don't get your argument. Steam is a free piece of software so it's not like you've got to pay any more money for the privilege. Steam is nothing but a benefit when it comes to PC gaming. If you don't want to be online, then you can run Steam in offline mode. Steam gives to the ability to sign into log into it on any PC and download any game you own and play it. No discs necessary. I see nothing but benefits to this. Also, Steam allows me to easily keep track of my library of 200+ games when I can install or uninstall at my le
  14. It's coming home because we don't have this guy on our team:
  15. Best of luck with this Jamie! All this just leaves me thinking...how would Sam be feeling with all these loans?
  16. And Mascherano, who was arguably Nigeria's best player
  17. @Collzy, @oriole01, @DB08, @Timma, @GunmaN1905, @PMLF, @HOORAY HENRIK, @Marc.Foster050, @YouReds, @Orzelek, @Readingfanman, @daylight, @toon_84, @LilSaint, @CFuller, @Razzler, @Crispypaul, @ArsenalFan7, @craigcwwe, @SouthCoastRed Bonuses for the Group Stages Which player will score the first goal? 5 points for correct answer Iury Gazinsky (Russia). No correct answers How many goals will be scored in the Group stages in total? 10 points for the correct answer, 5 points for 3 goals either way. 122 goals were scored in the group stages Collzy and daylight were absolu
  18. We haven't had the heartbreak of Harry Kane getting injured in the final yet making way for Jamie Vardy to complete his story
  19. 📅 2010: 🇪🇸 Guardiola wins the league in Spain 🇪🇸 Spain then win the World Cup 📅 2014: 🇩🇪 Guardiola wins the league in Germany 🇩🇪 Germany then win the World Cup 📅 2018: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Guardiola wins the league in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 IT'S COMING HOME
  20. Vardy and Rashford were isolated, their service was poor and from too deep. I think we went direct too often to them. These 2 are never going to play together in a meaningful match for England though. Most possession was meaningless and impotent. Delph and Dier don't have the passing ability or vision to create much, just work-man-like midfielders, quite negative choices. Dier has little mobility too, when Belgium went up a gear the game bypassed him. In possession he was very poor, giving it away or going side-ways/back-wards as per. I hope we don't see him in an England midfield ever ag
  21. "Momentum" As if our proper team of Kane, Trippier, Walker, Sterling, Alli, Lingard and Henderson are suddenly worrying more about Colombia because of the result of a meaningless game they weren't even involved in.
  22. I never quite cracked FM17 (and if you remember I had similar struggles in the Bundesliga, ****ing Tinajero! ) so take it with a huge grain of salt but the vibe I get from your tactic is slightly contradictory, or at least misfitting for a team of the massive quality of Dortmund (and therefore the expectation of favouritism which probably makes the AI sit back most matches, and not gift you space to attack in). You're playing a very direct 4-2-3-1 that's almost a 4-2-4 with the AMC basically being another striker, the two wingers advanced on AMR/L positions, the "clear ball to flanks" in
  23. As for the San Giovanni manager... I figured Sammarinese legend Andy Selva would be a good fit. The record goalscorer for the NT - with 8 - will be taking over at San Giovanni.
  24. Really enjoying these threads @westy8chimp. Interesting to see your thought process for this tactic especially. Must say, I am partial to a good strikerless tactic! The results shall be interesting to see.
  25. What an excellent question, Jack thou...
  26. Split Loyalties Come the end of the season I will be embarking on a new adventure with the best supported side in Croatia - Hajduk Split. With no title win since 2005 and currently sitting 5th in the league, I will be hoping to bring back the glory days. However, until the end of the season I will be sticking it out at Rudes... League Table We've secured a top 3 finish and we even have an outside chance of winning the league. No matter what happens, this is a great season for Rudes. European Games We qualified for the Europa League group stages, sor
  27. If people still are interested in the Iceland-tactic, here's my interpretation, and some match stats from one of my test games against Argentina which I won 1-0. I went with a strikerless formation, to get my striker behind the ball and defend with 10 men. I opted for a 4-2-3-1-0, with two defensive midfielders. I played around with mentality and shape, but ended up mixing it up in between Counter and Standard. I could see Iceland being both fluid and structured, so Flexible was the best decision, and it worked out quite well. Iceland are deadly at set pieces, so I spent some time w
  28. @Collzy, @HOORAY HENRIK, @oriole01, @DB08, @Timma, @craigcwwe, @LilSaint, @PMLF, @CFuller, @YouReds, @Orzelek, @Readingfanman, @daylight, @toon_84, @GunmaN1905, @Razzler, @Marc.Foster050, @ArsenalFan7, @Crispypaul, @SouthCoastRed Table with bonuses added. Collzy batters ahead, what a day he has had with HOORAY HENRIK and Sons FC zooming up the table thanks to the bonuses with Sons FC the biggest mover, rising 12 places. craigcwwe is also a big mover moving up 11 places to 7th - very well done craig. LilSaint and CFuller also did well, moving up six places each. GunmaN1905
  29. Cleon nailed it. An AMC or IF can easily link up with the lone forward to create a 2-man attack and then you have that extra defender. It only makes sense (to me) to want to change it to a 2 man defence if you're up against a really defensive team with a lone striker in a 4-1-4-1, for instance. Even then, your 3 defenders in possession can help keep possession (and dominance), drawing opponents out a little and freeing up everyone else.
  30. I don't want to manage the way Ajax run their club. Hence why they are no where near Europe's elite. I plan to make it to the top. My team is full of youngsters playing in an attacking formation. A formation some might call.. Total football..
  31. Due to a long holiday and a rather eventful flight home, I've been away from this thread for a while. For that reason, this thread has been a little bit... I'll pick it up again over the coming days and we'll see more of the specialist in fraudulence that is Michael King.
  32. Now after seeing everyone I think it's gonna be Brazil but they're far from clear favs, they've got problems just like any other team and it just takes one bad day. It's wide open and prone to a bigger surprise than usual, I wouldn't be shocked to see a Belgium-Croatia final for example which would be two teams making their final debut and a brand new world champ. I'd rank the favs something like this #1 Brazil - excelently organized at the back, look on great physical shape, playmaker on superb form (Coutinho), but they're lacking fluidity somewhat at the front, it goes too much thr
  33. Presumably the idea that Messi is an international failure because Argentina haven't won anything with him (yet...). E: also I disagree that the best non-European shout is Brazil. I think Uruguay's staunch defence coupled with Suarez and Cavani could win the tournament. That sort of solid defence could take them all the way. I said before, they remind me of Italy in 06. I don't really see them conceding from open play. Or from corners. Might take a penalty or FK (or fluke OG ) to get past them.
  34. Fair enough. Personally I don't like having 2 attack duties in direct line of each other such as your SS and CF, I suspect you are somewhat hindering the SS full capability and also a bit one dimensional. I'd make one of the wide men more attacking and change the SS - or make the CF support and offset him from the SS (have one right centre the other left centre) I like your TI -> they tie in with your formation. You have players in advanced position so direct and high tempo is good (get it forward to your attackers before the opponent can transition to a good defensive shape)... y
  35. Vikeologist's 2030 Flamengo Report  I really intended to stay at Juventus for another season to try to win the cup, and ideally Champions League. I bought and sold a lot of players, and compiled a team that I thought would stand an excellent chance, but then an opportunity too enticing to turn down came up. As mentioned previously, Brazil didn’t offer me the job after the World Cup. They offered it to the Flamengo manager. I applied for and was offered the job. After a quarter of the season, Flamengo were top of the league table by a couple of points, in the
  36. Off the top of my head I'm guessing that teams are playing differently against you. My evaluation of the situation would be that your opponents are now sitting back because they see you as a superior team. Defensively, they're probably playing with a deep line and your Team Instructions show that you are launching hopeful long balls and that is playing right into their hands since they are just waiting for that. Then, in attack, they are patiently knocking the ball around and finding the spaces to score on the counter because you are closing down enough. I would probably at the very least
  37. December 2031 Our Boxing day gift this year were some brand new facilities, ho ho ho! Up to adequate/average, finally feeling the European journey paying off! In addition, I've managed to negotiate another set of upgrades that should take us to good/good facilities by Christmas 2032. Anyway, it's been a good month competitively. 5 wins out of 5, including the lucrative Europa League win. This meant we finished second in the group, behind the all-conquering Torino but way ahead of everyone else. Overall, we somehow managed to er
  38. As others have said, there is nothing to fix with injuries. They happen, of course, but the amount and frequency are not unrealistic. Users remember when they have a run of bad injuries, but don't remember when they have a run of few injuries.
  39. We all know that even the best-laid plans can go awry when that annoying thing called "real life" gets in the way. Take your time, remember to enjoy the World Cup, and all the best to your Grandpa.
  40. My wishlist: More then 3 Nations if your Tablet is able to handle this. More Scouting Options and a large player database. Logos for every Nation SI has the license. Make Tutoring visible. It is there, it‘s a big part of player development, why is it not available? Regards Volker
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