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  1. They're the third rival and they've done lots of transfer business IRL so this should be okay. Spurs or Millwall on the other hand.... Good job I don't want any Sunderland players
  2. This is for FM '16. Read about the changes and download for free HERE. Please consider a small DONATION.
  3. A thought that just came to me. In some ways, with the new TV deal kicking in, this is the real SAF challenge. When SAF took over, United were big, but as the money came into the league, it was SAF's management that helped make them that rich. Case in point, Wenger, who came much, much later, has never been able to get Arsenal to the same financial heights, which means he never really had the chance of the same success. SAF would have been a success whenever, but had United got him later, he may have won a lot, but United would not have had the same financial strength.
  4. @TheEarl I added your Community Shield points, my bad for missing it the first time. @MarcxD Congratulations on the FA Cup! Your trophy and milestone have been added, welcome to the world of having points!
  5. The feature has good potential to give us useful information but at present is poorly implemented and tells us nothing useful. And not all positions are covered anyway (as seen in your screenshot - nobody is talking to your central midfielders, your AMC or striker). "The players are well suited/not suited to their roles and have/have not formed a good partnership" badly lacks detail. Tell us why the game thinks our players have/not formed good partnerships. And stop so much emphasis being placed on how suitable the game thinks someone is to a role - at best it's a guide, at worst it's misl
  6. I've also noticed that MIDSOMER works well on Counter mentality.
  7. Sid doesn't want to catch the gay from attractive men.
  8. Will it be good for FM to introduce the fact that some teams operate on a team of head coach, DOF, Recruitment style vs a manager For example if you were to join Arsenal, you won't be able to make transfers. Perhaps you can submit a shortlist but all of it is out of your hands. It would make things more interesting I think, especially if you are the type of player that like to move between clubs and this type of system can make it more/less attractive if you were wanting to join a certain team. It would also add a new dynamic to the game. Great you've joined Barcelona but now you rea
  9. Let us know here if there's any good betting offers on for the World Cup. Skybet has money back a free bet up to £10 on the outright winner if your selection gets knocked out, mine will promptly be on Spain. And of course donate to paz and rfm's guide for further betting assistance
  10. I can't claim a lot of credit on that one. I was very close to the same conclusion, but Cleon and others did a lot of testing on this a few years back, and it is hands down the best way to develop players, in my opinion... while also keeping the amount of training injuries low. It works very well! Off to find you some filters/views. Be right back.
  11. Let me find you the link for them, one second. Down at the bottom of that screenshot, I made the attribute view, though. But yeah, that area I pointed to saves so much time because you know staff that shows up WILL come work for you. You may have to give them a kick-arse contract or something, but they will work for you. I'm glad that was helpful information, I figured you may have already knew it, but I'm glad I took the shot. It may take me an extra second to find a pack for FM18, I still play FM17. But I should be able to find one, one sec.
  12. Yeah, regular season I use Balanced/Low, 20% Match Training (2 clicks from the right.) That will allow you positional training, and either a focus or a preferred move training, and keeps training workload at Medium. For the most part, whining players will sometimes still cry about workload even at medium, if it's a "high" medium. Preseason, I do Fitness/High, for like 3-4 weeks, and then Team Cohesion/High for 1-2, with 50% Match Training and Match Tactics for the match preparation. Another thing you may know, but being thorough, but "Tactical" for General Training does NOT add to tact
  13. Well, that's the greatest thing about challenges, too! If you aren't a great manager, active challenges like this one will allow you to pick up so much on how others do things. For instance, you said the board will allow you more than three scouts. You NEED to bring some scouts in, even if they aren't amazing on JCA/JPA. Remember, you can always have your best scout go and take a look at a player they've found, as a second set of eyes. What I generally do is stock up on scouts (Southampton started with a great amount, really, but ask for more EVERY time you are allowed.) I genera
  14. What a way to shut up Mourinho, his gamble of playing the reserve keeper came back to bite him as Leicester City win the EFL Cup Points please @jaysdailydose Challenge Progress: Domestic Titles 0/13 Premier League Titles 1/5 The Emirates FA Cup Titles: (2017/18) 1/4 Carabao Cup (League Cup) Titles: (2018/19) 1/10 English Community Shield: (2018/19) European Titles 0/2 UEFA Champions League 0/1 UEFA Europa League 0/1 UEFA Super Cup 0/2 FIFA Club World Championship
  15. Man, Kai Havertz just might be the best young midfielder I've purchased in something like 20 years of playing FM. For what I paid, and his early return... just ridiculous. He just hit two against Huddersfield, and one was his first from the spot. He now has 17 goals in 40 competitive appearances since I purchased him in the January window. What a freaking return... I usually don't share player profiles unless it is required in a challenge like the Youth Challenge, just because there is so rarely someone that makes my jaw drop like this. Keep in mind... this kid JUST turned 18 exactly 9
  16. I will amend when it's next my turn, hopefully the replacement doesn't get picked by anyone by then. Please could you not demean my squad in this way :'(
  17. P.S: Astounded how much of the deadwood I STILL HAVE OUT ON LOAN IS GETTING INTERNATIONAL DEBUTS Sure, not big countries at all, but it's annoying to hear about how player X made his debut and he is potentially a Championship player, with unbalanced stats.
  18. All fixed, I missed the screenshots, as there's a ton of them on Pg. 4. Everything should now be current to here. Thanks for the patience, everyone!
  19. There are positives, but in case it goes wrong, I can't make a single transfer in January. Hopefully, I can snap up a few players for next season. Niles was literally luck, can you believe he was released by Arsenal, yet had zero people wanting him? Weird because he's starting for Derby, and even in the worst case, will end up a decent PL player I can sell for a few million. What annoys me about the window, besides the backups I had to get are: 1. I got Will Hughes for 12 million, but Tottenham came in last moment and of course he chose them. Instead, I had to settle for Danie
  20. Small update with my Palace save, a few injuries to some players but its helped Bakary Sako emerge as undroppable at the minute currently playing the second best behind Zaha. No money for January but looking to move a few players on, lost Speroni on a free to Velez due to having no money to renew his contract which was a shame but hopefully I can bring the club legend back as a coach when he retires.
  21. Cheers @jaysdailydose - yes much better than having Mike Ashley. I already had 'attacking football' 'possession football' and 'develop youngsters' as philosophies so I've just lost two. Not too fussed though, will just play with freedom and attacking anyway. I've tried to go with a Fergie-esque 4-2-4. Not a replica, but I think he'd approve of it. I'm now just about to start season two and as expected it was a very busy summer - I had to go back and check how many transfers I was allowed
  22. Nice climb from 12th to 8th @MarcxD And a really great win in the FA-Cup. @jaysdailydose here is another contender for some serious points for you. Should be 700 by my recogning.
  23. Would be awesome in future drafts to set up a WhatsApp Group. Pick a time that everyone can make, then it's 2 minutes allowed for each pick. Basically like the FPL one.
  24. I don't want to derail the thread but 6 goals and 11 assists from defensive midfield isn't too shabby. Don't let the media form your opinion of him for you.
  25. End of 2017-18 season: Fairly happy with our final position, concerned about our away form. We'll have to do a lot better next season. I'll be aiming for a Europa spot, which should be achievable as long as we can get the right reinforcements in.
  26. After 3 days away from work, I need to go back to work today. So I am around 2,5 seasons into the challenge, now it will be a slower pace. I will try to finish the 3rd season tonight though ;)
  27. If you're open to Serie B I would second @cel1234 suggestion of Parma - a lot of nostalgia there for a lot of people, and in real life they got promoted so presumably a decent squad - and also suggest Bari: a 50,000 seater stadium, the second biggest city south of Rome after Naples, not much in the way of historic success but like many Italian clubs they've been refounded recently (2014). Fiorentina are a good save, I've written about them so many times I won't repeat myself as its the 2nd post on this page, would also recommend Sampdoria, Genoa or Sassuolo - I had great fun with them on
  28. Just click on the agent’s name. A list will pop up off all his clients.
  29. Yup, Hunt3r is right - going from group to knockout stages third place finishers are dropped into the Europa League. It was a system brought in IRL to: A) Get some 'bigger' teams in the Europa League, to raise the visibility of the competition - and also TV revenue, sponsorship etc\ B) Allow some teams who qualified for UCL to continue revenue raising after being knocked out before the highly lucrative UCL final stages. Essentially, if you think of it like promotion/relegation - at the half way point of both competitions, the crap teams are removed. The teams that we
  30. Nice pointers. I was thinking about making some minor changes to my tactic as I feel it goes a bit stale if I don't change it up once in a while - your opponents learn to play against you. It might be that I free Özil up a little more by making him a trequartista, or trying Niles/Xhaka as registas instead of DLP (D). On another note: Dream on City, dream on...
  31. Season form League form is marginally better, but made to look/feel very good because I'm 15 points closer to first place than I was this time last season. Early form was pretty awful, my only left footed defender, Wendell, broke his leg before a ball was kicked which meant Henrichs was playing LB (a player I already had reservations about playing in his own position). It feels like I'm in a genuine title race, not due to the form, so much as in the confidence I have now in my teams goalscoring ability. We have almost reached our entire tally of last season in
  32. Dynamics took me a while to get my head around it, but yeah, I think it does help with cohesion and a happy dressing room boosts performance a bit. It's certainly made me think more about what and how I say things during team talks, conferences and interactions with players. I think it was introduced as a response to IRL situations where managers 'lose the dressing room', think Chelsea, Mourinho at Real Madrid etc. Makes the element of 'man management' a bit stronger in the game.
  33. Finally caught up with your great save. Very sad to see it end like this before you turned Pro and now that things were starting to flow. Real shame that. Hopefully you start a new save soon and now, cloud protected! Let us know when you do.
  34. I guess 8 points in 6 games, unless it's very unfortunate, would normally guarantee you a 3rd place in the group, and thus 'relegation' to Europa League KO Round. You seem to forget to post the most important screenshot which is the group table
  35. If a team finishes 3rd in their CL group, they go to the Europa League.
  36. Ha ha ha. I've never seen a player labelled 'spineless' before. That's quite damning.
  37. I agree with everything OP has said. Been playing football manager games since they first started and this one has to be the most frustrating yet. Id also like to add how frustrating it is having to deal with all the Prima Donna players this year. They all seem so hyper sensitive. It’s unrealistic that a player would sign for a club then start telling the press twice a week that he wants to leave for a bigger club after 10-15 good games. And the press always says how shocked they fans are .....why? The guys been saying it twice a week for the last 6 months. Players seem to overrea
  38. Yes apologies, I did forget about Winston Reid. Remember signing him back in the day. #Yes thanks for that information, I remember now typing that it was on the FIFA news website I think.
  39. May 2024 We managed to perform the greatest escape ever. Needing to beat 7th place Udinese to escape the drop zone, Cecchetti pulled off a superb performance to ensure we have one more chance at staying up in a playoff against Livorno.
  40. If the player is agent-less (I don;t think they ever are in FM18) you can often sign a better deal with them. Lower wages and bonuses than if they had an agent, plus, no agent fees to pay out. I have never really taken any notice of agents in the game, see them as necessary evil but have never tried interacting much - your question got me thinking about building a relationship with one and signing his best players? How do you see an agents details and player lists?
  41. So I load up FM again today after a break of a few days and play my first match and That's another decent result.
  42. I have decided to make a Half-season Review to get more discussions going, so that I can also see others' philosophy in this. Here it goes: Club: Sampdoria Ranking/Seasonal Expectation/Media Prediction: 2nd/ Top half finish/ 11th Team Stats:Rank 2nd with 48 points, 46 goals 13 conceded, 3 draw 1 loss (Season-end projection 96 points 92 goals 26 conceded, 6 draw 2 loss) (Juventus is just insane. With the same form in the 2nd half of the season Juventus would get 102 points) 2 Team Instructions: Shorter Passing, Use Tighter Marking 5 Player Instructions:Shoo
  43. It's quite obvious isn't it? Why do some people on here act so hostile to people who are asking for help. Anyway OP, you are trying too many TIs in conjecture with the control mentality. Much higher D line plus control will see your D line at its highest possible setting, I'd take that off as all you're doing is inviting attacks. Ask yourself is your team really good enough to try and dominate teams away from home, if the answer is no try and go back to basics for the away games. Try and be tighter and more conservative
  44. Hi All - A small update has been posted, mainly cleaning up some errors in the config file, adding some individual video ads for certain clubs, improving the graphics on English League 1 and 2 teams, and adding a few more teams that people requested, such as the rest of the Brazilian Serie A and more. Club Banners Adboards FM18.02 Update Updates to config file Added code to access existing video ads for Arsenal, Chelsea, Leicester City, Man Utd, Man City, Tottenham Added code to access existing video ads for Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Real Madrid Fixed Inter Mi
  45. European Review 2019/20 Germany Lower league time. Our affiliates Karlsruher had a great season, which unfortunately means they won't be our affiliates anymore due to the promotion. Augsburg join them, returning to the Bundesliga after a two-year absence. Bochum narrowly missed out on automatic promotion, and instead had to go to a playoff against Koln, which they lost. The rest of the table was extraordinarily tight, as just twelve points separated 18th from 3rd. Don't believe I've ever seen a table like this before. All three promoted teams survived, but Frankfurt and Gladbach are th
  46. I have nothing against this. Values of young players around the word should be lowered, not Portuguese inflated.
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