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  1. Although this might have been discussed before, i think manager history as both a player and even in coaching roles before management would add some depth to the career. I'm also a big fan of the idea that you could start your career as a caretaker manager at any point during the season following the sacking of the manager.
  2. It's definitely worth increasing the Recruitment option as from my experience that seems to have the most affect on increasing the potential of the players you get through. It's also generally easier to ask for an increase in Recruitment/Junior Coaching when you are a smaller side as they don't have the large upfront cost that improving your facilities does, though they do have other checks that may prevent you increasing them. I'd also expect these improvements to work together - so asking for improved junior coaching would give your next class a CA boost, improving your facilities would get another CA boost and a PA boost, and then you ask for a recruitment boost that gives another PA boost, so you get +2CA/PA from getting them all instead of just +1CA/PA from the facilities improvement only. If you can afford it you should be asking for them all to be improved
  3. Please, just stop. It's absolutely pointless to draw such wide conclusions from one game and you are just cherry picking numbers. Run 100, or better 1000 sims and show the average results. You need to compare the entire database at game start, with the entire database at 10 years into the future. That's what can really be compared, as that is the status quo we're trying to maintain with newgens. You need to look at CA in any proper comparison as well, PA is only half the story. PA alone says very little actually, and could probably be explained as easily as looking at the youth rating for each country. In any case, there's certainly NOT wonderkid after wonderkid coming from India, Indonesia or China. And that's with their leagues loaded, which you obviously chose to do for inflated numbers to support your weak point. We're trying to replicate the gameworld most players experience, there will obviously be a larger impact when you manipulate it by adding nations no-one else uses. To further underline your inaccuracy, you make it seem like these are numbers for 5 years when it's actually 8 full youth intakes. And again this hate against random small nations.. Cape Verde has recently enjoyed their best ever international form, qualifying for 2 ACONs and reaching an all-time high world ranking of 27th. Other than that, they have a rich history of supplying players to the Portuguese national team and others, chief amongst them dual nationality players Henrik Larsson and Patrick Viera. If anything, they are vastly underrepresented with only a single 150 PA player.
  4. I'm still waiting for Rashidi to tell us which roles he considers exploits
  5. The clear difference is, target man has an inherent "hoof the ball mechanism". For FM18, I have not find a way for the ball to go into the air and land in the AM area. Early Cross or Cross From Byline will land in the box, Pump Ball Into Box will land the ball near the opponent central defenders, Clear Ball To Flanks will land the ball into wide areas. The closest thing is is More Direct Passing, but it is so uncontrollable since 1) the AM will not be the only target, and 2) the ball might go on the ground instead of in the air. So playing A player with aerial presence in AM in FM18 does not pay off as it could potentially be.
  6. Isn't the challenge more about how to get a player as a priority target for the ball in the AMC position while not having that player also play risky passes? You can see in some games IRL that Mourinho has told his players to aim for Fellaini's head, but he's not told Fellaini to look to play through balls, and I don't think there's a role in FM that allows for that combination at AMC.
  7. I feel that Lucio should be the CD (Stopper) role instead as he would charge up to win the ball back.
  8. Hmmmm.... 1. More detailed background for your character, the current set up is good in theory but half-baked. If you're going to give your character a background as a former lower league player...you should be able to give more details. This would affect how your character is perceived. Big difference between applying for a managierial vacancy of a club you supported and a club you used to play for. Basically, there should be the same level of detail in your character's history as there is for the AI characters. Plus set up your own pre-existing favoured personel. 2. Media wise, ability to engage other managers in conversation the same way you do with people within your club. And being asked questions about favoured clubs. 3. Again, the ability to manage second or third string sides at clubs would be good.
  9. I think some of this has already made it into FM18 - I've just won League 2 and signed a new player before the season updates and he stated he was looking forward to playing in League 1 with us.
  10. Good to see you gave it a chance. I always have saves on both the full game and FM Classic (the proper name...) One of the best FM saves I ever had was a FMC Hibs save on FM14. I think it's been a great addition to the franchise. I'm always puzzled why people treat it with such disdain. It's the same core game after all.
  11. Has anyone used this method to add players or clubs? If so, would that person mind sharing how they did it? Thanks!
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