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  1. I love them for the same reasons, that's why I've started to do my own. I find it brings out really interesting debate as well. You're going off written tactical analysis online, old videos (if you can find them), and your own memory (sometimes) so it really comes down to gathering a ton of opinions and piecing the puzzle together. I find that very fun.
  2. Agree with CM(S) for Keane. People have this idea in their head of him being the 90's Makelele but he was far more well-rounded than that. His character was what set him out from the rest. Viera maybe more of an RPM? He was a tough character as well but had a bit more flair than Keane (was more unpredictable - not that he tried tricks galore). Again, you cold probably best represent him with a CM(S). The most important thing here isn't the choice of role, it's the player. If you want a 'Keane' you want a solid all-rounder with high Bravery, Work Rate and Determination. If you want a 'Vie
  3. Hey guys, Basically the details are in the title, I will be taking over the San Marino club team who currently compete in Italy's Serie D. I am able to manage them thanks to Riddler's league update which is here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1198129403&searchtext=italy I will aim to rise through the ranks of the Italian league system, using only players from my academy. Here's a quick snapshot of the team: On top of club duties I hope to eventually take charge of the San Marino National Team and hopefully bring th
  4. @hoppo1982 you can't expect to reach some tactical stability in FM without understanding how a basic 442 works in real life. I'm seeing very often people complaining on the forum that their tactic is not working and their defense is pure ****. They think if they are a top team and have 6-7 attack duties they should score 5-6 games and match. And if they somehow manage to create a balanced tactic then they come on the forum complaining that they can't score 3+ goals everygame. Like herne79 said, almost everything in the game is just a label, you have to know how actual football works to create
  5. ATM 343 is the top formation and only MIDSOMER 442 P103 close to the 343 performance PILGRIMAGE is good for sub top BLUE MATTER for underdog and WOF 2323 for high scoring. Not saying these are ultimately best but added a little bit of variety Top WOF 353 WOF 2323 BLUE MATTER 433 SUB TOP PILGRIMAGE 343 BLUE MATTER 343 MIDSOMER 442 UNDERDOG BLUE MATTER 343 GOODBYE 343 MIDXOMER 442 There are also GOODBYE 3421 and WOF 3412 for added variety
  6. End of Season 2032/33 Champions!! Our defence holds up and we're being promoted to the Vanarama South!!! We also win the Southern League Cup to add to our trophy cabinet! Overall Best XI 2032/33 Best XI Danny Bell (YP14b) Juliani Blanchette (YP11a) - Kye Ingram (YP12e) - Liam Goodwin (YP13a) - Dean Taylor (YP13i) Mark Hamilton (YP12d) Lucky Onyekachi (YP12a) - Wayne Turner (YP12b) James Jones (YP15a)
  7. It is a big rise and i'm as surprised as you two especially as i've had nothing to do with European football so I can't even take any credit for my side being the cause of it I've been thinking about this a little and i'm wondering if the lack of real players in the DB at the beginning has played any part in the regens being better to compensate for it? That's probably a bit far fetched and as I said some sides have been improving facilities too but for example I started with 5 real players and the rest weren't real players, I still have 3 in the squad (even though not starters for me
  8. Here's a tip. Don't look to real football for tips on FM. The more you understand how actual football works the more you will realise that FM is detached from that quite significantly. By all means read Cleon's threads and watch Rashidi's videos. They are both excellent. Don't however forget that you are playing a game and every game has mechanics which remove it from the real world. FM is exactly that.
  9. you should because my experience is role based i.e. a bwm whoever it is will get more yellows than a cm-s ... even if you have your 'dirty' player as cm and teachers pet as the bwm. Hard coded high pressing hard tackling provides more yellow than the roads to Oz.
  10. In my opinion, you need to test your tactic in many games, rather than trying to get conclusions from single games. For example, if you liked how your team played against Fiorentina, you can keep the same tactic for the next 5 games and check how it goes. Don't get disappointed or thrilled just because of the result. Try to investigate what works in most of the times and what not. I wouldn't make constant and big changes especially in the beginning, cause it's hard to understand what are the pros and cons of your tactic and improve it.
  11. For starters, team is wrong and so are descriptions. (no offense, just saying) There were two 4-2-3-1 variations and Stanković wasn't the first option in either of them, at least not when everyone was healthy. One variation was with Zanetti on right DM and Chivu on LB. Primary team was with Motta on left DM and Zanetti on LB. Chivu was basically the third CB when he played, rarely went forward. Zanetti covered for Maicon. Cambiasso was the one initiating offense. Lucio also went on his trademark runs from time to time. When Motta played, he was a regista/DLP. Maybe ev
  12. Management stats need more fleshing out. Especially win percentages, its the one stat managers can be judged on if they don't win any silverware or bring about other changes at clubs.) Additions like this would be great: (Its Bobby Robson btw). Team Nat From To Record P W L D Win % Fulham January 1968 November 1968 36 6 21 9 16.67 Ipswich Town[51]
  13. I'm currently doing a journeyman career and on the manager history screen, it shows league position if you've finished the season but a '-' if you don't finish the season. It would be great if there was a way of getting a 'position upon leaving' column or inclusion in brackets, such as 18th (left during season) or something. Also, whilst it's great that you have the cups there if a league or cup is won, but maybe some extra detail such as relegated/resigned/sacked on this screen too. As an example, I was sacked from a club with 1 game to go due to relegation, but on the history screen it just
  14. Inter’s Famous Treble Season "This wonderful night bestows us with the colours of our crest: black and azure against a gilded backdrop of stars. It shall be called International, because we are brothers of the world." — 9 March 1908, Milan After success in the post-Herrera era, the blue side of Milan started to see more success starting in 2004. Inter were awarded the 2005–06 Serie A championship retrospectively after points were stripped from Juventus and Milan due to the match-fixing scandal that year. During the following season, Inter went on a record-bre
  15. New UEFA club competition between low level teams, group and bracket stages, with 3rd position game. This tournament, the UEFA Amateur League, will see 16 teams play against each other to be the best in Europe. To make this, the champions and runner-ups of this tournament are used: FA Trophy (England) Argus Insurance Division Two League Cup (Gibraltar) FAI Umbro Intermediate Cup (Ireland) Coppa Italia di Lega Pro (Italia) Coca Cola Intermediate Cup (Northern Ireland) Copa Federación (Spain) The FAW Trophy (Wales) UEFA Amateur League
  16. Hi there, I've never signed up to this forum despite checking regularly.. But I've become so enraged in how bad this game is now. I'll start it off by the usual I've been playing since cm92. I Love this game... Until I guess the last 4/5 years where for me the match engine just ruins it. Watching the same awful, horrible goals go in everytime. Cross... Goal Cross.. Winger to winger.. Goal Ball over the top and watching Apperently top class defenders move like zombies.. Goal I swear the engine ftom about 2011 was way more varied than this. This isn't jus
  17. Seriously.. Automatic cms On standard mentality On fluid How are they gonna behave with abs without ball. I've played football for nearly 30 years, 10 at semi pro. I've played with and against ex pro's. I live and breath football. And I'm asking how a central midfielder works... I'm not being a snob.. You can see the whole ridiculousness alittle with this game now? Bearing again in mind I've played from cm92 and always loved it. And this still doesn't take away how awful it is watching these matches playout in 2d. I stand by i
  18. Erm, you could try. I think @Cleon did a load of testing for that role though when it was being developed and found it doesn't do what it says it does when you have any wide players in the midfield/attacking mid positions, it just acts as a CM. Unless I misread something lol! I would say don't be put off playing somebody in a role just because the green circle thing that indicates role familiarity isn't particularly encouraging. If they've got the stats to pull off playing the role, they'll be perfectly ok in that role. I often play Ben Woodburn in the ML slot as an IWs despite him being in th
  19. It does seem to be a common thing but teams get unstuck at this level, there are only 3 teams that have played in the 9th tier that have made it up to the Vanarama National League so despite being favourites for the title this should be a very tough league to crack.
  20. I just have a go at this challenge as I have not set up any tactics for poacher since FM16 and it is a lot of fun. Here's a bit of sharing: Club: West Ham Final Ranking/Seasonal Expectation/Media Prediction: 1st/ qualify for euro cup/ 10th Team Stats: Rank 1st with 94 points, 111 goals 40 conceded 94 points, 4 draw 4 loss Poacher: Javier Hernandez Poacher Stat: 33 Appearance 33 goals (3 penalties), 8 assist average rating 7.55, Top Scorer of the league. Tactic: 4-3-2-1 Christmas Tree Here are the thoughts I go for when setting up the t
  21. My point is the more you understand about the game the more you can believe that FM can replicate it EXACTLY. By all means educate yourself about football but do it on the understanding that when/if you want to translate those idea's into FM it will have it's limitations. This isn't SI's fault or Sega or anyone. It's the best interpretation of a very complicated sport that they can produce. That should be the first thing you remember when your frustrations hit maximum
  22. Then I find it interesting that you give the advice to stop forgetting about football. Because that's literally the worst advice anybody can give in my book. All the basic things that are in there, they may be flawed, but they are derived from football. It's a matter of fact that the players of this oft even struggle to grasp that pumping the ball to a lone forward can see him struggling for support, or that encouraging a slow probe possession based style of football completely bogs down in the final third if there is no movement on the pitch. That's all present in the ME, for instance, in som
  23. One of my favorite goals, such a simple play, but so effective. This was 3 days after Sneijder arrived, 4-3-1-2. Look at where Zanetti was, all the way up. He played CDM in that game. Motta and Stanković were wide central midfielders. Sneijder is all the way on the left wing in that gif, he was AM. Chivu, LB, nowhere to be seen and Maicon on the right wing. Stanković staying behind because Zanetti went all the way up and Motta was the goalscorer. (Cambiasso wasn't playing.) Milito dropping deep and assistng after Eto'o pass. And that's the thing what I dislike the most
  24. The players who tend to have issues with the purely tactical module the most have always been those who think they know how football -- roughly -- works. But are mostly emotionally attached to it. And that's not defending the game. It's SI's "fault" that they are shipping this game to football fans. Which already is one of the primary reasons why tactically in concept the game is comparably basic. It's also not a football fan's fault however that he is mainly emotionally attached to the sports (enjoying the excitement). There is zero wrong with that whatsoever. What the game has rewarded fo
  25. They only happen when there is a reason to, i.e.: You've won a run of games You've lost a run of games You're unbeaten in a run of games There is a fate to be decided on the last game of the season to rally the troops. Player morale will drop with losses, but it will increase bit by bit on occasion between games. Holding more team meetings wouldn't be an option because there wouldn't be reason to hold one, just because morale is low. The team meetings are related to your team's performance, not their morale. You can improve your squad's morale with better r
  26. I have started a career mode with Olympique Marseille. They're a team with a lot of History, and getting them back to the pinnacle of Frenceh football will be my goal for the save. I do not plan on instilling any transfer restrictions, however I will be focusing on purchasing players from smaller nations, from france, and developing my own tactic. I have started my season incredibly well with them, and I am surprised just how solid the squad is already. I am using a tactic similar to the Rashidi's, however I do tweak it fairly regularly. SQUAD Goalkeepers -Mandanda is the def
  27. @Yespy13, very good idea! Did you manage to solve the "draw is never done" problem? In your previous file (16 teams) did you included only default cup competitions? What about the 64 teams file? i'm thinking if it is possible to include classen's leagues/cups as qualififications tournaments to this UEFA amateur league, but maybe it is too complicateted because it's not defeult competitions and it is in in lots of different editor files... I'll download your files and take a look. Thanks!
  28. I've just caught up so firstly well done on the promotion and then staying up the following year and it looks a good start to this year too The keeper injuries sound frustrating, I dread having a keeper injured as it usually means the 2nd will follow soon I wouldn't worry too much about not getting too many first teamers straight from your intake mate You've got to take in to consideration that some players are older and are obviously much better with each improvement so eventually you get to a point where the intake can't match the first team to begin with but the fact that you
  29. Think it's more the hidden dirtiness/sportsmanship attributes affecting that behaviour in the ME (in practice, players researchers rate as being aggressive and bad at decision making usually are also rated as much dirtier than average) . Played a season with custom offensive players with high aggression, average decisions and nonexistent tackling ability and they pressed like champs, won more challenges than they should do and rarely ever got booked. Admittedly I rarely set hard tackling except on specific opposition players.
  30. For the OP. The days when you plugged in a tactic and won almost everything are long gone. In real life, no manager uses the same tactic every match, they give their players instructions on how to act in different situations. You have a bunch of analysis tools to use. Read Cleon's threads and watch Rashidi's videos. Managers don't tell players 'OK, today you're a trequartista, but if it's not working, just play like an attacking midfielder on support'. I can't even explain why you thought this... They give them instructons: 'You have freedom to roam from position, but only to recieve the
  31. Precisely, I find getting a decent tactic that I've worked on hard to get going, as you say Hibs shouldn't be putting 7 past Celtic but it happens when you use a tactic that exploits the ME. There's always going to be tactics that do this, I never usually download a tactic but always try to do my own thing but tried it for a couple of weeks and lo and behold dozens of goals and a thumping of Celtic, it didn't feel right somehow, yes top of the league and winning but not the same. Hibs in real life are pushing for 2nd and recently beat Celtic so defeating them and the other teams is not too ext
  32. It is simple (sort of): Go to Preferences -> Interface, then in the 'General' section (top left) you can click to Reset all confirmation dialogs. Then hide the ones you don't want, as and when they pop up again.
  33. Define "fun"! If semi-regularly shipping 7 goals past a hugely dominating Celtic playing initially barely competitive Hibs is your idea of fun, which is viable, you may have an answer. The game has never been coded so that Hibs can't ever overachieve, or be turned into Celtic, even world beaters. If even offers tools that lets you make them world beaters out of the bat. But in that case it would speak to reason that anything like that takes a few "exploits", as tactics in football don't have quite that devastatingly an effect. FM12 with 3 strikers are similar too, as the middle one oft wouldn
  34. Seconded! The best Keane in the game would be Nainggolan, and for a younger version Milkanovic Savic suits both players and can be moulded any way you wish. Savic suits them both as well - his PPMs replicate the fact that they didn't simply defend, but got forward frequently as well. Radja's Aggression, Work Rate, Determination all point to the fact he is a true modern day Keane, Vidal comes close too.
  35. The explanation was that you were playing as the baddies against the good guys of Glasgow. There's a reason most films have happy endings, and the good guys win. Castle Greyskull always beats Snake Mountain. But seriously, I don't understand the desperation people have to love the game, particularly when they seem to hate it so much instead. Short of dabbling a bit in the editor, and starting saves that last a few in-game days (combined with spending a lot more time with the PS4/Switch than a laptop), I've not touched the game in weeks. I haven't enjoyed it, so I do something else. T
  36. If you're getting "enraged" by a game, maybe time you took a step back from it.
  37. I'd suggest that the fault lies with the user rather than the tactic tools. You seem to find it difficult to differentiate between vastly different roles which tells me you're lacking in understanding of the tactical side of the game, and plenty of people have succeeded in creating all kinds of tactics, including defensive ones. However... Couldn't agree more! Well for me, it's not their normal movement that bugs me. It's when a defender runs towards the ball, nearly gets there (well ahead of any attacker), then turns 180 degrees and runs away letting the striker get the ball and be cl
  38. Thanks for all the replies, guys. Yeah, it could be that I'm playing too deep, giving the opposition too much space and forcing my midfielders to close down. I'll try a higher line or higher mentality and see if that helps. I'll also look into running a 4132 for more stability.
  39. They are all about same level but are set up in differently.
  40. You can lose money month by month. In most lower leagues, you might even lose money year on year, and are dependent on getting promotions in. If you're in a league in, say, Wales, you'll only get a profit from the CL/EL revenue. It's no issue, however, it's an issue, if you don't get that prize money. FA Cup runs are similarly huge in English lower leagues Yes, as a rule of a thumb, it's fine, as long as you haven't played with the editor. Yes, that is what balance is. No, it's not the only thing that determines transfer money and wages, but it usually does play a part
  41. Bastoni is great. Zinho can also become a good rotational defender. Those two, Škriniar and another CB should set you up for 10 seasons or so. Dimarco is a solid player, can be Dalbert's backup. Karamoh can also be solid. Pinamonti is potentially a world class striker. Which patch are you on? Is Rafinha there? Did you get Kondogbia and Mario back? Unless you bring reinforcements, after two seasons or so you need new wingers. I just stared an Inter save, bought Lautaro (he already signed irl). Going to try 4-4-2 in the first season. If I get all of my midfiel
  42. Yes, Carrilero is a great role for 442 diamond, but it doesn't help as it's not available in FM17. I had the same defending problems with 442 diamond in FM17 and noticed that a 4132 defends much better as the CM doesn't switch to the other side. You could give them instructions to mark specific players to avoid to movement to the other side.
  43. Every formation has weak spots and strong spots. I think the strong spots in this formation is the two wingbacks and the font three. I keep the high defensive line because I want to press them more on the own half. This formation works brilliant in attacking phase, score a lot of goals. I want my team has full control of the match. Let's talk about your problem. When your team lose the ball in attacking phase, i sure your CWB is caught of position, then who will deals with the winger? The HB will and if the winger manage to cross the ball in the middle, there are only 2 CBs are left to de
  44. Well, let's not say ridiculous, then. Let's say illogical. I think the potential inconsistency deserves a little more reflection than blanket dismissal. The ME, everyone would surely agree, is not really meant to look like a video if a football match. It would unfair and unreasonable to expect it to. I think the situation might be resolved by putting an orange flag on a knock, and letting you decide whether to risk it or not. That's what happens in a real football match. A soft tissue injury is more likely to be problematic than an impact injury like a "bruised ankle", for example. But as To
  45. WOo HOO! Back to Back Champions League winners! http://
  46. In my experience players develop faster with a higher intensity and unhappiness than with low or no specific attribute being trained and happiness.
  47. No, it doesn't. The explanation makes sense, but the thinking behind it seems flawed. You seem to be saying that if a player takes a 'non-orange/red' knock to a leg affecting his condition, he is now more prone to pick up an injury anywhere, not just where he took the knock. Which is ridiculous. You don't become more susceptible to a gashed head because you took a knock to an ankle!
  48. Introduction During a long haul flight I recently endured (who decides it's a good idea to fly from the Far East to Europe at 8 in the morning?) I read the book "Inverting the Pyramid" by Jonathan Wilson. The book details the tactical evolution of various systems since as far back as we have records. One passage caught my eye: the 3-5-2 probably invented by pragmatist Carlos Salvador Bilardo. Using this system Argentina won the '86 World Cup, bringing home El Mundial for the second time in eight years. Another possible inventor of the 3-5-2 is Ciro Blazevic with Dinamo Zagreb in the
  49. I think the 4-3-3-0 striker-less is the way to get the best representation on what Liverpool do in the current ME. I can see why/how @Rashidi gets the best from Salah in an attacking sense, but that's not so close to how Liverpool line up for real in my opinion. Salah is an inside forward, but the IF role in FM doesn't replicate how Salah plays. If you look at his position when Liverpool defend, yes sometimes he hangs out, but often he's back in his own defensive third of the pitch. But when they attack, yeah, he gets very narrow, into the spaces that an AF would occupy. He's like an IF w
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