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  1. Update time! I'm looking at a full release in 4-6 weeks, I've been working a lot so spare time is at a premium but I'm hopeful it will be completed in that timescale
  2. I turn off player attribute masking when setting up a game and don't bother with it. For me, a great example of how to over complicate a relatively simple function for the sake of "realism". One of the reasons why I'm not playing much FM18.
  3. City's world famous playing-out-of-the-back, still going on with Ederson and Stones by 2025. they still smashed us in this match
  4. Started a save with Man Utd, just for tests. Friendly game against my hometown team in Portugal, 3rd division. I'm uploading just because I laughed. Both teams are in white because I had problems saving the file. And as Hunt3r requested, this play is not about shot decision, is about shot accuracy, Juan Mata, what a beast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nInw2K5B_dc&feature=youtu.be
  5. Okay, please show me the "Don't take ridiculous shots from distance" button ... Here one from the same match . Imo nothing to do with settings. No player would do this
  6. ARTISANS GUIDE Pre-match Team Talks I usually link this to my teams form and the pre-match analysis comments. Think about the analysis comments as a sort of summary from a TV show like soccer saturday or match of the day. It is definitely more accurate than the numerical odds you get a few days before the game and is usually different. It usually appears on the second screen on match day after the formations screen. Example below. Home Games I listed the some base scenarios that should sort of cover most situations. Listed evry situation is really t
  7. If you're talking about that 4231 you posted on page one, two things jump out at me: 1) You're Benfica. Just about everyone in that league will (I expect) be sitting deep, playing defensively and probably trying to hit you on the break and/or score from a set piece. 2) All of your front 5 are trying to dribble with the ball. Your RPM is trying to bring the ball forward before passing; your winger is trying to dribble before crossing; your IF is trying to dribble through the packed defences before shooting or passing; your AP is trying to dribble into position before passing; your s
  8. Bought the game 2 days ago, my thoughts on the ME: - 90% of the throw ins on your own hall you'll end up loosing the ball - Passing seems horrible. Playing in the Dutch second league, know that the players aren't the best, but after having watched some gimes entirely it's honestly ridiculous. (See some gifs below, just examples from combined 20 minutes ingame) Same bug as every year: Just too painfull to watch an entire game on this ME, really challenging to not get frustrated if you see wat nonsense is happining what you normally
  9. I'm very disapointed that this thread is so ignored. For years I come here, and I've learned a lot. And I always had good opinion on this foruns. I had help on tactics, I tried to contribute during betas, more on Portuguese specific stuff.. And this is a game I play since CM, and like to contribute to make it better, within my limitations. One thing I always read here is that constructive feedback is always apreciated. Well, I learned now, that this is true, with exception to some things, specially ME things. I can't say for sure that we have an issue here, but I think I posted some constructi
  10. I feel like starting a new save and buying just Scandinavian players, anyone got any suggestions, I know of Rosted(sp), Svensson and Forren but can someone name as many as possible as I want to make a shortlist, I am also going to be the Norway national team manager and try get success with them.
  11. It would be nice to be able to gradually build up a scrapbook of your favourite moments that have happened in your career. So, that goal when Jonesy equalised for us in the last minute and sealed promotion, or that time our CB came up with a big goal, or that bizarre piece of weird skill from which nothing happened but was funny to watch, or a disaterous piece of defending, etc So some sort of option in game to save the last 60 seconds or to save a goal, etc to the scrapbook. Then it can be viewed later on at leisure.
  12. Just to clarify to users how the feature request process works. Because the development of Football Manager works in cycles, ideas for future versions have to be decided well in advance. This means that even now we have a database filled with features earmarked for any potential future versions of the game. However, just because we've got ideas earmarked for doesn't mean we can't potentially make room for new better ideas! This is where you all come in. Now unfortunately due to the way our cycle works, we can really only go through ideas a few times a year. We recently made a la
  13. In it's 5th (I think) iteration this file expands the Korean League system to beyond the professional K-League. Leagues added National League (Semi-pro tier 3) K3 Advanced (Amateur tier 4) K3 Basic (Amateur tier 5) U-League (Amateur secondary division non-playable) Cups added National League Cup (tier 3 teams only) Regional cups (tier 3-5) National Sports Festival (tier 3-5) Other changes Updated competion histories for all leagues & cups Histories for historical cups/leagues (e.g. FA cup precursors and pre professional era top flight) National League
  14. I'm on an incredible run with Bognor Regis. Only about a quarter of the season to go and we've only lost twice. (not exactly relevant but I wanted to gloat ) Anyway, what's been impressive has been the number of games we've come from behind to win. This is a stat that quite often gets dragged out on sports shows to demonstrate who has grit and fight and who doesn't. They also often compare it to a table of the sides that have surrendered the most leads. So my suggestion is for... A league table for grading the sides that win the most games having been behind. A league table fo
  15. January Update (Finally!): Sorry this took so long to come out. I was a bit busier than usual and I was scouting most of the time when I was playing FM. Arsenal (A): Given how good their squad is (Ozil, Lacazette, Lozano, Luan etc) I wanted this to not hit 4-0 at the very least prior to the match. Thankfully we managed that, though it obviously wasn't a good result. Lacazette got himself a hat trick and could've had another but Olsen saved his penalty. Hernandez and Lanzini weren't fit so we struggled to do much in terms of attack. Also, we parked the bus pretty much from
  16. The settings are fine, so it's probably the stage 1 and the "Top Playoff Rules" you've set isn't it? Stage 1 is a playoff and you used "Top Playoff Rules"? If so, to fix this has to be easy. You could try 1 and if it fails then 2. 1. Set "Stage 0 -> League Settings (All Groups) -> Qualification Rules, untick "Number of Top Places" but use (and tick box) "Top Place Offset" and set to 0, same goes to "Bottom Place Offset" (set to 0). The thing is, which is my guess, is that you've already used "Top Playoff Rules" to link to "Stage 1" so if you use "Number of top places" in "Qualific
  17. I may be back at some point but I had started to lose motivation for the save and updating in here felt like a chore. Ive started a new save for now but ill likely return to my La Fiorita save at some point
  18. I always start with Abysmal and crawl my way up from the bottom. And that "2 day rest exploit"?? Do you mean letting them rest for 2 days if they have to play twice in a week? That's not an exploit, it's common sense.
  19. Too many shots taken despite contradictory instructions and shots accuracy going hand to hand for me. If shots were dangerous as previous FM and RL , I would not say nothing if my player decided to shoot even tough he asked not to. But since they are so bad and not threatening the opponent GK as RL , it's even more disturbing and a massive issue. If they were good as a world class players shoots in RL from good positions, i'll happily instructmy players to shoot more ot at least won't complain if they'll do so.
  20. But the outcome of these shots ARE ridiculous, and all too frequent based on the thousands of football matches I have both played in and watched. When faced with a defensive AI (10 men behind the ball in the second clip) - It seems to me that the default player behaviour is to take a very high risk, low percentage shot rather than continue to pass it around to draw the defence out of position. There were 7 players involved in the second attack, so the question of 'does he have enough players in support?' is redundant. I have systematically tested all of the advice on this thread and
  21. U might have misunderstood .. My problem is that the shots going towards corner flag .. Shots from world class players . I can agree with "wrong settings" when its about the long shot in general . But like this .. like i said it makes me wanna close the task in taskmanager . Oh well. I guess this is how fm 18 is Compare it to fm 17 . cant remember seeing so many stupid shots towards corner flag ...
  22. South Korea 2082; World Cup Final Turkey v. Switzerland This is what is all comes down to. More than 6 years of work with the Turkish national side and here we sit, 90 minutes from the all-consuming goal. We're more than ready. We face a Swiss side that, on paper, we should dominate. But they've earned their spot in this Final, just like we have. We'll begin in Cafetero Aguardiente, with the Swiss in a 4411. Let's do this, lads. A long free kick from Baris into the box finds Kucuker, who heads off the crossbar! So close to breaking the deadlock in the 25th!!! Hal
  23. Should be in the folder for the fmdemo in my documents, maybe need to copy it over?
  24. Hi everyone, First time i read on this tactic, was on Tea&Busquets by @Cleon (it's my news paper with a cup of tea morning stuff) and i wanted to try it straight because i'm a big fan of 4-3-3 in any style of play but specially Tiki-taka style, like Barca at the top of glory of course huh. I'm playing on FM14... i know But this tactic! Waow! What a amazing one! Transitions in attak are very lethal and surgical. AML/F9/AML scrores at every match. Central Defenders scores at every corner kick... Of course i add some Team Instructions but it's nothing...
  25. If you go back in this thread to the first couple pages I listed out my entire tactic and everything. I'll try to grab a SS next time I play for you.
  26. It's in the dropdown next to the play/pause button.
  27. *Nissen But I'm with you all the way. The kid is awesome and is only getting better.
  28. Did it work? By the way, if group draw is supposed to be random then for the following years you have to change something in your "Stage 0 -> Teams". Because the game works in a way that it draws the team with highest reputation first, lowest reputation last. So if you have 4 groups for example then the first group will be filled with the best teams and the fourth group with the worst teams. To get around this problem is fairly easy because of the new "team pool" SI added. - In "Stage 0 -> Team Pool" you only tick the upper box and add "get all teams from division". - From
  29. This is exactly what i see OFTEN ... Even Messi shoots like that . He has space to dribble , but decides to take a shot and TADAAA hello corner flag . It's just wrong . When i read Page 3 , i see that everyone is talking about long shots in general . But thats not MY point (not only).... I can agree with players having no passing options and shooting cuz of their poor decision making . But those shots should NOT go towards corner flag ... not even CLOSE . When a Player like Suarez, Messi , Dybala and all the other world class players , shooting like that in the game from distance ... then g
  30. I'm a patron and avid reader / viewer of your content Rashidi - I have managed to improve almost all aspects of my tactical approach and results, with the exception of players taking unnecessary long shots. The repeat offenders are inside forwards who pick the ball up in deep wide positions, cut inside as instructed, beat a few players then shoot wide with the power of a backpass. With the chaos they are causing, the team would be better served if he simply held it up, looked for the overlapping wingback utilising the space he has vacated, or just lay it off to a playmaker. In my experie
  31. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I don't know how we did it but I know it involved a ton of luck
  32. I actually think the IWB is not at all what Evra did. The FM interpretation is more akin to how Pep is getting his wide defenders playing - coming properly into midfield during transition to attack and beyond. Evra stayed on the touchline and occasionally came inside much further up the pitch. My thinking was CWB because they have a default Roam From Position so he may on occasion come narrower. What we saw IRL could end up being a bit too difficult on FM and again, needlessly complicated. In essence, Ronaldo had license to cause havoc from that wide position and Evra backed him up by nev
  33. Erm WHAT? How? I have never seen my team play so well against a team I thought we would lose to. BATE haven't been great this season losing to Debrecen in the champions league 1st qualifying and also losing a game to Cork earlier in the Euro cup but come on 6-1 I never saw that coming.
  34. 15 is plenty for him to have the beating of most centre backs, I'd rather not have CA eaten by making him mega fast - I wanted him as a monster in the air really.
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