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  1. Thanks Neil for the explanation even though I don't agree with how the old 2D was removed. I didn't like Miles response, as it almost sounded like he wouldn't give a rat a** about the 10% as there is still the "90%!".. Disrespectful to the 10% who obviously have long history with the series which is why they prefer the classic 2D. and I believe this 10% have been crucial in taking this game forward as well.
  2. My thaughts exactly. Last year's edition was impressive right from the beta. You could see that the ME has improved a lot from 16 to 17 and the UI was consistent. I won't criticize the ME yet because it's still early days, but as far as UI goes, Im gonna say this: it's cluttered, inconsistent and it requires more clicks to access simple piece of information. Scouting system (revamped) it's confusing even though I understand the idea behind this (have everything in one place). The problem is that in previous editions, If I wanted a report on let's say Rashford, I would right click Rashford - cl
  3. Not sure what's going on but patched up and started a new save. The 3D seems really smooth and quite good graphically, which I've never been able to experience due to a low spec laptop. I've never actually seem FM like this.
  4. The default setting for corners is dreadful with all the players in a line- you must set up the corner routine yourself to have any success.
  5. I'm not going to claim that I wrote these, but i saw these two reviews (and also the comments under each of them) and they fairly accurately explained how i felt about FM18. The UI and the new tactics screens are painful to navigate and properly work. If you could've kept the FM17 UI, but still added your new FM18 features, people would be a lot happier than they are right now.
  6. Somewhere in page 3 iirc. It has to do with CPU resources. I'm a big 2D classic fan but if this the reason why they changed, I accept it. I just hope the new 2D view will continue to be improved because many players still prefer it. I also know they mention that 90% of players use 3D and that they gathered this information from the game data. But if we dive deeper into the people that really put in the hours I believe that a lot more than 10% of the hardcore players use the 2D view.
  7. Is this a bug? or poor defensive set up image hosting They scored twice by playing it short and overload that side. I have all defensive players set to man mark
  8. I really appreciate many of the improvements that have been done this year, such as the pre-match experience and better tactic screen outlay. But is anyone else really bugged from the top timeline bar during the match...it's just killing off the experience of watching the match in full screen. It's so big and ugly. It used to be small down the commentary. The options also used to disappear and only reappear when you hover up, now it's all there. Is there a way to hide this?
  9. Same here.... FM18 not having an option to turn OFF 3D and having a split screen/screen like before.....well, that ruins the game for me.
  10. An issue I just had, and this has been around for a while now, is players complaining about not getting first team football ten games into a season. I was playing at Arsenal and was only in October, but had Nacho Monreal, Mohamed Elneny, Francis Coquelin, Danny Welbeck and Olivier Giroud all complain about not getting enough games even though I was using all of them as part of a rotation system. Some of them have "First Team" status, so I get why it happens, but that brings me to the second part of this issue: the player conversations. It's still at a stage where it feels like the manager can
  11. I don`t like the match stats window in FM 18 during the match. It was much better in 17. In fm 18 you need to make the match stats window bigger to be able to read percentages and as a result, the window takes much more of your view. But in 17, you could have the smallest window and you could still see percentages. Also in fm 18, the window doesn`t get transparent when the ball is behind the window. Hope this is improved for the release.
  12. You paid for the game that will be released on 10th November. Beta access for both games does not mean that both games will be updated at the same time.
  13. Absolutely nothing wrong with any of this. That's considerably lower than many clubs suffer during pre-season in real life. It's the most vulnerable time for short term injuries, and I personally think it's good that SI have implemented more short term ones this year, because that IS more realistic.
  14. just off to bed but i just wana say im an original die hard fan from the very first one on the amiga and only ever play this game on the 2d view, never i said will i watch on 3d. but ......... i just switched over by accident to the analyst view and jesus christ cant believe how good it looks. si you have me sold on 3d from now. so congrats guys it looks like a massive step forward
  15. can someone please advise on how to lose the pitch backround when I am using commentary only option during match day, on fm 17 and previous versions when I used commentary only it was a plain backround with player stats etc until I decided I wanted to view match goals or highlights. With this pitch backround it makes inferior laptops work harder during a match due to graphics ect so hopefully I am missing this option but cant see it anywhere???
  16. All leagues and cups will be redone with their format and rules 2017/2018 (then their new format if they change (ex Bolivia from 2018)), and there will still be many little improvements over last year, especially on leagues with apertua and clausura stage.. etc. Year after year, it's better. In order, I will do all new countries for South America and Europe then best countries in Asia, North America, Africa and Oceania. Then , in a 2nd time, I will do rest of Asia, North America, Africa and Oceania Finally, I will do International/Continental competitons (with new Concaca
  17. Beckham was not any where close to being an old school winger. An old school winger was/is faster and would have white boots as he would be running up and down the touch line all of the time, going to the byline to cross the ball -not Beckhams game
  18. Please please please let me have an option to receive requested scouting reports as regular inbox instead of those dreaded scouting meetings, this really destroys scouting for me.
  19. What I don't understand, is why you decided to make the game completely unplayable for a lot of players without gaming PCs, just because of match day graphics. FM is the kind of game where you spend 80% of your time in menus, how the actual matches are looking was always the least of my worries. Especially a few years into the save, where watching matches becomes more a burden than anything else, because you know exactly how your team plays. Let's be honest, how many players do you think will actually enjoy seeing the same 5 seconds long 3D intro before they skip it, 5 years into the save
  20. I will also add my voice to those who dislike the all caps headers on each page for players etc.
  21. The fact that scouting reports do not land directly in my inbox really frustrates me. Why has this been stopped? I like to see the report cards asap not have to search again for the player.
  22. 2D all the way. Although improvements have been made over the years, I still find it difficult to watch the 3D match engine when the movements are so unrealistic and wooden.
  23. Dynamics is killing the game its broken. Top of the league with Zurich unbeaten in 12, settled side playing well, and then two players complain no football I tell them players in front of them playing well, and then the squad turns on me. Ridiculous! that little meter is now halfway down due to these two players.
  24. 93rd minute: Lukas Brauer delaying this goal kick as long as he can. The fans are almost on the pitch...they think it's all over...IT IS OVER!!!! SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY HAVE DONE IT! A 2-1 win on the night, with a decisive goal from Frank Prins of all people, sees The Owls in their first ever Champions League final! Incredible scenes here. Adam Hart and his coaching staff are on the pitch celebrating, the Tottenham players are devastated as the fans flood onto the turf to celebrate with their team!
  25. Currently there is no way of getting rid of the walkouts, halftime match engine stadium and end of game celebration animations while playing on commentary only. These are pointless for us who play on commentary only and only serve to use computer resourses that we don't need to use. They need to get rid of this plus fix the speed on commentary only and add the old blank background split view back to make it good to play again.
  26. Aside from a the much mentioned interface issues and the weird scouting setup, I'm enjoying the beta so far. I noticed that that you now get given a pop-up option window to cancel tactical changes if you score a goal before the changes have actually been applied. I also love the little on pitch celebration sequences that you get when your team wins a competition. Both nice touches. Has anyone noticed that you occasionally get no feedback at all from your assistant on the analysis screens during the match? Sometimes when I check at half-time (for example), the panel is just completely
  27. Finally managed to piece a tactic together and oh my was it satisfying seeing my team flying up the table thanks guys for the advice in this thread.
  28. Well, that is encouraging to hear. So far my scouts have only returned attached players, but maybe I don't have a large enough sample. I do get unattached players presenting themselves. That and director free transfer suggestions have been my only source of free agents. My scouts haven't recommended any. I'll try setting my staff to handle scouting assignments and see what they turn up. Although, I've only been allowed to hire 2 scouts so I don't know if I'll be as successful as you Thank you for your reply.
  29. @TheEarl Yeah please, I'm aiming to press on with this game so take off the Merthyr one.
  30. Shouldn't be a windowed mode problem as I play in Windowed mode (could be a resolution or other bug). To pin them you need to drag the widgets and you'll get an icon in the corner of the screens like in the below screenshot: Then drag the widget to the icon you want and a red box should appear; Let go of the widget and it should be docked; If you then pin it the pitch will then stop at the widget; You can also use the dropdown menu next to the pin to move it to another side and the other icon will shrink/expand the dock if you don't want the widgets
  31. this 100% old school wingers have more or less gone from the game beckham was one of the best crossers of the ball I have seen but he couldnt beat his man but the cross was so good he didnt need too
  32. It'd be good if we had the option to change the circle fitness/sharpness wheel to a percentage bar. That circle thing is rubbish, I have to squint and stare at it for 5 seconds to make any sense of it. Not good UX.
  33. Playing a lower league game right now, just gonna give my observations in no particular order. More minuses than pluses on the list but I actually really like the game. + No performance or lag issues for me at all, which surprised me since my weird laptop (good graphics card, bad CPU) is very unsuited for FM and I had some big problems with 17 + I think the skin (not necessarily UI) looks excellent, the best ever. I've seen people complain about the gradients, the capital letters in the headers etc. - I think those things look great + Transfer behavior feels much better, there are
  34. There needs to be more Afro-Carribean hairstyles for the 3D manager. There's only 2. Both afro's
  35. I disagree on FM17's UI being perfectly fine. It had already complicated things and made the inbox a hassle, that took a loooong time to get through. It has just gotten worse. With more and more clicks being needed, scouting reports pushing me to look through 40 scouting reports and determine for every player if i want to see him or not. The old recommendation system was very effective, highlight 3 players that were perceived to be the most important and if i wanted to see more i was still able to check the other reports that had been done. Also there are a lot of lagging and slow menus, which
  36. I'm currently writing about the 4-2-3-1 but sadly it'll be another week or so yet before its completed. However I'll share this I've wrote which is part of the overall series I'm doing because I feel people get the wrong idea about this shape and think they have to be more attacking to become more attacking. When in reality you can play less attacking and end up being more attacking due to you being top heavy to begin with. Top Heavy Formations One of the biggest obstacles people have with top heavy shapes is they don’t know how to firstly create space and movement and secondly don’t
  37. When doing teamtalks, pre-match, half-time and post-match, does it matter whether you click "End team talk" or not? I've clicked it before continuing and i have continued without clicking it, after doing my talks. I haven't noticed any difference. If that is the case, that it doesn't make a difference whether you click it or not, why is it there? If it does make a difference. What is it?
  38. Another massive two fingers up to loyal fans from Miles and SI this year. I'm not insinuating that the research carried out by SI is wrong, but I would like to know what sort of research was done and how it was conducted.
  39. The single biggest irritant in the whole game. I actually can't believe someone thought this was a good idea.
  40. Thus far in the beta I've been mostly playing a 4-3-1-2 tactic (sometimes a 4-1-3-2) largely inspired by the 2010 Benfica side in which Angel Di Maria and Ramires both played. http://www.zonalmarking.net/2010/03/02/benfica-the-most-attactive-side-in-europe/ Michael Cox describes the roles of Di Maria and Ramires as carrileros: It's early days and I make these observations with a limited amount of playing time but I have experimated with both roles in the 4-3-1-2 and would argue that, in FM18 terms, both midfielders were actually playing as mezzalas in Benfica's system.
  41. The Game problem is UI not the features which as the game goes deep is really showcasing how much fun they are, If they can sort it out this will be best of the series quite easily and starts towards a new path for the FM games. The UI is taking the every fun we find out of us .
  42. Going back to FM17 until release of 18. Hopefully then I can use the editor and download a new skin. So far (I know it's only beta), it seems to be a backwards step from FM17. The skin and interface looks amateurish. Not sure what the capital letters on each header of each page are about, please can they go? Really not sure what the font is. Did it really need to change? I'm a 2D player, I just can't get into the 3D gameplay. Never will, but that's fine. 2D is worrying me, I hope SI aren't trying to hard to slowly decommission it and move all players over to 3D. Having to still have
  43. I’ll be honest I’ve been playing for over 20 years and have been disappointed for the last ten. Considering how good it was in 95 it should be so much further on. A symptom of lack of competition and the Sega takeover. Every year they manage to make at least one aspect worse than before. I mean, not seeing scout reports properly in the inbox as default. Come on guys.
  44. 2D Classic all day everyday. 3D isn't good enough for me. At least not yet.
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