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  1. Disappointing. No defensive width settings, no vertical compactness settings, no extra pressing settings, no clear distinction between zonal marking and man marking. Still no extra options to tweak creative freedom. I sincerely hope that a defensive forward now will be tracking back like an attacking midfielder, to achieve vertical compactness. I was hoping that we could set out how a wide midfielder in a midfield 4 would defend (tuck in centrally, very narrow, or stay wide). Underwhelming.
  2. Let's break down these videos. SI have not done something this big to the game since the tactical creator was introduced. So this counts as an evolution of the game. SI have had a long term blueprint and its beginning to show. They have added modules which allow them to further enhance the playability and give them options for the future. And I think overall its a good move. Now let me break down what I have seen thus far. Dynamics - I have to admit, this module is the one I am looking forward to the most, cos it has the potential to bust a few games wide open. And I can foresee that play
  3. There are numerous very promising new additions, however i still feel let down. Almost every single thread in the tactics subforum for the last year ended with the agreement that the defensive side of the game must be overhauled, most importantly defensive width settings and pressing options. Sometimes I wonder if someone from SI even reads these threads. Although I can see that they put a lot of effort into these new features (which are pretty good to be honest), but it's still underwhelming how the most basic problems within the tactical side of the game are still being ignored after so
  4. I wouldn't really call that a tactical revamp just some new roles/instructions and some reskin. Disappointed
  5. The pre-match team talks and negotiations look exciting, but they must be implemented far more effectively than the imposed bi-annual team talks in FM17. Invariably when we're on the cusp of promotion and morale is high, I'm forced to give a team talk, somehow say the wrong thing and send out a squad of morose suicidals.
  6. Looks like a reskin of what's already an overly complicated system with too many hidden knock-on effects and preset roles. Can't say I'm interested in pre-match tactical talks which will surely get tedious without providing much value. No mention of the issues of horizontal compactness when defending or CB's failing to split wide in build-up despite numerous threads giving countless examples. How about more control of pressing and counter-pressing triggers and responsibilities? Feels like the game sees less of a focus on what's happening on the pitch with every new version, unfortunately.
  7. There are topics asking for stuff like that that are two years old. Those are no new requests. They wouldn't make the game more complicated. Weird concepts like fluidity make the game more complicated than it really is. Team shape defines vertical compactness, that's true, but it also defines creative freedom. Why? Be my guest. And that aside: a fluid team shape doesn't/(didn't?) make strikers fall back to midfield in the defensive phase, like some users want, like a lot of manager irl make them do.
  8. Does this mean we'll now have to successfully negotiate 3 click button tests without saying something wrong which would render our shiny new tactic useless? Press Conference, Pre Match Tactics talk, Team Talk? Love it when my unbeaten run comes to an end against the team bottom of the table seemingly because I showed their manager support at a press conference.
  9. It not to be punitive though - its to protect the integrity of the EU. We are essentially asking for something that cannot be given - unfettered access to the single market without having to follow the shared rules or accepting the jurisdiction of the bodies that govern it. The delays to even talk about trade is to hold our feet to the fire to squeeze a commitment on money out of us as EU net contributors don't want to make up the shortfall and the beneficiaries don't want to lose the benefits. The one thing that unites the UK and the EU is we both think the other side should pay! The ability
  10. I swear every time you do one of these threads you're pretending you're at an interview to host an episode of Panorama.
  11. Disappointed that there are only 3 new PIs/TIs and none look hugely interesting (also wasn't a cm having the option to run wide with the ball in the game before?). Wanting a higher fluidity still means you have to play with a higher creative freedom for whatever reason. Pressing is still ridiculously basic. Was very impressed with previous videos but there's really not much to see in this one
  12. Why calling it negativity instead of feedback? we all have the same comon desire, to improve the game experience. we are customers and we have the right to raise our concern (if we have) on the product, and by doing that, we really want SI to improve (or atleast consider improving) the areas that many others here, in this forums, and even outside raised as an issue fron previous releases. So if someone disagree with some of SI move, you "catagorize" him as a "negativity wave"?
  13. tactics and AI squad building is most important thing in FM for me. Have to say that this doesn't encourage me buying the game second year in a row and the demo will have to pull off something spectacular to change this. -reshaping UI is all good and fine by me, i don't mind fm16 interface though so nothing much here. -prematch tactics talk is a great addition, looking forward to this -underlapping runs is another great addition but why ruining it by connecting both flanks? -new positions are fine addition. some of them more, some less, but really the highlight of the annou
  14. The new interface is good. New briefing looks interesting. New roles and the team\player instruction are a bonus. But really disappointed overall. I suspect the tactical limitations of FM17 will carry over to FM18.
  15. We are 2 weeks before beta release!!God these weeks will pass like a century!!
  16. No point in comparing FM to FIFA or PES, they may be based on the same real life sport but the genres are very different & as such create different technical challenges & player expectations, it also portrays an acceptance of least worst outcome is a positive outcome which is terrible for the end users. As for the comments of negatively I don't see it that way, yes the expectation of some within the forum community are high but that is based on what we believe SI are capable of off, at least for me anyway & I'm not seeing what you'd call destructive negativity just honest feed
  17. one thing i'd like to see with scouts is their track record. a list of about 10 best players they had discovered. same with DoF, a list of 10 best players they brought into the academy.
  18. We were waiting for the official thread starter for these things to start the thread.
  19. More is great as it gives the AI managers more tool to create realistic & challenging tactical approaches, the last thing I ever want to see are fewer roles that have more customisation . At least not until the AI is capable of creating its own custom roles but very few people will really want to see that as that's when FM really because a test of tactical acumen.
  20. At 4:30, the scout report contains two negative elements of the player; that he's only made 19 interceptions and only won 23 headers. Why are these in absolutes and not averages per match? The total amount isn't really that important, is it? If another player has made 22 interceptions but also played 5 matches more - those 19 interceptions of the first player would actually be the better stat.
  21. I literally can't take in a word of that video because of that guys voice and overly charismatic body movements
  22. Going to need something special from the pre-match meeting to make that more than a ball-ache after a season or two of seeing all the text options & as other have mentioned a little disappointed by the apparent lack of new defensive instructions & touting a returning PI as new is EA poor, at least they didn’t mention the shirts. I do like the cleaner look of the main tactics screen so a plus on that front & hopefully it’s adaptive to not leave wasted space on larger displays.
  23. New tactics screen looks very nice and user friendly but man I hate Team Shape...
  24. I'm really looking forward to seeing this one. What do you think of that prediction, @westy8chimp?
  25. Scouting looks amazing! but why is the guy presenting it shouting at me? I'm only trying to watch a video. Settle down mate!
  26. That looks REALLY promising and, if executed correctly, game-changing both for short-term and long-term careers. I shouldn't be even able to scout a guy who's (not) playing for the U18 team of a semi-obscure club in Ukraine just because my club's scouting range is "worldwide", let alone finding out his exact attributes in a matter of a week (or right away as it was in older editions). Player ratings, pros and cons should only be based on MATCH STATS and highlights, ie. the in-game version of "hearsay" and "media hype" in some cases. THEN, attributes should still be kinda vague even u
  27. The pre-order numbers don't make a difference on how the staff at SI work. It's not like there's a giant score tally and Miles stood behind us cracking a whip It's entirely up to people whether they want to pre-order. One of the benefits is that you'll get access two weeks before the release date. Another up to the 9th was a pre-order discount. I suppose the best way of keeping us on our toes is by leaving us feedback on any areas of the game you don't like and think can be improved. Constructive feedback is incredibly invaluable to us in regards to constantly making FM a better gam
  28. End of Season 2048/49 We did it. We actually did it. 15 years in this godforsaken league and we're finally out of it. Now we have to make sure we stay out of it. Overall Best XI 2048/49 Best XI Jack Clelland (YP29c) Liam Watt (YP23g) - Sam Thomson (YP28a) - David Harvey (YP31a) Derek Munro (YP20a) Lewis Ross (YP24c) Ally Cunningham (YP22f) - Jim Grierson (YP30a) Scott Johnston (YP30j) - Barry Allan (YP31g) - Callum Macrae (YP28b)
  29. Exactly! Man, that's why they hate us in the OTF. We share similar views .
  30. Am I the only one who wishes for FEWER options, roles and OIs? So far (ie. until FM17) the in-game feedback, both in the ME itself and from the staff, hasn't been as good or as informative as it the sheer amount of options would have required. We players still need either to go through long and tedious trial-and-error process, or through "tactical masterclasses" on this board (or elsewhere), unless we sort of stumble across a tactic that works well enough to allow us to minimize the impact of the many quirks of the ME and of the game itself. So, while the new features seem to be
  31. Isn't this how you become President these days?
  32. The amount of negativity around these new features is a joke. Fans want game developers to show effort in their improvements. When S.I do it, it’s not good enough if it’s not got this or got that. If you want perfection then do it in real life, stop putting other people of the game because YOUR not happy. It’s a game we all put over 100+ in to, so stop whining and appreciate the efforts of S.I. who have clearly this year, put a good amount of effort in. Look at FIFA and PES. ones gone back 4 years (FIFA 14 pace abuse) ones took 2 years to look the same but improve
  33. The video was about tactics, this could be more a match engine issue.
  34. There's meant to be Promes and Casillas SBCs coming out after their cards were spotted with different versions in concept so I've been investing in the Russian League and there's been a lot of hype, I made my main profits before that mini crash and would have made a lot more had I not gambled on it coming out at 6pm. As for those players here's the lot, they've since returned to a more stable value though as I've been trying to snipe cheap ones around 1k.
  35. Too soon to say, wait for both to be patched up.
  36. Every year the same discussion... I remember playing the games years ago, and dont even had a demo to try it.... Now you have... - Discounts for early buyers - Demos - Beta Versions - Discounts for later buyers - Forum to give feedback, ideas, resolve technical issues, and so on.... Hell, what do you want more? Being pay by SI for playing the game?
  37. They don't release it earlier, because it's not ready earlier
  38. Seems like a good idea, though I hope it doesn't end up killing managing below the Conference North. Spending stupid money to find out about North West Counties League players through a scouting package for the league when you manage a team in the North East Counties League for example could end up financially crippling a club very quickly.
  39. 2053/54 End of Season We actually did it!!!! Overall Best XI 2053/54 Best XI Jack Clelland (YP29c) Sandy Kerr (YP35b) - David Harvey (YP31a) - Richard Kerr (YP29a) Tom Nicolson (YP34a) Kevin Campbell (YP35k) David Greig (YP31b) - Ally Cunningham (YP22f) Kevin Kelly (YP34j) - Darren Mackay (YP32a) - Callum Macrae (YP28b)
  40. Amazing save! I'm from the far North of Scotland, to see someone having such great success with Shetland is incredible. And in the Scottish lower leagues no less, which are by far and away the best leagues for patter in the world Worth mentioning a wee bit about the proud history of Shetland: It's nearest train station is Bergen, in Norway! It's where Fair Isle fashion comes from! They have Up Helly Aa every year, which is a festival of fire where they burn a Viking longship! Basically what I'm saying is, MON TAE F*** SHETLAND
  41. And this my friend is probably why FM18 will be the first ever CM/FM I don't own. It's endemic of the process in recent years. Instead of fixing the myriad annoyances such as player ratings, AI squad building, stagnant tactical choices, lack of player individuality etc We get new half arsed features. This looks just as woeful as Social Media with it's pro/con nonsense that doesn't fit together. The whole dynamic feature fills me with dread rather than excitement. Similar to your screen shot here... the example they provided of squad hierarchy was Holebas being friends with Zarat
  42. Everyone is talking about how great Blade Runner is.... Hmmm.... Looks like The Harry_Pontek need to watch it to see for himself. Not so much of a science fiction movie himself as if its bad, its really bad. Look at Star Wars 1 to 3, Terminator Genisys, etc.... All walau eh to the max. The Harry_Pontek recently watched more Korean and Hong Kong movies. Great production and super value for money. Although The Harry_Pontek dont understand Korean, but gosh....... those actors and actresses can really act. Their storylines engaged you from start to end. Fuiyoh. So nice. Take a deep bre
  43. To summarize, no more East vs West. The voting will stay the same but the All-Star teams will be chosen by two captains, regardless of conference affiliation. Playground rules
  44. While some of them are absolute prize dobbers with ideas above their station, the decent ones are earning a living doing something they love. I mean, how dare they do that? Good on them.
  45. I think they wanted to call up the other Jim Grierson and they just noticed their mistake after he came on on the pitch.
  46. The Ruhr Derby: Chapter Eins "A Feeling Deeper Than Hate" Bundesliga Week Thirteen- The Pre-Game "Alright men, now once we cross the river we will split into four platoons, two of you will flank the enemy as they emerge from the trees, one will go head on to penetrate, and the last will stay behind and volley the arrows. We've got once shot at this, don't mess up. Oh, and when in doubt, pass to Aubameyang." Hans Kaiser's speech on the bus to Gelsenkirchen generated some laughs, some eye rolls, some sighs. No, they weren't at war, but they were entering enemy territory. The tension, ner
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