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  1. I had a similar experience with Tranmere Rovers in terms of the Barcelona-style football you referenced with Ebbsfleet FC. One of the regretful aspects of FM is that to enjoy a more difficult save, one must usually choose a club that is somewhat restrained in the transfer market and with the quality of players they have at their disposal, due to size and resources, as opposed to being able to find a deeper, more sophisticated tactical challenge in a higher/different league. We've even seen teams like Rangers/Celtic hold a Messi-inspired Barcelona scoreless in CL games despite limited reso
  2. I'm totally with you on this. Only interested in the match engine and tactics/training - i.e. the stuff that actually relates to football. In the last 10 years, the football world has really moved on in terms of pressing and marking schemes but SI has been stuck firmly in the past with just "zonal", "tight" or "specific man", completely ignoring recent innovations or just letting them fly right by them without really noticing. There needs to be dramatic improvement in these areas or SI risks the game being a simulation that doesn't reflect modern football, but instead a 1990's brand
  3. Introduction Something I love about FM is the way there are many different ways to be successful, just like in real life football. For example you can mainly focus on tactics, scouting or youth development. You can tweak tactics game by game, analysing the smallest details. You can concentrate on improving your squad year on year, built around one main system. You can develop your own players from your academy, or completely ignore it and sign players rejected by other clubs. On FM16 I took Merthyr Tydfil from non-league to the Premier League. My aim was to do it playing passing foot
  4. Good call this. And I think this has been mentioned at least a few times before on this board. Football has become a lot more tactical now with varied pressing styles, zonal, man-marking and even a mix of both. Even teams that press has differences on how they press, when it is triggered... A game as established as SI should have a group keen football experts that can advise on this, not just game developers. It is a travesty for a game that prides itself as the best football management game in the world to be so way behind in this. If anything is to be improved, t
  5. I couldn't care less about 'new features'. I want to know if they have improved the match engine and the AI - and HOW they have done it. I won't be pre-ordering or buying until I know that these things have been improved. There just hasn't been enough improvement in those 2 areas for me over the last 3 or 4 years to continue to justify buying what, essentially, has now become a data update every year.
  6. I think we all know what we're getting by now and can pre-order with confidence. This constant pressure for new features just encourages more 'fluff' to be added to the game which equates to more mouse clicks between each fixture which is a bad thing in my opinion. The best announcement I could hear is there are no new features this year, we're just polishing what we already have. Can't see it ever happening though.....
  7. No doubt it's not ready, because the 25% offer is still active. I imagine it'll be ready the day after the discount finishes.
  8. I'm getting too old for this ****, just give me a bunch of screens to look at instead of having to sit through ~4 minutes of youtube "experts" just to watch 10 seconds of game footage
  9. Back to back FA Cups and they choose to focus on you getting knocked out by a lower league team 5 years ago. SORT IT OUT SI!
  10. If you look at him he's a bit of a jack of all trades, so he can overload, but a CF needs a high CA as well. So you need someone who has a good dose of current ability as well as a good spread in attributes. And don't forget, he works within a team, so if doesn't get enough service or support then he is just going to get isolated.
  11. I've just finished reading this thread. It's taken me 6 days I think, but I have absolutely loved it. Thank you. It's been a great journey, but only made possible by how rubbish you were at the start. Now it's about time a big boy came in for you and gave you a squad of superstars to keep happy and an ultra-demanding Chairman to satisfy.
  12. ah thanks for that. I wonder if Yasser Arafat, the head of PLO had his PLO. poor jokes aside, if this guy is in the game, I don't see why they don't put the tea lady, the guy who washes kits and one who rips tickets at the entrance. I mean, to have a guy responsible for players' housing and health insurance is surely stretching FM a bit towards Football Chairman mod. Hope you won't need to hire this kind of personnel as a manager in the game.
  13. In this case it's Player Liaison Officer... a subtle but vital difference
  14. There's PLO in Southampton? Only PLO I know about had Yasser Arafat as a leader and was in Palestine. Could someone explain what is this branch in Southampton and who is this new bloke that stepped into Arafat's shoes?
  15. Wait a minute... Is the Medical Center created after my feature suggestion (with some differences ofc)? Yes! And you say that ilkork is counterproductive!
  16. Totally agree. They should get rid of "twitter" which is so badly implemented anyway it is a joke. I honestly have no idea who even bothers to check this in the game. Generic and completely unrealistic. Also press conferences. Tedious, boring, unimportant...just a huge waste of time. Not to mention, they have been the same for years now. I did preorder though, of course. Can't understand moaning here of people who are playing the game every year and now don't want to buy because they don't know what they will get..really? The core of the game has been the same for 20 years now,
  17. That's more along the lines of how it should be. The launch last year (or the one previous) in regards to the discount only being applicable before detail annoucement was shoddy. Miles launched some passive-aggressive tirade on twitter that the discount is for people who "trust" SI to deliver a quality product. Talk about praying on the loyalty of your fanbase.
  18. I'll dedicate my first post to say that after following this for a number of weeks, my entire afternoon's mood relies on this.
  19. Utter farce as like the hangman anagram bollocks. Never known a company to be so frigid with their new game features.
  20. What a result Oviedo got. Incredibly Deportivo have beaten Real Madrid at home. But we've beaten Granada!! 3 teams on 36 points and in the end Deportivo were the unlucky ones..... What an end to the season. We stayed up though! Another season in La Liga.
  21. Wer Feuer frißt, scheißt Funken Bayer Leverkusen / Côte d'Ivoire November 2071 Mini-Update November? What happened to Septemb...oh, yeah. That happened. Ciprian swore that we'd not discuss it further, so... Domestically, our form is top-class. We're joint-top, 2nd on goal difference -- far better than any would have expected. We drew a brutal Champions League group, but haven't embarrassed ourselves with a draw against the mighty Inter, a narrow loss at Old Trafford and a win over Fenerbache. We sit 3rd, one point ahead of United...with 2 matches to play, we'll
  22. I will not pre-order and use the "contract extension", unless SI give some more info about the game very soon !!!
  23. I for a long time decided not to pre-order any games, due to how the gaming industry is treating gamers in general terms, with their half finish games (to be fair, this not a rant, but look how many games had so much problems on release, not to mention the exclusives stuff with DLC and Season Passes). We gamers end up paying more for gamers then a couple of years ago. I was undecided if I pre-order FM18 this year, as it goes against this decision not to pre-order games. After seeing this video, I'm yet to be convinced. I will wait for further videos, even if it means i loose the oppo
  24. Had a look at the video Couple of the new features shown are ripped from the extinct fifa manager series, like team dynamics, scouting packages aren't revolutionary in management games but are a good addition, Might as well look at their team talk module which was interesting as well. Medical center, New tactics screen look promising as well. My wish from a personal point of view would be the news module which has stopped us from getting updates in our inbox , And the social media feature which has made it difficult to get immersed in the game world. Also I would be glad if the game
  25. Just to clarify around the word 'Dynamics' that has been reported to be heard around FM18 HQ in recent weeks. Diane Namics is my Mum and the new head cook of the FM canteen she has caused quite a buzz with her new menu and would like it known she has no imput into any gameplay decisions! Master Namics
  26. 93rd minute: Rodriguez wasting some time before this goal kick. Wednesday fans are whistling, they want it to be all over... AND IT IS ALL OVER! SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY WIN THEIR FIRST FA CUP IN WELL OVER A CENTURY AND ADAM HART'S MEN ARE THE WELL DESERVED VICTORS TODAY AT WEMBLEY!
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