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  1. I read a lot of great tactics and articles posted by a lot of people on this forum. They have been immeasurably valuable to assisting me in developing and understanding this game. It is my hope that I can add a little to collective knowledge and maybe offer a different perspective. I also promised some people via pm that I would post this and explain the system. As background, I am an American with almost zero soccer experience. Prior to picking up FM16, I had never seen a club match in my life and had only watched a few US mens and womens national team games. Aside from a short stint on
  2. "Jamie - ****ing - Sewell... Well would you look at that." Minutes before: "Boss, I don't feel good. I think I just saw a ghost." "Don't be silly, Mumbu. Sit here, eat some quiche - NO! Not MY quiche - order your own, you worthless..." "But, me means it, boss. He was really scary. I think, I recoangn... recogniizz... Me thinks I know him, boss!" "Oh, well, how bad can it be." "It's bad boss. Me want to run. He is bad man." The door slams open and an old, pale man with white powder around his nose walks into the café. "Ohhh, would you look at that
  3. Yeah I think there's too many points to make up at this point unfortunately. I did get an interview from a journo at some point last season claiming that Bournemouth (then bottom of the Prem) were interested in hiring me. That's been the only link that I've seen for any Premier League clubs so far. I actually think that with the pop up journo questions, more often than not these are actually made up rumours, because I don't think I've ever been offered a job that has been linked with me that way. I find the "WNT" pop up by my profile as a much more accurate way of seeing what jobs I might
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