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  1. "Alright Adam, we're officially announcing you as our manager tomorrow. It's the same day as our FA Cup 2nd Round trip to Crewe, we're leaving Gillingham at bright and early, make sure you're there. "No problem lads! I'll be there bright and early" - "Adam, it's 8AM, where the **** are you?" "I'm right outside the ground man. I can't see you guys anywhere. I've got to say, I really thought the stadium would be a bit bigger than this you know" "What are you, front entrance, back entrance? We're a medium sized League 1 side Adam, our ground isn't that small for where we are" "I'm at the front entrance. I'm telling you, I can't see you" "Are there any landmarks? What can you see?" "I'm looking straight at the club crest on the main wall. See...Gillingham Town. I'm right here" "Did you say Gillingham Town...?" "Yeah man. I'm right here" "Look at your sat nav Adam. Where does it say you are?" "I'm right here in Dorset" "Dorset?!? Why the **** are you in Dorset?! You idiot! You've got the wrong Gillingham! Jump in a taxi immediately and meet us in Crewe!" -
  2. Your assistant looks like a difficult person to deal with. You tell him to do something, he says "I don't think so boss", after your force him to do it, he still has the nerve to remind you he thinks the idea sucks. Fire him!!!
  3. Here we go @wynter! The last game I switched the striker to a DLF (a) from a TM (a) as I didn't want us to look for him the whole time with long balls. I added the PI Dribble Less so he has the same instructions as a TM (a), along with Moves into Channels as a default for the DLF. The only other thing different is in the screenshot I swapped the positions of the CM (a) and the RPM, in all our games so far they have been the other way around. As I read that the CM (a) and the IF (a) could be running into the same spaces. The CM (a) being on the side with the W (a) will hopefully give him more space. Finally, I added the PI Stay Wider to both fullbacks so that we always have an option out wide. If anyone has anymore questions just ask. On a side note: Does anyone know how to fix the boxes in the pitch view? Calling all you skin savvy people out there!
  4. About that new striker, playing him as a Trequartista is probably not the best idea, as it's even more of a playmaker role than the False Nine. A Trequartista is pretty much just an Advanced Playmaker given more freedom to roam, and(if I recall correctly) less defensive duties.
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