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  1. I'm kinda happy there's no ME changes because I'm not finding any particularly annoying bugs this year (unlike last year tbh - the wing play imbalances were driving me mad), and most of all because I'm doing well and this means I don't have to touch my tactics. It's a really rather fun ME, FM17's. I think we've finally got something that is both more fun and more balanced than FM12 and I don't say that lightly. I've spent the last 5 years moaning really.
  2. I am actually very happy that SI hasn't made any ME changes. This is by far the best ME we've had and I think that no changes are needed at the moment.
  3. Personally don't feel ME changes were needed. Nothing drastic enough to ruin the game anyway, it's fine as it is
  4. Thread Inspired by - Diego Simeone's 4-4-2 Atletico Madrid (!Watch Video!) The Rise of Atletico Madrid and Diego Simeone Simeone's Major Honours with Atletico La Liga (1): 2013–14 Copa del Rey (1): 2012–13 Supercopa de España (1): 2014 UEFA Europa League (1): 2011–12 UEFA Super Cup (1): 2012 UEFA Champions League Runner-up (2): 2013–14, 2015–16 Simeone has established Atletico as a Spanish giant as Real, Barcelona and Atleti challenge for the title every year, one of the most sought managers in Europe here is why Simeone has been so successful in transforming a mid table Atletico Madrid side into one of the most feared teams in Europe not only able to compete in the Champions League and domestically but Reach the final twice and become champions of La Liga. Under Simeone Atlético Madrid play a unique style of football in comparison to the rest of the modern game, whilst teams like Barcelona prefer a 'Tiki Taka' philosophy dominating most matches with patient passing and keeping a large percentage of the ball or teams like Arsenal playing a vibrant attacking (4)-2-3-1 set up , Diego Simeone prefers a classic 4-4-2 formation but is much more advanced and effective than the old target man and poacher set up. Simeone engrains cohesion, organisation and discipline into his side in order to try and achieve a result, set up with 2 banks of 4 and 2 front men every player on his team contributes to the defensive and pressing side of the game with a lot of ground to cover attacking and defending as a unit, Simeone has his men set to press high up the field in an attempt to win the ball early on starting with his forwards and if the ball crosses into his teams territory his defensive line retreats much deeper and his team sit very narrow compressing the space in the centre of the pitch and forcing the opposition out wide where their wingers are pressed aggressively and a counter attack is quickly launched. - Against stronger opposition Atletico Madrid are known to sit deep and frustrate the opposition in an attempt to grind out a result - Against weaker opposition Atletico sit with a higher defensive line in an attempt to compress the space in the opposition half with a high tempo to unsettle them and get a goal. This tactic will attempt to: - Play a narrow 4-4-2 shape and use it to similar effect as Atletico Madrid. - Emulate Diego Simeone and Atletico's Pressing. - Remain disciplined in attack and defence. - Play high pressing high tempo counter attacking football. - Remain hard to break down and frustrate opponents - Rely on teamwork, work rate and aggression rather than technical ability of individuals to win games. Main Attributes for this style of play (DNA): - Team work: You want players to play together and work as a unit in attack and defence. - Work rate: Players will have to press all day long, there will be no room for players unwilling to press with a low work rate attribute - Aggression: Players will have to be aggressive in winning back the ball (Increases chance of successful pressing) - Off The Ball: Players will have a good understanding and make great off the ball runs. - Positioning: Players knowing where they should be in attacking and defensive situations is crucial. Atletico Madrid Shape variety ATLETICOS SHAPE IN ATTACK BASIC SHAPE ATLETICOS SHAPE IN DEFENSE Goalkeeper: A good shot stopper as he will face a large amount of long shots when playing deep in ur own half ( Jan Oblak ) Wingbacks: Must be able to get up and down the field and contribute to attacking and defensive phases of the game - high stamina work rate and positioning ( Felipe Luis + Juanfran ) Centre backs: Must be able to keep shape in defense and intercept stray passes - Positioning and Marking must be high ( Godin + Gimenez ) Wide Midfielders: One is set as a winger and one is set as a wide playmaker but both appear as Wide Midfielders but with PI's they fulfill their role and helps ensure they don't neglect their defensive responsibilities, Must have High work rate, stamina and first touch. ( Koke + Carrasco ) - DLP/S: Sit deep and keep shape in defense - Must be an all round player with good stamina work rate tackling passing and vision ( Gabi ) - CM/S: A box to box midfielder without the free roam PI player will press high up the field hold team shape in defence and have good physical attributes to be able to contribute to fast counter attacking bursts up field - Must have high stamina work rate passing and dribbling (Tiago) - DLF: Both strikers will have to defend deep in their own half and press high up the pitch whilst also linking up in attack with team mates - Must have good work rate dribbling passing vision and off the ball. **Aggression is also an important attribute but not vital** TEAM INSTRUCTIONS The team instructions are not set and stone and may be changed whatever your preference. Higher Tempo: Increases chances of fast counter attacks and unsettles opponents Narrow: Midfield and defence will sit narrow and compress the space the opposition has to work with Slightly Deeper Defensive line: ** Must be adjusted in game depending on opponent** Put to normal or slightly higher if you feel you need to attack. Be More Disciplined: Must work as a team and follow tactical instructions no flashy passes or wasteful dribbles to disrupt the flow of play Pass into space: Exploit the space in behind opposition defence Play out of defence: Discourages long balls from the back and encourages players to either run or work the ball upfield ***Optional*** Look for overlap: To bring wing backs into play more often ( will already be involved in the game due to their attacking roles ) Work ball into box: Only to be used against weaker opposition Run at defence: Use if your team has good dribblers amongst its ranks it can be useful on the counter attack bypassing defenders and taking them out of the game. Opposition Instructions *VITAL* Absolutely crucial in emulating Atletico's pressing, set to press every player in defensive positions (High Press) and to stay solid in the centre until the ball is out wide (Wide Press) TACTICAL ANALYSIS: Team Shape - Crucial in Providing a Solid Basis in pressing and being defensively disciplined and hard to break down. - 2 narrow banks of four in a solid team shape, forwards helping press the ball encouraging opposition to launch a long ball and give away possession, acts as an iron curtain making it difficult for opposition to break down and hurting opposition on the counter attack, all players must contribute to pressing and stay in shape. High Press - In this screenshot both teams are situated high up the field in the oppositions half pressing aggressively in an attempt to win the ball back providing successful may lead to a goal scoring opportunity as team mates run forward in support, both sets of strikes are forcing opponents into making a mistake whilst the other is man marking or cutting passing lanes the other is aggressively closing down the ball. Wide Pressing - Simeone's side are known to keep shape in the centre of the field whilst forcing opponents out wide with pressing from the strikers, once the opposition have the ball on the flank the team adjust and close the ball down with aggression whilst keeping team shape and launching a counter attack. Bellow is an example that lead to a goal scoring chance. This time the ball was successfully won back and the team are set for a fast attack at goal to catch the opposition off guard - Defensive line pushes higher - Players surge forward -Disciplined shape and fast attack - Passing options became available and players exploit the poor positioning of the opposition - - Space Opens up behind the defence and a clear cut chance has appeared - Wide midfielders display good off the ball runs that lead to a goal. - - WM/A surges forward and finds himself in a good position - Keeper makes a good save and the ball falls nicely for the open goal. PLAYER INSTRUCTIONS FOR EACH ROLE 4-4-2 Simeone_4AE1D7E8-9A8E-41D9-A326-F2FD9A000FB0.fmf Best of the 3 !!!New updated strikerless Tactic!!! 442 Diego Simeone Strikerless_3F30D31F-2F33-4429-8D1F-3080234EBB47.fmf OhhScottySinclair's - Rise of Diego Simeone - Underdog_D077F2D8-5E8F-4C14-B1C3-128B97DD11A1.fmf
  5. Hi All, Regarding every year winter transfer DB update. It should consist of 1. current DB fine tuning (player attribute changes) 2. Error Fix (really sth wrong) 3. January transfer Is it a good idea of saperate January transfer DB changes from the error/fine tunning? Since I think many ppl like me would enjoy playing with Summer transfer but with the error fixed. Banana from HK
  6. I think SI staff have been very quick and responsive to every question asked... even several helpful responses to the user calling them lazy... how is it unclear? the Match Engine covers everything in the match... Fixed divergence warning appearing during a match
  7. As was posted a few posts above yours: There isn't any changes except fixing a warning appearing during a match. This necessitated a version number increase.
  8. My belief (and you really should check with the experts) is that the "structured-flexible-fluid" choices are very misleadingly named. The proper way to name them would be "vertical compactness." To me, it seems to govern the spacing between your lines. One of my huge complaints is that FM seems to work with "English football English" rather than just using English words with normal English definitions. By that I mean they use words that mean something in English club football tactics. An example is that "at sixes and sevens" is a cliché in Britain, but to an American, it's just a collection of words. We have different phrases for different tactical ideas. That's not an exclusively British thing; my wife is from Kenya and they have their own English language clichés. (I'm not speaking exclusively about football here.) I work with someone from India; she has her own clichés. The mistake the game designers make is assuming that English as spoken in Britain is some kind of universal language. Many of the complaints/misunderstandings on this thread come from this exact problem. Words are used in the game incorrectly. You would THINK that "fluid" would mean a centerback willing to maraud forward to take advantage of space, or that a forward would come back to the midfield to try to win a ball, but that's not really what you "see" when you watch matches. "Fluid" merely means more vertically compact than "flexible." The one most prominent example is that the counter setting isn't really setting you up to play the counter. It just means less risky than standard and more risky than defensive. Why they didn't just give it a name to reflect that who the hell knows. Basically, when you, the player, want to implement your tactical ideas, you can't just look at your options and choose what you want. You have to run your ideas through some kind of babelfish translator first. That's poor game design. And it's been that way ever since they got rid of wibble wobble. That's just corporate arrogance.
  9. Thanks, but that doesn't really help me as a Danish person who don't really know much about British politics. Has the chance of getting a hard Brexit been decreased or not?
  10. I hate for my first comment on the new patch and update to be a compliant... but this honestly feels like deja vu from last year. I was under the impression - perhaps mistakenly - that the reason the winter patch/update is later now is that the later closing dates of the transfer windows in Russia and China can be accommodated. But almost all of the transfers from late in the Russian window have been missed. I have spotted about 20 to 25 missed transfers. I would understand more if it was just transfers from the last day or two of the window, but I see some that were confirmed (on sites like Transfermarkt) on the same days as other transfers from bigger leagues that are in the data. So it ends up looking like Russian somehow just got ignored. Again. What makes it frustrating was that the same thing happened last year. I don't think it was nearly as many missed transfers last year. I completely understand that Russia is far from the most popular or important league in the database. But some of us do enjoy managing there. And look forward to the data update. And seeing the plethora of missed transfers completely kills that excitement. Sorry for the complaints
  11. SI you missed a lot of transfers in asia especially in south east asia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, such as Jorge Pereyra DIaz is not in JDT anymore, and 60% of the rosters in indonesian clubs isn't yet updated, especially foreign players. And some national team managers in asian countries has been change since early and middle of 2016, like Jørn Andersen now is managing North Korea National team, Otto Pfister is the new Afghanistan manager, Tom Saintfiet is not managing Bangladesh national team anymore and Luis Milla is already managing Indonesia but he is managing both senior team and U23 team, and he also bring his backroom staff in real zaragoza Miguel Gandia and Eduardo Perez Moran Gk coach of APOEL, also you didn't apply the new rule in indonesian league, i've already post about it in indonesia official league issue forum, and Problems about Bhayangkara FC has the history of Persebaya still not yet fixed, i also have already post about it in Indonesia official data issue forum. and player named Driss Fettouhi from morocco still have indonesian passport, check my post in here
  12. I'm very glad there's no ME changes. It works well enough at the moment. It wouldn't be unheard of for SI to "fix" it, make it worse, refuse to release a further patch and ban anyone from reverting to the current perfectly functional version because reasons.
  13. This would make sense, but I was not using technical, mental, or goalkeepers and they improved by 1-2 points though?
  14. I noticed the ME version changed from 1703 to 1704 with this patch. So there were ME changes?
  15. This is not from 17.3 but I'd really appreciate an answer, I posted this in the other feedback thread: I just completed my UEFA Pro licence, and all my managerial attributes increased except for defending, which went down by 1 point? Why is this? I pride my teams on being solid at the back, indeed this year we have by far the best defence record in the league despite having the second lowest wage budget. Is it because my manager was not assuming defensive training responsibilities? I cannot figure it out.
  16. Whoever does the research for the Conference teams are lazy. Injuries not done, very little upgrades to players that very much need them... poor.
  17. First things first... This is excellent. I really feel you've nailed the essence of the system. I was hankering after a framework for this, looking to build pretty much this very system, so thank you for your time and efforts putting this together. However, I'm a glutton for punishment, so I thought I'd try to implement this in a team that is a world away from Barcelona. (Reus, in the Spanish third tier, since you're asking!) The immediate issue here is that I don't have Messi, Iniesta, et al to call upon. But the principles of the system should remain, so I'll go through what I did, some of the issues I found, and where I felt I needed to change things. I can see a lot people trying and failing to replicate what you've done by plugging and playing. I should add that I haven't read the full thread, so if this has evolved from the initial post, apologies. Might be a decent experiment to see if you and others found similar issues though. I started with (roughly) the same system as you, but I brought the WBs into the defensive line. I also started with a F9 up front, but soon adopted the SS. Lastly, I used a RPM rather than an AP in midfield. A slight difference in interpretation of the system is all, but minimal changes. First, I should say that I barely touched the TIs. I thought they were sensible, and I like the minimalist approach here. I toyed with the d-line, and I toyed with switching 'Retain Possession' on and off, but to little effect. Next, I want to talk about player roles. You said they were plastic, and I absolutely agree with that. I thought your framework for assessing them was also excellent. It's really important to dig beneath the surface and find out exactly what you're asking of your players, and whether the role is appropriate. The issue I had here is that many of the player roles you used increase dribbling. Great if you have Iniesta, Messi, Neymar and Alves at your disposal, and I think this is why the conversion of Coutinho to RWB is a masterstroke. However... my players, not so good at the old dribbling, it turns out. I saw many instances of running into trouble, particularly in my own half as my RWB tried to take on the entire opposition team. I tweaked some of the roles to turn this down, moving from CWB to WB/S, which is much more customisable. The IF/A has the same issue. As I said, I moved away from the F9 to adopt the SS, but I felt that didn't work either. I wasn't getting the penetration I wanted. I moved to a CF/A, but that didn't work too well either. I ended up finding what I wanted with a DLF/A. He drops deep, but also acts a focal point for the attack. It also helped with the pressing, some. I ended up adopting the AP, as the RPM didn't work. Upon review, the AP/A is a much better representation of the Iniesta role. I also ditched the BPDs, as I felt it jarred with 'Play Out of Defence'. One shortens passing, the other appears to lengthen it. My defenders were by-passing my midfield too often, and losing possession as a result. Moving on to PIs... the only one I really had issue with was telling the IFs to stay wide. I found my centre forward was very isolated, and it also prevented my WBs from getting into the game. They played more like wingers that cut inside after receiving the ball to feet, which, you know, maybe isn't a bad representation of what Messi does from the right hand side. In my team, it just didn't work, perhaps due to the aforementioned dribbling issues. Anyway, hope that helps some people if they're looking to do this with players who are mortal! Good job though, a really enjoyable read, and I thought it gave me an excellent place to work from and iron out issues as I went.
  18. Surely it's time for FM to properly separate the instructions for the defensive and offensive phases of games. This would allow for transitions between defence and attack that more closely mirror the real life game where it is actually possible to be structured in defence whilst at the same time remaining fluid in attack when you win the ball back
  19. Yes really. And if users often write anything else, they'll be corrected (if we notice it). When defending, your team retreats into a compact defensive shape regardless of your tactical settings. The Width TI for example tells your players to play wider (or narrower) when you have the ball. If setting a narrow width your players may transition back into their defensive shape slightly faster as they have less far to run, but it doesn't affect their actual defensive shape.
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