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  1. The next major release will be in 7-10 days. It'll include youth squads for all J1 clubs, detailed squads for J2 clubs with 90% of the players having researched attributes and positions. A competition structure will also be released going down to the regional leagues and including the major cup competitions. The competition formats for J1, J2 and the League Cup change accordingly for the 2017 season. The promotion system between J3 and JFL has been implemented with J3 expanding until a certain number of teams is reached, enabling relegation afterwards. Oh, and there's also the facepack with
  2. Me: "Okay, that's almost it, Daniel. You just have to sign there, on the dotted line, and everything's done and dusted." Daniel: "I'd be more than happy to." Me: "Good lad. And now all that's left for me to do now is to officially welcome you to Millwall Football Club." Daniel: "Thanks. I can't wait to get started." Me: "Training starts tomorrow at 9, and I want you fit and raring to go from the off. I'm aware that you've not got the best track record with injuries, so do take care on your way out, please." Daniel: "Don't worry, boss, I'm sure it'll be alri-ARGHH, ME G
  3. Is there any regen playing for Iceland NT that didn't come through an icelander club at this point?
  4. 1 point from 6 against the top 2. Not good enough. But this year was never about the Serie A title. It was about qualifying for the Champions League. Into the stretch run we go, having played Roma, Napoli, Juve and Milan both home and away. We can do this.
  5. 31... Yeah, he's ready to retire and become a Rockstar. I mean, if you get to pick between Milan and Sonic Death Penguin... Nobody would pick Milan. Ever.
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