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  1. This happens because of two things: 1. You are probably using metallic logos correct? The widget/code used to show City pics in Vitrex, makes use of the games function to normally show "left sided background logos" in the titlebar/header of the game, like you see in this screenshot i've found below - if we made it the "normal" way like the Flut skin makes use of the, they would not only be visible as city pics, but also as the background of several screens including the club overview screen, which we didn't want - you can read more about why here: Look behind the main log
  2. After the veritable success of the FM14 Nordic Super League structure - which some of you may remember - I could not help but to create something like it for FM2015 as well. I present to you, the Nordic Superleague! The Nordic Superleague is comprised of six divisions that incorporate each Nordic country from Sweden to the Faroe Islands into its structure. This format is the handiwork of swedish FM player deadwood, whose example here enabled me to swiftly create this league structure. Please do check it out, it's quite good - if you can read Swedish! I've simplified the league structure a
  3. My first tactic for FM 17. Main highlight is it's rock solid defence. I've gone 30 league games in League 2 with Wycombe, conceding just 8 goals!!! It's a high pressing 4-1-2-2-1 formation and very similar to my Wings of Fury tactics for FM 16, except we have a DM to provide that defensive solidity. FORMATION PLAYERS REQUIRED Wing Backs – These guys are the key players in the team as a lot of the attacking play revolves around their ability to get forward and whip in dangerous crosses so good crossing ability is a must. High stamina and work rate will also increase their e
  4. Will do, just bought mcafee, fm17 and the hp laptop for £500!
  5. Following on from the youngsters discussion as Powello says it's definitely the United way. I'm almost at the end of my 3rd and my youngsters careers are going quite well... Rashford - Guarenteed starter for me now, whether it's from the wing or up front Fosu-Mensah - Plays every game if fit and has done since January first season, absolute beast in the holding role Tuanzebe - After some loan spells he's turned into my first choice centre back alongside Gimenez, he's taken Smalling's spot this season. Has an England cap now too. Shaun-Williams - Actually rated him higher th
  6. It may not be perfect, but it's still far better than the default regen hair. 90% of mine had receding hairlines and a mullet before - not a good look !
  7. @King Costly, @tyler16, @oulzac, glad to hear that! Dunno when the full realease comes out. I'm struggling with a lot of things and there is still a lot of to do on my list. Maybe today (?) I will find a little bit of time to realease what I already got (v0.3). Brand new manager home panel:
  8. Thank for all the help over last few weeks! About to order this for £460!
  9. It seems you might have a point @MadCatPT, since all my youth are born in Albufeira. I've added "place of birth" into my squad view, so in the future it will be obvious to see. @Shakes - Another good effort to get promoted! You'll get it soon. Great promotion @darren1983! Way to get into the football league! @makovn - Solid season there. Possible promotion next season? Very close to a promotion there, @Duroliponte. Next season for sure!
  10. @darren1983 I started playing FM2017 with this save, so got me the two first seasons find my footing, I could have done much better those first years. I really like these saves where I struggle strangely, I have adapted to the talent I can get, finally got a GK and in his second game made a save that I didn't saw the old one do in 4,5 seasons. Just four non youths on my starting eleven, so maybe I'll just go up when I have all youths.
  11. A good change is to set your AP to support, and change your B2B to a CM-A... Then your runner will actively attack the box. Cheers, Bitner
  12. So I'm a really big fan of the new way that the tactical familiarity/cohesion works but there's one thing I find a bit unclear... When you have several players (usually new signings) that are behind individually in tactical familiarity, does it help to keep training tactics for the whole team as match preparation? i.e. - Will the rate at which they improve familiarity increase, or is it tied more to game time (as the AssMan feedback on the individual player familiarity seems to suggest)?
  13. You play with 6 Attack duties? That's quite something... Congratulations on the league win. (Althoug a silent tear goes to OGC Nice. What a shame.)
  14. SECOND SEASON 2017/2018 2016/2017 quick overview As i stated in previous posts, i started again with the latest patch and some licences fixes I won't go in depth for 2016/2017, but for the one who like, here is the league table OMG LYON As you can see a BIG surprise, as Lyon won the league over PSG and OM, PSG did not get any domestic trophies and i even beat them two times, one at home with a 92th minute THAUVIN goal and one time in Coupe de la Ligue Final ! I was able to lift Coupe de la Ligue against PSG 1-0 so it was a good season in and out Transf
  15. No, never heard of him, he looks great! I'll definitely have a look, cheers man.
  16. I usually edit clubs that are no longer active for years... there are clubs like "british army" that probably played last century... and you can check it before edit.
  17. Do what you feel YOU want. The more you play to the crowd, the less you'll like updating your save
  18. Besides the CF (S), there is almost no one in the box when your wingers and fullbacks are sending crosses. Your BBM will make late runs and maybe your AP occasionally but not often. So the CF will always have two central defenders marking him out of the game. This would be my guess at least...
  19. For the, whilst I've never deemed this to be unplayable in any formation, for the time being I don't play any 2 centre midfielder formations, simple as that (certainly not without one of the two forwards encouraging to man mark the deepest opposition midfielder, but then I did so on previous already). If that gained you an edge in previous editions compared to AI who played 4-4-2 and similar (who never did this), it should certainly be more pronounced here. 4-4-2 are weakened in particular, as to be expected if 2 central midfielders are isolated, not only from the players in front of them, but
  20. Aye, my point was more complaining about Stoke and the like, agreeing with you much as anything.
  21. First of all, before I get shot down and labelled a 'moaning minnie', the work Sports Interactive have done on FM17 and all previous titles is absolutely superb. Football Manager is the greatest game around for fans of the game and that will never change. I've been an avid player since the 'Championship Manager 3' days. Overall, well done and many thanks for delivering FM to us. However, many users will realise in FM17 this year, that a feature which has been present in the game for sometime has disappeared altogether; the ability to upload a photograph for your own in-game manager. The r
  22. I'm glad this exists in the game. Definetly should happen.
  23. I've done a little more experimenting, creating another couple of custom directories ("ba" and "ca"), this time using just the "crowd_partition.sia" in corner_xrefs and top_xrefs (and their matching corner.sia and top.sia files) from the original "a" directory in the interests of seeing if that makes a difference - I was hoping to get a result with stands but no wall behind the goal - and amending the .json file to offer different entries for "right" like so: { capacity_tags : 0, hash_key : 1424662799, id : 545, name : "0-10000/ba/corner", steps : [
  24. Ugh tell me about it. I haven't had a tactic that I've felt really good about since they nerfed dribbling in an early FM14 patch. It's so hard to get consistency these days, it feels like random elements are a much bigger part. I remember in FM13 I'd load up my test international save to play with tactics and if I was onto a good thing it'd look good every time I played the match. Now I can do the same thing and one game we'll have 25 shots to 5 and the next it'll be completely reversed. It's become a much more frustrating game, I used to love to tinker with tactics, now if something sort of
  25. Perhaps other clubs don't appreciate your lack of punctuation in communications.
  26. We don't feel the injuries are unrealistic from our testing but if you have any concrete information that shows an unrealistic level we are happy to look into it.
  27. I think I've had some luck messing with this. On a quick noodle around based on what @sevestra and @KUBI shared I: - Created a new "aa" folder in the "0-10000" directory. - Copied the "top" and "corner" directories and matching .sia files from "stadiums/no_stand/a" (that's not the subdirectory within "0-10000", but the root stadium folder) into "aa". This allows stadiums with no stands behind the goals (and I figured the corners wouldn't hurt). - Copied the "right" directory and matching .sia file from "0-10000/b" to "aa". The "b" directory seems to have many more variants withi
  28. Ok so after a brief hiatus from the game and also me getting distracted by a Doncaster Rovers save where I got bogged down in actually trying to buy players without money, I've decided to go back to beginning and create a proper Pulis save with my Leeds side. I think I've created a tactic I'm actually really happy with. Its very solid defensively, incredibly boring to watch, utterly uninspiring and pretty one dimensional. Which is exactly what I wanted it to be: TIs: Route 1 Disciplined Stand off opponents Higher Tempo Optional TIs: Wider / Narrower Stay on feet. Most tactics I see
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