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  1. Agreed,it's very much out of order to plagiarise any content without asking for permission or crediting the originators ! The pack was a collaborative effort and at no point was "Tommy Hughes" involved !
  2. You state all credit goes to Tommy Hughes, who? Also it may be obvious to you and me who originally started the project but not to others All I ask is for full credits to be associated with the post, at no point did I imply stealing of credits.
  3. I'm just about ready to start my new thread. I know, I know, I started one a little while back, but to be honest I just didn't get into it. I raced ahead too quickly and the thought of updating years and years and pages and pages of screenshots was just too much. Especially when I was absolutely dreadful. So instead I'm finally putting a dream of mine I've had since FM13 in place. Using the editor, I'll be completely replacing Oceania and South America with my own custom continents. That will mean 25 completely fantasy nations with their own clubs, structure and little quirks. Pl
  4. Finished my first season and it has probably been my most successful first season in a loooong time. Won the league, FA Cup and Europa League. In FM 16 I was sacked by United before Christmas first time out, so nice to be on top of it a bit early. Rewarded my backroom team by sacking half of them and bringing in some better replacements. Also released a large chunk of youth players who don't look like they'll make the grade. Trying to streamline the club as there's just too many average youngsters and coaches. Brought Robben and Berahino in on free transfers. Can't see any real downs
  5. You seem to keep dodging the question of who is Tommy Hughes If in fact you read my original comment you will see I commend you on the additions you made to the pack. So again I have to ask the same thing, I/we would just like you to associate the credits to the pack in full please. Yes I know you are bringing to our attention the updated part of the patch and again I thank and commend you for the additions made. p.p Just notice your p.s, thanks for that.
  6. 31 years seems like more than enough time to add two seats to your stadium, no?
  7. I would totally try them if the color scheme wouldn't drive me nuts by about 2 seasons in.
  8. I'm using your 442 at the minute, but i'm struggling get the best out of my forwards, Icardi and Origi, any suggestions?
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