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  1. It's on my list, a quick test shows it still works for the most part - just needs all the file locations updating and little bit of tweaking, hopefully have something up during the week.
  2. Another Greek tragedy of overspending and financial mis-management. I'm unconvinced if your post is genuine or a post-modern satire on European economics.
  3. Welcome to the FMO Clan Advertiser Thread, if your hosting a game and are looking for players, or your a player looking to see what clans need more people to join, then this is the right place to come. Hosts, please use the form below to give us the required details about your game: Clan Name: (We only ask you dont have anything too rude here) Game: (Which version of CM / FM you are hosting) Times: (The times that your clan will be playing, please dont forget to state your timezone!) Leagues: (What league(s) will you be playing? e.g. EPL, SPL, La Liga etc) Additional Info: (Please give h
  4. First of all, before I get shot down and labelled a 'moaning minnie', the work Sports Interactive have done on FM17 and all previous titles is absolutely superb. Football Manager is the greatest game around for fans of the game and that will never change. I've been an avid player since the 'Championship Manager 3' days. Overall, well done and many thanks for delivering FM to us. However, many users will realise in FM17 this year, that a feature which has been present in the game for sometime has disappeared altogether; the ability to upload a photograph for your own in-game manager. The r
  5. The graphics in FM have always been poor, they have to cater for a casual fan base which means they cant make the game too demanding on the hardware side. Thats fine and i fully understand it. The problem is, they still try and make the game realistic, which with their hardware limitations just isnt possible. Im suprised they havent gone down the route that games like parkitect or overwatch have done. Even borderlands to some degree. Planet coaster has gone for the realistic approach and it looks wonderful, similar to how fifa/pro evo look great. Parkitect knew there limitations
  6. Just a couple of neat touches I've come across this evening as I've been playing. Last season my part time club got a bit of a star striker through with 1.5*CA at 16yo. It didn't take long for bigger clubs to become interested so as soon as I could I offered him a pro deal but he would only accept non-contract terms. A few months on having made five sub appearances & one start bigger clubs again started sniffing around so I thought I would try offering him a contract again expecting him to either refuse or stick to non-contract terms but after a couple of promises he agreed a reason
  7. This may be true Dave, but if you are playing in 3D and the animations dont reflect what is going on in the ME it can be frustrating. As I said I believe that SI are finally going in the right direction,FM17 looks a big improvement on previous versions
  8. Enfield Town FC - Vanarama National - 2023/24 After our cup runs last year I really wanted to reach the playoffs this season. We started fine this season as I made minimal new signings so I didn't disrupt the team cohesion which helped as all season we were in or around the playoffs. We scraped into the playoffs by the skin of our teeth as we fell out on the penultimate weekend but Bury and Fylde our nearest rivals faced each over in the final game Bury won which meant we leapfrogged Fylde and beat out Bury on goal difference to the final spot. In the playoffs we overcame Newport in the sem
  9. Anyone who plays FM for the graphics needs to have a word with themselves.
  10. I have a theory that the regens are the result of a very busy Joleon Lescott
  11. I like him, he has dwells on the ball as a PPM,so he holds on to the ball and often plays nice passes to IF's running between full backs and central defenders.
  12. Yes, but please note the rules might have changed and I might be wrong. Think I'm right though, the text in-game references making enough appearances, so I think 75% in last 24 months is how its done
  13. Rules might have changed but I think it was 75% of games in last two years. So I'm sure if he continues like that then in 18 months or so he should get one, if Serbia stay high enough. He theoretically might get one if he gets better/more rep too, but I'm not 100%
  14. I bought the in game editor and it shows installed in Steam. However, when I start a new game (or a saved game), the editor doesn't show up. Never had this issue with 2015 or 2016. Any ideas?
  15. Has been in for about the last two or three versions but hasn't been very well communicated I'd say.
  16. The ME is a virtual representation of a chaotic system (a football match). I'm not sure you have any idea of how difficult that is to do. So yeah, sometimes your players look like they do odd things, but you know, it's a computer program, not real life. You'll find the same issues in any sports game you care to find, if you look hard enough. The fact that we have a 3D ME at all is a pretty good achievement IMO, and it's getting better with each iteration of the game.
  17. This forum is "special". At some point, someone will make a comment about a Match Engine issue (crosses, long shots, woodwork hits, offsides, AI bias) and then a domino effect will occur. It's basically guaranteed.
  18. Anyone know how much the ingame editor is to buy in pounds? I want to add all the funds into my steam wallet before I buy the whole game as I always end up with a spare few pence after getting the editor because of the minimum amount you can add to your wallet. It shouldn't bother me as it's only a few pennies but it does!!
  19. I accept its of limited value without my own picture to contribute but that's genuinely not the worst I've seen. I had a guy whose face was honestly the bottom 1/3 of his head. I never thought I'd say this but the game is genuinely good enough that these weirdos are one of the more pressing issues needing fixed.
  20. The really telling thing for me is that this feedback page is currently 5 pages long. I've seen years when it's been ten times that, full of complaints, rants and whinges - some of them justified. SI seem to be getting better at releasing a highly polished product on release day, and that's to be applauded.
  21. The AI still is a coward : you know and I feel when the idiot will make himself win ! You can put every tactics in the world : AI will win ! Can't stop of laughing how my strikers are so poor and how my defence is so poor ( yet not fixed ) ! Get some **** seasons because the AI decided it ! Football Manager should be called : how long it will last 'till you'll get sacked ! I can accept having some **** ones but not when the AI has decided to be a coward !
  22. I think it is difficult to create Hazard's role He is given max freedom, he appears everywhere.
  23. As Fergie said, "I wouldn't sell them a virus". Tell 'em where to stick it.
  24. Tried with wide players set to Winger (Support) and Defensive Winger (Support), did try Defensive Winger (Defend) but that didn't work at all. Team settings were set to Fluid Counter, did also try Fluid Control.
  25. I think they got the message and if they re-considering it, there will be a change. If not, we just have to accept it. My first reaction was also to find a work-around, but the longer I play the less I don't care.
  26. It's infuriating that they went ahead and did this without even conducting some research into the importance of the feature. Part of me thought SI would have realised their mistake and restored the manager photograph for the official release today. Very, very disappointing.
  27. Tried a few three man defenses and consistently have the same issue. No idea how to fix it
  28. I would love to post some additional feedback this weekend, but I struggle to even make it past the setup screens anymore :-/
  29. Pro Vercelli for me, just finished my third season. First season was a solid if unspectacular mid-table finish in Serie B, then snuck my way up to Serie A in the second season way too early. Third season was trying to snatch points where I could, just managing to sneak a 16th place finish. Have a few decent prospects I hope don't get hoovered up elsewhere, and the board have started talks for a new stadium as my 5,500 capacity wasn't doing me many favours!
  30. United this season have had virtually no structure in attack and have just been one giant mess. So you might want to go with very fluid and then some player roles that don't make any sense.
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