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  1. The Short Term System Before delving into how I want the team to play in the short term, I need to look at the good and bad points (from an Aachen perspective) of the current 4-4-2 system (aka my long term goal). It's quite brief: The bad points are the tactical settings - the TIs, the PIs, the Mentality and the Team Shape. So not much then . The good points are the player roles and duties. Starting with the good points (and this goes right back to my first post), I'm focussing on player roles and duties. Regardless or the other tactical settings, there is a nice balance to the side. An overlapping fullback; a midfield runner; a winger who cuts inside; creativity and goal threats from the strike partnership. All of that works and links up - and I see no reason why that wouldn't work with Aachen. There is nothing overly technical about the roles, nothing too demanding - anyone at any level of the game can make overlapping runs or stick a cross into the box. That's my theory anyway, so in terms of the basic system I'll be sticking with the original. What I need to do is adapt the other tactical settings (the "bad points") to give my team an acceptable style of play in the short term. Medium and Long Term I'll need to adapt again, but the immediate concern is the beginning of the season. To tackle that, this is how I'll be playing: Counter Mentality; Flexible Team Shape; just one TI - Close Down More. First and foremost, I am not playing with a Counter mentality to play Counter Attacking football. I fully expect to see some counter attacks purely from the team set up and knowing that the Counter mentality can trigger counters a little more often than some other mentalities, but that's not the main goal here. My aim is to play in a relatively risk free way. Being defensively solid is my primary goal whilst maintaining some attacking threat from player roles. The Counter mentality is low down on the risk "ladder", which should be great for such a poor team. It's also worth noting that I fully expect opponents to come at me. Aachen are favourites for relegation and so will be seen as easy pickings. By playing conservatively I intend to use their aggression against them - they'll leave space for me to exploit from both the mentality I use and my player duties. When not counter attacking, the team should play in a certain style - risk adverse in defence, patient in possession with attacking intent from certain players. I don't want to be as risk adverse as possible (that's really not how I like to play FM), so when defending I do want the team to press a little more to apply some pressure to the ball carrier. I don't just want to sit deep and look for the odd counter attack - I still want to play with a little closing down to keep opponents on their toes. I've also switched to a Flexible Team Shape to add a little more compactness to the team. In the original system, I used 2 shouts for this which I'm not using here, so that should help. It does add a bit more player creativity however, so I may use the Be More Disciplined shout to counter act that if needed, but it should be fine - we're only talking margins here. Finally, there is one other issue I need to negate. My left winger is instructed to Dribble More. Fine if I have a player who can actually dribble, but I don't, so using this PI will get me into trouble. It's removed. Pre-Season I usually play pre-season to get players fit and boost morale (by winning matches against poor opposition). I've done it a little differently with Aachen however: 3 easy games, then Bayern Munich, a further 3 easy games, then Borussia Dortmund and finally another 3 easy games. Easy games to boost morale after heavy losses against the 2 big boys, and 2 big pre-season matches to boost my bank balance. Or so I thought... Just a 1-0 loss against Bayern (an 84th minute Vidal penalty) and a goalless draw with Dortmund. I'll take that . Anyway, I also need to have a medium term plan prepared in case of early season success leading to teams playing less aggressively against me. If that happens I'll need to adapt, so I'll do a follow up piece on that later. Hope you find my thought process of interest so far.
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