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  2. Scouted some but cant seem to find up the scouting page?
  3. For Sigames the game or I would say : the AI : your lovely AI often has a conversion or late goals for him : why ? COWARD ! You want every FM version making the AI the most 2 attempts is at least 1 goal if not more but the thing you have put : late goals if favour of AI ! Your game : should be really get the name : of being : how I am going to sack the human manager ! AI has a difficulty : well no an easiness I've never seen : well for you AI is the FM ! A ! Again those defenders not doing their job : again the AI scoring goals for fun ! YOU LOVE IT !
  4. No no. It's game intro, I mean SONY logo, SI logo, etc.
  5. Hi my team has "none" data analysis facilities and two years in a row I've asked the board to upgrade them and they've said yes and completed, but I'm still at "none". Whats going on?
  6. Lag on high-end Nvidia graphics cards

    yes bro. lag in 3d match > play 2d lag in game > uninstall.. its easy ahahahaha
  7. Suggestion for me

    I am still what I consider a "new" fan of football and the sport, although I have been playing this game since 2015 or 16. What I want is to pick the brain of the forum, I generally stay in the wheelhouse of England and Germany as they are the leagues I follow the most. BUT, I want to branch out, I have started a PSG save as a foray into the French leagues. Who would you recommend in La Liga or Serie A for someone who doesn't have a deep knowledge of the leagues? I am open to lower leagues and I want to learn. I prefer pace and an attacking style of ball, and eventhough I am a bit of newbie, I earn my gold badge every season. thanks for your choices!
  8. Check in Staff, Responsibilities and Scouting to ensure that he has been allocated this task.
  9. Football Manager 2018

    someone pleaaaase help lol, it's doing my head in.
  10. Substitution bugs when a player is sent off or injured

    Same thing happened to me. So annoying
  11. FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    Thanks for the advice. I got them to offer a total of $127 million and still am waiting for Madrid to send an offer. If Madrid doesn't, I'm selling Mane to Barca.
  12. I agree, they won't bother much because football is a game which is very popular, they won't care about what users in the forums will say about the ME. The game is probably selling after all, not because it's that good, it's because football as a whole is a sport which is maybe the most popular and there will be always demand for football pc games, 2nd is because the lack of competition. I don't understand people who buy the game and being disappointed of the crossing issue. incase you had fm17, you probably witnessed the crossing issue. Now, you bought FM18 and you witnessed this issue not being fixed, you have 2 options: 1. Refund the game (which is what I did). 2. Accept the fact that SI cannot fix this issue and keep playing. I came to the conclusion that there is no point to mention this on the forum anymore (the crossing issues), it's not worth to put an energy on it and provide your feedbacks about the issue.
  13. Hey guys, I fired my chief data analyst to hire a better one. My new analyst is not preparing any opposition analysis. Does anyone know how to get it going?
  14. June 2019 It looked like we had our big break guaranteed when we were beating Vanlose, the team in 2nd place, 1-0, we were dominating, and they were also down to 10 men.... only for us to concede a 92nd minute equalizer out of nowhere! Massive downer as we missed a massive chance to jump ahead of them. An away win over Kolding, now with the late goal going our way, was sensational, but it didn't put us in a much better position. We went into the final match just 1 point below the promotion spot, sure, but with two teams above us (Vanlose and Varde), and we also had to play against the champions Middelfart. A combination of results to give us promotion seemed unlikely. In this final match, we squandered a penalty kick by Ferdinand Bangsgaard right before the break, and the game played out, seemingly fizzling out to a boring 0-0, and we knew a goal for us wasn't enough neither. Suddenly our players got lively in the final minutes: Mikkel Jakobsen scored one in the 89th, and the incredible goalscoring CB Anton Hendriksen got another in the 91st. Then we did the math. Vanlose had lost their match, Varde had won, we were level on points with Varde for 2nd. And level on goal difference. But... crucially... not level on goals scored. Varde scored 38, we scored 36. And Varde got promoted instead of us. Honestly? I'm delighted. It might be almost the tiniest margin we could possibly lose a promotion for - goals scored! - but to come so close is an incredible turnaround for how crap we were just a couple of months ago. I think I'm finally getting some momentum in my career.
  15. So is this intentional by the developers? Is it a bug? I've never played real life football, so maybe there's a degree of truth to it. The game is a football simulator, and I'd imagine the developers would have fixed this by now if they thought it was a bug, but it seems so bizarre because doesn't it make the role system redundant? Why would they program all this stuff in, only for it to be a moot point? I guess for the ultra obsessed who want to milk literally every fiber out of their players? In retrospect then, training a player for certain positions is largely a waste of time. That's training that is better spent on just improving their raw stats, teaching them preferred moves, etc.
  16. That's a valid point. I do believe the women's game is only going to get bigger. Admittedly I have been won over because my daughter plays and is playing at a good standard. I totally agree with this.
  17. [FM18] Musical interlude anyone?

    The literal translation of Nomme Kalju, (according to Google so must be true), is "Dying Cliff", so of course there can be only 1 artist. Europa League. 2nd Qualifying Round. 1st leg. HK. Jul 2021. I was hoping for a win and a clean sheet. We got one but not the other. A 3 goal margin, (even with a goal conceded), should be enough to allow me to rest some players in the 2nd leg, (because the league games are coming thick and fast at the moment).
  18. One of the most frustrating things in the whole game, with regards to the match engine, is the inability of players to square the ball to a player in a much better position than he is even if he himself is clean through. Has anyone found a way to encourage players to do this in a similar manner to the way Pep gets his players to do it at City? I'm certain I'd score 10-15 more goals a season if I could get this figured out.
  19. The 4231 Explained

    Further developments - I was soon running int trouble. I don't think it was connected to the space behind the SV but I was conceding too many and was on a disastrous run of defeats. I noted that the majority of goals I was letting in resulted from long balls down the centre and strikers bursting through my sluggish back line. I decided, "What's sauce for the goose...." so I tweaked the tactics - standard went to counter and I went for direct passing, high tempo, close down more and hard tackling. It's worked wonders. To be fair, until this point my only decent player, a quick striker, had been crocked all season and was just becoming available. I wouldn't have worked with out him but now I'm getting loads of goals from balls over the top for him to run onto. So I guess what I'm finding out is a constant FM truism - you have to find the right tactics for your particular combination of players. Cleon's 4231 is a marvellous framework, but as he himself keeps stressing, the precise template that works for his players won't work for yours. Now, here's praying my striker stays fit ....
  20. [FM18] You’ll like this … not Olot, but you’ll like it

    I really like this. Great style
  21. [Asia] (Official) Data Issues

    HR Thailand Nan FC Could you add Rei Ishikawa to the squad? Squad confirmation: http://www.thaileague.co.th/official/?r=Clubs/ShowEvent&iPlayerID=10070&iTournamentID=3 Biography Information: http://www.eurosport.com/football/rei-ishikawa_prs309540/person.shtml Playing History and Position: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/rei-ishikawa/profil/spieler/223713 Also, Vorawan Chitavanich should be the manager of the team http://www.nanfc.co.th/th/staff-2017
  22. So much skipping. Get some stones and work on the match engine.
  23. Doesn't the Mezzala operate centrally and wide also? Doesn't fit into my tactic as it stands anyway, I need to improve his performances in the AMC position
  24. Can't view games in multiplayer

    I can't watch my friend's games on online multiplayer. Whenever I try to do so with the view option, the game stalls and I see players warming up.
  25. FM18: Athletic Club (Bilbao) - Los Leones

    I had a look at that guy Javi Martinez at Osasuna as well. im still in early season and only transfer I’ve made was Otegui.
  26. Snails Pace - Update

    If anyone can help. Since what appears to be after the update on the 19th, FM18 is at a snails pace. previously very, very quick, logging on takes about 4 minutes and all the graphics are stuttery, once and eventually in the game, takes around 30 seconds to move to the next day and around 90 second to open up the daily inbox.... Ideas please
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