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  2. I am not using nothing. Just default game. I did what you wrote here, still doesn t work. Now i can see just logo in desktop bar ( down ) and screen in locked .. freeze and i can use desktop just if i type CTRL ALT DELETE and what i can see in windows is FM 18 - NOT RESPONDING !!! I think guys you have to do something like a patch i don t know. Is a big problem with FM18 and i paid for the game.. I played previous FM.. 12,13,14,15,16,17 .. all was ok.. even 17 has some bugs but after an update from you.. was fine This one.. looks like a big issue !!!
  3. FM18: AFC Ajax - De Godenzonen

    Hmm, you seem to do better than me. But i tend to favour upfront cash in order to facilitate better replacements
  4. Cannot sign players

    the directory in the steps (fmgames) doesn't exist on server and my file fails to transfer.
  5. FM18: AFC Ajax - De Godenzonen

    I always have a figure in my head for how much I want to sell players for when a bid comes in and I always negotiate to that price either as a fee or a fee and instalments. I usually manage to get a lot more money from instalments than I set out to get. I also add in the percentage of next sale clause and ask for no less than 35%
  6. [FM18] Welsh Dragons - Carmarthen Town

    2022/23 Season Review Another strong season domestically, and also one that saw us make great improvements in Europe, as we managed to reach the Group Stages of the Champions League, and even record a famous 4-1 victory over AC Milan. The challenge now is to repeat that success on a consistent basis, so the target for the next season has to be qualification once more - either for the Champions League, or the Europa League. After two consecutive seasons of making the group stages of either competition, to fall short in qualifying next season would certainly be a disappointment, and would run the risk of undoing the hard work we have done to improve the profile of the club and of Welsh football on the whole. Our star players once again shone through and provided excellent performances both at home and in Europe. We've been granted a gigantic transfer budget of over £7M for next season! That's definitely overkill, and will largely be untouched, as we're not yet in a position to be able to attract the kind of talent that would demand such an enormous transfer fee. Our wage budget has also been raised massively, but we are still limited by what the highest offers we can make are, so again that will be largely untouched. The limits on what we are able to offers players is definitely our biggest stumbling block at the moment. I'm hoping another season or two in Europe, establishing ourselves as regulars in the group stages, will help loosen those purse strings to allow us to really push on. Big improvements for the club and competitions. The Welsh Premier League has raised its reputation from 1* to 1.5*, which is an extremely encouraging sign. The next goal has to be to breach the top 100 for both for ourselves, and the league ranking. We also got handed a decent scouting budget for next year. But given that the amount on offer doesn't provide enough to pay for UK/Ireland scouting, it will be unused. Given that all non UK and RoI players require work permits, there is little point in scouting Europe at this stage. Those who would be granted work permits will be too big for us to even consider approaching at this stage.
  7. Thanks... I followed the link but didn't scroll to page 230. Learnt smth new today then.
  8. Loan App's not showing

    Do you still have a save game where this is happening? If so would you mind uploading it onto our FTP and we will have a look into it. Thanks.
  9. A Spanish Career

  10. Can you please try using the spacebar after matches finish to enter the 'Dressing Room' and see if you encounter the same issue? We're just trying to narrow down the potential causes of this one. Thanks.
  11. Cannot sign players

    It's easy if you follow it step by step. Your other option is to give users more info so that they can maybe help with your issue, assuming it's not a bug.
  12. If you look, you'll see the reply that states this to be the case is 23 hours old and from SI.
  13. Cannot sign players

    what a joke si games support is. over 25 years experience and they cannot make this user friendly.
  14. First season in the prem done and it was a struggle with most of the season battling for survival but we managed to finish 11th with a late recovery. Liverpool had an invincible season on 90 points. Here was all my results throughout the season All competitions Liverpool was my cup bogey team as I got to the final of the FA Cup and lost 2-0 in extra time and then knocked out in the fourth round of the carabao cup by them. Transfers
  15. FM18 Liverpool FC - Return to our Glory Days

    Yea its a bit overspending but still he is worth of it...I have sold Lalana who is almost 30 years old for 55 mil so i could afford this transfer...Got younger and better player!
  16. The 3D match gameplay is very jumpy

    Hey, thanks for raising this issue. Could you please see the thread linked below and attach your dxdiag there? It's possible that the last windows update is causing issues. Thanks
  17. Game crashes

    here's the dxdiag. i have the first and second divisions in germany, the Premier League, Championship, League 1 and 2, Serie A and Serie B, La Liga and the second spanish division loaded. 31.000 players so the database is set to Big i assume. Also, the estmated game speed is four stars and the PC performance is three stars DxDiag.txt
  18. That thread is 10 years old! All of the advice that I have read has been that the player needs a rating to develop so which is right?
  19. bugs and ruined save

    also, there was no manager of the year last season in division 2 and no leaderboard to compare your points. this season in division there hasn't even been a manager of the month. this game should not of been released in this state, saying that you've had more than enough time to fix these bugs. i want my money back for 2 copies.
  20. It's true, although as said before - it affects Decisions, so every single decision made. Long-term, a player should really be re-trained to the position.
  21. If you remove all custom items including editor data, do you encounter the same issue? Can you also please attach your dxdiag? Details here - https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2018/134_how-to/138_pc/how-to-find-my-system-dxdiag-r400/ Thanks.
  22. To be fair, I think real life players do lose instincts of a position when deployed exclusively elsewhere. Though this is obviously more to do with CA-budgeting (I find the across-the-board drop in significant attributes when a player at his potential improves in a new position far more annoying though. Great news, your DM is now accomplished at playing centre back. He's just less good at jumping, heading, marking and positioning than before he started intensively training for a role which prioritises those characteristics) - Is "position only affects players via the Decisions attribute" the confirmed SI position of how the ME works, or just commonly accepted-but-not-actually-literally-true received wisdom based on statements to the effect that out of position players are less good at decision making? Always assumed it was more like PPMs in terms of actual ME behaviour effects so a natural striker would try to make lots of curving runs off the last defender, hit channels and gamble at the near post (but might be terrible at timing them with poor Decisions) whereas, say Kroos with his excellent decision making played in an unfamiliar striker role wouldn't decide to beat the offside trap, run channels or gamble on the near post nearly as much as even a low-Decisions striker (but would be pretty damn smart at using the ball even compared with most good strikers) This would make more sense than having a player with 18 decisions (and appropriate other attributes) looking more natural at the specialist requirements of a position they'd never even trained in before than most actual specialists. Seems more consistent with my observations of players played out of position actually act too.
  23. Are you running any custom graphics/logos/skins or any other add-ons with the game? If so, it's worth as a test removing them and seeing if you encounter the same issue. If you're not, or encounter issues without custom items, in this instance please try the following and let us know if it helps: - Open Steam and access your Games Library - Right-click on Football Manager 2018 -> Properties -> General -> Set Launch Options - Type this in the box: -renderer_direct3D9 - Click on OK, close the window and launch FM18 through Steam
  24. Is there any limitation for the score an retrained individual can have for a position (e.g. 14 score for a CM), irrelevant to its Versatility score? I'm having trouble getting Alexandru Cicaldau (FC Viitorul) retrained as CM. Been training him for 4 seasons so far and he's only Accomplished, rather than Natural. I don't want to check his Versatility score because it might ruin my experience, but in 4 seasons he should surely be Natural in a position he has been trained in and has attributes for.
  25. Cannot sign players

    The link shows you how.
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