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  2. Virgin Football

    Guessing I might have to upload the editor data file. Should be able to get that up at some point tomorrow so if game file doesn’t work then that should work itself.
  3. Virgin Football

    Yeah I sign the players and they pick the team, play the games etc. Interesting dynamic I’d been looking at doing for a while as I usually watch and play all the matches myself.
  4. I suppose player ratings have been locked in for the Winter transfer update, but if not, I think lascelles needs a boost in terms of CA/PA (about 10 points each to 140/155) he is a good Premier League defender right now, and has the potential to one day start for England. If looking for a comp, he's as good as Smalling right now (and perhaps better) and probably has better potential. The CA points should come from his ball playing attributes (nothing spectacular just make him a passable on the ball defender) and his leadership/organization attributes (+1 positioning, +1 anticipation, +1 work rate,+2 teamwork, +2 leadership, +2 determination should do it). Maybe also increase his jumping reach by 1, he seems to be one of the best in the PL in the air, both defensively and as an offensive set piece threat. Diame has improved his tactical discipline and defensive contributions this year. An increase in teamwork (to 12) and Work Rate (to 13 or 14) might be in order. Merino is not at Colback's level as his CA suggests, he needs a boost. Increasing his Acc to 11 and his positioning to 12 should do it. Joselu is a hard working mobile target man who can't score (a pauper's Andrea Petagna if you will), so his teamwork/work rate/ determination/aggression should be higher (in the 12-14 range) and his finishing much lower (11-12). I believe (correct me if I am wrong) that composure affects both "in front of goal" situations and holding up the ball, so I am hesitant to suggest any change there. If it only affects potential goal scoring situations, it should be low, his chance conversion ratio has been really low this season. FInally Ritchie. His attributes seem OK on paper, however I've played seven first seasons with Newcastle so far (I like restarting to try out different tactics/transfers/etc), and he scores anywhere between 20 and 35 goals per season (depending on whether he is played as an IFS or RMDA). And that's in standard formations (I play 4-1-2-3 DM, 4-2-3-1 and 4-2-3-1 DM), standard, flexible, with only a couple of TIs, using the original Newcastle starting 11 with a few replacements (Tagliafico instead of Dummett, Mattia Perin instad of Darlow/Elliot) so its not a result of transfers or gimmicky tactics. Granted, he is my No.1 penalty taker and that inflates his scoring record, but still those scoring totals seem way off. Not sure what can be done without reducing his ability in other aspects of the game, but I thought I'd point it out.
  5. I can't see myself in the leaderboard I'd still like to see myself in the rankings any help in it or it appear in the end of season although i appear in leaderboard when i play career mode or online but in create club i can't see myself in the leaderboard
  6. Squad Review After making some transfers and managing to fill out our staff this is what our team looks like, I'm looking to get some more transfers as I think I need better centre backs and strikers, I am looking to either get rid of or retrain all my wingers so most of them are in the under 20s, who aren't very good. The team is mostly New Zealanders but their is also 2 players from Tuvalu, these are two of our best players Duncan Johnson looks like a really good ball winning midfielder, I will be looking to play him as sort of another centre back in that the defensive mid position. Matt Evans is another one of our top players, the attacking midfielder will be used as an advanced playmaker.
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  8. Valverde used 4231 or 4411 most often at Bilbao. I'm not sure what 433 you're referring to. Depends. Trequartista role makes the most sense and suits his attributes the most. But any role can work. Depends on what you want from him and how it links with the rest of the set up. If you're talking which role best represents how he plays, then that would be tough to say because I feel he's a combination of a few roles. IRL he's a playmaker with freedom to roam and create, drops deep for build up and to link with midfield, then charges into the box as the play progresses to/into the final third/penalty box. In addition, he's selective with his closing down/pressure. I don't think in FM he has the complete PPMs - he's missing "Gets Into Opposition Box" or "Arrives Late Into the Penalty Box". So either you have to use the editor to add one or both of these, or you have to select a role that will get him more into the box, considering that one of his PPMs is "comes deep to get ball". The SS will get him more into the box and perhaps scoring but he won't attract the ball and be playmaker as he does IRL. So if you want him as playmaker - Treq. If you want him scoring more - SS.
  9. I'm doing a similar save rarely get a promotion with The Hatters
  10. Hi, I always like to save the end of the season report from the commercial director in order to know where to take my team on pre season tour. I just won the CL and i wanted to save the note but after my mouse glanced on the topic, the screen is blocked(please see picture). Is there anyway to go back without having to restart the game. I havent saved the game yet.
  11. Trophies Points Continental Club Competions Indian Ocean Champions Cup 1 20 Micronesia YFA Island Wide League 1 1 Bhutan Bhutani National League 2 14 Crimea Crimean Premier League 1 10 Crimean Premier League Cup 1 7 Northern Mariana Islands Northern Marianas League 1st Division 2 4 Northern Marinas League 2nd Division 1 1 East Timor East Timorese Football League Premier Division 2 32 East Timorese Taca 12 De Novembro 2 20 East Timorese Super Cup 2 16 Guam Guamese 1st Division 1 7 Mayotte Mayotte Premier League 2 30 Mayotte Cup 3 27 Liberia Liberian Premier League 1 50 Liberian Super Cup 1 29 Djibouti Afghanistan Afghan Premier League 1 17 South Sudan South Soudan Premier League 1 16 American Samoa American Samoan Senior League Division 1 1 16 Wallis & Futuna Wallis & Futuna Islands Premier Division 1 2 Comoros Comoros Premier League 1 18 Comores Super Cup 1 4 Saint Pierre & Miquelon Saint Pierre & Miquelon Premier League 1 15 San Marino San Marino League 1 20 Trophies Points Total 31 376
  12. Biggest Win- Biggest Loss- Most Games Played- Most Goals Scored- Most Goals Scored (Season)- Most Assists- Most Assist (Season)- Highest Transfer Fee Paid- Shayne Ewen (Free from Waimak Utd) 16/17 Highest Transfer Fee Recieved- Mark Wilson (Free to Western Springs) 16/17 Record vs Waitakere United- 0/0/0 Goals Promotion to 2nd Tier- Promotion to ASB Premiership- Qualify for OFC Champions League- Win ASB Premiership- Win OFC Champions League Win Club World Cup Have a youth player capped- Have a player make OFC Champions League Best XI- Have a player make World Cup Dream Team- Have a player be in the Team of The Year- Have a player win the Balon D'or- Become New Zealand Manager- Win OFC Nations League- Win World Cup-
  13. Waitakere City Welcome to my new career in New Zealand with 3rd tier side Waitakere City. Waitakere City is situated in Wets Auckland and share their ground, Fred Taylor Park, with city rivals and also affiliated club Waitakere United who are currently in the ASB Premiership (the top division). This career will be centered around the premise of purely signing players from countries in the Oceania, In this career I will be including Australia as an Oceanic country. The overall aim for this career is to become powerhouses in New Zealand and the Oceania and win the Club World Cup (which will be easier said than done) as well as take New Zealand to a World Cup Win with a team predominantly playing in New Zealand. I will have some rules for this career and they are as follows -All players must have an Oceanic nationality or secondary nationality -All staff must be appointed through advertisements until our first OFC Champions League Win -I will start off with no coaching badges and no experience with a 20 year old manager with Tongan/Australian nationality -Will be slightly youth focused -All non Oceanic players at the start of the career must be gotten ridden of (there's only 1) and finally -Make sure we thrash Waitakere United every time we play them So lets get into this career, we currently have no staff so I can't really give a team overview quite yet.
  14. Did FM became too elitist tactic-wise?

    Yep, I've long been an advocate for attacking and defensive phases. As I alluded to before, it's got to be something the AI can handle too
  15. FM Injuries

    Right now Swansea have 12 players out injured, Watford 13. It's unlucky but it does happen occasionally, especially if you for instance have intense training or don't rotate the squad that much.
  16. [FM18]Martyrs To The Cause.....

    Jesus, I never expected it to be that close!
  17. Maybe because MLS is a licensed league and that's why the structure and rules can't be changed.
  18. This is amazing. Full stop.
  19. After getting sacked in my Hull save, I have decided to do my first ever no transfers save where I am forced to rely on my youth academy. The team I will manage in this save is, five time FA Cup winners, Wanderers F.C. the first ever winners of the FA Cup and the first team to win it three times in a row. They currently play in the 14th tier of English football. I have already completed my first season. In the first season I won promotion to the 13th tier via winning the league and won both cups we were entered in. I used the editor to make Wanderers F.C. a Professional club with the best possible training and all the youth facilities. Everything else I left untouched.
  20. [FM18] Brescia romena. Lucescu's path

    Season VI 2022/2023 Commercial Summary: Season expectations & preview: Transfers: Achraf: Offered him a contract in winter. His natural fitness is a concern but he joined us for free and is already valued at 15.75M. Jan Hubnik: Wanted by Barca and Atletico, I’m glad that we managed to bring him in. Jiri Nemec: Another amazing Czech defender, wanted by Monaco this time. He will be part of our Czech defensive wall. Martin Calderon: Transfer listed by Real, I always like to look for bargains. He lacks concentration but he will be our more creative DM(d). Alessandro Murgia: A little bit slow but he is Anton’s replacement. Moussa Sylla: I needed a more solid backup for Coman. We need to work at his finishing and balance but he is young and pretty good. Harry Wilson: I wanted a more solid playmaker on my right flank. I think he is amazing and will help us a lot. Federico Bonazzoli: Transfer listed by Sampdoria, I didn’t want to lose this opportunity. He is looking pretty good and he will be Serhuis’s backup but also, he will help us a lot in our 442 formation. The biggest departure: Paul Anton. Our key player for 4 and a half seasons and our captain and leader, his contract was running out at the end of the season and also, he is 31 years old and I think it was the right moment to go. 5M for a 31 years old player, not bad. Squad: Like modern Lucescu, I think I arrived in the point when I can’t find high quality Romanian players and those with high quality are already at some very big teams like Juventus and don’t want to join us. Only 3 Romanians in the squad this season. Top key players: Kaj Sierhuis; Florinel Coman; Harry Wilson Tactics & First eleven: I tweaked a little bit our tactics in the pre-season and with so many strikers in my squad I will try to develop a more attacking 442 as my 3rd tactic so that everybody will have the chance to develop. This season I’m gonna risk with the Czech defender kids. I think they have plenty of potential. I sold all my defenders to make them space in the first eleven. We have 4 very good kids that I will rotate to give them minutes to develop. Friendly and August fixtures: Champions League: A tough group unfortunately. September & October fixtures:
  21. sorry for double post- roles and duties should split into defensive/offensive phase as it is in real. a player can be a CF when attacking and a CM while defending. A cb can be a cb while defending and a RB while attacking... Overall horizontal/vertical compactness is a must, we should have, dare I say, a slider for that
  22. [FM18]Martyrs To The Cause.....

    I'll be happy if he makes it to the Premiership. Him and Wilson could be a solid base to a long term side.
  23. thanks for the answer, the bolded part is true indeed, but it accounts only for the defensive phase. -he wanted short and narrow defensive unit however, FLUID doesn't incorporate (or does it?) few other fundamental parts of Sacchi's defensive phase: - the defensive unit vertical movement - when opposition player on the ball faces away from Milan goal, the D-line would aggressively move forward to shorten the playing field and the team would collectively press - when opposition player on the ball faces Milan goal, the D-line would back pedal to cover the space behind their back, and the whole defensive unit would collectively get behind the ball - the defensive unit horizontal movement - when the ball moves towards the flank, the defensive unit would keep its short and narrow shape sliding towards the center of play in order to squeeze the playing field for the opposition. This would put the opposition under pressure at expense of leaveing the opposite flank exposed. The only thing represented in ME is having a short and narrow defensive unit (sort of, as strikers aren't really participating), not to mention exact positioning and pressing required to really pull it off that doesn't exist at all. Sacchi was all about a unit, a collective, therefore, I can understand the minimal spacing in FLUID, but it is really a simplistic view of what Sacchi did and that only applies to a defensive phase. I'd argue that attacking is completely different beast better left for another discussion. Since then the biggest change in defensive organization wasn't introduced by any manager but by FIFA when they changed the offside rule and back pass to GK.
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