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  2. You can't do that if you play with attribute masking. I think they want game to mimic reality not that game = reality. Players are presented to us trough attributes, we can't really see they skill with the ball or how fast are they etc. We will have to wait for FM 2083 or something to see that.
  3. Welcome! We don't bite. Well, most of us anyway.
  4. Welcome to Season 14 Episode 6 of my FM19 story, Part of the Furniture. In this one club LLM challenge, I attempt to take Torquay United from the lowest playable division in non league to legendary status! Today, we head to Newcastle United, a side we're very familiar with on the channel. First though, we meet another big new signing for Torquay! If you enjoyed this episode, LIKE the video & SUBSCRIBE to the channel for daily FM19 content. New episodes of FM19 The Head Coach on Monday, Wednesday & Saturday at 4.30pm, with new content from my other FM19 story, Part of the Furniture, on Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday at the same time. There's also new content from Cricket 19 every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at Midday & a new video from Snooker 19 Career Mode every Friday. Thanks for watching!
  5. Just use it at home and away! It's important that noone is set for throw ins and corners and do not use any OI (your assistant manager should not set it by the way)
  6. i have updated my graphic driver to the newest and that is my dxgiag DxDiag.txt
  7. When we go into Scouting>>Shortlist we are able to see the players either as a list or sorted by position. I believe that it would be a significant improvement we were also able to view the players by position in the Scouting>>Scouting Centre screen where we are currently only able to view them by card or in a list.
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  9. June 2039 - Spain NT First squad selection. Didn't go overboard with the selection of Sant Andreu players yet but I'm planning on taking more in the qualifiers. But first the Nations League semi final. Should've won it, but Germans are going to be Germans and score at the end of the game. At least a Carles goal. We dominated the match for 3rd place as well, but lost again. Not the ideal start to my tenure.
  10. It's a transfer update database. It's called FMI Update Season 2019-2020
  11. Thanks @Leiflusehove - Can you show me somewhere where I can get the editor data that is used in this game? I'm assuming that is what is causing the issues with Serie B.
  12. Hi knap. I used your beowolf 4141 19.3.5 tactic and default the set pieces. I played 2 season with everton i finished 2nd position both year. I lost all away big matches and most of home. But it workes really good against low team. 2nd season i lost against barcelona in Champions leauge semi final. which tactics is the best without set piece expo for 19.3.5? Thanks a lot.
  13. I applied for the vacant Milan job in February, and they have got back to me. My board were not willing to help out by reducing the compensation
  14. Well if the Premier League seems the most interesting, as one of the most successful managers in the world why not see if you can do it on a cold night in Stoke, every week?
  15. As stated previously this is being looked into, when we have an update we will let you know.
  16. He didn't, and wouldn't applying for it make the North Koreans just a little upset?
  17. Using the example of a defender, we can see the usefulness of such a radar for choosing a role in the position Fullback Wingback Complete Wingback more details https://www.thehighertempopress.com/2017/04/choose-best-role-fullbacks/
  18. Ultimate Soccer Manager! My god that game was good - ha! Just think, in 15 to 20 years they'll be saying the same about FM19. "Hey guys, remember when you had to choose a pre-written sentence in order to interact with players?" "I know! And the best they could offer was a 3D match engine!" Bring back Premier Manager on the Mega Drive I say.
  19. And it's damn satisfying when after months of pursuit you finally get him in your team.
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