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  2. Anyone here know of a thread or post dealing specifically with creating positional overloads? Search is bringing up nothing terribly helpful. Thanks in advance.
  3. November 2019/20 First up this month was our Betfred Cup semi-final against the green half of the Old Firm and it ended in tragedy. A goal by Jullien against us again and another 1-nil loss just like in the league last month. "I'm not too disappointed as success was never on the cards in this competition." On the flip side our league form keeps going from strength to strength... A 100% league record this month, granted only two games but stats are stats First game of the season for Turnbull after his return from injury in the game against the Accies and what a way to return by getting himself on the scoresheet within the first half hour. Further goals by Grimshaw and Polworth round out my scorers. After 11 hours without a goal my number 9, James Scott, finally bagged himself a goal against St Johnstone with Allan Campbell also getting on the scoresheet. December will be a busy month as you can see from the fixture list above. Here's how the league is shaping up...
  4. Don't know how exactly we are doing it, but I will take it...
  5. Yes, simple would be to change their finances and give them like 0 bank balance and repeat each season or two.
  6. True, but something changed with the latest update i think, because before i was playing always with the same files and got it to 2029. When i click "back to basic rules" and save, it works but all the rules that i changed with the advanced rules are than gone.
  7. It’s probably over. But next time, make your changes, verify them, and then run a test save for at least 2 seasons, better is like 6 seasons, to make sure it all works and you don’t lose your time and effort.
  8. It seems I am not the only one raiding Belgian League for Brazilian strikers He was impressive whenever Genk played against my Liege side.
  9. Well you should use whatever files you wish, no pressure to use any creators work! You just commented on his view so I thought you agreed. And yes, as I stated in the original post, values are opinion. The main problem and probably confusion is this: values don’t matter, either IRL or in FM. A players value may be 100m, but they’re bought for 50m. Or value is 10m and bought for 60m. what I’m trying to create is, yes, better values, but mostly better player prices. As you can see in the screenshots, what I found is it worked generally speaking, overall better, where a player IRL is sold for 22m, and in FM is 19m. Most were pretty on point, when factoring the clubs in FM that bought them vs IRL. But there will always be very unrealistic transfers and values in FM. Again, if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t use them. but, if you run a test , and look at the areas important to you, and find something you feel is wrong, just pm me, I’d be happy to edit the file to your liking so you can enjoy it, whether realistic or fantasy. Side note on the injuries, if you’re concerned it will be too much, then it probably will be. I love/hate that at the lower leagues I have 2-5 players out injured at a time, unless I manage their health well and rotate and rest them. It means I can’t get away with 12 players on my squad and save money and blast up the leagues as quickly. If you don’t like having to rotate, watch injured players attributes tank, have your best players out, or a wonder kid out 2 months, then don’t use it. Pm me any questions or files you want edited.
  10. Season 2027/28- October Fixtures Stuttgart proved to be quite more annoying that I expected, they defended well and grounded out a 0-0 draw. Frustrating really. No other issues in October as we easily accounted for everybody domestically and continued to put teams to the sword. Champions League Group 3 games down and 3 games to go, it’s a very tight group at the moment. I have the 2 away games to go against Milan and Stuttgart and I will need to win those to give me a chance to top the group and a potentially easier game in the next round. Season 2027/28- October Table We are on course to have the league wrapped up again in December, we are on track to score slightly less and concede slightly more than last season but I am putting that down to our rotation of players and the fact I am sending out weaker sides than I could in the league. I have also made some very slight adjustments to how we play and I think its had an effect on the goal output but we are more solid and control the games better. I am looking for more clear chances and less half chances.
  11. Is there a way that i still can play the save or is it over?
  12. March/April 2023 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts We got the title wrapped up by six points thanks to four wins and a draw in the final five games.I think we can count ourselves fortunate this season as Weston-super-Mare drew too many games which cost them the title as they did lose less games then ourselves.I do think this is the last of our successive title wins as there is very little backing off the board for next season at this early stage,after the season ended and the new budgets were given,we are still only able to offer non-contracts out with a maximum fee of £375 per appearance.This will limit the players we can get in as a lot of the players want more money than we can offer so it's a case of wait and see what will happen. End of Season update to follow then onto tier 6!
  13. 2019 - 2020 August - September Fixtures Andrea Pirlo: "We cant' be happy with the start of the season. Cup game against Sudtirol is the main dissapoitment. But my players are working hard, we had good chances in matches with top Italian teams like Milan and Napoli. I understand in which areas we should be better and we are working on it." Player of the month (september) - Ernesto Torregrossa (6 apps, 2 goals, 1 assist, 1 PoM, 7.10 av. rat.) News: Two contract extensions: Andrea Cistana and Massimiliano Mangraviti signed new 3-years contracts.
  14. Today
  15. Nuno has hit the road running That's despite me swooping to poach the young Brazilian strikers (I had brought to Liege. Initially had brought him in (as he was slightly better rated by my coaching team), but he struggled to put away chances initially. This fella wasn't interested initially, but became willing to come in couple of months. He has been immense since he landed up and Mineiro also seems to gain confidence with the arrival of his strike partner. Kladno also seems to do well post my stint
  16. @DenverSCP I would try Tequila are another tactic on list above. that has done well
  17. I don't have a problem with your wording of the title. I agree partly with the other guy in what he's saying, that values are an opinion. In saying that, if this file does make the values closer to real life then I'll use it. It's just when I see little feedback here I get wary of using these files, especially with long term saves, that's why I was considering not using it and playing it safe by using the default settings that SI provide us with. It's also why I've been debating whether or not to use your realistic injuries file, incase it's affects are too extreme, but if I remember rightly, you advise a test save for 2 years or so? The only file I can definitely say I wouldn't use is the smarter AI file, as it's not technically making them smarter, it's just making the majority of the coaches attributes OP which doesn't feel realistic to me but may appeal to others who are just looking for the toughest challenge they can get. I would have started a save with your files by now already but I decided to wait for the January database update, and now they've gone and messed up the 'disable first transfer window' option, so I'll have to wait for a fix for that before I can start In the meantime I'll run a test save with all your files (except smarter AI) to see what kind of results it produces, maybe vs a save without the files. Do you know when this will be out of the beta stage?
  18. For the first time ever since 20.2 I managed to qualify for CL the first season with a newly promoted side. This was the squad used:
  19. I wanted to release just an updated 20.3 version of 6th level file but weird team movements are taking place, it's same bug as earlier but this time don't really know how to fix this 'instantly' (but I'm sure it's doable) so I'll check every team down to 6th liga to see if winter update changed something (I already know that it removed few teams in default database), so maybe I've missed something when recreating missed teams. After the second update I'll plan to redo all advanced rules as a base for 7th level file. I've encountered few bugs in my career (not groundbreaking, just not realistic), that's why I'd rather re-create rules from the scratch, won't take longer than 2-3 days after the 'base' is done. My plans for next upgraded version of this file: Test regionalization options in advanced editor to see if promotion/relegation could be even stricter. Try to somehow limit reserve teams to reduce their strength (like setting max number of appearances for 1st team players or something similar). Create proper IV Liga play-offs (champions of certain 8 competitions from 4 voivodeships like Mazovian North&South) are having a promotion play-off to III Liga. I think it can be done in advanced rules but will be tough for sure Create Local-Cups (as I've said earlier, will be done after everything works) Since I've created a lot of youth teams - a complete restructure of youth pyramid has to be done. But this is low priority. Further corrections to team reputation/facilities/attendances Changes to league requirements (stadium/facilities) Because many teams have randomized kits - maybe I'll find more time to at least set club colors.
  20. May '25 A month of absolute perfection as the team is performing as a well oiled machine. Especially pleasing is the long string of clean sheets (extending to 9 at the end of the month). Only negative from the month: The young winger had been a creative force and had the best match ratings for the season so far.
  21. October 2019/20 A decent month in the league to be fair with 2 home wins against the Jambos and the Buddies, a narrow loss to Celtic and a draw, both away, with Aberdeen. Not much to really right up about his much. No players really standing out at the moment. I'd love to be able to bring in a new striker as Scott and Long are not proving to be reliable and, as I said earlier, a prolific winger who can provide would make life easier but with zero funds available either in my transfer budget or wage budget I will just have to try and make it to the end of the season and hope for prize money to boost the coffers. If I somehow manage to get into Europe this would also be of great benefit.
  22. We're in the Preliminaries, which isn't ideal, but we should be able to beat the Maltese Champions.
  23. Season 2027/28- June and July Fixtures Quick question, does anybody know how to remove these annoying colour filters on the default FM Dark skin? They seemed to pop up after the last update. They are annoying me beyond belief and I can’t see anywhere to make them go away. They have a different colour for friendlies, league and cup games. I want them all the same. Enough whinging and back to the games, we cruised through the friendlies and won yet another Super Kubok. Season 2027/28- August Fixtures Same story here in August, we pass the first tough month of the season with Shakhtar, Dynamo Kiev and Olimpik Donetsk being the best 3 sides possible but all 3 are brushed aside. I had to feel sorry for Nikopol in the cup, Kewell smashed 6 goals passed them and it would have been more but I sent out the reserves. Kewell taking a 90 + 3rd minute penalty made me laugh because he already had 5 and at this point I would have let somebody different have a go. Season 2027/28- September Fixtures Predictably we lose to Chelsea, Moise Kean who I think is probably only 2nd to Mbappe in my save as the best player on the planet scored a screamer. Lets hope he does not turn out that good in real life, we can’t be having Everton with players of this quality. It was a rampaging month outside of this result, we scored 25 goals in 7 games and result at home to Milan was great. Season 2027/28 - September Table The perfect 10 from 10 to start the season, looks like Kiev and Shakhtar are going to have good battle for 2nd place this season.
  24. Jakub Słota's Management Career - May 2030 - Unia Janikowo PKO BP Ekstraklasa Hey, we won two games!
  25. Game date: 16 May 2022 TAKEOVER DEAD IN THE WATER BairnsNews: According to Sky Sports News, Grant Marr's proposed takeover of Falkirk FC is on the verge of collapse as owner Lex Miller and Marr are some distance apart in their views of the club.
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