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  2. I've been doing silent videos of match footage so far. I'm still getting to grips with the editing software, but at this stage in the season theres not much to be said anyway. It probably wasn't the best time to start a serious FM game given theres a heatwave coming in the UK soon and I've been unwell, but the best thing about videos as opposed to streaming is you can do it in your own time.
  3. The 2046 World Cup was certainly interesting as Denmark beat France in the final.As for the other two semi-finalists,they were Greece and Turkey,Turkey would beat Greece 3-1 in the 3rd place playoff!
  4. That's not my save i believe that's another user, i can upload mine now? it's called 'this is it' and 'this is it don't crash'
  5. İ've tried that tactic but i scored 3 goals from throw in my first match. I hate that type of goal. Should i default throw settings?
  6. Wow doing really well congrats. I think its a fantastic club to manage long term!
  7. August & September Another title secured, but our unbeaten run ends at 56 league matches. We absolutely battered IFK that day, but a dodgy penalty and some awful finishing mean we got nothing.
  8. I learn something new everyday! Apologies and thank you!
  9. I’m afraid that’s not a good enough response. We are paying customers. You have a duty to rectify issues that are caused by yourselves as soon as possible. The lack of respect you have to your customer base is disgusting. You up have had over a month to “have a look into it” what is taking so long?
  10. i have uploaded as file name: DaLi Sir - Manchester United thanks
  11. Laptop requested by user Good but not great - understand your budget puts you in the lower end of laptops But this would be ok for FM and it's new enough https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/81MT0015UK-Lenovo-V145_2456734.html If you wanted to go refurbished route (bear note of the description of condition): https://www.laptopoutlet.co.uk/hp-15-bs049na-15-6-laptop-intel-core-i5-7200u-2-5-ghz-3-1-ghz-turbo-processor-8gb-ram-1tb-hdd-windows-10-home-64-bit-2cq71ea-abu-43229.html?___SID=U
  12. Looking at the below screenshot, it appears that FM player search is unable to discern between minutes played for the first-team and for reserve team/youth team football. This leads to incomplete/apparently 'made up' non-random (it appears) data. If we were able to differentiate between senior football and youth/reserve team football in searches, this might help to remove some of these issues (or at least hide them) when seeking to look into player analytics.
  13. Thank you very much for your advice. I've downloaded and installed new drivers for my Intel Graphic Card. The game became more stable (now I didn't have crashes each 40-50 minutes), but I had a crash again. I've attached the last crash dump. Cheers, Mikka FM 2019 v19.3.5.1225655 (2019.07.17 23.45.09).dmp
  14. There is some data that is available within the match engine statistics that we aren't able to access in the Player Statistics screen in the Squad page, like Clear Cut Chances and Half Chances. This would be very useful information to have to look at how good players were at converting chances. I appreciate that xG is presumably impossibly difficult to implement into the game as it stands, and CCCs and HCs are by no mean substitutes of this, but this information, since it exists in-game would be useful alongside other information like Shots on Target, etc.
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  16. I have a couple of problems I would really appreciate help on if any1 could please? My save isn’t loading at all,all it says is ‘The save game could not be loaded’ would really like any tips on how to get my save back if possible. Also & this may lead me to to why I can’t get my save to load,last couple times I’ve clicked on FM19 to load the game up its came up as if I’m a brand new user & it’s wanting to download FM from scratch again but then it goes into ‘discovering’ previous files?? None of my preferences or manager character seem to be there. Seems pretty weird any suggestions on that?
  17. Ok, I registred and I'm downloading the game. If I want to install March 2019 Data Update I also first need to download and install SI Games Official Patch - v3.9.68. Is that correct? And what patch I need to install to have a starting date like in your screenshot? It is easier form to ask you then to browse a completely new site for me. I hope you don't mind.
  18. VAR is the biggest lot of tripe anyway . Your computer or the game itself always determined if a ball was over the line anyway well before Goal Line technology . If the ball had not cross the line in its entirety the game would not award a goal would it .
  19. Yes, this kind of crash are always related to people who have specific nvidia setups, after a while always come, i also upload the game in your cloud "Jorge Ostkiz - Dynamo Dresden.fm" DxDiag.txt
  20. I have devised routines for all free kick options and corner kicks. Do I have to pause the game and load the appropriate rourine when the situation occurs, or does the game load them automatically? Thanks...............
  21. Out goes the Bahamas and in comes Costa Rica.I feel that Costa Rica could be the best shot at winning the CONCACAF Champions League outside of Mexico and USA so it could give us something to aim for.With this current set up,we will actually have three of the ten biggest top flight leagues loaded in North America.
  22. SEASON REVIEW 2046/2047 TEAM REVIEW Our priority was qualifying for the Champions League for the second straight time, and he we managed to accomplish that goal despite dropping one spot from 3rd to 4th. I am happy with how the season played out, however, and the primary reason for that is that our defense is no longer such a big liability for us. If we can continue to show improvement in that aspect of the game – a possibility considering we have a couple of young starters who could still show some significant development – then I have no doubt we can reach a point where we can compete for the Premier League title. Man United ended up winning the title for the first time since 2035, ended up a stretch that was dominated by Man City and Chelsea – the former were the defending champions but finished in 6th Place, their worst finish since 2033, and the latter finished in 3rd Place. The surprise of the season were Watford, who finished 2nd to Man United, while Everton finished between us and Man City. In the Champions League, we had a tough group featuring Porto, Roma, and PSV, but we managed to make it out only to be met by juggernaut Real Madrid. Amazingly, we took a 4-1 victory at home and despite losing 2-0 in Spain, we managed to advance to the Quarter-Finals, where we faced 2042 winners Bordeaux. We were defeated twice 2-1 as we crashed out in the Quarter-Finals, but overall, it was a hugely successful first campaign in the CL for us. The title was ended up being won by Man City, who defeated German club Leipzig – this was Man City’s 2nd title in 6 Finals. KEY PLAYERS PLAYER OF THE YEAR Michael Boateng (2040), 23 Years Old, Central Midfielder (Ghana: 13 Caps/3 Goals): Two summers ago, if you had told me Boateng was going to be my most important player, I would’ve said you were crazy. Yet here we are, as Boateng captured his first Kafra Player of the Year on the backs of an outstanding season. He played in all 38 Games, registering 13 Goals, 10 Assists, 8 PoMs, 3.61 TpG, 79% Pass Ratio, 1.49 DpG, and 7.31 AR – our do-it-all maestro in the middle of the pitch. The Ghanaian’s strength and speed are fantastic and amongst the best at his position, but his real talent is how comfortable he is defending as well as having the ball at his feet. He has really good attacking instincts, which are highlighted by the high amount of goals he scores, but this season he added another facet to his offensive game with his Key Passes and Assists. Overall, I am really happy with the way Boateng has turned out. Rating: 8/10 DEFENSE Giorgos Panagiotou (2035), 27 Years Old, Central Defender: Panagiotou solidified himself as one of the PL’s top CDs this season, leading the league with 16 Key Tackles and 156 Interceptions to go along with his 7.02 AR in 37 Appearances. It was his 2nd straight 7.00+ AR season, and at this point, he is probably one of the most reliable, consistent, and durable players in the league. It seems he has been around forever, but he is just entering his prime now. He remains one of the focal points of our defensive line. Rating: 7/10 Nathan Johnson (2039), 24 Years Old, Goalkeeper: Equaling his career-high of 7.05 AR and anchoring a defense that has become quite decent (11th in PL) means that Johnson had a successful season. This is a player that has missed a total of 6 Games in the past 6 seasons, when he became our No.1 after the sale of Andrew Taylor. I have mentioned before that I would like a No.1 with more talent, but he is a decent PL GK and he has enough of it to ensure we continue to compete for a CL spot year after year. Rating: 7/10 Isaac Diallo (2041), 21 Years Old, Central Defender: This was Diallo’s best season yet, as he registered a career-high 6.96 AR while playing in all 38 Games. He really has begun to remind me of Giorgos Panagiotou – he has the same skill-set and almost the same consistency and durability. He could potentially develop to be more talented than his teammate, however, which is something I am hoping will happen. My staff have his PA at 5/5, so that is encouraging in its own right. Rating: 7/10 MIDFIELD Tom Craig (2038), 25 Years Old, Central Midfielder (7 Caps): I think Craig has just become my most frustrating player outside of my backline – after delivering a career year last season (7 Goals, 16 Assists, 7.16 AR), his form dropped considerably and he finished the season with 5 Goals, 5 Assists, and 6.89 AR in 35 Games. There were some games where I decided enough was enough and started the youngster Whiteman over him. He continues to earn Caps for England here and there, but he has not managed to become a regular for his national team. My thing is that he is clearly capable of giving us fantastic seasons, but he has yet to figure out how to do that for us two seasons in a row. Rating: 6/10 Ricardo Marques (2030), 33 Years Old, Left Winger (132 Caps/61 Goals) – Career: Two injury filled seasons have robbed our GOAT of much of his athleticism, and it was obvious he is no longer the player he once was. His 7.12 AR was his lowest mark since the 2035/36 season, and his 10 Goals his lowest since 2031/32. Still, it’s not like he had a bad year (30 Appearances, 10 Goals, 11 Assists, 2 PoMs, 7.12 AR), it just was not of the standard he had set for himself for so many years. His injuries have contributed to him reaching the twilight of his career perhaps a year or so too early, but nothing can be taken away from the career he has had. Plus, he got to play in the Champions League, which was my one big wish for him! Rating: 7/10 ATTACK Daniel Jackson (2035), 28 Years Old, Striker (9 Caps/1 Goal): For the 3rd straight year, Jackson scored atleast 20 Goals as he remained our No.1 weapon upfront. The two-time PL Top Goalscorer has had a great career with us so far, with a heavy comparison being made to his predecessor at the position, Dan Demby. He had a stretch earlier in his career after his amazing 33 Goal season where he seemed he would not be anything but mediocre, but he has snapped out of it and has become one of the most dangerous strikers in the PL today. Entering the prime of his career, we can hopefully get 3-4 great seasons of out of him yet. Rating: 7.5/10 Junior Boumsong (2042), 21 Years Old, Striker: Three years after becoming a permanent fixture in the first team, Boumsong registered his first 20 Goal season, accomplishing that in 35 Appearances and registering also 6 Assists, 5 PoMs, 80% Pass Ratio, 57% Shot Target, and 7.24 AR, which was a career-high. Similar in attacking skill to Jackson, while he doesn’t have his Vision, he is stronger in the air. The hope here is that he will continue to develop – a little more in his Attacking skills and he would be World-Class in those attributes. Rating: 7.5/10 HOT PROSPECTS Samuel Opoku (2043), 19 Years Old, Left Winger: His PA dropped from 5/5 to a 4.5/5 this season for the first time, and with the emergence of Barnett from the Youth Academy, I have a preference to assign Koenig as our left winger of our future instead of Opoku. That being said, he has yet to disappoint – in 31 Appearances (8 Starts), he registered 7 Goals, 2 Assists, 2 PoMs, and a career-high 7.03 AR. He is strong and fast, but he doesn’t really excel at anything, which leads me to believe he could be a solid contributor to the first team but not a future star. Lee Harrison (2043), 20 Years Old, Right Winger: Despite regressing in form this season (7.22 AR to 7.04 AR), Harrison remains one of our brightest prospects, and my staff still have him at 5/5 PA (3/5 CA). This season in 33 Appearances, he registered 4 Goals (down from 10), 8 Assists, 1.29 TpG, 1.04 DpG, and 7.04 AR. He ended the season on a low note, having to deal with a couple of injuries in April that ruled him out of 3 weeks of action. He already has great pace, but what I would love to see is for his offensive and technical skills to show some considerable improvement – if that happens, he would become one of the finest right-wingers in the world. Solomon Okafor (2044), 19 Years Old, Central Defender: Sent out on loan to Birmingham in the Championship, Okafor showed good progress and looks like he could be ready to contribute significantly next year. He is a strong CD – yes, he could do well to develop more literal strength, but his Defensive skills are good and he has good ability in the air. I will look to give him more playing time next year, if I don’t send him out on loan again. Mathias Koenig (2045), 18 Years Old, Left Winger/Striker: With Marques incapable of starting and playing a full campaign going forward, Koenig will assume the responsibility of living up to Kafra 2019’s greatest player of all-time. This season, the youngster registered 3 Goals, 3 Assists, and 7.00 AR in 15 Appearances, but more importantly, he showed significant growth in his attributes. Ever since he came up from the Youth Academy I have been excited about seeing the French winger develop, and it looks like it is time to help him take the next step up. Seb Whiteman (2046), 17 Years Old, Central Midfielder: This kid is going to be the heart of our midfield at some point in the near future. He already has developed decent Physical attributes, but his growth in the other aspects of his game was the most encouraging part. He played in 21 Games as a rookie, registering 1 Goal, 2 Assists, 2.91 TpG, and 6.90 AR. My staff love him (5/5 PA), and they believe he could develop to be a great PL midfielder – here is hoping they are right. IMPORTANT PLAYERS LEAVING/RETIRING None. YOUTH INTAKE Barry Barnett - Gian Maguire Barnett has the look of a player that could potentially be one of the top in the world. I love his skill-set, and I really love how fast he is. He is one that I will look to give immediate playing time to, and hopefully that will aid his development. Other than Barnett, however, there is no real prospects – although we have one great prospect, this has to rank as one of my shallowest Intakes in recent times.
  23. Just copy and paste into tactics folder. List of recommended tactics towards end of BEOWULF 442 Thread.
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