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  2. I've definitely seen goals off the post and off the crossbar. Not super often, but it happens.
  3. Sorry I didn't see the reply until now. I was playing with Key Highlights and at the beginning on a highlight I noticed that a player near the ref was same color as ref. As more moved into view, some but not all turned to the black kits. I have looked at the match again and it's not doing it anymore so I can't send any file showing it unfortunately. Sorry about that. Also for future, what is a PKM file? Never heard of it.
  4. I enjoyed 19 a LOT more than 20 so far I still have faith in SI to get it sorted. They get a lot of unnecessary grief.
  5. Hi everyone, This problem is happening to me for the second time now in the few saves that I have started so far. My problem has been with the first training camp (summer) as soon as you start the game. I have the save game I can share with you if you wish.
  6. This game seizes to amaze me, what is even happening with the ball and the line?! What is this voodoo https://streamable.com/n32su
  7. When I offer a player who I don't want, he is on my transfer list, I get a notification on the Transfers menu but there is no offer. No email notification, when I check the player status I can't see the "Bid" status.
  8. Some clubs are set in the database as amateur which can't become semi-pro or professional. As this is a university club it might be the reason.
  9. After the two sackings last summer this is a glorious sight to see. (all will be revealed at the end of the season)
  10. End of the 2020 Season Another year, another promotion! It was a very good season, and in the end we won the league with a 12 point gap down to the second place. One thing that's a bit annoying is that we lost four games, that in itself is not that badm but the those four defeats came against two teams! In the Lithuanian cup we got knocked out by Zalgiris B, the team that won the second tier in Lithuania. Zalgiris won the top league! In the SFL taurė we got all the way to the final, only to lose it against Marijampole City. They won the league two levels above us. A very close battle against Ernestad Paulauskas and Aivaras Vestartas! In my opinion this was the right order. PoTS Best XI 2020 Best Overall XI
  11. August 2023 So football returns and this time League 1 football is on the agenda. The squad looks good but I am sure over the first couple of busy months a first choice 11 will emerge as I probably dont know it myself yet. Anyway, the football went really well... If you said to me 1 loss in the first month, I would snap your hand off - if you look at the fixtures there are a lot of Championship drop outs so this looks like a baptism of fire. We started with Boro, it was a bit weird because they were favorites in the season preview but the press stuff seemed to indicate I should win... I wasn't expecting to get anywhere but we started off with a 25 yard thunderbolt and never looked back! We've had to fight pretty hard in all the games to get the results we got so hopefully that doesn't take its toll on the squad too much my favorite win of the month was the cup game against Preston - in midfield we had Glendon who has been with us since the start, Iwan Murray who has been on loan since the start but seems to developing into a first team contender (hence the cup start) and Hunter who I signed from Blyth ages ago. It pleased me that none of those players have a super calibre or history, but we beat the undefeated league leaders! 50 points is the magic target for survival, so if we can continue in this vein we should be fine... It's been a good month, long may this continue!
  12. I think it’s incredibly hard to code transfer fees because they are a bit random, particularly the Premier League. In my save, Utd paid £80m for a decent, but slow, centre back just because he’s English.
  13. Swansea University The Save - The save idea was to make the welsh league great, I started at Swansea university as I am a swansea city support; The club is an amature club in the JD Cymru South. The big aim is to win the champions league and get the welsh leagues and cups the same reputation as the English leagues. The save so far - In season 1, the board wanted me to finish in 4th place but i only finished mid table, the season wasnt the best even nearly got the sack as i was going through so many tactic changes; trying to find the best formation for club. As i was a amature club players would come and go as professional status team snap them up. In season 2 I did much better by finishing in 2nd place 1 point behind league winners bring in a formation and tactic that constanily attacks the opponents, high lines and counter press. in season 3 i got the new legend liam cullen wish go us the league by three points. For season 4 we basically did the best signs so far these signings got the title in our first seaosn in the welsh premier league for the first time winning the league by 18 points qualify for champions league season 5 i got up to second round of the champions qualifcations losing to ludogorets Razgrad by a 5-2 between the two legs. we didnt get through the playoffs of the europa league but did make to the europa conference league and finishing rock bottom with 1 point. The end of season 5 we finished 3rd as the team had so many games i need backups with then wanting more game time which didnt end well. season 6 we got rid of most of the team and started again keeping our legend liam cullen and at the moment just got beat by spartak moscow in the europa league conference but some how beat them in the second leg 3-2 but overall it was 3-5. The Problem - The problem i am having with this save is that i cant upgrade my professional status i got 5 million in the bank playiing in europe and arranging friendlies and we had a 140k takeover for the club also projected to increase the balance in the bank. so i dont know why i havent been able to ask to get the club semi pro and professional i would love to know why. Is it the reputation of the league and club or is it because we are a universtiy. i would like to know thank you for reading this and thank you for the response. if u want images i would happy to show you.
  14. Is anyone struggling with injuries? I haven’t been at all, but I’m in my fourth season and they’re starting to pile up. The only change is my pre-season was set to “Tactical” instead of “Heavy” this year. Other than that, nothing else.
  15. May not be a bug exactly but since downloading the latest patch, I've found that the match engine lags slightly when it did used to run very smoothly. Is there something I can do to improve performance?
  16. It's Saturday, so they will look into it on Monday. What you could try is to download and install a custom skin, some users reported an improvement. Like this one:
  17. Yeah, it will improve, the problem is its going to be months until its at a playable level, I really think for FM21 SI should concentrate on improving this ME, and not make any major changes that would affect the ME (IE: new tactics, new movements, new player roles), I'd much rather that than a bunch or new features. Like everyone I've loved FM for many years, its been a big part of my life and I'm a little lost. Problem is, fixing one problem often causes another and fixing requires testing. I just think this year SI were really under prepared and did an EA releasing something far from ready and SI claimed some things were fixed in a recent patch such as decision making by wide players, it hasn't and is still a major ME problem. I'm waiting on the next patch before playing again, at the moment it feels like a GF cheating on me, I look forward to another patch I know its not easy.
  18. This is a great challenge, I've played FM this way for many years, I either do youth academy only or, if I allow myself to sign players, It's always those that were born locally. Great read, keep it up.
  19. I can't see a 4231 coming close to Sicilian. I just happened to be trying a few different TIs at the time with a 4231.
  20. I made equal and I resigned, after dominating the whole match.
  21. Competition Rankings The league improves back up to 28th where it was a few seasons ago Champions League Draw Uzbekistan's Lokomotiv Toshkent in the First Preliminary Round. Al-Taliyah in the 2nd Round if we advance and Al-Ahli in the Play-Off. Confederation Cup beckons again.
  22. I think you're sort of able to do this already with the roles for example your left back on Complete wing back and right back on Full back defend One of your CMs on a attacking role and the left mid on inverted winger
  23. Manaus FC Amazonas August 2019 Oh boys we did it. Thats the diamond I currently use. In the final we play Caxias, which were placed 2nd in the season preview.
  24. I played matches, and if I do not win with Ripensia in the next match I will resign, because there will be no chance to save us.
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