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  2. Another knock out tie against Gamba in the Nabisco Cup semi finals this time.
  3. We come through the Urawa test in the Nabisco Cup 2-0 on the night and 3-0 on aggregate to reach the semi finals.
  4. I really wish there was an option to say "perhaps if you weren't always on the treatment table after breaking a ****ing nail, you might have started more games".
  5. Seems my P45 is indeed on hold for a bit!
  6. Whenever I load the game for the first time - match caption works great. When I reload a skin to apply some changes - match caption won't work anymore. Happening to me on every skin. Is it only me?
  7. November 2019 After a loss to Stoke in which we were very much second best, I was summoned to the boardroom. It was official, my results weren't at the standard wanted and my job was under threat. My answers bought me a month it seems. I thought the loss to Portsmouth, who were mired deep in the relegation zone, would hasten my exit, but was pleasantly surprised to find out my P45 has been lost in the post and I still have a job..... for now at least. We bounced back from two poor losses with a fantastic performance against Derby, and a hard fought win against West Brom. We closed off November with a goalless draw against struggling Wigan, in a match we should have won. but were twice denied by the woodwork and even more times by their keeper. On the plus-side, another run of 3 games unbeaten and 2 clean sheets in a row. And also up to 11th in the table and edging closer to the playoff places. Hopefully this is the start of a needed turn around. Oh, and this goal.
  8. thank you very much. I choose overlap left because that was how they played on the left (Marcelo's defending was very bad) I don't think I will change that. I think I understand what you are saying about more urgent pressing. I was making a big mistake. I don't think the roles you give are 2012 Real Madrid, but thank you for your help with instructions.
  9. Very nice career story so far. I admit I had a laugh at your troubles with the Qena chairman, and I was just waiting for him to announce Ibrahim Ibrahim had been sold for peanuts
  10. Today
  11. On one of the staff responsibilities pages you can get your assistant manager to automatically arrange friendlies every week for your youth teams.
  12. Double won in 1st full season in Georgia and qualified for the knockout stages of the Europa League.
  13. I cannot remember how exactly Real played in 2012 under Mourinho, but I can tell you what can be potentially problematic in your tactic and how you could improve it, taking into account my knowledge of Jose's tactical style in general. First, lower LOE is okay, but lower DL may be problematic, as you are likely to invite a needlessly high amount of pressure into your box and defensive third, especially as you use a top-heavy formation with no DM. So you need better vertical compactness to begin with - which is btw a regular feature of Mourinho's tactics. I would suggest a standard DL / lower LOE combo in this particular case. Then you have more urgent team pressing. Not only that I would immediately remove this instruction, but would consider even changing it to (slightly) less urgent. The reason for this is that you play on a high mentality (positive), so with more urgent pressing you are only increasing the risk of losing defensive shape - which is an absolute no-no from Mourinho's perspective, especially if you want to play defensively solid counter-attacking football. Instead, I would opt for tighter marking, which is much safer and makes a lot more sense. Overlap left is another TI that should be immediately removed. Overlaps - as well as underlaps - increase the mentality of the fullbacks/wing-backs, and with your LB already on attack duty - plus in a top-heavy system with no DM - your left flank would be exposed in the extreme. So if you want to use overlap left, change the LB's duty to support. In that case overlap (or underlap) would make a lot more sense and would be considerably safer. As for roles and duties... 3 attack duties up front are too much for a top-heavy 4231 system (especially when playing on a high-risk mentality). For a counter-attacking 4231, I would have only the striker and AMC on attack duty. Run at defence - another instruction that makes little (if any) sense in this kind of tactic. Why would you encourage so many players to run with the ball in a tactic that is intended to be fast, direct and counter-attacking, when you already have enough roles up front that are already hard-coded to run with the ball ?!? Therefore - remove the Run at defence TI. Okay, to cut a long story short. Here is an example - one of a few possible - of how I would set up a Mourinho-ish counter-attacking 4231 tactic under Positive team mentality: PFat IFsu APat Wsu CMde BBM FBat CDde CDde FBsu SKde/su Positive mentality - more direct passing, higher tempo, play out of defence, fairly narrow (optional TIs - pass into space, hit early crosses) - counter (optional TIs - distribute quickly, counter-press) - standard DL, lower LOE, less urgent pressing, use tighter marking (optional TI - get stuck in) Player instructions: DR/FBsu - sit narrower AMC/APat - roam from position AML/IFsu - roam from position AMR/Wsu - get further forward
  14. April 2037 A mixed month and we're smack band in the middle of the average points table.
  15. Hi mate,great skin. Just wondering what panels i need to copy for the faces on the tactic screen to show instead of kits for my own personal use
  16. I've been in my save for about 8 years now and for some reason this year the game just stopped saving database information. Manager transfers, Trophies, Awards, Team of the Year. You name it. It is just really irritating and now impossible to play because one of the best parts of FM is getting to see your and/or the club's history. Was wondering if you could help advise me on what to do. Here are some screenshots so you understand what I mean.
  17. If your second team is playing in the league below the lowest playable league it can promote and be playable, if not, the only way to get the team up is by pre game editor which would require a new save to take effect
  18. What type of crash are you reporting of? For me appeared first time today kind of crash, where game partly stops responding. After while of playing ”space tab” stops responding and I’m not able to go anywhere. From tab it’s possible to switch between apps and windows, but touchpad or space doesn’t work anymore. It’s not even possible to force Steam or FM19 to stop from system menu. Only way to go ahead is to force MacBook to shut down from power button I’m playing with newest OSx Mojave and public beta version of FM19 (supposedly updated today).
  19. And few more things for Pro Junior System (I haven't noticed if they are implemented): - Player's score is counted if he plays at least 270 minutes and 5 matches - teams that are relegated ARE NOT INCLUDED IN FINAL RANKING - playoff matches DOES NOT COUNT Multipliers minutes played x 1 - every minute played by ANY POLISH U21 player (other than the club grown of course) in Ekstraklasa, I Liga, II Liga, III Liga and U21/U20/U19/U17 youth nation team minutes played x 2 - every minute played by HOMEGROWN CLUB PLAYER IN Ekstraklasa, I Liga, II Liga, III Liga and U21/U20/U19/U17 youth nation team minutes played x 3 - every minute played by ANY POLISH U21 player (other than the club grown of course) in MAIN NATIONAL TEAM minutes played x 4 - every minute played by HOMEGROWN CLUB PLAYER in MAIN NATIONAL TEAM And if there's a tournament where u21 players are playing (doesn't matter if tournament is for seniors or youth) - minutes played counts for next season (for example these u20 world cup 'minutes' will count for 19/20 season.) I don't know how many of these points will be implemented but I hope all of these.
  20. Here we go. Even though we benefited from this one, it's still not right. Just let it go for a goal kick, man! Nice assist though 🙄🤪
  21. Will this work? Players are not right, but roles? Instructions?
  22. October 2030 Fixtures League Table Manager's Thoughts We picked up another seven points from twelve which has left us staying on top on goal difference with only two points separating first and fourth,this is far too close for my liking and we haven't even hit the half way point just yet.The 8-3 win over Yalmakan FC was both brilliant and appalling at the same time,we were 8-1 up at half time yet the game finished 8-3 as I could not get the players focused and motivated at the same time.We need to find some consistency if we are to open up a decent gap at the top. Four games in November as we play Mineros B,Chivas Premier,Dorados B and Celaya B.We need to win all these games as it is far too close at the top and with only one spot for promotion,we cannot afford any slip ups at the moment.Luckily for us,all these teams are ninth and below so we do stand a good chance of going unbeaten in November.
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