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  2. Anyone else missing a horizontal line from each 6 yd box in the 3D match engine? Only started recently!
  3. I played the first 3 stages of the play-off and in the Cup. I lost with Botosani. We are in 4th place. In the Cup I fell with Chindia. A youth income. Pretty weak.
  4. I change the rules test it my friend. Moldavie (D3)
  5. PaA - Pass Attempts PaC - Passes Completed Key - Key Passes Ass - Assists TaA - Tackle Attempts TaW - Tackles Won Int - Interceptions HeA - Header Attempts HeW - Headers Won CrA - Crosses Attempted CrC - Crosses Completed Dr - Dribbles Mi - Mistakes MiG - Mistakes leading to Goals ShA - Shot Attempts ShO - Shot Attempts on Target
  6. here is the file... Yes, before putting the graphics in i loaded up the custom database to test it wokred and the auto generated logo fm made for the club was cprrect size. Thanks for replying
  7. I decided to start a career with Celtic, where I want to get her where she was a long time ago. I know they always win the 2012 championship, but it's not enough. I want to take her across the borders of Europe, to win UCL with Celtic. The tactic I want to use: The facilities are similar to what I have at Dinamo. Leadership wants to win the championship, the Scottish Cup, the Scottish Cup and reach the UCL groups. Our budget is one of 13 million.
  8. Finnish Premier Division - First Division relegation playoff schedule First and second leg should be one week earlier. 2019 dates were 24.10. and 27.10.
  9. Hmmm.. Although, I have just been offered an interview at Bristol City, who are 21st in the Championship, and Preston who are 14th, so, clubs are circling.
  10. Please read the thread about basic editing and file location:
  11. Thank you 👍🏾. I didn't watched the vid as i thinked it was for the set pieces ! Thx again.
  12. I didn't get any more offers, so I decided to finish my career. It wasn't what I expected.
  13. 2029/30 End of Season Review Alas, it was not to be Even if we won our game it wouldn't have been enough. That being said, we were expected to be relegated. One game from the playoffs is a brilliant effort! Steve Howarth (Accrington) Mark Pratt (Huddersfield) - Grant Nichols (Rochdale) - Alex Stuart (Barnsley) Max Baker (Harrogate) Sean Young (Leeds) Jeremy Ashforth (Bradford) - Dean Bowditch (Leeds) Gavin Field (Oldham) Bruce Poole (Barnsley) - Derek Smalley (Burnley) This stadium looks like a pretty good deal! Progress
  14. Pre Season 2021 This pre season was almost perfect, with us only losing one game. Squad Key Players The first season he was not as good as his rating suggested, but he was great last season. Hopefully he'll continue this year. The U19 player that has grown the most so far in the save, and is one of the first players to be picked. Another player that has grown a lot at the left side of the midfield. Second place in the PoTS awards last season. Very important in the back four! Almost every game we lost season this guy was missing.
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  16. Pre-Season and Welsh Premier League Preview 2021/22 June ended in a dubious position. The transfer embargo was still ongoing with the proposed takeover of the club still being discussed. I hoped the nattering would end in good time for me to attempt to improve my squad before our first foray in to European competition began on 8th July. I'm pleased to say it did. Aiden Jones took over the managing director position at the club in early July and this time our new boss decided to put some money in to the club. It wasn't a lot, but it boosted the coffers a little. He said it would boost the transfer jar, but it didn't. I suspect it just plugged a few more holes. Early July saw one new signing head to North Wales. Alex Babos is a player I had looked very closely at last season after he was released by Derby County. He had wanted far too much money back then, and that must have been an ongoing story for him to have spent the last year without a club. He'd learnt a little humility since then and agreed to join us for a much more reasonable £325 pw. That still makes him one of the highest earners at the club, but I'm hoping he has the ability to make that money well spent. Alex is an attack focused midfielder that can easily slot in further up the pitch. He is back up for Serafino as well as competition for Piero Cauterucci. It's a position I have very much wanted to fill, and why I was so glad to welcome Alex to Nantporth. Five players have left the club and we thank them for all they have done for Bangor. Hopefully they can continue their careers elsewhere. Those players are Harry Blackburn, Azizou Zoumbare, Matteo Trinca (already at Virtus Francavilla), Massimo De Maria and Francesco Leghissa. We lost another Italian link in Max Leghissa. Max was my translator for the less accomplished English speakers in the early days, but sadly Bangor were unable to meet his wage demands. Richard Creese has replaced Max. The European Bangor Bus Adventure 8th July 2021 was the date that saw us begin our first European adventure of my tenure at Nantporth. It would be a quick trip across the Irish Sea to Dublin for us, and a tie versus Irish club Shamrock Rovers. The journey was a lively one, the singing having begun as early as the A55 up to the port in Holyhead. The press had us as big outsiders, but I considered we had nothing to lose. The Shamrock Rovers ground in Tallaght, southern Dublin turned out to be bigger by far than any ground we will visit in the Welsh Premier League. It's true that many of my squad have played at grounds like this in their history, but this was a first as a squad. In the dressing room the chatter was of doing ourselves justice and competing with these European regulars. We set up more cautious than in most of our games. I understood the threat of Rovers, and there was no point letting them have it all their own way. The game was still very much one way traffic, the Irishmen pushing forward at will. The passion of my players was fantastic though. They battled for every ball, and it was that combined with some poor finishing from Rovers that saw the game end in a wonderful 0-0 stalemate. I couldn't have been more delighted. I was less delighted between game when we received a bid for Lucas Defise. It would seem that Exeter City are targetting us for it was them that made the offer, as it was last summer when they took Yalany Baio off our hands. Lucas wanted the chance to talk to Exeter and I couldn't deny him that after I had already had to turn down one bid for him during the takeover embargo. I put in a counter offer to the Devoners. I wanted the £4.5k they had bid up front, but I wanted another £1.5k if Lucas played 20 games and 30% of any sale that might include Lucas later. I could have been greedier, but I'd only have had an unhappy player on my hands. Lucas has undoubted quality, so he should be able to prove that. He'd be available for when we welcomed Rovers to Nantporth. That match took place on a warm July evening in front of nearly 2,500 fans. It also couldn't have been more contrasting of the away leg and turned out to be a belter of a game, and one of my most memorable matches as Bangor boss. I sent the boys out with orders to get forward, but with understanding to be careful. The first half was quiet, it wasn't until the last third of the match that things exploded. We'd soaked up anything Shamrock could throw at us till that point and it was our turn to be on the front foot. Neto spotted his left sided counterpart with space on the edge of the box, his ball was a peach, but only half as juicy as the skill Emmanuel Agyemang showed as he cut inside the Shamrock right back and fired a rocket past their keeper. Ten minutes later it was two, Aldair Neto pouncing on a deep cross from Sammartino. We couldn't throw this away. I immediately pulled the team back in to a more defensive shape, Rob Evans slotting in next to Defise in defensive midfield. The expected Shamrock recovery was on and they got one back just four minutes later, a horrendous mistake from Eugenio Dalia gifting a cast iron chance. Now we were really on the back foot. Dalia came off for Chris Marriott and we sat back even deeper. It was a total surprise, then, that itw as us who scored the fourth goal. Neto pounced on a lose Rovers pass to fire a ball in to the path of Agyemang who blasted another sublime finish to make it 3-1. Surely we couldn't lose this now. What came next was the nerviest ten minutes plus of my career. Shamrock Rovers were all over us. They got one back with a scrappy 82nd minute goal, but we held firm to record a win that no one saw coming. It was £215k in the bank and a game against Lech Poznań in the second qualifying round. I'd been looking for a new right back for much of pre-season and a number of faces had come and gone on trial. A few days before the Poles visited we welcomed our second new signing of the summer to Nantporth. Elliot Kebbie was released by our rivals The New Saints in the summer. He has the ability to be a good squad player for us that can even slot in on the right wing. The fans don't seem too impressed, but I'm glad to have Elliot on board. A few days later we welcomed Poznań to North Wales. If we thought that we were being labelled outsiders for the Irish tie, then we well and truly knew we were for this match. Poznań had only finished a point behind Ekstraklasa winners Legia last year and they had started strong this summer. We were up against it from the get go, and only a marvellous perfromance from Gabrielle Brino kept us in the game. The young Italian was now number one at Bangor, with Jack Bycroft having ended his loan spell (he wants too much to sign permanently even though he is now out of contract), and he showed I could rely on him with a number of fine saves to keep the score down to a 2-0 defeat. If I had thought the Shamrock stadium was a sight then what greeted us when we visted the Euros improved Poznań stadium was bewildering. Sadly, we couldn't put in a display as shiny as the stadium and lost convincingly by 4 goals to 1. We hadn't been awful though, and I told the lads that they had done themselves proud. I think they took the defeat hard if their dressing room mood was anything to go by, and hopefully they can get their minds back on track for the visit of Cardiff when the Premier kicks off. We took home another £233k and a lot of experience. We must make sure to qualify next year because I enjoyed that short journey. The Bangor Bus returns to domestic football Our focus was now on the league. Pre-season had been good with a number of friendlies complimenting the European adventure. I'd had a chance to see a lot more of my youth squad in having to rest my first teamers and I was very impressed with some of the talent we have coming through. Dave Dafydd has really shown an improvement and the fact that I now consider him firmly a first teamer, combined with the fact that he should get some game time, should hopefully see his development come on in leaps and bounds. Kristian Watson, too, has shown some improvement after his Port Talbot loan spell. I'll be looking to get him some game time somewhere this year. He's not as cemented in to the squad as his fellow first yearer. I stepped up the search for a replacement for Defise, but it looked like Rob Evans would have to fill in for the first game. I've delayed the transfer, but I suspect Lucas will be off before Cardiff visit. The start of the season squad would look as follows: The league odds are unsurprisingly in favour of The New Saints avenging their third place of last season, but I was very surprised to see Barry only predicted fifth. I wonder if they might surprise people again. Francesco Serafino is again tipped to be top scorer. We will be hoping he can show his magic again. He is in his last contracted year and my staff believe he won't sign again. The New Saints have made seven signings during the summer and they look incredibly strong. Newcomers Colwyn Bay and Haverfordwest have also strengthened heavily. I'm tipping The Bay to surprise a few people. So, with the kick off closing in we're ready to again at least repeat what we managed last season. It remains to be seen how good TNS really have become, but I feel we must get at least second. The squad is still internationally flavoured, but the Italian numbers have dwindled to ten. We could have nine Welshmen soon, if a potential signing happens. It's not quite so easy to come up with snappy titles centered around Wales. Five Go Mad In Wales? Did Enid Blyton write that ever? Not that there is even five of us. Holiday On The Buses was filmed at Pontins in Prestatyn. It's just down the road. Maybe not...
  17. You added two solid and experienced midfielders, ready to play at that level, well done.
  18. There are a couple of basic actions missing currently, most importantly intelligent pass into space. This is such a basic but probably most important thing in football, be it on counter attack where there is lots of space to explore or against organised defense where teams try to unleash runners from deep for first time crossing or try to put team-mates directly on goal. In real life it happens in most of attacks. 5-10 passes around box that try to stretch defense then followed by pass into space. Currently these actions don't happen enough. Difference between top and average teams is the ability to hold the ball in possession in final third to increase numbers of those through balls, that is why lesser teams rely more on early crossing in final third. Another thing that could be better is interplay between lines. Imo MCs are too conservative with their firward runs, they should try to move into space more often and firwards drop deep. This is again basic stuff where one-twos happen, its the only way to open up packed defense. Currently its all so static in final third and depending on wide players individual ability. I dont know what happened but it was all there in fm17.
  19. The option to start without transfer budget in the summer window, as you can choose in full FM.
  20. Is anyone else having a problem since the last update where by when they try to load a filter (that worked before the update), they no longer appear in the filter directory (even though they are there)?
  21. FM18 had nice vivid grass colours and beautiful sun reflections. I find in FM20 the pitches are darker, and the sky colour if you zoom out is a pink/orange colour. Where is the blue sky? Looks really weird and I miss the bright 3pm kick offs in the UK and the sun shining through. Now it looks really dull
  22. Hdello, hope someone can help! I know how to set a maximum squad wage on the editor. However, I would rather not use squads and have the old style of shirt numbering, (1-11). Additionally, I don;t want tio use transfer windows and a maximum squad wage rule wouldn;t work very well within this system. Instead, I would prefer to use a maximum individual player wage. Is there a way to do this on the editor? If there is and I use it, will it just mean that players demand massive signing-on fees, bonuses, etc in-game, becasue their wage can't go above a pre-set amount? Thanks for your help!
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