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  2. I was running a Tottenham save when I picked him up and I wasn't sure where to play him. I started him out as an AMC in a 4 - 2 - 3 - 1 formation. He struggled there so I moved him out to the AML position. He settled down and did a solid job I think. I had him as a Inside Forward in the support role and he finished with about 15 goals and 6 assists more or less. I tried him as a MC when Eriksen needed a rest but I could just never get him going. I haven't tried him on my United save yet but hope that helps some
  3. Yeah, we could certainly sort the teams in a hidden stage by goals scored only, but what do we do with that? There's no way to take that specific value and turn it into points, is it?
  4. This is because FM Touch has a smaller database than FM's, and when the game is set up ensures all the staff spots for active clubs are filled with generated staff if there is not a real staff member currently assigned. In FM terms, this is the same as "Add Key Staff" being ticked when creating the save game.
  5. RKC Waalwijk A fitting game for such a long-term servant of the club. Mark was one of my first players and he's stuck with the club from the KKD, all the way to the Champions League.
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  7. RKC Waalwijk 2030/31 Pre-Season Depth Chart So, each season, I will post up a depth chart of the players in my main formation. It will consist of First Team, Backup & Youth... if I have them. We're chugging away quite nicely right now for players, but we do need to start retraining players for positions, otherwise we'll see an issue when injuries or player sales bite (Lineups accurate on 13:15, 07 July 2031) Goalkeeper Oussama El Khatib Cagri Bal Bradley Knopper Right Back Centre Back Centre Back Left Back Melvin Plat Jordi Huisman Danny van Agt Thom de Vlieger Jeroen Gorter Ruud Propper Riechedly Gosepa Gijs van Duijnhoven Jelany Misidjang David Karreman Pim de Jong Colin Ajiach Defensive Midfield Edward Franken Floris Bastiaansen Vincent Ippel Right Midfield Centre Midfield Centre Midfield Left MIdfield Rein van Helmond Mark Wijks Frans Jansen Bjorn Wolf Jual Talea Jelle Maas Scott Langerak Karim Mansouri Jordie de Looijer Cor Bos Simon den Dikken Mitchell Mokono Striker Sam van Weert Stefan van Gerwen Bernard Cudjoe A number of changes to the depth chart this season at all levels. However, the midfield is aging fast.
  8. I always had the impression that any given Brexit outcome was coded right on the beginning of the save, therefore you could see it by holidaying into the future and then go back to actually start playing. If that's not the case, well, props for realism, tho I admit I was one of the persons who tried to see the outcome before actually playing (and never got it different, certainly a coincidence).
  9. I've downloaded this database, hoping to play in step 11. After copying and pasting the fmf file into Editor data, I can see the database is recognised when i click new game, however after hitting advanced setup, the only leagues shown to me are as far down as Vanarama North/South. How do i fix this to play level 11?
  10. I've downloaded this database, hoping to play in step 11. After copying and pasting the fmf file into Editor data, I can see the database is recognised when i click new game, however after hitting advanced setup, the only leagues shown to me are as far down as Vanarama North/South. How do i fix this to play level 11?
  11. It could right itself next season - I believe there is a regulation around changing home stadium mid-season in the Premier League, Spurs were allowed to do it with special permission - Liverpool had to switch their fixtures from home to away when Anfield main stand was being built to avoid using two 'home' grounds. I suspect your problem falls under this scenario - quite simply, you can't change home grounds mid-season, at least in the Premier League.
  12. I think this tactic is sneaky-aggressive. If anything, it is much more of a tactic that opens you to counters than it is one that will create counters for you. The two WB(s), the Mz(a) and the BBM(s) are not playing with a major focus on defensive positioning, which is what one would assume is necessary to be a counterattacking team. You really only have three of ten players being cautious and no one on the flanks focused on defending.
  13. @knap how is your test method? i know you use fmt. But do you play the games or use instant results? pick the team or use assitant? make subs during the game? thanks a lot!
  14. End of 2018/19 season: Although we added another trophy to the cabinet, we missed out on the playoff spot on the final day. Despite leading we lost to our bogey team Sport and Leisure, who beat us twice in the league. This gave Armagh the result the needed to get promoted via the playoff. Overall I think we had a good season. My aims for the new season are to at least make the playoffs this time.
  15. RKC Waalwijk 2030/31 Season Review Eredivisie: Finished in 1st place (predicted 6th) - Champions, qualified for UEFA Champions League 13 seasons. 13 long seasons and we finally made it over the hump. Starting the season with two defeats didn't look like the best start for us, especially considering Feyenoord's recent title wins, but we came back strong and steamrollered the opposition to finish 1st in the Eredivisie. Now all we need to do is repeat this season and finally beat Feyenoord in the league. Sam van Weert led the way, winning the Eredivisie Golden Boot. Final Table - Season Results Aug - Dec | Jan - May KNVB Beker: Winners (predicted Quarter-Final) It never rains, but it pours. We breezed past Tweede Divisie opposition in HHC Hardenburg, 8-0, in the First Round before struggling massively past Keuken Kampoen Divisie side NEC Nijmegen 1-0 in the Second Round. Midtable FC Twente Enschede were our next victims in the Third Round and our backups sleep-walked to an easy 3-1 win. We then faced FC Volendam in the Quarter Finals, who had beaten us earlier in the season, however we got our revenge, winning 1-0. In the Semi Finals, a wild one against FC Utrecht saw us come back from a missed penalty and a shock early goal conceded to lead 2-1 at HT. An early second half goal put us back on our heels, but our striking hero Sam van Weert scored in the second half of ET to put us through 3-2 AET. This put us into the Final where we faced relegation-haunted Helmond Sport and it was a cakewalk with an easy 3-0 win delivering us our first KNVB Beker ever. Cup Results UEFA Europa League: Lost in Second Knockout Round (predicted Group Stage) Our second season in Europe's second-tier competition and we set about it by first beating FK Shakhtar Karaganda and Glasgow Rangers FC to qualify for the Group Stage, then qualifying 1st in a group that contained Belenenses S.A.D, Real Sociedad S.A.D & Watford FC. We were then drawn against Russian giants CSKA Moscow in the knockout stages and, despite drawing 3-3 away, we completed the job at home, winning 3-1 and 6-3 on aggregate. Next up in the Second Knockout Round were Italian kings AC Milan and we were outmatched by them over both legs, losing 0-2 and 1-2 for a 1-4 aggregate defeat . Euro Results Awards Review Stats Commercial Summary Wow! What a stunning season! I can't believe it! Let's hope this is a springboard to better things!
  16. Am I right in saying that counters are triggered "automatically" as in previous versions of FM? If so I'd ask if you really need pass into space and be more expressive team instructions, since when you are not countering you want to take a more patient possession based approach. Apart from that maybe swap the mezzala and bbm around to create more of an overload down the right
  17. Yeah and that's what's annoying me the most, in rl they'll just try to hit the opponent over the top as often as possible, no long consolidation phases, epecially versus vastly superior teams.
  18. Round 28.1 - June 2021 USA @JaytheGreat Won 4-0 against Trinidad and Tobago Please choose ONE player to join USA Won 1-0 against Sweden Please choose ONE player to join USA Mexico @ssestig Won 2-0 against Jamaica Please choose ONE player to join Mexico Costa Rica @David Corperial Won 7-1 against Panama Please choose ONE player to join Costa Rica Won 3-0 against Dominican Republic Please choose ONE player to join Costa Rica New Zealand @Reifi Won 5-2 against New Caledonia Please choose ONE player to join New Zealand Luxembourg @scousevasey Won 4-0 against Andorra Takes Carlos Gomes (Highest Valued Player) Canada @ZLazer_500 Lost 1-0 to Honduras Loses Julien Di Giorgio to Honduras This concludes Round 28.1 The following members have 24 hours to select a player JaytheGreat (2 picks) ssestig David Corperial (2 picks) Reifi The next round will be the 2021 Confederations Cup in which Mexico and New Zealand will be participating in
  19. Great work, for a first effort it's extremely high quality!
  20. Ok, I really like that. That's going into my personal version of TCS lmao
  21. In short, i managed to get myself a new stadium, but it's only being used in the Champions League. Every single other match is played in our old stadium, even though in both "Club" and "Facilities" tab the new stadium is the only one that pops up. Anyone had this issue before? And if so, any fixes? Does it just work properly starting next season or am i stuck like this? It's a real mood killer
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