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  2. Generally, yes, obviously. However, this isn't quite a Chance where the keeper cannot react to Things anymore, no less as the ball isn't provided from any angle -- a crossfield ball for instance has to Change direction in an instant with the shot, or it goes way off target. The direction of this ball after the pass won't Change overly much. Then it may also matter if the shot is taken first time or not -- the former of which should give the keeper less time to react and still come off his line. Speaking of which, if he Comes off his line Prior to the shot, that makes the target smaller and the Forward more likely to simply hit him. Some of this is hard to assess from a still Picture (and that's not going into the player's footednesss, which should/may also Play some role). With all that said, to me through balls from central positions at no angle tend to be some of the most "overrated" Chance types on FM of all. And have been for a while (regardless of release). Even moreso if the Forward is immediately hounded and closed down (which typically happens upon receiving the ball).
  3. I specifically avoid the response that promises to include them next time, so I really don't think they should expect to be included. I keep these players around because they either have high potential, or are more experienced squad players who are maybe a good 4th or 5th choice CB but on the chopping block if I can't make registration.
  4. Youth Intake 2025 - First Look Bit of an odd one here as I was just starting to wonder what was happening as the data kept progressing and no youth intake - I'd be lying if I said the thought "bug?" hadn't flashed before my eyes as a general wonder but the date is obviously fluid and it happens when it wants to! Anyway, let's take a look, first at our always optimistic HoyD's opinion; Well the words 'golden' and 'generation' are here yet again for anyone playing 'intake day bingo' so we can dismiss that as part of the usual nonsense, not sure I've seen him single a guy out as being 'very gifted' like that before though (I know he always picks one guy out, I mean that particular language strike me as unusual). Let's delve in, as always I'd like a good striker (only been saying it every year so far), but this year I feel like there are quite a few areas we could do with improving, notably GK, DC & ML - let's hope that Taylor Nottage is as good as his name sounds, can't wait to type that 20 times a day! An absolute mixed bag in terms of personalities with Low Determination being the obvious (and depressing) standout, doubly so when heavily seasoned with 'unambitious' yet again. Still struggling to upgrade our HoyD so there's little we can do about it - guess we can be fussy when our reputation isn't still sat 5 leagues below us and silver lining, the HoyD's 'best pick' is listed as Professional so that's a good start? Ok, so PA wise we're looking very good, don't recall having that many 4-5 star prospects in one intake previously so in that aspect this may be the best so far? Obviously we'll need to see ceiling though before we get carried away - potential is only that if their personalities mean they train just twice a week (see Jimbo's fun and games over his last few in-game weeks for an example of a guy who won't likely reach his maximum!). The drop off after the first 4 guys is noticeable, but as I've mooted before, it almost feels like there's a maximum pool of potential points you seem to get across your intake and it's down to the FM gods whether it's spread evenly around or stuffed into one or two (probably undeserving) prospects - the year of Meaney saw him and few others for example, whereas the year before last we had quite a few come in to bolster numbers within the team - if this year is just 3-4 standouts then I'm more than happy, although positionally they're far from what I'd have chosen with the wings seemingly the focus, although a striker (or two) could be interesting, just sadly no DC's which is starting to become a concern with age swiftly catching up with our back line! Ok, so Bob Reed is..... again left footed (Meaney, Skelton, Kenyon & Smith are all also left footed - seems to be incredibly common this year?) aaaaand... otherwise ok? Maybe it's because I'm rushing to write this (have to be elsewhere but like to get my initial take down so when they turn into world beaters/dropouts I can look back!) I'm being too harsh but I see a decent player there but not a whole lot else - not standout tall, not incredibly quick (although only 15 and has a good base level of physical stats), decent finisher but nothing extreme, good dribbler, awful passer, poor vision, good off the ball for a young un combined with poor anticipation. Feel like he'd be a good inside forward maybe if retrained? His best role at AML though is winger - not with that passing/crossing combo though for me. I dunno, maybe I'm being harsh but he smacks of a 'high ability/poor attribute spread' prospect to me, at least so far, let's visit him again in a year maybe? Obviously you don't 'not sign' a 4-5 star potential youth prospect when you're Hyde! Tommy Holmes is rated as ready for the first team now which is kinda worrying looking at him, although I feel he'll be very quick once he matures - should mean he gives the ball away quicker if nothing else! Gallagher I'm excited about for his height if nothing else, although his average heading stat means I foresee additional training in his near future! Don't mean to sound so pessimistic, just rushing and tihnk I got my hopes up waaaay too high given our facility improvements of late - roll on next year!! NB: Taylor Nottage has a LONG way to go before he'll be playing for Hyde, let's just say that for now. Small correction I mentioned that Morgan James became Hyde's record league goalscorer recently after he scored what's becoming an increasingly rare goal of late? The fact I didn't have a deluge of mails after the game should have tipped me off that all was not right, sure enough he only tied the record so he's still anxious in every game and still has more chance of KO-ing a spectator than scoring with most of his attempts. Best of all I'm still getting 2-3 mails before every game about it - yay!
  5. I have just started a new save with Arsenal. How does this look for a tactic?
  6. That's 5th tier I think? Not sure if that examples the skills of the lady manager or the state of Scottish football at the moment
  7. It depends really. But I like to use them when I want a bit of bite in the midfield or a player to disrupt the opposition's attacks.
  8. BEOWULF 442 P106 ALL CUPS I is likely to produce more goals than 3 or 1 striker tactics.
  9. So how should he be used in a tactic. In what situation would you want to use him?
  10. It wasn't to be in Europe. We battled PSG close in Paris, but they grabbed a deserved goal midway through the second half and we couldn't find a way to the crucial away goal. We still had a chance at home - we'd certainly put in some impressive performances at the Otkritie before now - but the French giants scored early and that meant we needed three. We found one, Fedorenko twisting and turning to find space in the box, but the visitors caught us on the break and we had nothing left. A valiant effort, a superb campaign, but not to be on this occasion. We'll be back though. At home, we got our run-in off to the perfect start with a thumping win in Samara, before a somewhat weakened side saw off Khimki between the two Champions League games. An own goals after 75 seconds got us on our way, and we never looked back. However, away ta Rubin - a side that beat us at home earlier in the season - we struggled to get going, and the Kazan side held out for a goalless draw that threatened to damage our title bid. That left a tricky tie in Armavir to be negotiated before the grand finale at home to Zenit, and we controlled things from the outset. A first-half penalty and late strike from Kostenko were sufficient, and with CSKA falling to defeat in Rostov, our success was confirmed, and we were the first Spartak side to retain the title for more than a decade. That left the Zenit game as mere exhibition, and while the Petersburg side were not about to roll over, a rare goal from Xoshimov in the dying embers of the game was a fitting conclusion to the campaign. CSKA lost again on the final day, picking up just six points in their final five games to hand us an advantage we would not let go. Our own points tally is seven down on last year, and CSKA kept the race alive for longer, but in the end we had enough in the tank down the home straight to wind up with a nine-point margin. We'll be looking improve next year, but so will everyone else. Krasnodar and Zenit rounded out a more usual top four, with my old charges at Kuban coming comfortably in the middle of the pack. With three wins all season it's little surprise to see Baltika fall away, and Krylya join them after a poor season. We've got an excellent record against the Samara side, so it's a shame to see them go. On the whole, it feels like this year's squad has a great deal more depth to it, with several younger players working their way into the starting rotation more regularly - Kozhemyakin, Gusev and Cherepanov at the bottom of the list perhaps three of the most promising. On the whole we're a fairly young squad, which is just how I like it, and there's plenty of room for growth. Once again it was Vorobjov's goals and all-round brilliance that fired us to success, and with the attention of Manchester United and Spurs firmly on him, we could face a battle to keep our star striker. We don't need their money though, so I'm hoping we can convince him to stay. Elsewhere, it's difficult to see past last year's defensive stars Ivashin and Borovkov as the key men, although there's certainly a case to be made for Fedorenko and even Kolosov, whose late-season goals helped us seal the title. It's a strong squad, of that there's no doubt. And, as you might expect, I'd like it to be stronger still. I'm not envisaging a particularly busy transfer window - not unless one of our stars decides to try and force a move - as there's no need to splash out for the sake of it. There'll be young signings and a bit of trimming of the side, but otherwise we'll come back another year older, another year wiser, and another year more driven to get to the top of the European tree. Three in a row, no embarrassment in the cup, and a deep run in the Champions League - it sounds idealistic, but it's what you have to aim for when you're already at the top of your game. -- Saparow, after a scare at around the two-thirds mark of the season, had come through. CSKA were vanquished once more, and Spartak retained their title with relative ease in the end, such was their rivals' failure at the business end of the campaign. Success was becoming ingrained at the Otkritie, and our Turkmen was the catalyst. Yet Bahtiyar wanted more. The cup continued to elude him, and run to the last four in Europe - only defeated by eventual champions PSG - had whetted his appetite. The Champions League was no longer a welcome extra, it was now his driving force - he would stop at nothing to take his beloved Spartak to the very top of the continental pile.
  11. Thanks for all this advice, it did help a lot. I would pick roles that work together well, but I’m still learning what does. I don’t completely understand what each role does and how it works differently.
  12. On older versions of the game, he was a bit of a liability in certain formations and was far too aggressive with his closing down. He was a headless chicken at times and strayed too far away from his original position, he'd get dragged all over the midfield. This is why SI gave the role a rework last year and this year and now the issues that used to exist for the role prior, no longer do.
  13. I've been trying for quite some time to get my AM to consistently create good chances without much success. So I started to analyse the issue and I've noticed that the AM actually creates these kind of through balls pretty frequently (#19 passed via the red arrow to #22 Spalek). These chances have yet managed to turn into a goal and over the last season and I've had more than 10 of these. What often happens is that either my IF or my Striker gets the chance and they have ALWAYS shot straight at the keeper. Do I expect too much from a chance like this?
  14. I don’t get what you mean. How do I make this happen? I want to No. 9 to be the ST, and the 10 to be the CAM.
  15. Is it form in Database and Research subforum?
  16. Loving this thread and I've refrained from posting because I wanted to see how it played out. However, the start of the last post made me smile It's a part of FM I see people struggle with so badly on a daily basis. Yet it's simple but often gets overlooked. The bold bit is kind of a 'penny dropped moment' and once you knew this, you knew how to fix/adapt it and stopped second-guessing yourself. Things seem to have become a lot clearer for you now I can't wait for the next post
  17. I tried! Shamelessly copied. Used BustTheNet for the medium block. Attemped to use Inverted wingers on both flanks, but had more success with a WP on the left. Playing with FC Copenhagen in the Danish league, I'm a very big fish in a small pond. So not sure if the tactic holds, or if the opposition just fears my team and play cautiously, and/or i field vastly superior players,
  18. I usually have goalkeeper distribution set to short. Still I see my GK hoofing it long every now and then. More often than not he hoofs it to the opposition midfield or defence, they immediately whack it back and put their striker through on a one-on-one. How do I stop this madness? I've dropped my defensive line to low but it still happens. Gahhh!
  19. Since this is a thread About FM's "difficulty": Fun fact and Kind of a paradox, if you will: The more customizing and Micro tweaks are added to the tactical engine, the less competitive the AI is going to be… It cannot maximize the Options that are already in -- and will never use them as "intelligently" as a human Player focused on them will. This would only multiply with more Options. The Impact of this could likely be lessened some by making the entire "tactical decisions" process more streamlined, so no Long-winded combinations of the Right mentality, roles and duties to achieve a certain effect -- but more straight Forward "Football Options" to pick. Perhaps the tactical presets already are a part of moving in that direction. I can still never see SI making this some Kind of hardcore challenging game. The aforementioned Pathfinder RPG despite its optionally cakewalkd "story mode" is a fairly niche Thing -- and whilst spreadsheet based Management games in General are a bit "hardcore" in itself, that's clearly not intended to be SI's target. They want to reach the broader Football audiences, and even more, as some ad blurb on the Steam store pages had it: "Win any title on the world with any Team in the world" (or something like that). Which is perhaps one of the more popular trends in game development in General, ever since "gaming" has become a Mainstream passtime itself: Making Things more accessible, less frustrating, less complex and in many cases challenging (that said, in Fairness FM has never been a hardcore challenging game. That doesn't mean one can't voice concerns over some of it).
  20. Here we go! @Neil Brock, Newcastle @Jack Joyce , Southampton. Wonderkind! Advanced forward, because he knows about deep strikers issue @Seb Wassell , king of PPMs Well there are a lot of SI players, nice idea at all! Where is @CJ Ramson ?
  21. Thanks for all of the advice everyone!
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