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  2. I always modify skin files before I start playing FMM but this time in FMM20 I cannot find a way to do that. I know there is OBB file that is about 700mb in the obb directory that I cannot open. So how to modify skin files in FMM20?
  3. Guys, The hiring AI still places way too much importance on the "experience gaining promotion" and "experience avoiding relegation" elements of a manager's application. I've tested this in several different saves and am still not getting shortlisted for jobs that match my reputation/performance history due solely to these 'missing' attributes even though I've got league wins and multiple silverware in my virtual trophy case. These promotion/relegation experience factors are nice as flavor in the job application/interview/hiring process but making them the sole deciding attribute for shortlisting is sucking the fun out of the journeyman manager experience. Please help!
  4. It seems like you can't add pro/rel in basic rules anymore for some reason so need to do it all in advanced
  5. St. Ives 2025/26 Season Review League Table Playoffs Season Review Squad Transfers Finances I'm never getting out of this league. Clifton had another storming season and it's a good thing he did, because I dropped the 2nd ST to AMC and while Harrison did well from there, he doesn't score nearly as much as Forde used to. Baker picked up some of the slack but I think it's back to two strikers next season. If I can keep Baker on this form and get another 20+ goals striker in the side, we could do some serious damage. And we need to, because boy are we still leaking. I've never had a defensive line with such poor ratings. Heck, this is what happens when a quick striker with good technique gets to play with them. That is, unless we're kicking their shins out. Granted that right there is the league top goalscorer with 39 goals to his name, but still. I crave stability, and so far I'm getting no closer to finding it. Aim for next season: I don't want to say it anymore. Season League Finish Notes 2025/26 Vanarama North 2nd Lost in Playoff 2nd Rnd 2024/25 Vanarama North 2nd Lost in Playoff 2nd Rnd 2023/24 Vanarama North 5th Lost in Playoff 2nd Rnd 2022/23 Vanarama North 4th Lost in Playoff 1st Rnd 2021/22 Vanarama North 9th - 2020/21 Vanarama North 15th -
  6. St. Ives 2025/26 Season Review League Table Playoffs Youth Intake Squad Transfers Okay, game, don't be cruel. I'm allowed to win playoff matches, too. Decided it was time for Jackson, Forde, Wood, and Dawkin — all seniors at the club since the start — to finally move over for upcoming youngsters, though success has been quite mixed. Duncliffe and Harrison have been good, but I think I've asked too much of Gardner-West who's actually declined after many poor performances. Newton had a few solid appearances but also slid back on a number of attributes between January and May. There's clearly a balance here that I'm not striking for every player. A pretty poor youth intake overall, but Hayes isn't too far off first-team level. I think I'm going to let him develop in peace in the U18s next season. Competition on RB is weak so he should be good to step in by then. Apart from Hayes, there's Stringer with good mentals and a good personality, but he'll need a lot of technical training before he's ready. I may just try putting him on a heavy schedule to get that going; he seems to have the attitude to cope with it. Now if someone could come along and teach me how to get through these playoffs... Season League Finish Notes 2025/26 Vanarama North 2nd Lost in Playoff 2nd Rnd 2024/25 Vanarama North 2nd Lost in Playoff 2nd Rnd 2023/24 Vanarama North 5th Lost in Playoff 2nd Rnd 2022/23 Vanarama North 4th Lost in Playoff 1st Rnd 2021/22 Vanarama North 9th - 2020/21 Vanarama North 15th -
  7. This skin is fantastic it is my favorite than you
  8. I like the auto suggestions but the skin is bad and not sure that the old one needed to be changed. Will be delving into the Advanced Rules tonight hopefully there's some changes.
  9. I think it's time to review Sandro Ramirez. His attributes seems high for what he is now.
  10. Yes, I'll be interested to see a resolution on this problem. Won't be buying unless I hear reports this issue is gone.
  11. When you make the Regional Premier Divisions active you cannot add relegation numbers to the Vanarama North/South level like you could in previous FM's, this could be down to League One only having 23 teams so promotion and relegation further down might be hardcoded, if this is the case how can Lower League database makers like myself do them?
  12. Openda should just have Lois as a first name. Keep the rest as a full name.
  13. I was waiting for the release, I thought the brakes will be adjusted in the match, but as everything slowed down in the game and slows down, thank you..
  14. - Isn't the ppm "hugs line" wrong for Federico Chiesa? he also has cuts inside. - Christian Kouame is wrongly named Michael. - Sebastiano Esposito should be capable to take free-kicks, possibly a bit better at long shot.
  15. Valeri Bojinov is wrongly named Valeri Bozhinov. He has only had Bozhinov on his shirt in Partizan(possibly Bulgaria) and he is known in the english speaking world as Valeri Bojinov.
  16. Raul Moro a 16y/o playing for Lazio is styled as RauL Moro. Is this a mistake?
  17. For some reason I couldn't get it to work. I just retired my coach and added a new one, and that worked. Thread can be closed, thank you for your help!
  18. Hi - not something we would expect to see, which iPad Mini model do you have and which OS version? Looking at the crash server the only possible thing that matches looks like it could be related to Game Center, could you try to disable this and see if it makes a difference?
  19. Yeah he doesn't look good enough defensively to me.
  20. Why don't you fix it then if it's so simple?
  21. Would it be possible with a little more room at the top ? would be nice to avoid scrolling
  22. When I open fm2020 it is very blurry and says graphics compatibility is low however it is a new laptop, it ran fm19 with ease and should be the same with fm20
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